Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mental Illness and Hidden Memories

When we become conscious of how we literally grow and change from the influence of our internal chemical memories, it becomes easier to understand that we have chemical hidden memories of each and every one of our past lives that are supporting us in this lifetime with the lessons that we must learn.  When we remain unaware of these hidden memories, they can be triggered within our thinking mind and we can simply lose track of the reality of who we are today.  Mental hospitals are full of individuals that are remembering very ancient and primitive hidden memories from other lifetimes that they cannot and will not be able to relate to other human beings in their physical reality of today.  When we begin to understand our hidden memories and the focus of our thinking mind on either the past hidden memories or the present, we will be able to help these individuals to reclaim their lifetimes today and progress in their own evolution of the thinking mind. 

Many times a thinking mind that is not taught to or allowed the freedom to truly think out of the box of our fear beliefs is the mind that reflects back into its own history and begins to live from these hidden memories today.  Our thinking mind is following a pattern of evolution that is constantly attempting to move the mind into different levels of thinking, emotions, and sensing that will allow the thinking mind to become a Trinity of Spirit Consciousness to know itself.  If we focus on simply believing ancient beliefs rather than our growth and change, we can prevent our own evolution and devolve in our next lifetime as a reflection of our devolution in this lifetime.

The hidden memories that are becoming known to our thinking mind today will seem to us to be the reality of our physical existence in this lifetime.  The hidden memories that many people are experiencing today are so real and intense that they will not be able to tell the difference between their physical reality and their hidden memory reality.  A hidden memory is designed and functions the same identical way as our conscious thoughts do. The only difference is that our thinking mind is exploring the neurons that are stored within our brain as our hidden memories rather than sticking to the “point of thinking” that we are using today.  This is a common experience when we are attempting to integrate our thinking mind with our loving emotions. Our thinking mind focuses on approximately 10-30 percent of its developed neurons, which allows us to feel secure in our present-day lesson.  When we are attempting to integrate our thinking mind with our loving emotions, we cannot help but open ourselves to the energy of our past life neurons, as our hidden memories, along the way. 

Once we recognize what we are doing in our neuronal communication, we can write the communication down and know that it is a hidden memory rather than a current event.  Hidden memories are the story of our past and our future thinking, which is something that we must live through to realize that we absolutely do experience more than one physical life in our eternal life.  It is our ancient religious beliefs that are challenged to stay current with the growth of our thinking mind, because when we believe that we live only one life, we cannot explain within our own thinking mind to ourselves where the very different memory is coming from.  When we cannot recognize a source of our hidden memories, we can unconsciously harm ourselves and other people without any realization of what or why we are thinking and doing what we are doing.
When we believe that we live only one physical lifetime, we cannot understand the instant flashbacks in memory that our thinking mind will experience in its own growth and change.  Therefore, before we can heal our thinking mind of its fear of hidden memories, we must consciously accept that we are eternal Spiritual beings that have lived endless lifetimes in our billions of years on Earth.  As Spiritual beings we are energy and as physical beings we are matter.  To be Spiritual beings we must learn how to use the matter of our physical design through our Spiritual energy design and function.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Self-Disclosure and Our Hidden Memories

Why are we fearful of self-disclosure?  Why are we afraid to analyze the environment of our thinking mind, and realize why we are leading ourselves into fear rather than love? Could it be because we are judging ourselves, which allows us to reflect our internal judgment externally towards other people, while we remain fearful of looking at ourselves and defining the fears that we continue to live?  Our beliefs and behaviors always become the environment that we create within our physical life and that we actively live every moment of our physical lives. In effect, we fear our hidden memories because we believe that we live only one physical life, and we cannot bear to face our own internal self-judgment and fears of not being perfect in the reflection of our physical image of who we are into the environment that we live within.

It is hard for us to accept that our hidden memories are always being made known to us internally and that these same hidden memories can be responsible for the life choices that we make and live.  As we think and speculate about who we are in this physical world of Earth, we are aware of only a very small fraction of the energy that makes us human and that we live day by day in our physical lives.  Our internal image of ourselves only focuses on the ego concepts of who we think we are, and not on the external image of our relationship to and with our fellow human beings.  Yet every day that we live and interact with other people, we are reflecting a composite picture of the truth of who we are, despite the fact that our ego will at the same time be furiously painting another picture of ourselves within our thinking mind that will allow us to feel superior or inferior to our family, friends, and acquaintances.  

