Thursday, April 29, 2010

We Are Capable of Many Endless Levels of Love

Once we recognize that our love is a very important emotion, we begin to realize that the family structure has a very real and true purpose by exposing us to the opportunity to love in our family relationships without a sense of rejection, which is totally unrelated to sexual love. As we learn the concept of emotional love in our family relationships, we begin to see that we are capable of many endless levels of love, which have no relationship to sex. We love our family, our life, our country, our freedom and if we are fortunate we will find a romantic love interest to live as we grow and change as a human being. True love is based in love, truth, and equality, which many people are challenged to live as a collective energy, but if we cannot live truth and equality, we cannot live our love. Once this is understood we can begin very dramatic internal changes that will change our entire life. Because our love is eternally connected to truth and equality as the basis of love, we cannot separate love from our truth and equality, and it is this factor that allows us to love ourselves, our family, our friends, and most people that we know because we accept others as equal to ourselves and as true friends, which opens our heart to love. True friends always live the truth of their love and equality in their relationship.

This helps us to see that we live an emotionally handicapped life if we do not learn how to live our love and truth towards ourselves, and towards our family, which sets the stage in our emotional, mental, and sensory energy to allow us to grow into productive and happy human beings. In our world today we live as an intense number of emotionally handicapped human beings. The more we live without love, the more intense our fear becomes and the more warped our emotions become. Once we understand the design of our internal emotional structure of learning love, we can open our thinking mind to allow acknowledgment of our loving emotions. Love is not synonymous with sex. Love is an emotion and sex is a physical act. Many times sex is used to replace the emotions of love, which will never stand the test of time.

We can see how we are reaping the results of not being able to emotionally love ourselves and other people simply by looking at the mental agony and the divorce rate in our world today. Love, as an emotion, is our most important lesson of this stage of our human development and growth, which will do wonders to stop all forms of war, between individuals, the market place, the world, and within the mind of each and every human being. Love is the core issue in learning The Joy of Health. Health is not just the physical health of our cells, it is also the health of our mental and emotional energy as well as our sensory self, which are dramatically affected by what we eat, drink, and breathe as well as the thoughts that we constantly entertain within our thinking mind.

We can never separate these three energy focuses and be living in health. If we are not living in the balanced energy of health throughout our human physical body, we cannot be happy and productive as human beings, because we will be living in “self-judgment” as our self-abuse, which dramatically changes the “truth” of our Dual Soul Energy. When we live in self-judgment, we sincerely believe that everyone else is judging us, which sinks us deeper and deeper into our fear, anger, resentment, and self-judgment. Judgment is the epitome of fear that is out of control and it is the antithesis of health. Changing how we think about us is the only cure to our negative emotional self. Change is our personal responsibility.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Truth - Never Live Behaviors that we Are Afraid to Own as Our Personal Creation

We create most of the situations in our physical life that make us sick and we can also create the situations that can make us well. Once we accept total responsibility for who we are, we can become conscious of the negative and positive energies that affect our health and our happiness. Truth is a very important Ethical Value and when we find ourselves lying and sneaking around to hide our true image from our family and friends, we need to stop and ask ourselves who we think that we are fooling. We are literally attempting to hide our loving self from our fearful self. When we are lying or sneaking around with our negative behaviors we are living from our fearful self. Of course this type of behavior is a joke as we never see the truth of ourselves when we are afraid to be totally open and up-front about our thinking mind and our physical behaviors. The secret is never to live behaviors that we are ashamed to “own” as our own personal creation.

When we do choose to live behaviors that we are afraid to own, we are living a lie within our own Soul mind and emotions and our Spirit Consciousness. We will be more dramatically affected by our internal lie than anyone else that knows us because we are harboring the negative energy within our own thinking mind, loving emotions, Spirit Senses, and our physical body at the same time that we are denying our lie. As we live these conflicting energies, we are pulling our thinking mind in opposite directions, which is teaching confusion to our internal mind as it vacillates back and forth between its love and fear, while at the same time knowing that it is not living love and truth.

