Friday, November 30, 2007

Local Authors' Book Signing - Pittsboro this Sunday

Local Authors' Book Signing – Dec. 2. Kathy Oddenino will join other local authors this Sunday at Unity Books and Stuff in Pittsboro.

Sunday December 2 is the First Sunday in Pittsboro and the First Local Authors' Book Signing at Unity Books and Stuff, at 80 Hillsboro Street. (Look for the purple shutters.) The authors will be here between Noon and 3:00 to sign their books for you. Some of the authors will also be reading from their books. You won't want to miss this very special event, so please come to support your favorite author!! And stay for the parade, which begins at 3:00.
(AND we will celebrate Sagittarians with Birthday Cake!)

Unity Books and Stuff

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Notes from My Life

from Healing Ourself: Growing Beyond the True Cause of Disease, my fifth book.

My entire life has been lived with an intimate involvement in medicine and nursing both personally and professionally.

At the naive age of seventeen I began my nursing career when I entered St. Vincent's Hospital School of Nursing in Indianapolis. St. V's is a wonderful and progressive organization owned by the Daughters of Charity. It offered the usual diploma school program which was the beginning fo the normal nursing education at the time (1949). Despite the views of many towards diploma schools, I have always been thankful that I chose St. V's and I have valued the comprehensive and wonderful nursing education that I worked hard to achieve. It was the perfect background for me to expand and grow as an individual and as a nurse as I began to find myself.

Our education was remarkable and tough because it was academic and experiential. We attended classes daily for several hours,studied, and worked long hours with very little free time to go home, to play,or to socialize. We were required to sign a paper promsing that we would not marry during our course of study and dating was made such a challenge that it wasn't high on my list of activities at school. The intensity of our schedule kept me feeling alone in a crowd as every moment of my life was planned for me.

Since we rotated hospital duty on the evening and night shifts during the week and worked all shifts during the weekends, we never got to know most of our classmates very well with the exception of the few that were on the same rotation schedule. We were organized well by the Sisters, getting up at 5 am, going to Mass, eating, working from 7-9 am on the wards to serve breakfast and give baths, going to class all day, back to the wards in the afternoon, evening, and night. Our days would vary somewhat from year to year and assignment to assignment, but some things never changed, such as Mass, work, class, and study. Only the hours of work were shifted around to accommodate the hospital staffing.

The year after I graduated St. V's changed their program dramatically because the rest of the world was changing and the days of student labor, inequality, and control were on their way out of nursing, or so it seemed. I value my learning experience in nursing school to this day because if there were any holes in the independent work ethic that I learned growing up on a midwestern farm, they were certainly patched over very nicely in nursing school. There were many days when my inspiration and motivation to successfully complete the program was all that allowed my creativity to surface and see me through another day, another month, and another year until I graduated. But determination and persistence were character traits that I had learned early in life and in school they served me well.

My earlier years of childhood taught me that we get out of our life exactly what we are willing to put into our life. My life began with disease and I lived with disease for half of my life, but I have always been determined not to let any disease or limitations interfere with or control my life. Now I am healthier than I Have ever been and I live each day through the absolute joy that I find in my journey of life. I have no destinations or hills to climb. I live my life one day at a time, staying focused in the present and creaeting form that simple, indefinable moment in time.

It was a miracle that I was accepted into a nursing program that required perfect health, but early in my life I learned to control my body with my mind and my years in nursing school simply challenged my ability to use my healing power for my personal survival. Each day of my life has reinforced my understanding of the internal healing power of my mind, and in understanding my mind power overy my body I also understand that every human being has the same power.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Up and Over!

My friend Sawyer shows you how!

Excerpts from my handout, November 11 Seminar:

Our consciousness energy is stored as hidden memories of thought, behavior, events, and dreams, to spur us to our next level of growth. We can live with a memory from birth until death and have no understanding of of how the memory got in our mind, what it means, or how to release it from our thinking mind. Many times, we will know the memory is there but we will not step outside of the box that says "we live only one lifetime." As we grow and change more and more through our multiple lifetimes, we will come to a lifetime where we will want to know, and feel a desperate urgency to know what that memory means to us as a human being. This will be our lifetime to want to learn, to understand, and to change into the information that we remember, so that we can create a totally new definition of "who we are" within our thinking mind. When we deny cooperating with our thinking mind, we can make ourselves sick to death, or we can grow and change at will to become who we want to be in this lifetime.

Once we clearly understand ourselves as energy and matter, we will realize that everything that we have ever done and will do is to be recorded in the energy of our human body. We have our physical identity, but we also have an energy identity which is made up of the neurons and the cellular structure of our physical body. Each and every cell has memory and it retains the memory of our past lives, which we could use to heal ourselves if we accepted ourselves as energy and matter and which we can use to make ourselves sick if we are attempting to create change in our physical lives.

Friday, November 02, 2007

My last 2007 Seminar

My last 2007 seminar is scheduled for the Comfort Suites in Cary. Join us for a day of learning you won't find anywhere else! (I will also give a "preview" of what is to come on the Spiritual Philosophy horizon in 2008.)

Spiritual Philosophy Seminar - Hidden Memories Series- Our Soul Relationships with Other Worlds, Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds, & Internal Communication from Earth & the Universe - Sunday, November 11, 9am-5pm

There are no accidents in the Universal system. Energy knows itself, and what it has to do to help us grow and change. Energy does not hesitate to create! Understand your experience as your art of living. Be the change you want to see!

During the many lifetimes that we are focusing our thinking mind externally, we cannot become aware that we have lived countless physical lives that are internally imprinted and stored eternally within the Neurons of our brain as our Hidden Memories. As we store our multiple life memories in the Neurons of our brain, we are also storing physical memories in the cellular structure of our human body. As we come back into our multiple physical lifetimes, we unconsciously use these hidden memories from both our Neurons and our Cellular Structure. Memories are sorted and stored by the Hippocampus in our brain. Once we recognize our capability of endless memory design, we begin to understand the beauty of our entire Nervous System that is constantly diligent in creating us as a human library. Our Nervous System functions with our Hidden Memories to keep us from forgetting or ignoring who we have been in the past, and how our past always relates to our present. We can store memories in any cell within our brain and body, which includes our internal organs, which is why we sometimes come back into our new life with disease. When we change how we think about ourselves and our lives, we can use our Hidden Memories to grow and change as a human being and as a human species. When we deny change, we are refusing to follow our Spiritual energy in the patterns of health and happiness, which helps us to see that we still have lessons to learn. Our lessons cover the entire spectrum of our thinking mind, loving emotions, infinite Spirit Senses and our physical body, where we are constantly living with our hidden memories to remind us of our next lesson as our next pattern of growth and change.

Seminar Location:
Comfort Suites Cary( NC039) 350 Ashville Avenue , Cary, NC, US, 27518 Phone: (919) 852-4318
Use the link for directions, or call the hotel directly.
Comfort Suites Cary
Cost: $125, or first-time participants, $100. Includes take-home handout. Meals will be on your own. A number of restaurants are nearby, some in "walking distance." Lucky 32 is a restaurant we recommend, and it is across the street from Comfort Suites. Call us or visit my web site for more information!