Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Keeping everyone honest (My "war stories")

I call my early years in Nursing my "war stories" period because nothing was easy, but today I feel like writing one of my old war stories just to show how evolution truly works in the work place.  Many years ago I went to work in our local hospital as the Evening Nursing Supervisor covering the entire hospital. One night we were overcrowded and I was looking for a space to put an extra bed.  Our ER was bursting at the seams and it was apparent that we were going to need a few beds someplace even if we did not know where we were going to find these beds.  I walked into a three-bed ward with the brilliant idea of turning the ward from a three-bed to a five-bed ward for the night.  The room was large enough so I was pretty sure it would work.  I walked into the ward and started poking around to see how I could rearrange things. In the far corner of the room was an old screen door.  I had a flashlight in my pocket so I whipped it out and began to examine the door.  My intention was to unlock the door and to make sure there was a clear path if the door needed to be used as a fire door.  Of course in that hospital I always knew that I had to be responsible for surprises and smart enough to find a cure pretty quickly.  The door was no exception.  Undoubtly that door had not been opened in twenty-thirty years, even if it was a "fire escape door."  It was rusted so intensely that the rust had pretty much soddered the lock together permanently, which meant we had to saw a few things apart to open the door.

I called the night watchman to come help me and to bring his tools.  We worked for at least an hour before we could undo the weathering effects on that lock and break the rust free to open the door.  A couple of hours later we had rearranged the room, moved in two new beds and night stands, and the two new patients arrived from the ER.  This was the beginning of my clean-up campaign for that hospital which lasted for several more years.  Sometimes when I look back at the health care conditions that existed in those days I am totally appalled, and most of all, the more I searched the more I found, which did not make me the fair-haired child of the moment in a hospital that liked its status quo.  That was the beginning of surprises for the entire hospital because I was determined to see it cleaned up, safe, and functional no matter how many cages I had to rattle.  Shortly before this incident, there was a hospital fire in Ohio, I think it was, and many people died.  I wasn't ready for a repeat performance of that horror, so I began to survey the entire building and I was making my plans.  It was easy to see that some people were making lots of money and not much if any money was going towards upkeep and fire prevention. Most of my nurses were in favor of my "getting involved in change," but others were worried about their jobs and did not want to "rock" the boat.  So I always knew that I would accept total responsibility for everything that I did, which I did, and mostly I worked alone in my silent investigation with a camera and cultures.

The Reality: Body, Mind and Spirit

Discovering who we are has been the challenge of our life that we have been working with from the very beginning of our creation. We are getting closer now to understanding ourselves from a scientific basis than we have ever been before. Unfortunately along the path of science we began to separate and externalize our concept of reality. As we followed this separate and external course of thought we began to drop out of our memory many important perceptions of ourself that are vital to our growth. Now as we face the transition of our mind and emotions it is important for us to get in touch with that part of our memory that has been lost.

Internally we feel the need to find that part of ourself that we are missing. Internally we are being motivated by our soul and inspired by our spirit to fill the void (the something-is-missing syndrome. Our last 65 years have been devoted to our lesson of equality for our soul. Equality is both an internal and an external issue that we work with consistently, whether or not we recognize what we are doing. During these past 65 years change has been the name of the game for us as human beings, for society, for our beliefs, and for our behavior.

For a number of years, especially during the past 20 years,the new age movement (metaphor for personal growth) has been sweeping the country. I frequently hear people talk about body, mind and spirit but in the next sentence they will define for me an external perception of their understanding. People struggle over the concept of consciousness, spirit, and soul without being able to identify what they mean. Today I want to show you what our body, mind and spirit is, how we have created it, how we use it, and the changes that we are making in this transition period.

We are spiritual beings of energy and we are trying to learn how to be human. Human is an acronym for Higher Universal Mana or spirit consciousness. We are the seeds of the Creator (God) that are learning to grow and expand into a mature spirit consciousness. We are infant spirit beings growing into mature spirit beings and we are using our physical body to live our physical experiences and learn the lessons we need. We have been taught that we are humans learning to be spirit. Knowing that we have within us the energy of spirit, the wisdom of our soul, and the ability to change our physical lives gives us back our sense of responsibility for living and being.