Living a dual role in our physical lives always has a strong tendency to divide our Soul Mind and this division keeps us from knowing who we are. This gyration many times interferes with our thinking mind knowing who it is and it can lead us into dual roles and dual beliefs in our physical life. A man or woman who attempts to live the same degree of love with two or more women/men can create such an internal chemical confusion that cancer may occur, or some other disease, as a way of leaving this life to create a new life that is more focused. Another interesting energy field is someone that is intensely jealous of someone else and they belabor it into a breakdown of their own cellular structure. If this person has other negative beliefs to support this negative belief of jealousy, such as anger, fear, lying, or self-centeredness, then the disease potential rises accordingly.

Being happy and at peace with one’s self is essential if we want to be healthy and live a long life. We do not have to please other people, but we must be at peace with ourselves on an internal basis to keep ourselves healthy. If we are living a life of lying, fear, or anger, we will not and cannot be at peace internally with ourselves, which becomes our method of creating disease, both emotional and physical. Jealousy is a very negative, conflicting, and restrictive emotion that is frequent in our present-day society. Every time that I see someone that is living jealousy as well as inequality, fear, anger and various and sundry other fear emotions, I can only have sympathy for them in their present state of mind focus. They know not what they do to their own energy focus, which can easily make them sick unto death, as well as focusing their negative emotional energy into other people around them, which can make other people sick.

If we cannot live our love, truth, and equality it is time for us to look at ourselves and define our internal thinking and emotional problems. Do we feel that we are better than other people? Do we feel less capable than other people? Do we feel like we must copy other people as our method of attempting to be equal with other people? Copying does not create equality. But it does show that we cannot use our own personal mind to express our personal thoughts, emotions, and senses. When we find ourselves copying another person it is time for us to do some intense inner explorations to help ourselves discover why we cannot think and grow within our own personal energy. Either focus tells us something serious about ourselves, which is very important for us to know and understand.

Many times people who have been studying Spiritual Philosophy will feel they are superior to other people. This does not mean that such a person is at all superior to another person, but it does mean that the ego is yelling loud and clear, which helps us to understand that their learning has been sadly limited. These individuals will talk a good story, they will copy mine or other people’s material in an attempt to create the image they want to create of themselves, they will talk to other people from the energy of their ego, they will consciously choose to attempt to influence other people in seeing them in a “Spiritual” or “teaching” image.

All in all people have egos which can and will get out of control, if they think about themselves in a different image, such as teaching Spiritual Philosophy. We have to learn Spiritual Philosophy from the humility of a Philosopher’s mind. The ego is in no way a part of a true Philosopher’s thinking mind. This is why philosophy cannot be copied. No one else can copy the wisdom of an internal and eternal energy of the mind. But when anyone attempts to copy something that has been written by a philosophical mind, the information does not translate with the proper energy field, which allows all copying to fall flat on another person’s ears.

This old saying goes back to the very early years of our human development and it explains our behavior, thinking, and emotions very easily if we open our thinking mind to the patterns. These are patterns of the Ethical Values that we are attempting to learn as a human species. These are a major part of the behavioral patterns that clearly show us that we have not yet evolved our Dual Soul into living our love, truth, and perfection as the first level of our loving emotional energy as a thinking mind. Once we realize that we are stuck in fear we must stop and ask ourselves “why?” Are we afraid to change? When we are “stuck in fear” it controls our thinking mind, loving emotions, our Spirit Senses, and our physical behaviors. Usually we are stuck in fear because we have not yet learned the truth, love, and equality of ourselves as part of our design as a Spirit Energy, therefore we cannot think beyond our fear. Love, truth, and equality are a major part of the entire group of Ethical Values that we are attempting to learn as a human species.

As we begin to live the Ethical Values, we begin to change. If we do not know what the Ethical Values are, chances are we will not know how to change, even though we may have an internal feeling that we need to change. Because of our need to grow into the Ethical Values, we begin our change by learning to live our love first (family interaction), our truth second (which is how we build our family and our other relationships in life), and it is through our living our love and our truth as we learn our family and our friend interaction that we learn to create equality as our third level of growth. If we never learn our love, truth, and equality, we will never be able to live these emotions in our adult life, which means we will live without true friends, because we cannot be a true friend. Being a true friend will assure us of a wealth of true friends.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Health is our truth

Health is our truth. When I was a child, I never heard the word cancer. I’m sure there must have been some someplace but I knew of none in the farm community in which I lived while I was growing up as a child. We grew our own “organic” foods, our own nut trees, our own berry bushes, fruit trees, we had our own chickens, pigs, cows, and horses, and we breathed plenty of fresh air as we worked and played. As I look back at my life, I can truly see how perfectly ideal and healthy it was. I guess I never thought about it much as a child because I was very happy and excited about life as I was growing up on our familiar land, reading copiously, and being loved by my large and extended family. I always had my goal of being a “Nurse” that I was consciously working towards, so in my mind I knew where I was going, how to get there, and why I wanted to go there.

