Monday, June 20, 2011

Universal Coaching and the Creations of our Consciousness

"When catastrophes occur upon Earth, they are created by the default consciousness of man with the unconscious and the subconscious perspective of cleansing. This is a way of cleansing that is productive and destructive at the same time. Here too, the opposites are experienced for man. The action is understood by the soul and spirit of man, not the conscious ego/intellect of man.

When man creates imbalance within himself or within the Earth by using his ego/intellect, the subconscious and unconscious self will create an event to balance the ego/intellect creation.

At the present moment on Earth there are many energy forces that have been created by the ego/intellect of man that will need to be balanced. The creation of the physical body is the ego/intellect creation that has already triggered the subconscious and unconscious energy to begin the balance.

This balance is being created by an increase in disease, physical traumas to self and others, war, and local disasters. If the energy cannot be balanced by the energies within man, it will be balanced by the forces of energy within the Earth. 

The cleansing that is occurring, as more and more of man begins to live from the world of the spiritual, may create enough energy within the Earth to balance the accumulation of negative energy. This is the motivation within the Spirit world to offer explanations to man to help him understand the creations of his consciousness.

Some of man will not believe our explanations. These are undeveloped souls that have not created a sufficient soul memory energy and spirit energy to balance the ego energy of the physical world. It will be the more highly evolved soul on Earth that will immediately understand and join in our teaching of the masses.

The Spirit world itself has nothing to gain from our participation in the world of Earth. We can observe devolution as easily as we can observe evolution. We are simply coaches that are viewing your drama, or you game from the sidelines.  Heavenly Spirits are Universal coaches. The Universe includes Earth. All good coaches want their team to win. And all good coaches have a tendency to want to physically participate in the playoff games. Heavenly Spirits are no different.

Everything that is being brought to you from the Spirit world is already known to man. It has been written, spoken, and proclaimed upon your Earth many times throughout the ages of your time. We offer it again because it must be given in every possible way to reach as many souls as it can possibly reach. 

The worlds that will trigger the soul memory of some will leave other souls captured within their physical consciousness. Therefore, the message will be stated in different ways, through different Earth souls, from different realms of the Earth, and from the Universe. 

All messages have the same intention of triggering consciousness awareness. Each messenger will be focusing toward a specific group of Earth souls. The focus for this Heavenly Spirit as a spirit messenger is to the group of advanced souls that came to this embodiment to teach and to spread this Universal message. There are millions of these advanced souls that need to be triggered to wakefulness. Each soul is a teacher, a healer, or a priest within. 

These souls have chosen to be involved in the cleansing of the Earth which will be for man the 'second coming of Christ.' The second coming of Christ for man will be an acceptance, an acknowledgement, a conscious awareness of the Godself within each of us, and a responsibility and a commitment to the world of the spiritual on Earth."