Friday, November 02, 2007

My last 2007 Seminar

My last 2007 seminar is scheduled for the Comfort Suites in Cary. Join us for a day of learning you won't find anywhere else! (I will also give a "preview" of what is to come on the Spiritual Philosophy horizon in 2008.)

Spiritual Philosophy Seminar - Hidden Memories Series- Our Soul Relationships with Other Worlds, Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds, & Internal Communication from Earth & the Universe - Sunday, November 11, 9am-5pm

There are no accidents in the Universal system. Energy knows itself, and what it has to do to help us grow and change. Energy does not hesitate to create! Understand your experience as your art of living. Be the change you want to see!

During the many lifetimes that we are focusing our thinking mind externally, we cannot become aware that we have lived countless physical lives that are internally imprinted and stored eternally within the Neurons of our brain as our Hidden Memories. As we store our multiple life memories in the Neurons of our brain, we are also storing physical memories in the cellular structure of our human body. As we come back into our multiple physical lifetimes, we unconsciously use these hidden memories from both our Neurons and our Cellular Structure. Memories are sorted and stored by the Hippocampus in our brain. Once we recognize our capability of endless memory design, we begin to understand the beauty of our entire Nervous System that is constantly diligent in creating us as a human library. Our Nervous System functions with our Hidden Memories to keep us from forgetting or ignoring who we have been in the past, and how our past always relates to our present. We can store memories in any cell within our brain and body, which includes our internal organs, which is why we sometimes come back into our new life with disease. When we change how we think about ourselves and our lives, we can use our Hidden Memories to grow and change as a human being and as a human species. When we deny change, we are refusing to follow our Spiritual energy in the patterns of health and happiness, which helps us to see that we still have lessons to learn. Our lessons cover the entire spectrum of our thinking mind, loving emotions, infinite Spirit Senses and our physical body, where we are constantly living with our hidden memories to remind us of our next lesson as our next pattern of growth and change.

Seminar Location:
Comfort Suites Cary( NC039) 350 Ashville Avenue , Cary, NC, US, 27518 Phone: (919) 852-4318
Use the link for directions, or call the hotel directly.
Comfort Suites Cary
Cost: $125, or first-time participants, $100. Includes take-home handout. Meals will be on your own. A number of restaurants are nearby, some in "walking distance." Lucky 32 is a restaurant we recommend, and it is across the street from Comfort Suites. Call us or visit my web site for more information!

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