I lived in a house of love, truth, and equality which was very exciting to me, because these were our ground rules in our interaction and behavior. Even in my very early childhood I recognized that the love within our family was creating a happy and balanced life for all of us. Because I had severe rheumatic fever as a very young child and into my sixteenth year, I learned that the more I exercised the less pain I had, so I literally pushed myself into movement to keep stride with my older sister as we worked on the farm. I remember being told that I should not be forcing myself to do farm chores because of my “sick” heart, which is normal with severe rheumatic fever, but I could not sit in a chair unless I could literally not move my body out of the chair. The more I worked, the better I felt except for the “flare-ups,” which created their own crises in my life and made me sit in the chair longer than I wanted, but I learned to read early in my life which helped me to pass the time when my pain was severe. I always refused to focus on the pain, therefore physical activity and reading became my way of coping with pain.

My father brought me a new box of books every Friday from our local library and if I was physically inactive, I was very intellectually active as I devoured every book. When I was just eleven or twelve I remember reading “Gone With the Wind” three times before I would give it up to go back to the library. All of my reading made me a very fast reader even before I became a teenager and my love of reading serves me to this day in my life. Today I can write just about as fast as I could read as a child, which has been an absolute gift in my life, although I must admit that I have probably slowed down a few degrees in my present time of life. Because I knew by the time I was two years old that it was my intention to be a nurse, I had a reading style that did not include fairy tales or romances and that style has stayed with me until this moment in my life.

When I was in my early teens I began to think about the nursing school that I wanted to attend. Every nursing school of my day seemed to be run by some religious organization. I was not religious and I could never imagine myself as being religious because I had already fallen in love with philosophy. Religion did not bother me, but I did find it curious at the time, when I became conscious of the intense hold that religion had on people’s minds. Later I began to see how it all worked when I truly realized that nursing schools provided much of the labor in hospitals and that religion has always wanted to “care for the sick and disabled.”. Many hospitals were at that time connected to some religious organization and as I became entrenched in learning to be a registered nurse I began to see the reason that all of these relationships had evolved. I still find wisdom in the relationship even though many nursing schools are no longer organized in this manner. I do treasure the education that I had at the hands of the Daughters of Charity, because it was very intellectual, organized, and supportive which all student nurses need to feel as they experience this dramatic change in their lives.

After I graduated from nursing school, I moved to Washington, D.C. and within a year I moved to Arlington, VA. and commuted the few miles. I have always been interested in research. I thought that if we were intending to find new drugs, new ways to do old things, and to help heal the sick, we needed to think outside of the box, therefore in all of my days in nursing this was and is my primary goal, how can we do “it” better and allow everyone to live a healthy life? To this day as I write this I continue to live with this goal, which is why I now look at disease with a focus on prevention. We are energy beings first and we are matter second. I can easily heal most energy diseases, simply because I understand energy and I can heal many other diseases simply because of my knowledge and relationship with our nervous system and the way that disease works in our body.

We have not been taught how to use our energy wisely, how to stay healthy, or how to expand our energy into healing energy. It is our “energy” that we make “sick” that gives us disease. We do not have to be sick as human beings once we can truly understand that as humans we are both energy and matter as a living human being. As a young nurse and after I left DC General Hospital, I went to work in Washington, D.C. for Wallace Yater, M.D. who I dearly loved and who unknowingly to him helped me to see the absolute truth of energy in healing. I watched Wallace Yater heal people by his very presence, which many people did not understand, but they did not understand how other people revered his energy. We must learn how to live in harmony with our energy and the energy of Nature to keep ourselves well as energy beings. Years ago when we were living more fully in Nature, we didn’t know much about ourselves and therefore many people did not maintain their health and their happiness in the same way that we must do today, because they were ignorant of the energy relationship between themselves and their surrounding energy, and the air, foods, and water that gave us our energy.

