Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Joy of Life and the Utopia of Our Solar System

Life is our Joy! Health is our Joy! Truth is our Joy! Whenever I think about the human species and the multiple levels of human energy that is prevalent in our physical reality as a human society, I have to wonder how long it is going to take "mankind and womankind" to awaken to living the Ethical Values as our Joy of Life. The Ethical Values dictate to us as human beings that we never lie, cheat, and steal if we want to be living our Spiritual Design. Anytime that anyone lives any energy that is not coming from the Ethical Values, we cast negative energy into the energy reality of Earth, which causes multiple fluctuations in the way that Earth itself functions. As each person lives their negative energy, we overpower the positive energy that all human beings should be living. When we look at the energies of lying, cheating, and stealing that many people live as their routine level of energy, we begin to see how very important it is for us to grow and change. Negative energy has a negative effect on us as human beings, on Earth, and the negative energy supports the negative energy that happens on Earth. Each of us adds to either the positive or the negative energies of Earth. Earth is designed to be the Utopia of our solar system.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Abuse Vs. Love

Our divine nature is the female energy of soul and spirit. We expand our divine nature by merging and balancing the male intellect, ego, and physical body with the female soul of wisdom and ingenuity and the spirit power of love, truth, and perfection. Becoming consciously aware of both our female and male power creates our true balance of  power. Each power is inherent within us, but the power of our female soul and spirit is not consciously recognized until the veil is removed from our merging intellect.

When we are equally balanced within our minds with our intellect, soul mind, and spirit consciousness, our physical behavior will reflect equality and balance within all facets of our individual life, our society, and our world.

Focusing upon the image of our female nature as the supreme power, or our physical nature as the supreme power, becomes an ego exercise in intellectual spiritualism. Our soul and spirit never seeks supremacy; it will always seek balance and equality. Equally balancing our inner and higher nature with our physical nature creates androgyny of mind in thoughts, words, and actions.

The mirror image of the physical reflects the separatist vision of the intellectual mind, not the integrated focus of the mind. Sexual reflection expands the physical nature that is reflected. It does not reflect or expand the soul and spirit nature that is beyond the physical level of reflection in soul evolution, although this is the illusion that is perceived. Our soul and spirit is asexual in nature. Only our physical nature is sexual.

Heterosexuality that is attached to judgement and fear is connected through karmic energy to the most primitive level of soul evolution, which can capture the soul at a lower level of soul growth than homosexuality. This attachment supports a variety of primitive behaviors, such as child abuse, cult practices, sexual aberrations, rape, mutilation, infanticide, eugenics, and zoophilia.

Sexual mates are chosen by a physical system of beliefs that determine sexual response. This can range from the arranged marriage to the instant physical attraction. In this level heterosexuality is responding from a belief and behavioral system knows as physical need, either societal or biological.

This primitive level of physical perception will act out judgement against all levels of the sexual response that do not conform to its beliefs. In the primitive belief of the intellect and ego, fear separates behavior that is different from its one specific belief to another expanded category of beliefs that is seen as unacceptable and wrong. When primitive beliefs are structured from superstition or religion, judgement will be delivered as sinful or guilty and acted out in behavior of anger, violence, and rage, which promotes rebellion in those with changing sexual feelings.

The only true power within us is the balance of power which is found by merging and equally living from our trilocular nature. We are physical body and mind, we are soul mind, and we are divine spirit.  Our physical nature is seen through our personality and behavior characteristics. What we think, speak, and do then becomes our physical nature.

If we are being guided in our thoughts, words, and actions by the female power of our soul and spirit, we will live through as understanding of our inner and higher power. Our actions will at all times reflect our love, truth, compassion, responsibility, freedom, equality, and humility. In honoring our personal female power in love, truth, and equality, we are free to honor and respect others on an equal basis.

(an excerpt from Love, Truth & Perception)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Learning Life-Saving Energy Techniques

Acknowledging our loving emotions and Spirit senses as vital parts of our original source is essential before we can use the internal ability of our thinking mind to become conscious of ourselves as an internal trinity of consciousness energy that can heal itself as a whole chemical being. We fail to recognize our healing potential because we do not understand our chemical internal design and therefore we continue to function as a fearful mind. As we release the fear chemical hormones into our Nervous System, we make ourselves sick because of these toxic chemicals.

A nurse in the hospital, or anywhere, could prevent a death or a crisis of any degree simply with a touch of the finger on the proper nerve. We are nervous system beings which describes to us the design of both birth and death and our physical life between these two events. Neural Depolarization is essentially a life-saving energy technique. learning to work effectively with our nervous system is a step forward in any Health Care Program.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Keeping Up with the Energy of Life

Every day is different and every day is beautiful, so why do we judge our life rather constantly as we complain about “what is wrong?”  Most people complain without even realizing they are in the “mood” to complain.  Why would we focus our mind on something that will not support us in our growth and change.  I have watched this phenomena throughout my life as an RN and I have always been mystified that these same people that complain rather consistently seem to become sick and many times with terminal diseases.  Are we being given a lesson of health when we find ourselves complaining and our complaints turn into some horrible disease? I have also watched happy people and invariably they create happy, active, and productive lives for themselves without any sign of disease.