We are always the energy of our spirit that we filter down into invisible energy as our soul, and visible energy as our physical body. We use our physical body as a tool for our soul which is a reflection of our spirit energy that is focused internally and externally into our mentality and emotions. In our physical nature we use our external mentality and emotions. In our divine nature we use our internal mentality and emotions. Our physical nature is our negative componenthhwich grounds us to Earth. Our divine nature is our positive component, which reflects our spirit consciousness.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We Are Energy Beings First

Once we begin to understand that we are energy beings first, and physical beings second, we will be more conscious of our air, foods, and water which are designed to support the energy of our human body with the chemicals it needs.  If we did not have "energy" we would not be alive.  Therefore when we support our energy with the chemicals that it needs to stay healthy, we are supporting our Spirit, Soul, and human body in health and happiness.  Our body is a marvelous design and it will take our "beating" for many years before it collapses.  We must begin to look at our body as a chemical energy design.  As a chemical energy design our body needs the chemicals that are found in the air, foods, and water to support its human chemical design.  It is important to keep our energy design healthy because we need to live a healthy and productive life, and when we die we need for our human design to be intact so that we can come back into a new life in a healthy state.

Many people do not believe that we live more than one life, but as "energy beings" we live eternal lives.  Energy never dies but it does change form (Albert Einstein).  We can and should believe this finding of Einstein's because he is the first scientist that I know of that has proven that we live eternal life as an energy being.  Bruce Lipton is also in the process of showing us the beauty and eternity of our chemical cellular self as human beings.  We must at this time in our lives look very seriously at the "one life belief" syndrome that we have and seem to cherish.  We basically live eternal lives as an energy being and we create new physical matter with the help of new parents that gives us an opportunity to continue with our growth process as a Soul and Spirit Energy.   When we learn to look at our body with a new energy concept, we will cherish every life that we have lived, which will increase our past life memory and allow us to live the eternal truth of who we are, which will allow us to shed our fears of life and living.

I have lived many lives before I began living this one and I vividly remember many of my past lives as a Nurse that relate to the life that I am living now, and I remember many lives when I was not a nurse.  My memory came with me at my time of birth (captured in the energy cells of my consciousness) and I spent my childhood and since vividly engrossed in comparing my past life memories with my current observations.  I have been teaching Spiritual Philosophy since 1984, and I have always known that I am teaching from past life memory.  Spiritual Philosophy is our secret to health, happiness, and a long life of living our Ethical Values.   As I have been teaching through these years, I have many memories that come up from my past lives as a Philosopher.  These lives feed my memory of Philosophy, which is a joy to feel, and to live as an ancient memory.  Philosophy makes more sense to me every day that I live and grow.  As I watch television I can easily see that we as a human species could benefit immensely from learning and living Spiritual Philosophy, which could help us with our understanding of life and truth.

As an RN I spent many years in hospitals and in HLA and DNA Research.  To me this research clearly showed that we live more than one life.  The Scientists that I was working with could not acknowledge this phenomena when I challenged them with the concept, but they also did not say that I was wrong.  I always faced the "we don't know" syndrome, which was perfectly normal.  Now I feel like Bruce Lipton is getting closer to the reality of proving that we do live more than one physical life as human beings.  It makes sense because how could we ever grow and learn everything that we do learn in one short physical life time?  The energy of our body is a reflection of our chemical design as a Spirit Consciousness.

I teach Spiritual Philosophy from my ancient memory, which I enjoy immensely.  Nothing else has ever made sense to me in this lifetime except relating us to our ancient memory, which is the true source of health within us as energy beings.  As I teach this ancient Philosophy, I begin to see precisely how we have been designed as energy beings and how all of the Universal Energy works together to create Earth, other planets, and our Universe.  Energy can answer all of the unanswered questions about who we are once we can understand the ancient philosophy that we have always struggled with.  As humans we are getting closer and closer to opening our thinking mind to our ancient memories, which is what Spiritual Philosophy is all about.

