Saturday, August 31, 2013

Our Consciousness of a Supreme Being

From the beginning of our creation as a living soul, we have always been conscious of a supreme being. Our consciousness of a supreme being has been intentional as a part of our spirit guidance from within our trinity of consciousness. Having the internal sense of a supreme being has kept us consistently focused externally in trying to discover who the supreme being is and what its relationship is to us. As we have lived our lives trying to understand the "supreme being" we have focused externally in our search while living in our physical nature because the external perception of reality is the normal focus of our intellect and ego soul.

If we focus on information from the external guides of our immature soul, we are accessing the past life memory or subconscious psychic intellect. If we access past life memory we are not yet living in our integrated soul mind with the influence of our spirit consciousness. If we see God as an external being and speak to God externally, as in prayer, we are living in our intellect and ego immature soul mind and emotions. It is in believing that the "supreme being" is external to us that we reveal the conscious mind and emotions that we are living as our immature soul.

As we move into the divine nature of our right brain, we begin to look for that supreme being internally, which is the normal focus of our consciousness in our mature soul mind and loving emotions.  Once we begin to search internally for our supreme being, we discover that each of us has a "supreme being" which is our indwelling spirit consciousness. This realization helps us to understand that our supreme being of spirit consciousness has been guiding throughout our journey as a dual soul. Our dual soul, as a dual mind and emotions, is the child of the supreme being of our spirit consciousness. As we transition into our wise, loving, and mature soul mind and emotions, we are growing into the adult phase of our dual soul life as our divine nature. Once we begin to live in our mature soul, the "knowing" or stored lessons of our mature soul begin to guide our life.

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