When we always think of health first, we can and will create lives for ourselves that will be enjoyable and productive.  When we begin to look at how we think and how our thinking affects our daily life and our eternal life, we begin to see the value of happiness and laughter as our emotional self.  When we live with happiness in our heart and mind, we will find that life is usually being pretty good to us.  All of my life I have heard the “old saying” that we create the life that we live.  I do believe that this statement is very accurate and it helps me to constantly look at my own life and wonder why I create some of the issues that I create.

The issue of our health becoming diseased is prevalent right now.  As a nurse I am very conscious that no one has to be sick, unless we were born with disease.  Even when we are born with disease, we have the ability to create and to heal  most diseases.  I have learned first as a child with rheumatic fever and secondly as a registered nurse, that we can heal ourselves.  When I was a child, drugs were not available as they are today.  As I lived with rheumatic fever which was painful, debilitating, and incurable at the time, I learned more about my body and its reaction to living than I ever thought capable of being learned. 

One of the big lessons that I learned is that we are made from the precise food, water, and air that we put into our body.  Being dramatically focused on these concepts and eating the very best food, water, and air that nature could provide healed my rheumatic fever when I was a child, which made me so excited about life that I have been jubilant ever since.  When I was two years old I announced to my parents that I was going to be a nurse.  My parents had no clue how I knew the word nurse, let alone that I had decided to be a nurse.  But I knew about the “role” of being a nurse from my past life memory, which I shared with my parents as I chatted away like the average two-year-old.  Therefore I did not have to go through any challenges to learn who I was or what I wanted to do with my life when I  “grew” up.

I forced myself to do everything that my older sister could do and then I forced myself to do things that she could  not do very easily.  We lived on a working farm with chickens, pigs, cattle, and horses in particular.   I milked 6-8 cows every morning and every night.  My arms became very strong which made many of the other farm chores easier. Even today I am very strong for an older woman, which makes me very excited that I milked cows as a child.  This is the true meaning of  “we reap what we sow.”  As a young girl growing up on a farm, I learned a lot about work.  I was never walking the fields to plow or plant, but I learned to love farm chores.  Because I had rheumatic fever as intensely as I did, I was always guided by my parents to “do what I wanted to do and could do.”   As I continued to work on the farm, I became stronger than most girls my age, which gave me confidence that I could grow up and be healthy.

My parents had fresh oranges shipped to our house for me to eat.  They let me work, but they never made we work if I was in pain, which happened more frequently than I liked.  I loved learning about farming and I loved it when I was healthy enough to participate in the farm work.  The older I got the healthier I became, especially when my tonsils were removed at 16.  That was a dramatic turning point for me, and I began to grow into my present adult size.  This was the moment in my life when I knew without any doubt that I could become a Registered Nurse and  create what I wanted to create in my life.

My years of constant pain encouraged me to learn how to help my pain myself, which is how I created Neural Depolarization which I now use as a healing technique.  After I graduated from Nursing School and spent many years working in Nursing Administration, I decided I had worked in hospitals long enough, because I was seeing too many people suffer in pain and even die when I felt like with other forms of therapy, they might have lived.  I knew that if I worked with their body as I had learned to work with my own body, I could heal them too.  Healing was my role in life, because what I now used I did not learn in Nursing School, it was taught to me through my own thinking mind and amazingly it worked.  I had learned to work with the nervous system, which is not understood by most people, including the medical community. 

All of my life I have worked with the medical community and no one that I have ever met understood Neural Depolarization which is the therapy that I created as a young child and that I still use to this day to keep myself healthy and active.  Without the knowledge of NDP I could never have healed myself and I could not have helped other people.  The joy that I feel towards my Soul and Spirit is that it did not stop at just teaching me a physical technique, but it has given me several books of information about the nervous system within our body and how to keep it healthy and functional.  Remember that our nervous system starts with our brain and it travels throughout our human design with the express purpose of creating us as human beings.  What is not understood is that our nervous system is the truth of our eternal living consciousness, which gives us life after life to learn the ways of thinking and behavior as a human being.  Our Spirit Consciousness is the story of our Eternal Life as human beings.

I have always felt very strongly about our growth and change as human beings.  If we fail to learn in each and every life that we live, we will simply continue to live at a lower level of conscious awareness, until such time as we open our thinking mind to change.  We are energy beings first, and we are physical beings second.  Energy never dies, but it does change form. As energy beings, we live our eternal lives as one physical life at a time, to help ourself in our constant growth and change as energy beings.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Understand Self In Living: Life as the School of our Soul

Expanding our thinking mind is the best gift that we can ever give ourselves.  Our learning mind is different, but related to, our thinking mind.  Our thinking mind has the capability to expand with thought. This shows us the importance of the relationship between our brain focuses during every moment of our lives, which is intensified with thought as it develops the image of relationships and their meaning to us as a human being.  As humans we have frequently limited our relationships in our thinking mind as we have sought people of  “like mind.”  This helps us to understand that we help ourselves when we can keep an open mind and allow our intellectual mind to expand into different levels of thinking.  The more we expand our thinking mind the more we can see in life that makes total sense, as Earth is teaching us.  A well-developed mind will use its own filtering system to filter information.