Read my books and join us in my classes to learn a new version of yourself as an energy being.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care is a Personal Responsibility

As I listen to the news and I hear all of the information about health care, I shake in my shoes.  Our health care is a very personal thing that we must do and consciously plan for ourselves.  When we think about Doctors and Insurance as our saviors in life, we are destroying our own motivation to live as a functional human being.  Who in the world would ever want to make another person responsible for their health care?  Physicians are about "disease care" not health care.  We are in charge of our health and it is about time that each and every human being accepts that personal responsibility.  Each and everyone of us thinks, eats, drink, and breathes as we choose, which means we are totally responsible for our "health care." 

Our diseases are dramatically linked  to the state of our thinking which controls our eating, drinking, and breathing.  Many years ago we didn't have all of the commercial products that we have today, which are what is giving us diseases.  We lived an "organic life" close to Nature until 1948, and we usually died of old age.  In 1948 the government taught the farmers how to put chemicals on our land to grow crops.  Now cancer is raging through our society and it has no sympathy for age.  We continue to eat, drink, and breathe as we did and must to live, but we are not getting the same quality of air, food, and water that we need to keep our body healthy. Our land has become polluted and we must pay more attention to our eating, drinking, and breathing to stay healthy.  This is our major problem with living a healthy and happy life into the triple digits -  we do not realize that we are being poisoned by what we eat, drink, and breathe.

No one can change our thinking but us.  When we realize that we must be very conscious now of everything that we put in our mouth, what we breathe, what we drink, and that we are capable of restoring our health and healing ourselves, we will enjoy our life more.  I have been called many names because I eat only organic foods and I drink only imported spring water in glass bottles.  (My house uses well water, not city water, so I also use and monitor the well water which so far remains very good.) I use no sprays in my car, bathrooms, or in other places in my home.  I open my windows and doors on a daily basis and let the fresh air blow through my house.  If you are living in a place where there is no fresh air, it may be time to consider moving.  Our health is always our personal responsibility.  We cannot depend upon anyone else to "save" us.  Health Care Reform is not going to save us, and in reality Health Care cannot be reformed unless we as a "people" change our dependent personal behaviors.  Health is our personal responsibility and it does not and cannot be an action of the medical community, which is focused on disease and therefore most doctors know very little about health.  We can prevent disease and live beautifully into a healthy and happy old age, by taking care of our own body, mind, and Spirit Energy.  Knowing ourselves as an eternal Spirit Consciousness is essential to accepting that we live as Eternal Energy Beings. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What is a healthy life???????

What is a healthy life????  If each and every human alive would ask themselves this question, perhaps they would find behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs in their own life that could be changed.  I have worked with patients my entire life as an RN and some of the things that I have seen are funny, some are very sad, and most of the behaviors that I have seen reflect into my mind the "lack of knowledge" about who we are as a human being.   We all live the life of "being a patient" as well as caring for patients and today as I watch people, I know that most people do not understand that we must eat pure organically grown food, drink pure water, and breathe fresh air to keep our internal cells happy and healthy.  Today we live in a nation that is fixated with "health" care.  This word "health" is within itself is a misnomer.  We are a nation that is fixated with "disease" care.  We can change ourselves and live as healthy human beings.  Nothing that is being done through legislation and through the President's intervention is about "health."  Everything is about disease care in our Society and we are "breaking the bank" with our disease system.

When we are willing to look at how we create disease and heal that disease situation, the "health care" will take care of itself.  I have had a life-long fascination with a man, "John Newport Langley."   Dr. Langley was a researcher of the nervous system back in the 1800's.  Our health care system should begin to look at Dr. Langley's work and realize that our diseases can probably be prevented and cured if we could keep our nervous system open and flowing smoothly.  This approach can heal cancer and every other "energy" disease that I can find.  Many years ago when I was a child and very ill with rheumatic fever, I created a therapy called "Neural Depolarization" which I have since used to heal every form of disease that I have ever seen.  This is an energy therapy and since most people do not accept that we are energy, it is normal that they do not see that all diseases are basically diseases of the nervous system which are created as we contaminate ourself with our air, water, and foods.  But when we want to be healed, we can change and try something new, eat, drink, and breathe in a healthy manner.  Sometimes it makes me very sad to see people die when they do not need to die and to suffer with pain when they do not need to have pain.  We can change and we can be healthy and happy human beings.