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Our Journey Into Love

Many people think they are living the truth while they are lying, cheating, and stealing. We don’t see learning to live truth as a lesson. And we don’t see the other aspects – lying, cheating, and stealing – as lessons. These are patterns of acting out rebellion within the soul. Some people don’t seem to know there is such a concept as truth. Truth for our soul is a truth we have to learn and live through our physical experience.

There are all levels of truth. But truth lives within us, not totally external to us. How do we choose what we want to learn? We of course choose it with soul influence, but we also choose it with the influence of our heart, the emotional self. It behooves each and every one of us to learn about and to live our emotional self.

As human beings we are designed with three distinct parts: our mental and emotional self, physical self, and sensory self. These three parts of us reflect into the world the particular thoughts, behaviors, and actions of who we are. No one can escape the patterns they create and reflect to the world without their own intention being used.

Our life is designed through love. If we do not understand the love within, how can we reflect the love within externally to us? If everyone lived their love, we would erase most of the problems we create and encounter as human beings on Earth.

The emotional self is in reality the foundation of us as human beings.  We have a tendency to think that we are physical and nothing else, but of course that is not true. We are first of all energy, and part of our energy is our emotional soul. If we do not understand this pattern, we will abuse it and attempt to destroy it within our mind. It is as though we were using a cleaning system on the mind to take away the good and reinforce the bad.  If we want to be human we must first be human in our understanding and conduct (Ethical Values). If we do not understand ourselves as a soul, a spirit, and a physical being, obviously we are denying and not using vital parts of our design.

Learning to live within our entire design helps us to be more human, more conscious, and it helps us to design our life in a happy and healthy way. We must understand ourself if we want to learn and live the journey into love.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

New Growth and Lasting Change

Life is a river. At times the water is muddy and turbulent. At times the water is crystal clear and smooth as glass. But in each experience there is the consistency of movement and change. As in the river, the change in the life of man is internal and at times hidden from the eyes of man.

In change there is always the creation of new growth. The change that occurs within man creates a lasting change. As in the river, the structure of the flow in life has changed and it will never return to its original form.

When man views a river, he will see only the surface water. The water that is flowing below the surface can be very strong and purposeful as it rushes along seeking, but knowing not what it seeks. The river has a pattern to follow and it will follow this pattern without fail, until the water becomes greater than the pattern can accommodate.

Once the river is full to overflowing it will change and develop a new direction, a new path of existence. So, too, will the mind of man.

For man the pattern structure of the flow of energy is determined by the belief system that the mind has attached itself to. This belief system will be naturally changed by the flow of life. If man allows himself to be open to the flow of life's experience, he will be full to overflowing. Without this openness, the experience will be forced to follow the pattern that is in place and growth will be restricted and confined.

With restriction, growth will give way to stasis, confinement, and suppression. Man must continue to move with the energy within, and to grow from the energy within. Change by movement of energy is the definition of life and living.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Why Thinking Flexes Our Mind

As we focus our mind on equality, truth, and love, our mind begins to plan in an open and flexible manner. We explore all possibilities. We try concepts on for size, feeling the energy of our own perception and interpretation. We change and we try new thought, comparing the various levels of interpretation and expansion. As we explore, we discover things that we have never known about ourself before. We may fall over our threads of fear, and find ourselves backing away in dismay at our own perception and interpretation, and then we incorporate the new knowledge and our plan changes and takes on a new energy form and structure. Evolution becomes our second nature in all aspects of our trinity of consciousness and our physical body.

