Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Truth helps us cast a different image of our internal power.

Truth is very important to self. Truth is the first lesson of discovering self and the poetry of life. This is why I published Discovering Self: The Poetry of Life.  If we cannot live truth, we have not yet entered the level of Spiritual image that all humans search for and that sustains us as the joy of living the journey of life. We cannot grow if we cannot learn to live the equality and truth of our Soul and Spirit energy. Truth helps us cast a different image of our internal power. I have been teaching this for a long while and my goal always is to see the growth of my students as they learn to discover the beauty of self. As we discover self and love ourself, we discover the value of truth in the world around us, including other people. It is my joy to be able to see the growth of other people, just as it is to live my own growth and change every day.

            One familiar idea we have in our world is that “there are no original ideas.” Yet life has changed very dramatically over time for each and every one of us. In our own mind we can go back into our previous lives and deal with our previous ideas. This is very good, because it helps us to create a new reality. When we try to “cash in” on other people’s concepts, ideas, or intended growth, we interfere with our own growth. Knowledge is essential for growth.

            I used to see this in grade school. I could see the ones who copied and those who didn’t. It was a different focus of preparing your homework and of learning. Ours was a rural school. There were nine different groups and the teacher divided them into rows. We could always listen to others as they tried to learn. People who do not understand their own power are the ones who lie, cheat, and steal, and this behavior is focused primarily on ideas rather than physical things. The “right and wrong” and strength of our character shows up in our behavior. I learned early on, taught by my parents too, that I wanted to learn my way. At that time there wasn’t the same support at school and the multiple tools for different levels of learning. What was taught was basically the belief of the teacher.

            Before I started school, my parents were always teaching us. They showed us the difference in learning lies and learning truth. They gave us examples. You have to learn your own way. In our one-room schoolhouse copying was fairly common. This “sat on my soul,” really bothered me, then as it does now. Even then I questioned, how are they going to learn anything?

            My parents encouraged me to talk about it, and they helped me to understand it. I felt very angry at a girl in my class who was copying my schoolwork. My father talked to the teacher and gave her a way, a process, to tell how to know what was truth for one student or another. He would watch and question the student. He probably learned this method when he was in the military.

            We have a lot of information in our mind. If information is “new” to us, we can believe it is original to us. What matters is what we know about ourselves, our exposure to knowledge, and how we handle it. A lot of people don’t think much about the stories they tell. They tell a story as a fairy tale but identify it as knowledge, or truth. When we are taught the wrong knowledge, it interferes with all of life, including our future lives

            If we’re living a life in which we lie, cheat, and steal, we don’t understand what we’re doing. These lessons will stay in our reality until they’re learned. We have to learn truth and live truth.

            We do have a lot of ideas that others have already learned in their own history of growth, but we also have ideas that are open to other interpretations. The mind loves creating and the mind resents lying, which has a huge impact on how we think and live. Lying to ourself is the most dramatic part of lying because it shows us we don’t know what is true within our own mind. Not understanding truth interferes with our life until death. This is one of the reasons that “life until death” concept is so prevalent in our world. We have to learn to please ourself first. If we don’t know love, we don’t understand our own responsibility to learn. We’re always dealing with the challenges we create(d). This is why it is important to discover self and the poetry of life.

            Talking to someone who hasn’t discovered self becomes a burden. The language itself becomes a burden because we are always struggling to present what is in our mind in the right way. We are always trying to present knowledge to our own mind. This is why knowledge is critical for our own growth.

            The secret is many times liars don’t usually recognize they are lying, even if others recognize the lies. When we recognize that someone is lying, we feel uncomfortable. People who are talking to someone who is lying may not recognize why they feel uncomfortable. This is why we do not need to run from our feelings; we need to learn from them. This is how we discover self. When something is uncomfortable for us, there is a reason. We have to look at our own soul. We may have a belief that is not truth which we do not want to acknowledge to ourself or to others. Lying can dissipate friendships and deny other connections between people, because we are denying our soul and spirit and therefore the internal power of love within us and within others as part of our inherent Spiritual design of Ethical Values. That is our evolving consciousness.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Discovering Self: The Poetry of Life -My new book is now available!

 I am happy to say my new book (my 12th!) is finished! For me, this is a great way to finish the year and to begin the new year with "a new ream of paper."

     Love is the most vital lesson we are created to learn as human beings. Seeking to learn is a behavior of love, which begins with discovering self. I learn every day that I live. Learning helps us to accept more of the challenges in our life with a smile. I marvel when I listen to people who have not been taught, or have not yet learned, that life is for learning, and that learning is a joy to our soul and spirit. I have spent my life engaged in the gift of learning what it means to be human, and there is no end in sight. There is always more for us to learn, and sharing the truth of what we learn begins with us. We can only teach or share knowledge that we have learned and lived.

     We live in order to learn to love. The trinity of love--living, learning, and loving--is the dance of our internal self (our mind, emotions, and senses). The image of love is the image of discovering self, which makes it the first image we are designed to seek as human beings. Discovering love makes us happy to be alive, which inspires learning. We have to discover self as we discover love before we can understand self and life. Discovering Self: The Poetry of Life is my way of sharing an image of my own exploration and understanding of life and its poetry. I love poetry that shows us the challenge of our own existence. The introduction to our own growth and self-discovery is understanding poetry. Poetry guides us through the physical drama of living to expand into the beauty of life. The poetry of life is the truth of healing for our soul, which is the joy of our spirit.