Health and consciousness is what I teach. Our nerves are the source of our energy as consciousness. We do create our own energy fields by how we think and how we live. My next class is March 27-28, the 2nd class of 2010 focused on The Joy of Health.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Energy/Human Energy

Sometimes I realize that people may not understand that we are energy beings and as energy beings we are eternal.  Our energy never dies, despite the fact that our human physical body dies.  This means that we have been creating new lives for ourselves since the beginning of life on Earth (and before) by using the energy of our original design.  Our human energy is phenomenal, and when we do not realize that we are energy beings first and physical beings second, we can be terribly self-abusive with negative and inappropriate behavior. When we destroy our human design with chemicals, we can bring this destruction back into our next life.  I learned that I was energy first as a very sick child.  It has been a valuable lesson for me and it is what motivated me to become an RN with an intense interest in research.  I spent many years of my life involved in research and in the beginning of my life that was research in tuberculosis.  We discovered the cure for tuberculosis which is still being used today. This cure was and is Isonazid, which is a "pill" that is marketed under other names by drug companies today.  Later I was involved in HLA and DNA research as well as research in Kidney Transplantation, which were all connected.  These were National and International Research programs that to me revealed a lot more than they probably did to other people that were involved in the programs, simply because I have always looked at life from a different perspective.

One of my intense drives to be a nurse was motivated by my seeing different energy fields around the bodies of different people, even as a very young child.  I have now learned that our energy is dramatically affected by our mind, emotions, and the chemical condition of our physical body, and at the time of death the energy of our Soul and Spirit is very visible as it leaves the body but hangs around outside of the dying body.  Once I understood how energy was reflected into and from our cells by multiple sources including our chemical and physical reality, I wanted to be involved in the RNA and DNA research to get one more image of how the energy supports us, so I became involved in the DNA research through an NIH program at NMRI.  I joined a research team which was defining the DNA (the chemical pattern of us) and how it worked to support or destroy organ transplantation, and I loved it because I could very clearly see the chemical patterns that give us "eternal life" as well as the chemical pattern of our current physical life.  I now understand that our creation of human life was a tremendous piece of "work" even as a chemical design of energy, which most of us don't really think about or appreciate, or we would eat only from the Organic foods of Nature, from which we were designed.

Once we can understand the chemical patterns of who we are, we can support our health in keeping our chemical patterns as pure as possible, and it gives us another concept of energy, especially our own internal energy that is always being created by what we eat, drink, and breathe.  Because I work with sick people, and many of these people have cancer or neurological disorders, I know how and what I am doing to release an energy "clogged" nervous system.  I have and I was born with a visual capacity that many people do not have.  This ability to see internally as well as externally has given me an appreciation for the human body that is beautiful and rewarding, and it has given me the gift of knowing and seeing energy.  My vision also helps me appreciate energy in other people and what it means to us in our health as human beings.  When people do not eat, drink, and breathe right, they do not have the same level of energy that they should have to keep themselves healthy and happy in their physical reality.  We get our energy from the chemicals that are found in the foods that we eat, the water that we drink, and the air that we breathe.

Energy is a misunderstood "concept" in our physical reality.  Our energy is produced by us and what we put in our mouth.  Our chemical design is what provides us with the energy of our physical life, which is why we must eat, drink, and breathe to live a healthy life. That will be my topic for tomorrow.  Goodbye. Kathy O.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Patterns of Eternal and Ethical Growth

Evolution is an Energy movement of Ethical Growth. If we are not living our Ethical Growth, we are not growing as a Spiritual human being. Ethical Growth is well defined in Spiritual Philosophy, and it is a continuous growth of our internal energy process that takes place in our thinking mind, loving emotions, and Spirit Senses as a singular inclusive mental and physical growth process that we live by living the entire scope of our Ethical Values as our daily lifestyle. Our continual growth process will always be reflected in our physical reality because we will change our energy from fear to love, we will change our lying to living truth, and we will recognize other people as equal to us. Once we can understand and live this level of Eternal Ethical Growth, we become different people by changing how we think, feel, and physically live as we relate to our family and friends.