The important energy in thinking is change. The more we change our thinking, the more we expand our ability to think and to change. As we practice thinking, speaking, planning, and creating, we continue to open our mind and emotions to bigger and bigger internal concepts, and with each step forward, we expand our Spirit Consciousness. It is always important to plan far ahead of our planned actions. This allows the mind to explore the perceptions and interpretations of our thinking and feelings so that we work out the wrinkles of change in our consciousness rather than the physical. Thinking flexes our mind and allows it to reach into the memory nodes of stored information in our brain. We have focused on flexing our muscles, but we can't stop at the physical level of reality. We must give ourselves the opportunity to think through our thoughts and see whether or not we are dealing with internal goals or external plans. We must wear our thinking and loving emotions as the gossamer of our mind. We must allow ourselves the privilege of dreaming, and imagining within our thoughts, to soar to the heights of our internal desires. Internal desires are our goals of life and they must be lived slowly and expand their creation as our internal mental, emotional, and sensory growth occurs.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Our First Step to Change and What It Means to Teach Healthy Living

Our first step to change is understanding that we are eternal energy beings living in physical matter.
Throughout the past 200 years, many scientific discoveries have been made about us as human beings, Earth, Nature, and the Universe.  But our accumulated fear beliefs have kept us focusing our thinking mind on just a singular external perception and interpretation of these scientific discoveries.  All information that is discovered about Earth, Nature, and the Universe remains separated from us within our conscious mind until we can chemically relate our scientific findings to the chemical structure of our own internal physical body and accept the interconnectedness of ourselves as a living fractal pattern of the Universal system.  It is our fear beliefs that have denied revelations in our body and mind, because we have been taught conformity to our fear beliefs.  Our belief that we live only one life is the most notable obstruction to understanding the internal and eternal evolution that we are now living that exists within our thinking mind.

We cannot connect the dots to discover our internal and eternal evolution until we can accept ourselves as a chemical Spirit Consciousness that lives eternally within the physical matter that we create from the pattern of life of our Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness. Although we watch ourselves evolve from conception until death, we still have not accepted the evolutionary design that shows us the fractal pattern of ourselves reflected in everything that we think, our emotions, and our sensory response.  When we fail to see how we are “thinking and being” we fail to understand that we are a Spirit Consciousness Energy at our foundation of evolution.  When we fail to see ourselves as our own ancestors, we cannot understand the truth about genetic mutations that occur within our physical design at the time of our birth into a new life. Therefore, great men and women have come to evolutionary conclusions about us and life, only to have their ideas denied because of our conformity to religious beliefs.  This has never been more prevalent than it is today because as human beings, we are literally physically and emotionally struggling against change.

We struggle against change because we believe that if we change, we will be wrong or bad in the eyes of “God.”  The God of medicine is the American Medical Association and the system that has been put in place to protect the “God image” of medical practice.  Medicine has taken up the mantle of “the savior” on Earth.  The time has come for medicine to become the teacher of healthy living to help people learn how to prevent and heal disease.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sand, Rock, and Subterfuge

Our Dual Soul will never pretend to be something that it is not.  Our thinking egotistical mind will always attempt to create a version of self that it thinks will be more acceptable to what it wants to do and to its friends.  This is the story of sand versus rock, which we have experienced since the beginning of time as human beings.  Anytime that our ego is involved with our thinking mind we are working in quicksand.  Quicksand is always dangerous because it is totally unstable and the thinking mind does not realize that it is in severe danger.  This allows our ego to go where our Spirit would never tread, and the Dual Soul becomes patterned by and in its own carnage, which can mean death to the Dual Soul growth and change.

We have a world community that is entirely adept at subterfuge from every level of society and government.  We will never create subterfuge with anyone or within any situation unless that is the level of the Dual Soul that our thinking mind is living.  When we lie, our Dual Soul feels like it is in quicksand and it may make additional mistakes as it attempts to retrieve its balance and save face with others in its circle.  We see this mirage happening at all levels of the world right now and there does not appear to be any relief in sight.  When we do not telepathically sense the truth and live our truth, we live a lie.  When we telepathically sense any energy within ourselves, other people, our lives, our country, and within nations, we can see that we are living an enormous sense of imbalance all over the world, which always begins within the minds of a human that is addicted to the external focus of the mind and on being saved.  We are absolutely one hundred percent responsible for saving ourselves.  No one else can save us but us because we must make the enormous changes in how our thinking mind is thinking.   

