Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Joy of Life and the Utopia of Our Solar System

Life is our Joy! Health is our Joy! Truth is our Joy! Whenever I think about the human species and the multiple levels of human energy that is prevalent in our physical reality as a human society, I have to wonder how long it is going to take "mankind and womankind" to awaken to living the Ethical Values as our Joy of Life. The Ethical Values dictate to us as human beings that we never lie, cheat, and steal if we want to be living our Spiritual Design. Anytime that anyone lives any energy that is not coming from the Ethical Values, we cast negative energy into the energy reality of Earth, which causes multiple fluctuations in the way that Earth itself functions. As each person lives their negative energy, we overpower the positive energy that all human beings should be living. When we look at the energies of lying, cheating, and stealing that many people live as their routine level of energy, we begin to see how very important it is for us to grow and change. Negative energy has a negative effect on us as human beings, on Earth, and the negative energy supports the negative energy that happens on Earth. Each of us adds to either the positive or the negative energies of Earth. Earth is designed to be the Utopia of our solar system.