Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Have you accepted your total power of creation?

In the beginning when you were created as spirits you were given as your inherent birthright the love, truth, and perfection of the Father. In addition to this you were given the power of creation.
How many of you have accepted these gifts knowingly, used these gifts consciously, and understand your own power of love, truth, and perfection that you have been given? How many of you understand that you have total power of creation? Have you accepted this power, and utilized this power which establishes having received the power?

Giving and receiving began at the moment of your creation as a spirit. You receive physical life, physical bodies, and you acknowledge on the level of physical, intellectual understanding what you have physically received. You will also acknowledge what you feel that you may not have received on the physical level.

It remains a challenge for you to understand, to acknowledge, and to accept that you receive the soul memory and the spirit energy at the same time that you receive a physical body.   (Sharing, 221)

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Soul Support

In the intimate family of birth and of marriage there are always chosen lessons that each person is focused upon. No one learns his/her lessons in life alone. The person that we have asked as a soul to help us with a life lesson is also working on the same lesson, although the image of the lesson may be different. We can learn our lesson and our parents may bring their lesson back  into their next lifetime without a consciousness of the role they were playing for us and therefore they didn’t learn the lesson. The nice thing about family relationships is we can learn from each other if we are open to the dual role of teacher and student and student and teacher. This is the perfect role because it keeps us open to knowledge without the restrictions and limitations of identity and roles to create inequality.  The soul has no expectations or destinations of having learned all there is to learn. It is always our ego beliefs that limit our mind with expectations and destinations.

As we discover how our souls support each other in evolution, we can consciously appreciate every event within our life because we will see the importance of what we are learning and we will not judge or blame the person that we are interacting with in the lesson. Our soul is supported  not only by our physical family on a soul level but also by the soul family  on a soul level. Even when we have no conscious awareness of the soul family and its support, it is still there and it is scattered throughout the universe. Soul energy is given to us telepathically as a love energy, which is more effective than the physical support that we may be conscious of being given at the time. The physical interaction will be the primary support that we consciously acknowledge because we live our support as part of our life experience.  (395-6, Journey Home)