Thursday, October 03, 2013

How Hidden Memories Work in Our Nervous System

We have not yet scientifically accepted the neurological patterns that philosophy defined many years ago. This means that medicine is constantly in the evolutionary patterns of re-inventing the wheel.  Our intense focus on chemicals to grow foods, to prepare foods, to take as medicine, to use as make-up, to use in every aspect of our daily lifestyles, shows us very clearly that we are attempting to awaken our thinking minds to our relationship with chemicals.  That is the very essence of our ancient and hidden memories from which we designed ourselves.  We are chemical beings.  It is the precise chemicals within us that creates our energy and matter that we are living at our multiple levels of denial and understanding.  This is why all medicine, except for those medications that are given for infectious diseases, are suspect in relationship to our human cellular structure and its infinite chemical memory of its design and function.  If we are healthy, our internal chemicals are at least close to being balanced.  If we are not healthy, we must look at that phenomenon and understand why.  What are we doing to upset our chemical balance and to make ourselves sick?

We all have hidden memories stored in the neurons of our four major nervous systems that explain our relationship to air, water, and the fresh foods of Nature.  When we look externally to understand ourselves, we will not realize the importance of our relationship to Earth and Nature that are supporting us.  Many people are living their hidden memories in relationship to Nature and Earth, which supports people’s need to climb mountains, sail the seas, fly airplanes, and dive to the bottom of our oceans.  Our world is beautiful wherever we look, but our curiosity about Earth and Nature is not fully understood in relationship to our hidden memories.  If we understood Earth, Nature, and ourselves as the energy of our hidden memories, we would live with consideration and kindness towards all of life, and especially other humans.  We have lived for aeons of time suppressing our internal hidden memories of our endless past life experiences, because of our belief that we live only one physical life. Everything that has a seed, can and will grow to live again.  Because everything that we have lived and learned in our multiple past life experiences becomes a part of our hidden memories, which are stored in the energy of our Spirit Consciousness, we can and we will always reach the point of remembering as we grow and change as human beings.

The challenge with us and our past life hidden memories is that medicine does not understand us as eternal human beings, therefore doctors do not understand the hidden memories that can surface within our thinking minds and make us “crazy,” or surface in the pattern of our physical body to make us not quite perfect as human beings.  Once this phenomenon of eternal life is understood, we will approach these situations of hidden memories with a different intention of balancing ourselves to maintain our health.  When our hidden memories become intense within our thinking mind and are being ignored through multiple lifetimes, we will begin to reflect our hidden memories into the design of our physical bodies to get our attention on a physical level.  Our motor neurons show us how memory works in the rest of our human nervous system.  This specific part of our human brain helps us to understand how we retain our memory from one lifetime to the next lifetime.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Male and Female Personalities in Bloom

 Once we begin to look at the truth of ourselves as Spirit Consciousness beings, we become very aware that none of us live with an isolated male or female personality or character traits. We are all living from the level of our Dual Soul consciousness that we have reached in the multiple lives that we have lived as both males and females in our Dual Soul journey of learning, growing, and changing. This means that we are a mixture of what we have learned as we have lived as males and females, which is designed to expand us into a homogeneous human being. As we look at our world today, versus even 100 years ago, we can see our growth and change by the way that we think, live, and behave, as we live our physical lives. We are not yet focused on our love, truth, and equality as physical human beings, but each life that we live brings us closer to our goal of loving ourselves and other people.

Learning the ways of our Dual Soul can be enlightening, funny, unbelievable, fascinating, and at times rather embarrassing, when we realize how naive we can be, but nevertheless, we must learn our lessons by living them, therefore our beliefs always structure our behaviors, which helps us to live our lessons at countless levels as we live our journey through our physical lives. We don’t remember our past lives because our mind must reach a certain level of openness before we can look at how we have lived and accept our living as our learning opportunity without going into emotional shock. This is why it is essential that we expand our thinking mind enormously before we attempt to look at our past life behaviors. We always live with the emotional level that we create for our mind to accept in its growth cycle. Once we can put all of our wondrous pieces of the puzzle of life together, we truly begin to see the patterns of our greatness and we appreciate ourselves even more because when we reach this level of growth, we will be living our love, truth, and equality as the first three Ethical Values of our Spirit Consciousness and we will live and speak without fear. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Why I Write

I am frequently asked the question, "Why do you write?"  This is not a casual question for me. I had rheumatic fever when I was a child, which left my parents with the challenge to occupy my head and my hands more than it did to occupy a child who could go outside to run and play. My parents used up my time by teaching me to read, write, spell and to be happy doing that, so all of my life I have loved to write, read, think, and relate to people which still consumes a good part of my life today.