Being love and living our love is the definition of being a Spiritual Being. We must learn and grow from our specific level of the physical energy that we are living to evolve into an energy level of Ethical Growth, which we are only capable of doing when we know ourselves as a  Spirit Consciousness energy being. We automatically grow into our physical form, but we do not automatically grow into an advancement of our thinking mind, loving emotions, and Spirit Senses. As we live our multiple lives, we will find that without our advancement as a Dual Soul Mind and Loving Emotions, we cannot grow and change in the level of our Spirit Consciousness Energy.

When we talk about the Soul and Spirit energy, we are talking about the energy of our internal Soul and Spirit Consciousness that we are designed to constantly expand, which is why we are living eternally through a continuation of each of our multiple physical lives as a Spirit Consciousness Energy. If we cannot live our physical, mental, and emotional expansion from one energy level to the next energy level of Spirit Consciousness, we cannot grow and change our physical behaviors and our thought processes, except on a physical level. At this point in time, we sincerely believe that the physical level of thinking, growth, and change are sufficient to open our thinking mind because the physical level of ourselves is all that we are open to accepting. When we find ourselves stuck in one physical level of thought and physical behavior, we are clearly showing ourselves that we have stopped moving and growing as an energy being and that we are resting on our laurels of being physical beings.

Spiritual Philosophy shows us the internal path of the expanding thinking mind, loving emotions, and sensory movement of our human energy design and the changes that we have been seeking to learn in the entirety of our energy design since we first became human beings living on Earth. The memory of Spiritual Philosophy is stored at our cellular level in our ancient memory and understanding usually at some vague level of the philosophy of life. Even Jesus studied Spiritual Philosophy, which was the basis of his teachings. We have lived countless lifetimes as human beings, which is the journey of our Dual Soul Evolution. Spiritual Philosophy is present in our ancient memory because we have lived many lifetimes with our memory of Spiritual Philosophy trying to expand our Spirit Consciousness through the pattern of our Ethical Value by showing us the relationship of our Spirit Energy to our physical thinking, emotions, and matter.

It is Spiritual Philosophy that helps us over the mountain tops of our ancient memory as we try to remember our ancient past, who we were, what we learned, and the difference that we will see in the “then and now” comparison of our thinking mind and loving emotions as we open the internal gates to our ancient memory.

When we believe that we live only one life, we cannot understand ourselves as eternal energy beings. Energy never dies but it does change form, which is the eternal pattern of energy that we live as we move from one physical life to another physical life, through our normal patterns of physical life and death.

We have lived endless volumes of our recorded history and it is never a challenge for us to look at our ancient human appearance in relationship to our human appearance today. As we have lived our countless lives we have streamlined our body, mind, and Spirit as a process of our growth and change. As we expand our thinking mind, we expand everything in our physical reality including our physical body and what it can do. This is what the word “evolution” means. As we have lived our countless lives, we have changed the way that our human mind thinks, how it relates to the heavens, Earth, and to each other, but most of all we have changed how we “see” ourselves as human beings, which has supported us in looking at ourselves to find the means of change that supports our growth.

Once we recognize that we are eternal beings as energy that create multiple physical lives for ourselves to live, all of the physical changes that we have lived begin to make sense. We must use what we know and begin to understand ourselves as eternal  human beings, and we must understand our relationship to the air, water, soil, Earth, and the “energy” that we live within our human body. We have been taught that we are physical human beings and we are, but what does it mean to be physical? It literally means that as physical human beings we must learn to understand ourselves as energy beings, take care of ourselves, and think in a different way if we want to live and enjoy our physical lives for longer periods of time from our energy potential. As human beings we are dependent upon Earth with its air, foods, and water to survive.  When we die young, we are missing the lessons of our physical life, which we must ultimately learn by living countless lives until we can "Know Thyself."

As we learn to think about ourselves as eternal beings, we begin to keep ourselves healthier, happier, and we keep our thinking mind open to change as a means of expanding our Spirit Consciousness as our eternal energy of life. Growth and change are always our personal responsibility. No one else can grow and change for us. If we study the design of the human body, the thinking mind, the loving emotions, and the Spirit Senses, we are studying Spiritual Philosophy as our pattern of creation, life, growth, and our eternal life as energy beings. This is an essential change of thinking for us to understand, if we want to know ourselves and the mystery of “disease” that is capturing our attention as it interferes with our health, our happiness, our life, and our Spiritual growth. We must look internally at our inherent energy design.  We do not have to be sick. We can live for hundreds, even thousands of years once we learn to change our belief systems and our thinking, clean up our environment, and protect our human body and mind from all foreign chemicals that are not a part of our human cellular design.