I am an RN and I began nursing school when I was eighteen years old.  I have absolutely loved my life as a nurse and I have every intention of doing it again in my next life.  Nursing has given me an opportunity to understand life in a way that I could not have understood life without being a nurse.  My life has been focused on Nursing Administration and Medical Research, which have both taught me beyond my own imagination to learn about us as human beings.  My first position as a nurse was in tuberculosis research, and during that time we discovered the cure for tuberculosis which is still being used worldwide for that precise purpose today.  I was intimately involved in another research program in the 1970s that showed me the truth of us as human beings, which was HLA and DNA research. To the best of my knowledge, none of the other researchers came to the same conclusion with this research study that I did. But to me it clearly explained our human design and our plan of “eternal life.”  It also clearly explained to me the eternal nature of our life and our death with how we treat the human body.  I learned that “we are what we eat, drink, think and breathe” as the design of our human body, which controls the quality and length of our human life, as we live each and every life that we choose.        

My life experience has taught me nearly everything that I know about health.  My education has been part of my life experience that has guided my brain into a different understanding of who we are as eternal human beings.  Once we can see the chemical design of ourselves as human beings, we can understand our eternal life, and our change and growth, simply by seeing how intensely we affect our own health, life, and eternity as our personal choices of being humans on Earth.  As humans we are designed in such a way that we have the ability to balance out our internal chemicals to give us a very long life and health, or we can compromise our internal chemical balance and we can create our own diseases and death.  When we think about all of the drugs that medicine wants us to live on, rather than the natural chemicals of fresh foods, we can get a better understanding of disease and death.  Whatever we create, we will live in this life and we will bring our disease or health lessons into our future lives, which we will live until we learn the secret of health.  Health is the truth of our human design and it comes from Nature because we are a part of Nature.

Because we are a part of Nature and we receive our most important health attributes from Nature as clean air, water, and foods, this is a very basic lesson of life which most humans are not living at this point in their lives.  When we fail to live a healthy life, it means we will continue to die young and we will repeat our lessons of health in all of our future lives until we understand ourselves and our essential relationship to Nature, Earth, and the Universe.  We are chemical beings and our body is restored by the pure chemicals of Nature, Earth, and the Universe as the basic chemical design of all human beings.  Medicine does not come from a pure Nature.  It is a formula of drugs designed by science, and many of these drugs are life- saving and others lead to the destruction of life.  Our body is a smart chemical energy that knows more about our health than medicine does, and it will attempt to guide us into eating good foods even when we are not consciously focused in that direction.  

When I was a child I had rheumatic fever, and it did not take me long to understand the effect that food had upon how I felt.  I was only a child when I began to learn that good food helped me to feel good and sugary foods made me sick.  This helped me learn to eat right early in my life.  Sugar used to cause me to be very sick, and it can still affect me if I am not careful with my eating habits.  But as a nurse I have seen many people who eat only starch and sugar, and for the most part these people will be living a plethora of drama with disease.  Some people have the ability to use poor eating habits and spend half of their life without knowing what disease is, but the time will come when our eating habits catch up with our health and we become sick instead, which we have to live until we can heal ourselves.  Inappropriate eating dramatically affects every organ in our body which includes our brain and blood vessels, and we cannot live without some of these organs functioning properly. Once we understand the role of food in providing the essential chemicals that our body needs, we begin to understand the value of eating right to protect our quality of health and happiness.

Disease happens within our physical, mental, and emotional bodies as we begin to break down or lose our human integrity in the functioning unit of life.  We can heal most diseases when we eat a very fresh and supportive diet, drink eight glasses of pure water daily, and use nothing in a spray can.  We must learn to drink at least eight glasses of water daily that is pure and without chemicals.  As humans we need good healthy foods, pure water, and plenty of fresh air to breathe.  We do not buy fresh air in a can unless we buy oxygen.  But we can and should breathe the fresh air outside in our yards that is constantly being cleaned by the trees around us.  Use no spray, because spray does not stay in one place.  It can and will float through the air and you will breathe it just about any place in your home. 

When we become very conscious that clean and pure food, air, and water are the standard health concepts that are designed into our human body, we begin to take better care of ourselves, we begin to live a healthy life, and the energy expands within our soul which increases the energy within our human body and mind that we relate to as health.  As we begin to love ourselves, our mind, heart, and body begin to open to the beauty and joy of who we are and we see that we are designed as a child of Earth and it supports us to live as a child of the Earth.  Of course as humans we live in houses, which encourages us to keep flowers growing in our house, fresh air in our homes, and supply pure water that we can drink.  We need to spend some time outside working in the dirt and breathing deeply of the fresh air as we soak up some sunshine.  We are beings of Nature, and Nature supports us in our health and happiness.  We can bring some of Nature inside to help us keep our air clean.  Most house plants and flowers do a good job of helping with the inside air.  Most air fresheners are unhealthy for our lungs so it is important to know what you are buying and how you can use it appropriately.

