Thursday, May 24, 2007

What Do I Get Out of being a Student of Kathy's?

This week one of my students sent me this post:

I watched the video on your web site where it says, "What do I get out of being a student of Kathy's"?

Life! I get life out of it.
Love and friendship.
Education - that has use in our daily living and thinking.

We all have our own personal thoughts. Some as simple as why does that bird outside act that way, or more intricate, like - how do we deal with drama and stress in our lives without freaking out and wishing we have used our "20/20 hindsight." Well, this kind of information (Kathy's classes and talk therapy) empowers you to the point of being able to use your mind as things unfold and with practice you begin to know how to act or what words to use to help a situation work out positively. This is a permanent step. You mind will happily evolve to this higher state of thinking and living.

I used to be very angry and violence was not foreign to my life. I was very distracted by the visions in my head and I would place them into this lifetime.

Being surrounded by religion and a one-life belief left me stranded and alone to deal with what I saw in my head. I knew it was real but who could I talk to about this? Kids teased me, so as a straight-A student and top athlete I left school at 8th grade - nothing made sense. Every action people took around me seemed anti-human. I spent years waiting for the alien ship to come back and get me.

And yet I had other differences: sitting in a room full of people I could "feel" them - I could sense their emotions; with no undersatnding of what was going on.

Recently a young man gunned down many innocent classmates and professors - why - he said other people brought this on by the way they treated him. I understand the pain other people caused him and the desperation he was feeling. I am grateful that I never got to that point, but there is no doubt in my mind that his confusion and frustration came from visions of past lives and our societal way of shutting down our mind in every way that is important.

The funny part of this is that if you ask anybody on the sidewalk today they will agree that we are on the wrong path as "Spiritual Beings," and yet there is no action taken, other than drugs and higher debt, to fix this problem, or make us think we are successful in life.

So, Kathy saved my life and now I will continue to bring only positive into my life, step aside as the negative goes past, and all those things that used to make me crazy, well, some of them are still here - but they're just regular stuff now. I'm not saying my Mama don't try to make me crazy still - cuz she does - It just doesn't work anymore. And when I get upset, it's normal upset. I feel it, think about it, make a decision of how to deal with it, or not, and then continue on.

Every day is more fulfilling than the last. Now I'm not fixing the past-
I live today - using all of my lessons of the past as tools to guide me.

And I look forward to the future with the eyes and heart of a child with no fear - only excitement of the unknown. The best part is that now I can let people love me, and even better, I can love them back without fear!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Higher Education?

Recently I was remembering my early education at religious schools and thinking about the value of my learning there. My experience at St. Vincent's Nursing school in Indianapolis, which was a sister school of Catholic University in Washington, D.C., was 3 years of rigorous work and study which was both exhausting and exhilerating. The nuns were committed to teaching us and gave us an environment which required total focus on learning. If we didn't learn, we were out. Our class halved in number from enrollment day to the following year.

Over the years I attended other universities for different reasons, and I have thought a great deal about learning and learning environments. As a child, I went to school in a one-room schoolhouse. Our lively young teacher assigned us different garden or farm items to bring from home for lunch, and she cooked up stews or soups while we studied. In the winter our wet coats and boots and more were set over the woodstove to dry. The smells of simmering vegetables added to our appetite.

As I think about my educational experiences, and my mind winds around to the reality that medical students are not taught nutrition and the "Hippocratic oath," the "Hippocratic way," I shudder. What has happened to our appreciation of knowledge as a basis of knowing ourselves as human beings?

I want to share a message sent to me from one of my students:

I have been a searcher seeking truth in knowing "thyself" my whole life. My search began in earnest after the death of my parents at the age of twelve. Were my parents in heaven? Could they see me? Why did God have to take both parents? What was the purpose of life? The questions came fast and furious but discovering the answers has been my journey from the eternal focus of God being in heaven to knowing I am a spiritual being learning how to be a human being in the flesh.

I just attended a seminar called "Landscapes of Flesh: Thoughts toward Alternative Metaphors for the Body and its Goods" presented by Joel James Shuman, Ph.D. This seminar is presented by Theology and Medicine at Duke University. Joel is a graduate of Duke Divinity School. I was fascinated how the focus of the seminar was geared towards the belief of only one physical life. Even though Joel described his experiences growing up on a farm in West Virginia with passion toward his family and nature, he never mentioned the importance of nature upon his landscape of flesh.