Spelling and learning were the games that we played during those years when I was sick with rheumatic fever. Penicillin had not been discovered yet, when I was living with rheumatic fever, so I had the full experience of pain and disease, which I coped with by reading books and studying Nature. I remain eternally interested in those same activities today.

When we spend large amounts of time reading, writing, and spelling, we learn the very basics of an education. Since I learned these activities early and with delight, reading, writing, spelling, and thinking were my favorite activities which remains true today. I am never overwhelmed when I think about writing my next book since I have written twelve books already in my active life as an R.N., mother, wife, and teacher. I have always chosen to work as an R.N. while doing everything else that I was interested in, in life. I have written books, raised six children, and worked as an R.N. for many years of my life. To me, I was living the "good life" as I stayed active and happy.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Gaining Knowledge is our Personal Responsibility

If we are ignorant of ourself and life, we must expand into the knowledge of who we want to be and our limits are reflected into our ignorance or unawareness of who we are, what we believe, how we feel, and how our behavior of life is acted out. No one can give us knowledge unless we choose to search for knowledge. Exposure to knowledge will fall on deaf ears if our mind is closed. Knowledge will be absorbed like a sponge if our mind is open. Knowledge is how we expand our consciousness. Knowledge supports our dual soul evolution into the expansion of consciousness, and gaining knowledge is our personal responsibility.. It is within the dual soul level of knowledge that we transition from our immature soul journey to our mature soul journey. To deny knowledge is to deny our dual soul evolution.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Our Consciousness of a Supreme Being

From the beginning of our creation as a living soul, we have always been conscious of a supreme being. Our consciousness of a supreme being has been intentional as a part of our spirit guidance from within our trinity of consciousness. Having the internal sense of a supreme being has kept us consistently focused externally in trying to discover who the supreme being is and what its relationship is to us. As we have lived our lives trying to understand the "supreme being" we have focused externally in our search while living in our physical nature because the external perception of reality is the normal focus of our intellect and ego soul.

If we focus on information from the external guides of our immature soul, we are accessing the past life memory or subconscious psychic intellect. If we access past life memory we are not yet living in our integrated soul mind with the influence of our spirit consciousness. If we see God as an external being and speak to God externally, as in prayer, we are living in our intellect and ego immature soul mind and emotions. It is in believing that the "supreme being" is external to us that we reveal the conscious mind and emotions that we are living as our immature soul.

As we move into the divine nature of our right brain, we begin to look for that supreme being internally, which is the normal focus of our consciousness in our mature soul mind and loving emotions.  Once we begin to search internally for our supreme being, we discover that each of us has a "supreme being" which is our indwelling spirit consciousness. This realization helps us to understand that our supreme being of spirit consciousness has been guiding throughout our journey as a dual soul. Our dual soul, as a dual mind and emotions, is the child of the supreme being of our spirit consciousness. As we transition into our wise, loving, and mature soul mind and emotions, we are growing into the adult phase of our dual soul life as our divine nature. Once we begin to live in our mature soul, the "knowing" or stored lessons of our mature soul begin to guide our life.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Look At Earth Today

Look upon Earth today. Know that as we have evolved as human consciousness we have chosen our temples in plants, in trees, in microbes, in animals and finally in human form. This human form had to evolve. It had to evolve in the same way the Earth has evolved. It did not - it could not - occur instantly, because we have created who we are. We have experimented with this lesson as we have lived, as we have evolved, as we have transitioned through our own growth, our own evolution and through the evolution of Earth.

