Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Q and A about "Hidden Memories" with Kathy Oddenino at Unity Books & Stuff in Pittsboro

How Do You Live Your Hidden Memories Every Day?
Date: Sunday, July 6
Time: 2-4pm
Where: Unity Books & Stuff 919-545-0619 - downtown Pittsboro


How Do You Live Your Hidden Memories Every Day?

Date: Sunday, July 6
Time: 2-4pm
Where: Unity Books & Stuff919-545-0619 - downtown Pittsboro


Philosophy & You: Our Ethical Values as the Principles of Energy and Matter

Every thought, word, and action we live shows us who we are as energy beings. Our interactions with others show us the infinite energy fields we experience when we open our mind to thinking with love. We will create a more peaceful, healthy, happy life and world when we “know thyself.”
Dialogue with author and teacher Kathy Oddenino about your “past lives,” dreams, questions!


Monday, June 16, 2008

Eternal Relationships: Infinity in Action

Thank you for coming to my Sunday seminar, everyone! Please read your handout, and send me any questions or thoughts you have about what you read. Here are some of the focuses covered in the handout:

Our Eternal Relationships are based primarily on the energy emotions of either love or fear. If we die during a relationship that is full of fear, we will maintain our fear of that energy being, even in future lives, until the fear is put to rest within the thinking mind through love. If we die during a relationship that is based on love, we will maintain our intense love of that energy being, and we will seek to live another life with that energy being that can be a life of love. The love that we feel for a specific energy has the power to attract us to that energy being lifetime after lifetime. This does not imply that the relationship is good for both people. As human beings, we define love in many different ways and many of our beliefs about love are really beliefs about energy addictions, control, abuse, and our own internal fears. It takes us many, many lifetimes before we have an opportunity to live as long-lived individuals that can understand ourselves as loving energy beings.We must always understand that our energy is the introduction that we present to other people. Our energy is not always apparent to us until we are willing to look and to listen to ourselves. Our sexual energy always reflects into the world around us, and most of us at this point in our lives reflect our sexual energy without any understanding that we are using our sexual energy to get other people's attention. Once we know ourselves as we are seeking to do by learning about the energy of our hidden memories, we will be able to create a new and wonderfully loving energy as our introductory energy. changing the energy that we use in our daily lives is how we learn to live our healing energy. Energy never sees itself as simply a single life, because our energy is the essence of who we are as eternal beings.

How and Why Our Memory "Happens" in Relationship to the Physical Triggers We Are Willing to Live

How We Personalize the Truth of Our Internal Energy Design.

Notice the Changes in the Way You Use Your Internal Personality
Do we truly appreciate the value of change in our lives?

Our Internal and Eternal Personality Traits - Pretense or Pleasure?

Our internal relationships are primary to our growth and change. We must Honor, Obey, and Cherish our Eternal Relationships with Ourselves as We live and Die.

Sex is Sex. Love is Love. Sex is a physical act. Love is an emotion. Each sex act has a life span, yet its memory may live forever. Love is eternal. Sexual love is seen as our physical power. Spiritual power is our internal energy. When we perceive ourselves as physical beings, our energy is sexual. When we know ourselves as energy beings, our energy is loving.

As we consciously choose to live our Ethical Values as the design of our physical life, we begin to change the energy of who we are, how Ethically we treat ourselves, and how we relate to other people. This is a gigantic step forward in loving ourselves, which is the only design that we can use to love other people. Love is an emotion that reflects the truth of our Spirit Consciousness into our body and into our life as the loving energy of us.

If we can create children and all of our "fun" devices, why can't we understand the principles of energy well enough to understand ourselves?