Eat only organic foods and drink only pure water.  If you have a well, have it tested to make certain that it is drinkable.  We also have to breathe only fresh air.  We do not make the air in our house fresh by spraying air freshener.  Open your windows and let the outside air in, especially if you live in a clean and open area.  Air fresheners can be toxic so be very careful what you are buying.  I prefer open windows to any air freshener that I have ever found.  Create a cross ventilation in your home by opening various windows in your house and letting the natural air blow through your rooms.  Turn off your air conditioner first, so it is appropriate to choose the perfect days in the Spring and Fall.

Once we can accept that we are a child of Nature, we begin to understand the meaning of using Nature to heal us and to maintain our health.  The three most important aspects of Nature are clean Air, Foods, and Water.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

In the Beginning: Our Angels Within

In the beginning we had no physical matter to ground us to the planet Earth because Earth itself did not exist. But we existed as spiritual energy, which in itself was part of the whole of the energy of Creation. We remain forever a part of the whole of Creation and we remain forever energy. Our physical matter is an assumed state for our spirit and it is a constantly changing state that we choose to enter and to leave in our spiritual quest for energy expansion. It is our energy expansion that supports change within the Universal system of energy, which is known as God. God, Yahweh, Buddha, Allah, The One, and others are only physical names that are used as a label or identifier within a culture or sect.

Names allow the culture or sect to speak to the same energy force if the intention and image forms a trinity of energy with the identifying name. Names are important because it not only directs the energy of the mind but it selects out the energy of the mind. When the mind energy is not being sent within a positive energy field of equality it does not affect the Creative energy but stays within the cosmic shield of the individual mind. 

When we began our path of human evolution as spirit beings we had already lived within the spiritual hierarchies and gathered within our own energy fields the positive, ethical energy of our spirit. When we chose to come to Earth it was our intention to learn to use our spiritual values equally in our physical experience as energy as we do in our spirit experience as energy. Our sojourn into the physical is essential to our growth because we are a trinity of spirit, soul, and physical energy, which must be developed equally within our spirit values.

Therefore, the primary soul lesson of our multiple physical experiences is equality and our primary physical lesson is the unconditional love of self that we learn through our soul lesson of equality. The lesson for our spirit is the balancing of our positive, ethical energy in total equality throughout the trinity of our spirit, soul, and physical energy. When our spirit is balanced in total equality as a trinity of energy we again merge with the Creative energy to expand the Creator or God.

As we pass through the multiple experiences of our physical lives we are attempting to grow as a soul into the understanding of our spiritual values of equality to balance our soul and our physical being with our spirit energy. As physical beings we have been living in the shadow of our mind, which blocks out the light from our spirit. As we have been growing within the embryonic part of our soul mind, which we have named our intellect, we have been learning to expand our awareness of what we don’t want in our spirit energy. The vision of our life from our intellect is equivalent to driving a car on a dark and rainy night. With our compromised visibility the images along our path appear to have a different form and character than they do in the brilliant sunlight.

Traveling through the spiritual hierarchies as new spirits we learned our Ethical Values of spirit in the same identical manner that we are now learning our Ethical Values as physical beings. Our first Ethical Value of spirit energy is unconditional love. We encountered this value during the time we were in spirit form as “seeds” of the creator living on the planet Mercury and we became “students” of the Archangels. It was important for us to gather together and experience the Ethical Values of our spirit before we became human. Without the experience of unconditional love within our spirit we would have been captured within other spiritual kingdoms during our evolution.

The Archangels that inhabited Mercury at that time were earlier seeds of the Creator that were created with understanding of their Ethical Values and were equal and balanced in their energy. As more generations of an expanded Creator were sent into spirit energy there was more to be learned before the physical part of us could be equally balanced with the spirit energy within us.

It was the spirit energy of these early Archangels that came to Earth as the “Christ” energy to provide guidance for humans on their path of evolution. Each of us have the Christ or Creator energy within us but it is this spirit energy of the Creator within ourself that we are learning to recognize and to use equally in our daily living. As we learn to balance our energies equally we will be evolving or expanding into the spirit energy of the Creator. As we become Christ like we will reach the equality of our physical, soul, and spirit energy that we are seeking as beings of integrated trilocular energy. It is our goal as evolving spirits to live within our Christ Consciousness as physical beings and become a repetition of the Christ Consciousness upon Earth.