We have not yet grown, evolved to where we can accept all of our mind as thought, to know that we have an intellect. But to know that we have a mind of Soul, a mind of Spirit is another step in our evolution. Now, as this shift of consciousness is in progress, the human being, the consciousness of man, is looking at self to see the influence that we create within the energy of Earth, to see the influence that we have within our own growth, our own evolution, our own transition.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Every Soul Upon Earth

Every soul upon Earth is bringing its energy together through the influence of knowledge to make a change in the focus of our thinking, emotions, and feelings. We can consciously choose to transition or we can deny the reality of change and devolve. When we accept the free choice of our mature soul, we can no longer live inequality as a female and worship our male physical nature.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Interaction of Relationships

In Spirit energy there are no roles, there is only interaction. From the perspective of our physical understanding the analogy of the role is helpful. All lessons are learned through the interaction of relationships. If your life appears to be one big drama for you, then you need to understand that you are working very hard to learn your lessons. You are trying to see certain images with total clarity. You will play the role until you can understand the truth of the acting. In your sleep periods, it is the members of your soul and spirit family and your chosen physical family that help you on the Soul and Spirit level.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

We All Have Access to Love

Love is the emotion of Spirit Energy, and because of this reality we all have access to love when we live consciously with our internal Spirit Energy. Many individuals have not been taught that they are created from the energy of our Spirit Consciousness into truly Spiritual Beings. Therefore all humans are designed with a Spirit Consciousness which in itself makes us a Spiritual Being. When we are capable of using our Spirit Consciousness, we will begin to automatically begin to change.

When we hold on to our ancient beliefs that we have carried with us from past lives, we will not change. We will be totally bound to the energy that we perceive from our fears and our ancient memories. Love is a much better energy of progression in life than fear is. Fear holds us unrelentingly to our challenges of life and we will find ourselves living each item of fear as though it is our last breath of life. When we gasp for air, we are really gasping for life, which is our need to be different and more lovable. We have many diseases in which we gasp for air and that is truly our gasp for life. If we understand our ancient beliefs we can use them to help us live a better life of learning and peace.

Learning to live a life of joy and excitement is our challenge. Why would we ever want to live the agony of fear and pain? Jealousy is a dramatic challenge for our thinking mind and our Soul as we mature and grow as a human being. These feelings of fear present us with a life that is our dramatic challenge to learn, grow, and change within. Usually we do not acknowledge our own inner challenges, which means we cannot change what we cannot accept within our thinking mind as needing to be changed to allow ourselves the happiness that we deserve.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Integrity - The Authentic Self

We all want to find ourselves but many people don’t know how – therefore we can create a fictional role for ourselves and literally set out to put our role in place physically.

          When we become conscious that we are playing roles, we will usually stop and look at ourselves. We want to be sincere as we live the image of self, but how can we be sincere and truthful about who we are, if we do not know who we are? So we play roles, which covers up the integrity of our Spirit Consciousness as we establish “images” of who we think we are or who we want to be.

          Playing a role requires imagination and quick thinking to keep yourself from falling on your face. We make ourselves who we are by the way we think, behave, speak, and interact on our stage of life. We can never blame another person for the level of our reality that we create. Yet we only want to accept personal responsibility for those things in our life that support our personal image of who we think we are.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Human Consciousness - Our Most Valuable Asset

Spirit is a level of taking one's inspiration, one's dreams, one's brilliant ideas and putting them into action in the physical world.  In understanding human consciousness you must understand that spirit can only be understood when it is manifested through the actions of your physical life. You do not evolve to live in physical form as spirit beings; you evolve in physical form to act as spirit beings in the physical world. Do you understand?

The evolution of human consciousness has a level of pure spirit. In this level of returning to the energy of the Creator you still have many, many levels of consciousness to walk, to evolve.

As you have spent many billions of years evolving your thoughtforms, your physical body, your soul memory and your spirit through the dark side of the soul, through the physical side of the soul, you will now have the opportunity and the responsibility for living as integrated consciousness upon earth, creating for yourself a heaven to enjoy, a heaven to expand into your true magnifi­cence, using the power of spirit in the physical manifestation of physical life.