As our supporting energies reached out to develop interactive energy, we have learned and we have grown. Once we understand that we are energy beings, we will clearly understand that our energy diseases can be healed in the same way that cancer can be healed, which is totally an energy disease. The secret to our energy and matter is learning to live in harmony and balance. Once we can fully grasp that we are energy and we are matter, we begin to realize that both our energy and our matter are controlled by our thinking mind. Today as our cities build up around us and we are constantly exposed to pollution, it becomes more and more important that we learn the truth of love and health, because we are totally responsible for our own health and happiness. No one else walks in our shoes.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Truth and Our Dual Soul

Truth is a very important Ethical Value that affects our personal ability to live any and all of the other Ethical Values in our daily lives. If we do not live truth in our physical lives, we are basically living from our fear energy, which interferes with our growth and change, and it becomes a vicious cycle that leads us into all forms of lying, stealing, and cheating, particularly in the health of our physical body and energy mind. When we look at the Ethical Values, we can easily see that love, truth, and equality are the three major ethical values and as such are the first three ethical values that we must learn to live. If we are living our love, then living our truth and equality becomes an easy and simple way of living our life to help us expand our thinking mind into our loving emotional energy. If we are not living our love, we cannot be living our truth or our equality as a way of life, which essentially means that we are living fear as our energy of life.

Once we are living the trinity of love, truth, and equality our life can and will take on a different energy, which means we will begin to live a different energy in each and every aspect of our daily physical life. If we are not living our love, then we simply cannot learn the lessons of truth and equality without a dramatic change in our energy patterns. These three ethical values are closely related to each other and therefore dependent one upon the other, which always acts to reflect the energy that we are living into our physical life. This helps us to understand why love has been the most revered emotion of the human species, and it also shows us the reality that to understand our internal energy as a human species we must truly live our love, which is not sex. If we truly lived our love there would be no copying, cheating, stealing, or war at any level of our physical reality for us to worry about. Any negative behaviors or negative emotions are a form of internal war within us, which we will then reflect into every aspect of our human reality.

If we do not live our truth at all times, we do not have a consciousness of our Spirit Energy, which is the motivating force for our conscious thinking mind and loving emotions at all times in our physical life. This helps us to understand that when we do not live our love, truth, and equality, we are not creating the level of our physical life that we might think that we are creating. In effect, we are the last people to identify ourselves as being dishonest, fearful, and unequal, because seeing the truth of ourselves when we are not living our love, truth, and equality is literally next to impossible, because we are lying to ourselves as we live our fear, untruth, and inequality. This is why it is so important for us to “know thyself” before we attempt to learn Spiritual Philosophy, which means that we must be living our love and our truth as the first two of the Ethical Values and we must be internally inspired to change how we think, act, and feel in relationship to truth, if we have the intention of being a Spiritual Being living a Spiritual Life. We must live the Ethical Values to be Spiritual Human Beings.

As we look at the world today, most people would instantly say that they are living truth. There is a big difference between the truth within our thinking mind and the truth of our human behavior that is being reflected from our Dual Soul growth. As human beings we are designed from a pure Nature, which means that our air, foods, and water are designed to be pure, and it is us that contaminates them to make ourselves sick. Do you breathe only fresh air, eat only organic foods, and drink only pure spring water or well water? If you do none of these exercises, you are risking your health and your life, because you are designed as a human product of a pure Earth and we are not living the truth of our human design. Nature is our eternal truth as a human being. Cancer and other diseases are the decay of our human cellular body and its normal cellular function. Once we understand that our air, foods, and water are frequently the source of our internal diseases, we can begin to understand that we are not “force fed” and that we have the freedom of choice about how we live, what we think, what we do, and the health of our human body.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Gift of Healing, Health, and our Ethical Values

