Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Welcome to the IMS News Blog

As we launch our new web page, I am hoping to be able to answer some constant questions that I receive from people. I welcome you to my site and I welcome your participation. I will do my best to answer any and all questions that relate to our Dual Soul, Spirit Consciousness, and our human experience of Evolution. Many people call me with questions about their past lives and "who they really are." I am open to addressing your questions in my blog.


What is our Intelligent Design and Evolution?

Our Intelligent Design and The Divine Idea of Evolution are the patterns of our internal Spirit Consciousness. When we externalize our concept of the Intelligent Design and Evolution, we can come up with a multitude of answers that really do not explain the truth of what we are wanting to know. As Spiritual Beings, we are and always have been an Intelligent Design that is gradually evolving as we change and grow. Our Intelligent Design is the Primary Nervous System that gives us the power to expand our thinking, live our loving emotions, and physically use our Infinite Spirit Senses as we grow and evolve. Evolution is reflecting the growth of our thinking mind into our loving emotions, and spirit senses, which requires using all three parts of the Intelligent Design of our brain or Primary Nervous System to live our physical lives. If we refuse to grow and change as a thinking mind, we are refusing to grow as a Dual Soul into the evolving patterns of our Spirit Consciousness.

The amount of our Intelligent Design that we use determines our immediate thinking and behavior. Nothing about us is separate. Our thinking reflects into our physical behaviors and determines the physical image of us. When we fight wars, we are avoiding using the Intelligent Design of our Spirit Consciousness that exists in the energy of love within our brain. When we create fear, hate, and war, we are not thinking with the Intelligent Design of our Spirit Consciousness. War, fear, and hate are all negative energies that come from our fearful thinking mind. When we can accept that our behaviors are the reflection of our thinking mind, we can easily understand that we have a dramatic need to evolve into another level of our thinking mind as a part of our Dual Soul.

We have always been an Intelligent Design as Human Beings and we have always lived with our very consistent physical level of Evolution when we are willing to learn and grow. If we refuse to live our constant and consistent change and growth as evolution, we do not evolve, but we do "revolve" in the same energy level as our ancient beliefs. We are designed with the Divine Idea of Evolution which supports the constant and consistent change within our thinking mind as the only part of our Intelligent Design that we must intentionally expand into the loving emotions.

When we are ready to accept ourselves as an Intelligent Design that lives with the Divine Idea of Evolution as our method of growth and change, we will be living the truth of our evolution as our daily lifestyle. Living truth is living in our Spirit Consciousness, which means we live the ethical values that are the pattern of our Spirit Consciousness as our nervous system design in every aspect of our lives. How do we live when we live with our Spirit Consciousness as our evolving energy? We live the Ethical values of the design of our Spirit Consciousness, which means we would stop our killing, anger, hate, inequality, untruth, and fear as our daily behaviors. We would love ourselves and other people all over the world. In reality we are a very poor example of love as a human species, which we certainly need to change if we want to continue to evolve as an Intelligent Design of Spirit Consciousness that is living our consciousness journey of Evolution.