I appreciate the knowledge that I continue to learn through studying spiritual philosophy in understanding the landscape of my flesh and the "Goods of body" as my dual soul and spirit senses embedded within my physical flesh as matter and energy. I know medicine will not create my health; however, the elements provided through air, food, and water will maintain my health.

Higher education through universities such as Duke is not providing the truth of our human design in the flesh. As a human being, I am responsible for the domain of my physical flesh by providing the chemicals found in nature, earth, and the universe. I am separate as an individual person, but I am one with nature (food), earth (water), and the universe (air).

As a spirit consciousness living within physical flesh, I am dual as a male thinking mind, female loving emotions, and spirit senses energizing my physical flesh. Does Duke’s School of Divinity and Medicine, as a place of higher learning, teach their students spirit consciousness? In attending the seminar, I heard the belief in only one life, and only when one died and rose to heaven did one become spiritual.

The knowledge of understanding our human landscape through studying spiritual philosophy far surpasses the education gathered through higher education at some very prestigious universities in this country. I challenge every fellow human being to search for what it means to be a spiritual being learning to be a human being living in flesh on planet Earth.

I want to share two quotes that speak truth. Kathy Oddenino, R.N., in Sharing: Self Discovery in Relationships, writes: "The God energy within you is the spirit of you." Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., cell biologist, writes in his book, The Biology of Belief," Each of us is a spirit in material form."

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Importance of Learning

Once we can understand energy and matter as our human pattern, we begin to understand why we have psychic experiences as human beings. Energy never dies but it does change forms as we change from one life to another physical life. We change form as energy when we focus on being either male or female, and we also change the form of the life we live by the focus of ourthinking mind which determines how we live, what we learn, and what we accomplish from one life to the next life. This is the way in which our multiple lives flesh out the information that we store within the neurons of our brain. It is not unusual to find people who return into new lives with musical ability, a scientific predilection, building expertise, some left-over knowledge from engineering, teaching, philosophy, mathematics, poetry, writing, dancing, singing, or any number of other past life memories. As eternal energy beings, we have changed our physical forms countless times as we have lived the expanding energy of our Dual Soul mind through the experience of our physical lives. When we have psychic memories, we are tapping into the memories that we have lived in other physical lives that are stored as hidden memories in our brain.

This is why it so very important for us to recognize that we are both finite physical matter and eternal energy. As eternal energy, we have to change the physical matter of us more frequently because we do not recognize us as eternal beings that have the capability to live long and rewarding lives if we live in harmony with Nature, Earth, and the Universe. Our ignorance allows us to destroy our human minds and physical bodies with foreign chemicals, which requires that we literally go back to the drawing board to create a new human physical body for ourselves in which we can store and use the energy of our Spirit Consciousness as a thinking mind, loving emotions, and Spirit senses. As long as we live our human existence with a belief that we are simply a physical human being that lives only one lifetime, we cannot understand the Spiritual design, function, and intention of us as physical human beings living as energy and matter.

Science has uncovered the story of our internal organs, hormonal glands, HLA and our DNA as internal chemical designs but we still do not recognize how this shows us the pattern of our eternal life and how this information unravels the mystery of our health and happiness. We cannot make this leap into understanding our human design until we recognize the precise internal function of our human life which gives us our eternal life as we uncover this internal chemical knowledge. Once we can understand our eternal life design, we will actively use our hidden memories to propel us forward as a thinking mind, which is only part of our Dual Soul and our Trinity of Spirit Consciousness. When our thinking mind focuses externally, we cannot fully recognize our internal chemical design of energy and matter. Once we fully understand our chemical design as human beings, we will heal all illnesses in our human design, on Earth, and in Nature to support us in living in total health and happiness for thousands of years in each physical lifetime.
Many people have asked me about "past lives," and want to understand what magnetizes them to different people, places, and things. My teaching theme this year is "Hidden Memories." I will teach you how to use your mind with love to access and use your "hidden memories" so you know you are not "crazy" (and are not so quick to think others are "crazy"), but are more productive and comfortable than ever before. My focus is on healing and helping people heal themselves - the mind, emotions, senses, and physical body.
My next seminar is May 20, in Chapel Hill. This time I will focus on Psychic Experiences, Soul Guides, and Near-Death Experiences. I wish everyone in the world could see the world and the human design as I see them. These seminars are a way for me to help bring back the tradition of philosophers guiding others into "knowing themselves" early in life. We are all designed to be thinkers, to appreciate life and those we love and share life with. When we understand that we are energy and matter, we appreciate the truth that we share life with all humans, all life forms on Earth and in the Universe. Join us, and get to know your family better! (919-545-9937 to register)