I have spent most of my life as an RN with the exception of the first 18 years, when I was studying at my own pace and at different levels.  I have always studied the human body but I have also studied the human mind, emotions, and senses.  These are the most important parts of us as human beings because they are the source of our energy, and they make up a large portion of our energy fields that allow us to live in and use our physical body.  One of the gifts that I have been given is seeing and speaking to the energy of our human body.  I do believe that my "gift of energy" came from my intense illness with rheumatic fever as an infant and young child, and that continued as part of my life after my illness subsided after the age of 16.  Being conscious of energy is really not a big deal, but it has helped me dramatically in my physical life and it is this internal energy that has given me the gift of healing.  It is from this internal energy that I am guided to write my books and to teach my classes.  Being in touch with our own internal energy is something that each and every one of us will eventually grow into.  Many people are in touch with different levels of energy.  We are physical beings, which means that we live from our physical energy first.  We are also sensory beings, which supports us with our physical energy.  Internally we are a Dual Soul and Spirit Energy that functions and expands from the multiple senses that are designed as a function of our human body.  Living with a consciousness of our energy foundation is a wonderful situation, which helps me to do things at times that other people cannot do.  It is this gift of energy that lives within our human body that has allowed me to help other people heal their "energy" that is out of balance.  As a nurse, I was taught many things, but I was not taught energy healing in nursing school.  We focused strictly on the physical reality, which is also essential.  Many people today are dying of many diseases that are truly "sinful" from the standpoint of medicine, and it is their lack of understanding energy.  During my years in nursing school, I was shocked by this, but during my earlier years of disease I was more shocked.  Today as I work with patients doing energy healing, I am more than pleased to see how quickly people heal and get on with their lives.  Healing to me is a primary Ethical Value and it always feels very good to see a person live when they have been told that they are facing death in a matter of months.  More later.   Kathy 

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Living our destructive energy.

Fear is our most intense destructive energy.  When we think about fear we may think that our fear exists only about our eternal life and not the internal life that we are living.  The average human being today lives with some element of fear whether or not they recognize that fear.  Most of all, we have a fear of disease and death. Our fear of relationships is a very dramatic fear, which we do not usually fully recognize or accept.  Many people have a fear of being alone.  If we have a fear of relationships and a fear of being alone existing within our thinking mind at the same time, we will find ourselves mired in confusion which can be the basis of depression, psychosis, paranoia, and many eating disorders.

It is very important that we know who we are.  Very few of us understand ourselves as energy beings that live multiple physical lives as we gradually learn our eternal lessons of life.  This is why each and everyone of us should stop and silently ask ourselves, "who am I?"  We are never the true image of another person, whether that person is our spouse, a parent, a friend, or simply someone that we admire such as a "movie star."  Even movie stars have their mental and emotional challenges in life, just exactly as all humans do as they grow and change through their multiple physical lives.

Our most intense problem is that we do not recognize or accept ourselves as an eternal energy being that is living in different physical lives as a means of growth and change.  Once scientists get over their "one life belief" we will be capable of tracking our multiple lives to scientifically know who we were in a past life.  If we choose not to track our lives through science, we can remember our past lives and look very carefully at each and every one of them to see what we have learned and what we have to learn in our new lives.  If we are not afraid to think about ourselves as eternal beings, we will recognize how our lessons jump up in front of our face to show us who we are in each and every life that we live.  In addition to our physical energy, we have a Dual Soul and Spirit Energy that will frequently remind us of what we must learn and why we must learn it.  Our energy never dies but it does change its energetic and physical form. But if we see ourselves as strictly physical beings that live only one physical life to experience death, then we cannot become conscious of what we are learning every day that we live as a human being.

As a nurse that has worked for 50 years of my life, I clearly understand that we are energy people as well as physical people.  As a nurse that has been involved in codes and death in my job, I have seen the Spirit Energy of many people rise above their dead body and move like a rocket energy as the Soul and Spirit leaves for a new home in a new body.  Many times these energies have talked to me, telling me their goals in their new physical lives.  This is why I have such a strong belief in eternal life.  As energy beings we live eternal lives in which we create a new physical body for each new life.  We are energy beings first, that must always in every life support our energy with the water, air, and foods of Nature.  If we do not support our human physical body with Nature's air, foods, and water we cannot support our evolving mind, emotions, and senses with their evolving energy, which is the core reason of all disease in the human body. 

Our Spirit Energy puts on a new "outfit of garments" as a new body and goes forth to begin a new level of learning at our time of death.  This is the definition of us as eternal human beings.  When we are living with a belief in living only one life, we are living a destructive energy that takes the support of our past life energy away from us in our evolving energy, which means that we must start all over again in our next lifetime, including learning the power of healthy eating, breathing Nature's pure air, and drinking pure water.  This is the secret of health as our energy source.   

