Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Looking at Life

I sit at my desk writing and looking out over the trees from my windows. Every time that I sit in my office and I have the opportunity to communicate with Nature, I am challenged to stay on purpose and write. I get overwhelmed with the energy of going out to play in the dirt. I love this piece of property with its rows of majestic trees, beautiful green grass, and sweeping lawn. It is my favorite home since I was a child living in Illinois. The beauty of this land is the peace and joy of the wildlife, flowers, trees, and water. I find a lot of peace when I work with flowers and growing bushes, that present me with flowers every now and then. We are all a part of Nature, and the sooner we come to this very accurate definition of ourselves, the sooner we will realize the gift to our body when we eat organic foods, drink pure water, and have trees and bushes around us to purify the air that we breathe.

Because I spend so much time writing, I can become very tired of the entire process. Right now I am working on two books about NDP, which I am planning on using for my classes that I am starting soon. NDP is Neural Depolarization, which is a therapy that I taught myself as a small child who was constantly living in intense pain from rheumatic fever that I have had since infancy. I told my parents that I was going to become a nurse when I was two years old and very sick with rheumatic fever. Since it was my absolute intention to become an R.N., I also had to learn how to heal myself. My rheumatic fever was intense when I was a child, and of course the drug industry in the 1930s was very different than it is today. I healed my rheumatic fever with healthy foods, fresh air, and hard work, and I did become an RN, which I expanded on as time passed and my children became adults.

One of the primary therapies that I used to heal my rheumatic fever was Neural Depolarization, pure fresh water from our natural well, and fresh organic foods. I had an older sister, Jane, that I was very close to in age and we lived our lives by roaming all over the acres of pastures and woods on our Illinois farm. We missed nothing. We sometimes even dared to visit the rattlesnake dens that joined our farm, which of course was strictly forbidden. We also had a Cahokian Mound on our farm, which my father set aside an revered. For many years my father collected artifacts and we stored them in an unused cabinet. We never locked our house even when we planned to be gone sometimes for a month or more at a time. My parents always said that if someone needed something badly enough to steal it, they needed it more than we did, and they would go forward without any complaints.

As I aged I began to realize that my NDP and my intense physical activity was improving my joint and body pain. When I realized that no one could stop my joint pain, I made up my mind to walk and play as much as I could as part of my own therapy to help myself heal. I did realize that exercise was beneficial for my pain and although inactivity hurt less, it did less to make my pain subside. Sometimes the differences were subtle but over all my body felt better with exercise, therefore I was relentless with myself. I would always remember that running, jumping and swimming were good for me, when I felt like I could not even move, let alone get out of bed and go to school. But I went to school every day and we walked just a little over four miles through the country in the morning and evening and the weather did not allow us to stay at home.

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