Love is the truth of us. Learning is an expansion of self.

     I hope that we each discover new depths of our true self as we open our minds and hearts to learning to love more truthfully, more beautifully, in 2016. I hope you will read my new book, and remember I welcome readers' feedback! To purchase Discovering Self, click the Lulu link below.
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 Happy holidays and let's make 2016 a great year to be on Earth.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

All positive change is good.

All positive change is good. All negative focuses, as our fear of change, are not good for our Spiritual growth and the physical life that we are living. We always reflect our precise level of dual soul growth into our thinking mind and physical behavior, which includes the manner of our speaking, the words that we choose to use, and the people that we choose to communicate with regarding ourselves and our relationships in life. This will  then reflect how we are using our thinking mind lovingly with the Ethical Values. The way that we think, speak, and interact within our relationships shows us the precise pattern of how our thinking mind is being used, with or without the loving emotions. It is always a challenge to remember that no two people  are on the same precise stage of learning. Because of this, our love and tolerance of other people are essential, even when we wish life was different.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Why is Spiritual Philosophy so important at this time?

Why is Spiritual Philosophy so important at this time?

1)      Because we are destroying Earth, our home.

2)      We are destroying our human design.

3)      Science is proving our design of Spirit Consciousness.

4)      We are living through our depression of life rather than the happiness of living and learning.  What is depression? Our resistance to changing the way that we think and live.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

There is only interaction

All spirit energy is equal and the roles are equal, but the acting is created for the purpose supporting the drama. The drama contains the hidden lesson. The drama is created in the physical eneryg. It cannot be seen with yoru physical eyes or heard with your physical ears. The lesson will be found in the internal energy of the inner and higher self. It can only be understood as an energy of conscious awareness.

In spirit energy there are no roles, there is only interaction. From the perspective of your physical undestanding the analogy of the role is helpful.

All lessons are learned through the interaction of relationships.

If your life appears to be one big drama for you, then you need to understand that you are working very hard to learn your lessons. You are trying to see certain images with total clarity. You will play the role unti you can understand the turth of the acting. In your sleep periods, it is the members of your soul and spirit family and your chosen physical family that help you on the soul and spirit level.

(Sharing: Self Discovery in Relationships, 108).

Friday, September 25, 2015

Earth is a living planet.

Earth is a living temple for consciousness. The purpose for earth, the purpose of the superconsciousness in the other planets, is to expand the energy of the Creator, to provide for the Creator the loving energy that he feels, to give and to receive, to feel the freedom, to know the joy, to be in the love.

When you doubt that you can change, look at the story of earth--earth that has been around as the symbol of evolution for man for five hundred billion years as we understand time, and it is still changing. Earth has changed consistently from the beginning of the growth of physical matter, from the moment of the core of earth igniting.

There is nothing accidental about you or your path of evolution or your level of evolution. Each time you have come into earth with awareness you have come into this earth with lessons of evolution. It is essential that you see the connection between you and earth and that you understand the harmony, the rhythm and the evolution of us as human beings that have a spirit consciousness that is higher than all other matter, all other living life within the Universe.

Each life that you create through your human conscousness is created to focus you upon your path through the learning of a lesson.

All lessons must begin in the physical and move into Soul and into Spirit -- which then must be manifested upon earth, completing the cycle of energy of learning to be human.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The purpose of your life will be directed by the lessons that you have been working with from childhood.

As you grow into adulthood, it is extremely valuable to go back into the energy of childhood memories and look at what you learned. Look with total clarity and no concept of blame. Do not focus on what you feel that you did not learn but focus entirely upon what you did learn. Release your attachment to the negative and dwell only on the positive.

In the beginning you may feel resistance at this exercise. Continue to work with the memories. Remember the fun and the joy of your life. All memory will not return instantly.

Continue to review the experiences from birth to the present over and over again. As your perception of yourself consciously changes, your past memories will change. You will begin to see them with a totally different perspective. You will begin to feel good about yourself and what you have learned.

This exercise rquires a commitment to growth and to discovering yourself with love. It is not a "quick fix" that you can think about for five minutes and be satisfied. It requires months and years of discernment of self. This in turn requires courage, commitment, and love of yourself.

As you work with these memories of childhood and your mother and father, you will find other memories that interact. These memories will include other memories of your family beginning with sisters and brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, best friends, and on and on.

In the Spirit world these family members and close friends are all soul and spirit family members. The interaction that you remember was the acting upon the stage of your life. You were involved in the drama of growing, learning, and soul evolution. You wrote your script and you played the lead. You are now what you have created by the drama.

As an adult, you now have the opportunity to repeat the drama as a parent of children. You become the primary teacher. You will choose to be or not to be a parent. The choice will be made according to lesson that you have chosen. You will have alternate plans available to you. In being a parent you will act the lessons that you have learned thus far in life.

The lessons that you have accepted with understanding will be captured within your unconcious memory and you will focus upon that memory as easily as you will focus upon your conscious  memory. If you purposefully return in memory to the positive energies of your life, you will allow yourself to discover your purpose for life. The purpose of your life will be directed by the lessons that you have been working with from childhood. Each and every event will have its purpose and its message.

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