Our goal of evolving into the constantly expanding “God” energy motivated us as infant spirits to begin our journey through the spiritual hierarchies, living and learning each lesson of our Ethical spirit. Once we learned our lesson of unconditional love under the tutelage of the Archangels on Mercury, we moved on to the planet that is called Moon and we began our apprenticeship with the angels to learn compassion toward all beings. As spirits we had to unconditionally love ourself before we could learn compassion for other spirits in their various forms of evolution.

(I will write more on this subject in an upcoming book on Spiritual Hierarchies.)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Physical Consciousness and the Golden Rule

The 'Golden Rule' to follow in examining and changing the physical consciousness, the belief system of self, and the physical sensing response of self, is to do the thing that makes you feel good about yourself. All changes should make man better than before, happier than before, more accepting than before, and more loving than before.

These feelings will mold your ego into a loving ally that will continue its protective role. The difference that you will become aware of will be in the method of protection. You will no longer feel fear, hate, anger, and guilt toward yourself or others. You will look for the love within yourself and others. You will find the good, the supportive, the happiness, and the joy within yourself and your fellow man.

Your perception of the world and the Universe will change. You will see things more clearly than you have ever seen them before. You will hear the meaning in words that you never heard before. You will will develop a consciousness of the feeling tone within the air and within objects. You will feel the energy of people and, indeed, you will be able to 'see' this as well as 'feel' it, if this is your choice.

You will become aware of the consciousness streams that exist within the Universe. You can magnetize this energy to your physical consciousness when you need additional strength. You will smell, taste, and touch in a new and glorious way as you tune into the consciousness of the energy around you.

With the loss of the restrictive power of the ego, you will experience the power of the freedom to BE. Freedom is power. Freedom is of the spirit and soul of man. It is the true power of man. When the spirit and soul of man has the power of freedom from the ego, it has the power of creation. Releasing the ego power of the physical consciousness develops the power of creation from the heart, spirit, and soul of man.

You will find yourself in a state of deep peace and power. This power will allow you to heal the energy of others. This will not be an overt healing experience but a smoothing out of the soul energy for those that you are close to in physical proximity. You will 'feel' yourself reflecting love.

You will develop an acceptance of the Universe and its love. You will create constructively because of your new awareness of the power within. You will love as you have never known love before. This love will come from the physical heart, spirit, and soul of the self.

(Bridges of Consciousness, 195)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Universal Coaching and the Creations of our Consciousness

"When catastrophes occur upon Earth, they are created by the default consciousness of man with the unconscious and the subconscious perspective of cleansing. This is a way of cleansing that is productive and destructive at the same time. Here too, the opposites are experienced for man. The action is understood by the soul and spirit of man, not the conscious ego/intellect of man.

When man creates imbalance within himself or within the Earth by using his ego/intellect, the subconscious and unconscious self will create an event to balance the ego/intellect creation.

At the present moment on Earth there are many energy forces that have been created by the ego/intellect of man that will need to be balanced. The creation of the physical body is the ego/intellect creation that has already triggered the subconscious and unconscious energy to begin the balance.

This balance is being created by an increase in disease, physical traumas to self and others, war, and local disasters. If the energy cannot be balanced by the energies within man, it will be balanced by the forces of energy within the Earth. 

The cleansing that is occurring, as more and more of man begins to live from the world of the spiritual, may create enough energy within the Earth to balance the accumulation of negative energy. This is the motivation within the Spirit world to offer explanations to man to help him understand the creations of his consciousness.

Some of man will not believe our explanations. These are undeveloped souls that have not created a sufficient soul memory energy and spirit energy to balance the ego energy of the physical world. It will be the more highly evolved soul on Earth that will immediately understand and join in our teaching of the masses.

The Spirit world itself has nothing to gain from our participation in the world of Earth. We can observe devolution as easily as we can observe evolution. We are simply coaches that are viewing your drama, or you game from the sidelines.  Heavenly Spirits are Universal coaches. The Universe includes Earth. All good coaches want their team to win. And all good coaches have a tendency to want to physically participate in the playoff games. Heavenly Spirits are no different.

Everything that is being brought to you from the Spirit world is already known to man. It has been written, spoken, and proclaimed upon your Earth many times throughout the ages of your time. We offer it again because it must be given in every possible way to reach as many souls as it can possibly reach. 

The worlds that will trigger the soul memory of some will leave other souls captured within their physical consciousness. Therefore, the message will be stated in different ways, through different Earth souls, from different realms of the Earth, and from the Universe. 

All messages have the same intention of triggering consciousness awareness. Each messenger will be focusing toward a specific group of Earth souls. The focus for this Heavenly Spirit as a spirit messenger is to the group of advanced souls that came to this embodiment to teach and to spread this Universal message. There are millions of these advanced souls that need to be triggered to wakefulness. Each soul is a teacher, a healer, or a priest within. 

These souls have chosen to be involved in the cleansing of the Earth which will be for man the 'second coming of Christ.' The second coming of Christ for man will be an acceptance, an acknowledgement, a conscious awareness of the Godself within each of us, and a responsibility and a commitment to the world of the spiritual on Earth."

