Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our lesson is to learn to Love

Loving self is an awareness of ourselves as perfect at the core of self as a Dual Soul and Spirit level of energy, despite the physical dramas that we have created. It is this awareness and love of thyself that allows us to act with love, to think with love, and to BE love. Understanding yourself is loving yourself. Our lesson is to learn to love.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Personal Search for the True Self

Being religious and being Spiritual are not the same thing. Religion by history has been a means of controlling the mind, Spirit and body of man. Spiritualism is a movement to understand the self and free the body, mind and Spirit into an awareness of its own energy form. Earth has never had a religion or culture that has not controlled man in some degree, in some way. Spiritualism gives the control to the self through God. Spiritualism is a movement of Love created from within the Spirit world. Spiritualism is based on the ancient knowledge that was shared by ancient Philosophers and in living the Ethical Values to support a better human and a better Earth.

Sometimes in today's Spiritual movement it is hard to get people to gather together. That is because Spiritualism is not a method of control. It is an internal process of learning the history of ourselves as human beings. You do not have to gather together for your energy to connect, but gathering together creates an advanced pull on all energy. It is the energy on the planet that will spread the understanding. It is a personal search for the true self. It is not a search for a leader. Indeed, following any leader other than God can be very detrimental to the Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness. Attempting to follow Spiritual guidance, when you deny personal responsibility, will not be effective. For those who believe, it will require a commitment to change. Change is the miracle of the energy of man.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Choose Wisely

If you have a partner that is willing to grow with you it is a perfect way to strengthen relationships. Spend quiet time together. Practice positive communication on a soul level. Understand each other. Quiet down your lifestyle. Limit your reading to positive information. If it makes you laugh, enjoy it. If it relates nothing but war on any level, turn it aside and search for the positive reading of understanding and growth. Know that you have a choice of what your life truly is. Whatever you do, whatever you say, however you feel, however you think are all your individual choices. No one makes that decision for you. Every human has free will. Choose wisely.

It is with the loud music, the constant talking, the constant doing, the constant searching for news of the world and others, that we allow ourself to lose sight of us. Man understands the political world better than he understands the world of self. How can man make decisions that affect the Universe, when he can’t make decisions about what he should do in the next moment, what he should eat for dinner or which television program he wants to see?

The process of understanding and awareness is an internal process. It cannot be conducted as a scientific research project that studies other people. Man must first study himself internally, from the physical matter that he created as body, to the functioning mind, to the core self of his soul. Man must look within for the answers.

True emotional health is spiritual growth. It is allowing those soul memories to surface. It is understanding that we are more than our physical manifestations. It is being aware of why we are here on Earth. It is accepting responsibility for the creation that we are. It is loving, sharing, caring. It is oneness. It is honesty, truth, faithfulness, open mindedness, trust. It is non-judgement in a world of opposites. It is loving yourself. It is finding your balance of energies.

It is only through our understanding of the Ethical Values of our Spiritual chemical design that we truly know ourselves. As we know ourself, we change the world we live in to one of love and celebration of the life we create to share and learn.