Once we begin to accept ourselves as energy beings, which is how we live our physical lives, we begin to feel differently about who we are, the multiple lives that we must live to grow and change into Spiritual Beings while living on Earth, and we see the beauty of our human design.  Our disease potential as human beings has become overwhelming and the sooner that we learn the truth of ourselves as energy beings first, the longer we will choose to live as physical beings and consciously support our Dual Soul growth.  Our Nervous System is the essence of our eternal design as an energy being and once we understand our Nervous System we will be capable of healing all diseases.  I have always understood the energy of us and our Nervous System, which is why I can heal diseases that the medical profession cannot heal.  We are at all times energy beings living in physical matter, which is an important issue for us to understand, if we want to be healthy and live a long physical life.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Our Journey to Love

All of my life I have talked to people who have and are living with the belief that "sex is love."  Sex is a physical act and love is an emotion, which makes them two separate energy fields.  It is always wonderfual if our sex elicits our love, but many times it does not, therefore many people live their entire lives without "feeling" the emotions of love, which means they might search for love in all of the wrong places.  Generally speaking we can live with an absolute unawareness of the emotions of love.  Love is an eternal design of our human energy as an accummulation of the energies of our thinking mind, loving emotions, and Spirit Senses, which makes up our one true energy design as the structure of our Dual Soul Energy and Spirit Consciousness Energy as our Spirit Energy.

Love as one of the structures of our Dual Soul Energy is always a part of our human design, but it must be learned as an emotion by our thinking mind before we can live the energy of love in our everyday life.  When we are born without the conscious awareness of our energy of love, we will have an intense focus on physical sex as the soul seeks to learn the emotions that are part of our human design of love.  Once we can accept that sex is not the true emotion of love, we begin to slowly open our thinking mind to an understanding of our loving emotions as an equal partner in our Dual Soul Energy as the thinking mind and loving emotions, which expands our eternal feelings of love.

Our thinking mind and loving emotions must and do exist without the necessity of "physical sex."  Physical sex adds to the sharing of our physical lives, but it is primarily designed as a method of procreation of new life for adults.  Once we can understand that sex is only one method of expanding our loving emotions, we begin to look at the rest of our physical lives to see how we add to the design of our loving emotions.  Education has added greatly to expanding this internal balance.  We can be highly emotional and productive people and have no sex as part of our physical lives.  It is fairly common to channel our physical energies into thinking rather than sex, which is probably the easiest way to understand ourselves.  Sex is our design of procreation as a physical method of sustaining our eternal life, which should be abstained from as an activity in our youth, because to parent children we must live our personal responsibility, which we will not yet have grown into as a mind and emotions. 

Thinking is our internal design of understanding self, Nature, and the Universe as we sustain our eternal life through our external sexual design.  When we have the belief that one is better than the other, or that sex and thinking are not related, we are truly living the confusion of our thinking mind and our "one life" belief.  The human body is balanced as an organ energy, and it is balanced as thinking and emotions.  It is our lack of internal balance that enhances our crime factor as human beings.  Once we learn to understand the emotions of love, we can move forward with understanding ourselves, the world that we live in, and the eternal energy of time that we have created for ourselves.  As we live our physical lives and we interact in our multiple relationships, we grow as a Dual Soul and we expand ourselves into our Spirit Consciousness as a human mind. 

Our Dual Soul is designed as a thinking mind and loving emotions, which helps us understand the pattern of our internal evolution.  This helps us to understand how we grow as we live the energy of our physical, emotional, and intellectual lives.  If we compare ourselves to science and how we create our ability to understand anything in science, we can see that we grow individually just as any field of knowledge grows within its scientific experiments.  If we refuse to grow and change, then we are limiting our future "fields of energy" that makes us human. 

We have been designed with specific "fields of Soul and Spirit Energy" to enhance and to guide our physical, emotional, intellectual, and sensory growth.  These fields of eternal energy were named the Ethical Values thousands of years ago as man began to look at himself and attempt to understand "who he was" in relationship to Nature, Earth, and the Universe.  When we can only see ourselves as physical beings, we do not recognize the true beauty of our physical human energy design that is consciously and unconsciously living and growing within its own eternal energy design.  We are always living as thinking energy beings first, emotional beings second, sensory beings third, and physical beings fourth.  As energy beings we never die, but we do change the energy form of our physical design as we learn and grow.  The understanding of ourselves is always governed by how we use our thinking mind in either an external or internal concept of self, life, and growth.

Our Soul and Spirit energies are eternal, our physical body is finite as matter, but it is eternal as a memory of our Soul and Spirit Energy design.