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Looking at Life

I sit at my desk writing and looking out over the trees from my windows. Every time that I sit in my office and I have the opportunity to communicate with Nature, I am challenged to stay on purpose and write. I get overwhelmed with the energy of going out to play in the dirt. I love this piece of property with its rows of majestic trees, beautiful green grass, and sweeping lawn. It is my favorite home since I was a child living in Illinois. The beauty of this land is the peace and joy of the wildlife, flowers, trees, and water. I find a lot of peace when I work with flowers and growing bushes, that present me with flowers every now and then. We are all a part of Nature, and the sooner we come to this very accurate definition of ourselves, the sooner we will realize the gift to our body when we eat organic foods, drink pure water, and have trees and bushes around us to purify the air that we breathe.

Because I spend so much time writing, I can become very tired of the entire process. Right now I am working on two books about NDP, which I am planning on using for my classes that I am starting soon. NDP is Neural Depolarization, which is a therapy that I taught myself as a small child who was constantly living in intense pain from rheumatic fever that I have had since infancy. I told my parents that I was going to become a nurse when I was two years old and very sick with rheumatic fever. Since it was my absolute intention to become an R.N., I also had to learn how to heal myself. My rheumatic fever was intense when I was a child, and of course the drug industry in the 1930s was very different than it is today. I healed my rheumatic fever with healthy foods, fresh air, and hard work, and I did become an RN, which I expanded on as time passed and my children became adults.

One of the primary therapies that I used to heal my rheumatic fever was Neural Depolarization, pure fresh water from our natural well, and fresh organic foods. I had an older sister, Jane, that I was very close to in age and we lived our lives by roaming all over the acres of pastures and woods on our Illinois farm. We missed nothing. We sometimes even dared to visit the rattlesnake dens that joined our farm, which of course was strictly forbidden. We also had a Cahokian Mound on our farm, which my father set aside an revered. For many years my father collected artifacts and we stored them in an unused cabinet. We never locked our house even when we planned to be gone sometimes for a month or more at a time. My parents always said that if someone needed something badly enough to steal it, they needed it more than we did, and they would go forward without any complaints.

As I aged I began to realize that my NDP and my intense physical activity was improving my joint and body pain. When I realized that no one could stop my joint pain, I made up my mind to walk and play as much as I could as part of my own therapy to help myself heal. I did realize that exercise was beneficial for my pain and although inactivity hurt less, it did less to make my pain subside. Sometimes the differences were subtle but over all my body felt better with exercise, therefore I was relentless with myself. I would always remember that running, jumping and swimming were good for me, when I felt like I could not even move, let alone get out of bed and go to school. But I went to school every day and we walked just a little over four miles through the country in the morning and evening and the weather did not allow us to stay at home.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love and the Ethical Values

Love is a small and simple word as it is written, with four little letters from our ancient alphabet, but love is the most intense, amplified, and energetic word in the dictionary, when we live our love. How do we live our love within and without of ourselves? How do we love other people, life, learning, growth, change, and on and on into infinity? I have been teaching you to love by teaching you many other concepts of life, that we live through the energy of love. The more we understand ourselves, other people, life, and the Universe, the more comfortable we will feel in living our life. As we learn to live our love, we change the energy of who we are and we will feel the love from other people as they interact with us. Once we learn the Ethical Values, we learn how love fits into the physical, energetic, and emotional patterns of our life, our relationships, and our learning. Love is not something that we can "act out" in our life and "feel" as our truth if we have not yet learned love.

Learning is the most important general concept of love, because when we learn and change our behavior from the negative energy to the positive energy of love, we begin to see ourselves differently and we live our lives differently, because we can at last understand how love fits into our image of self, our image of other people, of life, of relationships, which helps us learn very quickly that "love" is an energetic and magnetic word that is telling us how to live, how to grow, and how to change. When we learn the energy of love, we no longer have to lie, cheat, and steal as a way of life, because we know how to create our own personal reality by living our love. If we cannot understand love, we must ask ourselves "why?" If we do not understand love, then we are not living love, and when we cannot live our love, we cannot be a Spiritual Being. Love is an internal emotion of our Spirit Consciousness. If we are not living through our Spirit Consciousness, then we will be living through our fear consciousness, which gives us permission within our own thinking mind to lie, cheat, and steal as our normal way of life. Lying, cheating, and stealing are normal behaviors for us when we are not consciously living our love. Love is the energy "entirety" of our Ethical Values that we live each and every moment of our lives when we have advanced into living our Ethical Values. There is no substitute for love. If we find ourselves living in an exaggerated state of energy, we can easily be living in a warped mind that has come to believe itself to be more than it is, which is not and cannot reflect our love or our truth. We must live our love, our truth, and our equality to become a Spiritual Being. Our love, truth, and equality are the primary Spiritual Values of us as human beings. If we are not living our love, truth, and equality, then we are not yet living our Spiritual Virtues as a human being, which means that we have not learned the Ethical Values that are essential to our growth as an energy form.