It is a pattern within the mind of the intellect that separates the human con­sciousness into the physical, the soul and the spirit, and does not see that it is one at all times and it is one with earth and it is one with the Creator. Earth is the manifestation of the physical. Your physical being is forever dependent upon the purity of the energy of earth.

Your soul is dependent upon your lessons, your experiences, and your events— all coming together to help you learn the lessons of evolution, the lesson of changing the level of human consciousness. And as you change the level of human consciousness through the energy of the consciousness of the soul, it becomes pure in love, in truth and in the perfection of the lesson at that time. It evolves into spirit energy.

All lessons must begin in the physical and move into soul and into spirit—which then must be manifested upon earth, completing the cycle of energy of learning to be human.
The human consciousness is your most valuable asset in your evolutionary cycle. It will protect you; it will inspire you; it will motivate you; it will elevate you; it will allow you the wisdom and the ingenuity to create what you want if you understand the focus of your own human consciousness. This consciousness must work in unison with the collective consciousness of humani­ty; and it must work in unison with the collective consciousness of earth; and it must work in unity with the collective consciousness of spirit.

You are integrated into energy streams and you cannot be separated from each other or self. When the human consciousness understands self as separate as did the human consciousness when it looked at breath, when it looked at vision, when it looked at separate parts of the human body and focused upon that part as a god of human form—it began the concept, the pattern of separation.

This pattern must be changed, must be released to understand that you are a Higher Universal Mana, integrated at all times within self and within the Universe and within the mesocosm of community, of world, of nation. And you are at all times integrated into the energy of earth.

This is your heritage: it cannot be separated from your human consciousness because it is the heritage of the consciousness of earth that allows you to be human. You must understand, acknowledge and use in unity these three consciousness energies of the mind in order to fully become human upon earth, to become a Higher Universal Mana consciousness.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Starting from Birth is the Ideal Time and Place

Building of the body begins at conception. This first period of Earth existence for us is laying the foundation for the remainder of our physical lives. We are placing our building blocks. We will use these building blocks in the continued growth of our body, mind, and Spirit. There is no other way. We start creating our reality the moment we are born. The Soul that enters as an infant is aware of the lessons of its life. The understanding of these lessons starts to dissolve gradually as the belief system is being structured. The older the child becomes the more clouded its choice of lessons will become. We must learn to consciously keep the channels open to the infant Soul memories. Our world is becoming better at this.

An infant will be in constant communication with the Universal Consciousness. Communication is a reality through infancy but starts to fade during the years from four to seven. Parents should encourage the child to stay open to the Spirit communication of his or her world. This communication needs to be understood and supported. Communication with the Souls of friends and loved ones does not mean that the child needs to see a psychiatrist. The child must be supported in understanding the normal Spirit communication that he or she is capable of living on Earth as a direct reflection from his/her past human lives. Open-mindedness is a trait to be cherished and consciously preserved. Starting from birth is the ideal time and place. Picking up these lessons in mid-life becomes a challenge within itself. Releasing a firmly planted belief system is the challenge to understanding life in the adult mind. Cherish our infants, love them, communicate with them and allow them the freedom of expression. This does not mean that the adults must be controlled by the child. A disciplined structure should be provided in which they can feel safe in being their own imaginative selves. Discipline and structure are truly manifestations of love. We should all love our children, and guide them into a loving adult life.

Friday, January 04, 2013

The Journey Home

As we become aware of ourselves, other people, nature, earth, and the universe, we expand our conscious awareness of the relationship that exists between all of us as living beings that are evolving. We release our subconscious fears and begin to love our life and ourselves as we expand our consciousness of our internal wisdom, truth, love, and equality.

In traditional medicine, technology now allows physicians to "photograph" radiologically the body and the brain into extremely thin slices to detect disease as well as the function of the human body. Our consciousness also exists in extremely thin levels of electromagnetic energy that are just beginning to be detected but are not yet understood by science. Science can now find people who use their left brain and others who use both the left and right brain to a degree. For many years we have been living the transition from our left brain to our right brain, and as the technology of science expands, our understanding will expand and we will soon be able to validate the transition that we are experiencing. We could be understood now if the perception of the scientific mind understood the invisible soul and spirit consciousness.