Monday, February 24, 2014

Self-Assessment, Our Internal “Secret Life,” Ego Imaging

When we realize that self-assessment is our path to change and growth, we will no longer fear being truthful with ourselves as we see the negative thinking and behaviors that are holding us back from our growth and change.  Negative behaviors are a challenge for our Dual Soul thinking mind to change.  We have become very familiar with our physical traits and our personality traits that have served us in our physical lives.  Shifting our thinking mind as our Dual Soul into our loving emotions that allows us to live our Ethical Values is our present-day challenge.  We must live our intention to change before we can actually change, and we must remember that our ego is not about truth, love, and equality. 

Our ego will always continue to make us believe that we have changed and that we are now being loving, responsible human beings, even as we lie, cheat, and copy other people.  Many times we mistake manipulation for love. Manipulation is a form of control which we can use with our friends and family and sincerely believe that we are living our love.  In our self-assessment, we must learn to be truthful with ourselves and release our belief that we are perfect as we are, before we can welcome and accept change within ourselves.  Any time that we live with an external perception of life, our thinking mind is manipulating our thoughts and behaviors without our being conscious of the imaging that is taking place in our own physical reality.  As energy beings we remember our past lives, where we have lived, the people that we know, our inequality, separateness, control, judgment, inadequacy, dependency, and manipulation, plus many other negative behaviors. 

 As our thinking mind attempts to always “have its way,” we will bring ancient imaging back into our present day life as our normal behaviors, and we will not have the insight to become conscious of what we are doing.  Therefore if we deny our own controlling behaviors, we will feel certain that no one else will be conscious of our internal “secret life” that is urging us into negative behaviors to fulfill our survival needs.  This manipulation of energy fields that belong to another person is a symptom of our internal fear, which we are attempting to deny as an image of our own energy.  Once we live in fear of our own energy, we will attempt to copy another person’s energy and walk in that person’s shadow.   Energy can always be seen by people who see energy.  Thinking that we can hide our behaviors as an energy vampire is ludicrous for anyone that understands energy.  People who think they are perfect as they are ignore intentional change from birth to death.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What We Learn in Spiritual Philosophy

If we do not understand Spiritual Philosophy, we may think that our relationship to other people is insignificant because we may believe that we will never see the people again so our feelings and treatment of other people does not matter.  Our relationships to other people are basically based upon a reflection of the energy that we produce from our relationship to ourselves.  If we do not like who we are, we will not like other people.  If we are not loving of ourselves, we will not be loving of other people no matter what our relationship is to the individual person.  When we store the hidden memories of hatred, anger, loathing, jealousy, fear, or disdain towards other people it is because we have the same hidden memories towards ourselves.  When we learn Spiritual Philosophy we learn to love who we are and how we relate to other people, Nature, Earth, and the Universe.  As we learn a loving relationship towards all of mankind, Nature, Earth, and the Universe, we elevate the energy within us to love, peace, and equality in all forms of life on Earth.

Because Spiritual Philosophy teaches us the entirety of relationships, it also teaches us the entirety of our relationship to our hidden memories.

Our hidden memories are about the endless lives that we have lived and stored in minutia within our thinking mind, as part of our Dual Soul pattern that we must understand philosophically before we can truly understand ourselves as human beings and our journey of growth and change that is a fractal pattern of our physical lives.  Spiritual Philosophy is the only subject on Earth that teaches us how to understand the hidden memories within our thinking mind and what they mean to our growth and change.  Without this information, we will not want to grow and change, although it is an accepted fact that we are born and we die after living our pattern of growth and change.  No other subject on Earth teaches us how to understand ourselves, our evolutionary growth and change, plus our relationships with other people, Nature, Earth, and the Universe.  If everyone understood our relationship to other people we would never fight wars, contaminate our land, water, and air, or avoid learning.