Love is the very basis of the energy of our Ethical Values. If we do not understand the energy of love, know how to live our love, know how to share our love, then we will lie, cheat, and steal as our external image of love. As I have been teaching you the Ethical Values, we have focused on love as a primary Ethical Value. Therefore this makes it easy to see that in all of the years that I have been teaching you, I have been teaching you to love yourselves, love other people, love life, love learning, love change, love your growth, and to love all human beings.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Changing our Definition of Disease, its Cause, and its Cure

In all aspects of our lives, chemicals have been creating a perpetual state of internal and external imbalance. The physical cause of all diseases is a chemical imbalance. It is normal for our left brain thinking to make us victims of external organisms. If our internal chemicals were not out of balance, we would remain the highest living organism on earth and not feel threatened by other organisms. The reality of our physical life is so overwhelmed with chemical contaminants that we cannot escape from unwanted chemical exposure. The air that we breathe, the foods that we eat, and the water that we drink are all polluted with unhealthy chemicals to create an imbalance within our body. We have created disease because of our external, negative, fearful thinking. Because we have not understood our creation, we have innocently sabotaged who we are and our art of creation with chemicals that destroy our balance. Now we can change if we can unlearn our addictive beliefs.

Our scientific attachment to external cause, detection, and treatment continues to focus our intellect, money, and time on various issues such as blame, judgment, and fear which expands disease dramatically. Disease occurs because our veil or cosmic shell acts as a shield around our intellect, which resists our soul and spirit consciousness misdirects our thinking. Attempting to cure diseases by adding another toxic chemical to our body is distorted thinking. More chemicals create more imbalance and our body collapses into pools of decaying matter internally as disease or externally as expressions of anger and violence that expand the diseases of society.

Both the internal and external expressions of disease play a role in capturing our attention and directing our thoughts to our thinking, responsibility, attitudes, lifestyle, and behavior. Our mature soul is determined to get our attention and it is very clever at bringing us back to our emotional self through events of our family, community, society, nation, and the world. Our mature soul allows us to experience what we don't want, to prove to us that we can change and grow. When we become totally disgusted with the outcomes that show us that healing is not happening, we begin to realize that we must change our approach, which can only be done by changing our thinking, emotions, and feelings.

Our healing is dependent upon the beliefs, behaviors, and emotions that create healing of our diseases. Our society, as a whole, focuses upon the fear of disease which escalates the creation of disease. As individuals and as a society we have developed a disease consciousness instead of a health consciousness. We believe we are destined to be sick, not healthy. Our disease consciousness creates fear, dependency, and worship of doctors, medicine, and testing. At this time we have lost our freedom of life and we have become a slave to our fears as the only emotional stimulus that we allow ourselves to experience. An understanding of ourselves and the power that is contained within us must be reached before people will be willing to change their definition of disease, its cause, and its cure.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Spiritual Review Imperative - What Healing Truly Means

It is important to understand what healing truly means. We have been taught that healing our physical body keeps us alive when we are sick. Healing is better defined as the healing of a dual soul lesson. We can fix a physical body or confused mind and stay very unhealthy as a dual soul. When the dual soul understands some image of itself that it was ignorant of existing as part of its physical reality and heals the dual soul lesson, we have the potential of expanding our spirit consciousness. Death itself can be a true healing for the dual soul, especially if the dual soul awakens to itself in the death process by learning the lessons of the entire lifetime.

Death is always a form of evolution for the dual soul and spirit consciousness, because the dual soul is putting motion and change a major physical transformation, which gives the dual soul a review imperative before it can design a new physical life. Once the dual soul and spirit are in the invisible state of pure consciousness, the spirit will have an intimate influence on the dual soul. Our freedom of consciousness is the spiritual review imperative: once we leave the visible physical matter and become invisible as a spirit consciousness, we have no limitations. Our dual soul will deny and resist motion and change while it is living in physical matter and addicted to our religious fear beliefs. Once the spirit consciousness is free, during the three days of its review imperative, it can go anywhere and visit anyone. This is our moment in time when we fully recognize ourselves as a dual soul and spirit consciousness that is captured in fear beliefs as physical beings.

The dual soul review does not begin after death occurs, but it begins at the time that the dual soul chooses death as the next step in its journey. Death creates the true review imperative that lasts for three physical days. Learning the Ethical Values of personal responsibility, integrity, commitment, communication, compassion, cooperation, truth, equality, love, are all major healing lessons for our dual soul. All knowledge that explains the truth, love, and equality of our dual soul heals the ignorance of our dual soul that has kept us captured for so many billions of years in our box of superstitions, myths, and religious fear beliefs. When our dual male and female soul feels the influence of our opening thinking mind, loving emotions, and spirit senses functioning as a true spirit consciousness, which is its original source, it will become passionate about its continued growth as its motion and change as a shifting consciousness, which is the ultimate sense of healing for our dual soul male mind and female emotions.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

