Monday, July 21, 2008

Live from our Spirit Mind Intention of Doing No Harm

Accepting responsibility for our actions always challenges us because we reflect our beliefs to others, assuming that their beliefs are consistent with our thoughts and beliefs. The ego is full of its notion of supremacy adn it refuses to be distracted by opinions that would not serve its self-centered focus of self-gratification. Our physical nature has not learned humility or patience, and therefore it consistently sees everyone elsein the reflection of its own image, which includes our ego image of God.

Blame and judgement become the symbols of our reflected ego image, which we use to protect our ego from responsibility and from any intellectual assessment of the credibility of our beliefs. Misdirecting our loving energy into a consistent pattern of destructive thoughts, words, and behavior allows the ego to use our past experience as proof of the unfair reality of life. Our ego attempts to con our intellect into its way of thinking to avoid any further investigation into the cause of the repetitious experiences that we are living.

Our repetitious patterns of misdirected mind energy then become the basis of our religious, governmental, and judicial laws, our education, medicine, science, and our businesses, which passes our misdirected mind energy into the societal and world arena to continue our diseasesed thoughts on a global scale.

We are the cause of our diseased personal lives as we reflec tour negative beliefs externally into our physical behavior and relationships. We are the cause of our mental and physical disease when we reflect our negative beliefs internal to ourself. The reflection of our negative beliefs, either internally or externally, determines the level of responsibility that we are subconsciously accepting and living as our reality of life.

Reflecting our convoluted energy inward toward our body and mind is a higher level of personal responsibility than reflecting our negative beliefs outward to affect other people. It is because we refuse to accept responsibility for ourself that self-gratification, greed, crime, and a multitude of other diseased behaviors prevail within the world today.

We must live from our spirit mind intention of doing no harm, despite the dramas that will unfold with this pure mind intention. Lessons are learned through the dramas of our physical experience and will constantly occur to challenge our level of understanding and coping with physical reality.

My next seminar, July 27th, is on Disease Versus Eternal Health. If you want to learn more, join us!

There is more on my book, Healing Ourself: Growing Beyond the True Cause of Disease, on my web site.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Stopping the Carnage

One of the joys of life is being able to look back and analyze the carnage of the human species and find a way to decrease it or stop it. When I graduated from Nursing School in 1951 tuberculosis and polio were the two primary incurable diseases. I chose to accept a nursing position at the old Gallenger Hospital in Washington, D.C. where I could be involved in the research that was being done to cure tuberculosis. There were several very interesting research projects going on at the time and I loved being involved with these studies. It was only about eight months after I started working in tuberculosis that we discovered the medical cure for TB that is still being used today.

The majority of my clients today have cancer and the hospitals are full of cancer. Cancer has reached the epidemic stage in our lives today and nobody seems to know the reason why. Now Multiple Sclerosis is also an epidemic disease and considered fatal. But to me the reasons for cancer and MS are absolutely clear. We are being exposed to many toxic chemicals in every aspect of our lives. Chemicals that are harmful to us are found in everything that we eat, breathe, drink, and use in our daily lifestyles. The medical approach to cancer is "cut it out" or attempt to "kill it with drugs" that might kill the patient before the cancer does. Only a small percentage of doctors use the preventative approach. But the preventative approach is the only approach that will truly both prevent and heal fatal diseases. We are creating cancer and MS in our body primarily because we do not understand the causes of terminal diseases. We must educate ourselves in our own health and happiness.

Our human body is designed to live and function from amino acids which creates our primary cellular design. These amino acids create the cellular patterns of our human body. Amino acids are found in the foods of Nature. Artificially prepared foods generally have no amino acids that are still living and able to function within our human body. As we expose ourselves to chemicals that do not support our internal design, we can create cancer and other terminal diseases. Air deodorants of all types, especially those that are used in homes and cars, can and do cause cancer. The secret to health is eating pure foods that are grown in healthy soils, drinking pure water that is not bottled in plastic bottles which can leach the chemicals in the plastic when they sit in the sun, and breathing contaminated air. We seldom stop and consider what we are doing to our own personal body that can lead us down the path to disease.