Our change begins one person at a time. We cannot live with our ancient beliefs and we cannot live in fear any longer and evolve as human beings. Our Spiritual Energy is designed as an eternal energy.Our physical energy is designed as a one-life-at-a-time energy. When we die we create a new physical energy that we call a human body. It is time that we begin to think about ourselves in a totally different way if we want to protect our human design, Earth and the space around us that we call home.

Learning to live our Ethical Values in how we eat, our relationship with family and friends, our relationship with ourselves, and our interaction with all people both young and old can help us, because with these changes we can learn to live our Ethical Values continuously, and we will become a more Spiritual and a healthier and happier physical human being. Our energy change and growth are always our personal responsibility. No one else can change for us because no one else can grow for us; therefore, the more we focus on the physical, the less we understand our internal and eternal energy.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Health Care - Our Body is begging us for nutrients!

Health Care is one of my favorite topics because I am a Registered Nurse with a very long life experience in caring for hospital patients, doing Nursing Administration, doing research on the HLA, DNA, and other types of medical research on diseases.  Quite frankly, as human beings we are forever creating our own personal health challenges by our thinking and behaviors, especially our eating, drinking, and breathing.  The foods that we eat and what we drink are frequently atrocious because they do not provide our physical body with the chemicals that our body specifically needs. We seem to have forgotten that we are all part of Nature.  Therefore when we make ourselves sick, we put ourselves into the position of  "needing to be saved."  In effect our body is begging us for the nutrients that it needs to heal itself so that it can continue to live and thrive as a human being.  Junk foods will not heal us because they do not provide the nutrients that we need to protect our body from disease.

Our focus on "needing to be saved" by the doctor is not very different than our "needing to be saved by Jesus." This is the moment in time when we all must look honestly at our own eating, drinking, and breathing habits and behaviors to help ourselves accept personal responsibility for what we are creating so we can accept the wisdom and activity of changing our life to be healthy and happy.  I work with individual clients, including those that are in the throes of disease, especially cancer/and or other "incurable" diseases.  I know that we can cure nearly any disease if we change our lifestyle soon enough and we release the body from its agony of starvation. I do not consider any disease incurable unless it has done so much damage to our body that we have destroyed some or one of our vital organs, which interferes with our physical life.  In 1989 I wrote the first of my eight books entitled, "The Joy of Health."  I suggest that everyone read this book and start saving money on your medical bills.

The truth is that most diseases can be healed, easily and simply with the right fresh healthy foods, pure water, and clean, fresh air.  Hospitals and doctors are not generally about health and happiness, they are about treating diseases with medicine and surgery.  Many Nurses and Nurse Practitioners care more about health and happiness than they do about medicine.  We are looking at our health care system in a very mixed up and expensive way, which we are all destined to pay for unless we learn to heal ourselves.  Medicine and health care are about diseased patients who need some immediate intervention.  Of course, diagnosis and treatment are another level of discovery.  Everyone needs to know what is making them sick.  After we learn the diagnosis, we can usually go a long way in building back our health and our happiness on our own.

Once we discover our diagnosis, we must learn how to regain and to maintain our health.  As patients we must be about our own  "personal health and happiness," which means we must learn how to eat right, drink pure water, and breathe only fresh air rather than deodorants out of a can, and we must keep our body and mind active.  Exercise, work outside, learn to open your windows and let fresh air into your homes, and we need to  think!  Many cancers are caused by a variety of sprays that are used in homes.  Open the windows of your home and let the fresh air re-calibrate the air in your home.  Once we learn to take care of ourselves with the fresh foods of Nature, pure spring water, and clean fresh air in our homes, we will find ourselves living with a new lease on a healthy life and an expanded happiness in our heart and in our relationships.
Health is always our personal responsibility and it has very little to do with medicine, which is focused on the "treatment of disease."   Our goal should always be to maintain our health into an old age so that we can enjoy the wisdom that we have all been looking for and soaking up as human beings.   We can all do this and find that happiness that we have been searching for as we live long and happy lives.