ODD = an Obsessive Distaste for Discipline

When we have problems with the organization and discipline of our daily life, we are suffering from ODD. ODD is an Obsessive Distaste for Discipline, which is the basis of the "I-know-it-all" belief. Organization and discipline are an essential part of the pattern of our dual soul, which are reflected into the pattern of our physical life. When we have an obsessive distaste for discipline, we will become our own worst energy and create absolute chaos in our physical world as we refuse to learn and change. As we stop honoring ourself, we will have an obsession distaste for the discipline of behaving in a manner that is conducive to our physical health and our emotional and mental happiness. We will be judgmental of other people, eat too much, and participate in destructive physical behaviors and addictions that abuse our primary, secondary, and our enteric nervous systems. We will also have an obsessive distaste for the discipline of our own creation, for all levels of authority, and for living in a happy and healthy way, which will allow us to be totally focused on control or on disease and the lack of personal responsibility for our own health and happiness. We will act out our dependencies, victimization, resistance, and feel internally that someone else has to accept the responsibility for saving us. Our denial and resistance to any change will be extreme, as we hear what we want to hear and do what we want to do to support our "I-know-it-all" belief.

Obsessive distaste for discipline is not just an externally focused lesson. It is also an internally focused lesson for our male thinking mind that is affecting every aspect of our society today, especially in the male-dominated fields of government, science, money, law, corporations, religion, education and every aspect of our male-dominated society. The physical behaviors that we live are the science of life for our dual soul that gives us an opportunity to learn from living our fear of discipline, organization, form, and structure. We also have an obsessive distaste for our loving emotions, which many men still think only women possess, hence the male belief is unequal to the male. Our loving emotions are the basic foundation of our motivational energy for our physical activities. Physical activities become the physical experiences that are the "science of life" for our dual soul. Of course, the discipline of our equal design cannot be understood by the male mind when it perceives and interprets the physical female as unequal to the physical male, not only in the emotional sense of being weak but in the female's ability to use the thinking mind because that too is judged as "weak." As we reflect our inequality into our judgement of others, we show ourselves the obsessive distaste for the internal discipline of our internal dual soul and spirit consciousness that we are living physical beings.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Memories are not a Mental Illness!

Our spirit consciousness contains multiple forms of memory that are coded into the chemicals that give us the ability to think, speak, have loving emotions, have fear emotions, live our sensory response, and have multiple cellular responses. These memories are frequently concealed by our fear response. The lack of awareness of who we are interferes with our memory access, and when we access memory without the knowledge of our spirit consciousness we misinterpret the memory that we hear and we judge it in relationship to our fear beliefs. The fear beliefs that we have been taught keep our intellectual mind focused on the external concepts of who we think we are, which controls our perception and interpretation of the physical experiences of life. This is our path when we become the element of disease in any aspect of our whole being.

Our religious belief that we live only one physical life keeps us from understanding our internal memories as they begin to surface within our conscious mind, loving emotions, senses, and physical cellular structure. Our past life memories are embedded within our spirit and dual soul consciousness as an integrated function of our nervous system. Memories are not a mental illness, they are the opening of our dual soul and spirit into a higher level of internal consciousness. When medicine does not understand us as an eternal dual soul and spirit consciousness, our consciousness memories are diagnosed as mental illness. This has become our "bomb" of ignorance exploding on the human population. Before we can successfully heal ourselves in any way, we must first understand our dual soul internal chemical organization, design, form, and structure of our thinking mind and the freedom that we have designed into our loving emotions, the absolute sensory being that is the eternal gift of our spirit consciousness, and how the dual soul and spirit consciousness functions within multiple physical bodies to give us eternal life. In effect, life is the primary lesson of our dual soul and spirit consciousness that is in the act of evolving itself through the physical experiences of life.

The way that we perceive, conceive, and interpret creates the physical experiences that we live as the "science of life" for our dual soul growth. Through living the physical experiences of each physical life, we expand our dual soul and our dual soul expands our spirit consciousness through the eternal "science of life" that we consistently live as physical beings. When we study our own history, we can see how we have changed our concepts of life and when we change our concepts of what life is, we change the way that we perceive and interpret our physical experience. When we changed our concept of eternal life to the concept that we live only one external life, we felt very vulnerable to death. Our vulnerability to the external belief of death and only one life pulled us relentlessly into our need to be saved as a fear belief.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Our cellular structure must be credible to sense acutely

We can recognize our inspirations and get what we want in life if we are willing to seek the knowledge that our soul evolution requires. When we listen to the silence, we will become conscious of our internal language of inspiration. We can silence the ego trivia language by concentrating on our breathing. Spend quiet time with your internal self several times throughout the day. Breathe deeply, walk silently, think only positive thoughts, and invite your internal mature soul consciousness to communicate with you. Ask questions of your internal self and have faith in the language that you receive. Listen to the words, tone, fiber, and emotion of the spirit language. Eat and drink as close to Nature as possible to support your cellular structure. Your cellular structure must be credible before you can sense acutely from your three levels of senses and become conscious of the language of your spirit.