We must learn to think for ourselves and to understand that we are chemical beings. We are designed to live from Nature by using pure drinking water, pure foods grown in pure soil, and pure air. Nature when it is unpolluted, provides us with the precise chemicals that we need as air, water, and foods. As human beings, we have destroyed the purity of Nature, our homes, our foods, the air that we breathe, and the water that we drink. We can learn to protect our health, but we cannot learn how to protect our health from most medical professionals who are educated about drugs. Protecting our health is not taking a shopping bag full of medicine every day. We are designed to live from the purity of Nature, and when we eat organic foods, drink pure water, and breathe fresh air, we live a healthier lifestyle that can help prevent many diseases.

Many resources are available to help us educate ourselves and raise our level of thinking about how to support our Intelligent Design rather than destroy ourselves. We must learn to focus on what IS working and why, rather than what ISN'T working and using only our "attack and destroy" thinking as "treatment" which offers very little hope.

Some resources (other than my books) are:

Dr. Russell Blaylock's books - and videos on YouTube Dr. Russell Blaylock is a neurosurgeon who also has a nutritional practice, and has tirelessly researched and taught about the dangers of neurotoxins, the symptoms of which we exhibit in epidemic numbers

Dr. Devra Davis , epidemiologist whose latest book is The Secret History of the War on Cancer
She is the Director of the world’s first Center for Environmental Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public Health. The Secret History of the War on Cancer was a top pick by Newsweek and is being used at major schools of public health, including Harvard, Emory, and Tulane University. The multidisciplinary Center for Environmental Oncology includes experts in medicine, basic research, engineering and public policy, who will develop cutting-edge studies to identify the causes of cancer and propose policies to reduce the risks of the disease.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Disease Versus Eternal Health

What do we do when we are suddenly told that we have a fatal illness? How can we prevent disease along the journey of our life?

We must find the answers to these questions within ourselves and not allow disease to gain an upper hand in our physical life. It is important for each of us to realize that we are at all times the energy of our Spirit Consciousness, that maintains our health and gives us the room that we need to change and grow as a physical being, once we understand the realtionship that we have to our Spirit Consciousness energy. It is our Spirit Consciousness energy that makes us human and that gives us the time that we need to grow into an understanding of ourselves and our human chemical design. When we do not accept that we are essentially energy beings, we see ourselves simply as physical beings that are born to die, which allows us to ignore the beauty of us as eternal beings that are learning and growing with each physical life that we live.

We have been challenged for many years to understand our relationship with disease which can help us grasp the reality of Eternal Health. When we do not understand what makes us sick, we are challenged to understand how to heal ourselves. Healing is the design of our eternal health, which we do not understand because we refuse to accept the fact that we are eternal as human beings living in our energy fields. We see ourselves as simply physical beings that are prone to illness and death. We seldom stop and ask ourselves why we are sick. Now is the time to open our thinking minds to our eternal life design as human beings and to learn the fine art of being healthy and happy.

We seldom stop and look at our thinking and behaviors to understand how we personally contribute to our illnesses. We usually do not take into consideration what causes diseases and why we create diseases and death. Once we can accept our role in our own health, we begin to create in a totally different energy. We are energy and our energy is the true basis of our health. If we are angry, eating junk foods, have a negative personality, or if we simply have a genetic predisposition to disease, we may suddenly find ourselves sick and dying. What do we do when we are suddenly told that we have a fatal illness? How can we prevent disease along the journey of our life? We must find the answers to these questions within ourselves and not allow disease to gain an upper hand in our life.

Many times disease is sending us a message that we are living some form of dis-ease that is contributing to our disease. Once we can look at ourselves and find an answer to what health means, we can begin our journey back into health and happiness. As human beings we are designed to experience eternal health, which allows us to live very long lives before we die. When we find ourselves with disease, we must look at our life until we discover the very aspect of our behaviors that is contributing to our disease.

My next seminar on Disease Versus Eternal Health is Sunday, July 27 - 9am -5pm at the Rigmor House in Chapel Hill. Join us to see if you can create a life for yourself that will allow you to live a very long lifetime of peace, joy, and health.