Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Addictions of Our Advanced Soul

Karmic beliefs are addictions of our advanced soul that are stuck in the revolutionary soul level which support our resistance and denial of change. Karmic beliefs challenge us to find the strength and courage to release our addictions without fearing change. Creating physical addictions is the way for our immature soul to get our immediate attention through self-abuse. Until we begin to abuse ourself we remain ignorant of the miracle of our own life that we are destroying. As we increase our internal awareness of ourself, we begin to see that our purpose in life is to learn to love ourself and the core of ourself as a spirit consciousness. Our immature intellect and ego creates physical addictions primarily because our ego fears change.

Addictions are the subconscious personality of beliefs and behaviors that we act out in the dark side of our immature soul mind and emotions. Every addiction has its roots in the fear emotions of our immature soul that are concealed from our conscious mind. Our addictive roots to fear have reflected the addictive mental and emotional consciousness of our beliefs and behaviors into every aspect of our immature soul evolution. In every grain of sand of physical experience, we are learning lessons of great magnitude. We have chosen to learn first what we don’t want in our lives so that we can fully appreciate what we do want. In our immature soul we have consistently created our negative, external fears as our physical reality. As we get our attention with abusive physical addictions, we begin to see the value of what we want in our lives and our aware consciousness begins to change. Our abusive physical addictions are the physical reflection of the abusive beliefs that our soul wants us to consciously acknowledge and release. This relates to the quote “forgive them for they know not what they do” which tells us to forgive ourselves for our beliefs, as an internal forgiveness. We have externalized this parable to a forgiveness of other people.

Addictive beliefs and behaviors have given the soul a perfect way of suppressing our fear and supporting our illusion of not being an addictive person. Physical addictions create a momentary illusion of escape from the pain within our mind and emotions that we keep striving to repeat by repeating our addictive behavior. Without our attachment to fear we would speak our truth and have no fear of judgment from other people. Fear has existed for us in three distinct levels which has provided us with the opportunity to live the accumulation of our fear sin every aspect of our lives. These three levels of fear have been the focus of our attitude, personality, character traits, and language as a reflection of our thoughts and emotions that we reflect into our behavior from our immature intellect and ego. The persona that we live is the energy from which we create our life as our consciousness reality. Self-abuse is part of our soul addiction at the present level of our immature soul consciousness.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Inner Hope and Faith

In the most challenging times there will be a consciousness of a tiny, joyful light within. This light is the vision of hope that shines with total undaunted faith within self to overcome all odds and be successful.

Despite the level of conscious physical awareness and the "circumstances" of life, the power of that inner hope and faith will allow you to move forward. The soul and spirit will focus on the energy of freedom rather than the opposite energy of  the victim consciousness. With your focus on freedom and not on the dramas of life, you can create a new life within the physical world that you know.

Freedom is an internal acknowledgement more than an external reality.

Monday, July 07, 2014

The Soul Recognizes only Today

Hope in our world is our Spirit Energy - the motivation of life. Without Spirit (hope) there is no freedom in life. Locking ourselves into the concept of "mental and emotional imprisonment" at any moment of our life is a disadvantage. We are born as humans to enjoy change. We must be willing to live with spontaneity. We should live with joy, hope, and action every moment of our lives. If there is no joy in what we are doing, why are we doing it?

Life is to be lived with joy in each moment that we live. There is no tomorrow. There is only today, because that is what you are focused upon. If our life does not offer us the joy and happiness that we deserve, on a day to day basis, something is out of balance in what we are doing with our life. Do not look at the rest of the world and judge it. The rest of the world is not responsible for where we are in our lives. Look within yourself. Look inside, to see if you are constantly learning and expanding your mind. Do you truly know you? You have created what you have. If what we have created is making us unhappy and is not what we want, we must evaluate our life and risk the change that is necessary. Our point of power is in the present. If we fear change, we will be stuck exactly where we are, which is how decay and disease sets itself into our life. There is no other way.

It is us to us to enhance the beauty of life.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Events may appear to you to be accidents, but they are not.

Events may appear to you to be accidents, but they are not. They are part of a design that you have chosen. The vibrations of the energy will be relative to your choice as we energetically flow out into the Universe.

If you want to affect people who are far removed from you, you are going to choose within your life a drama that will seize your attention and the attention of other people. You can compare a life event to taking a pebble and dropping it into the water. If you drop a small pebble into a still pond you will produce vibrations and these vibrations will move peacefully and gently out into the water. If you take a big rock and you drop it into the pond you can see those vibrations change. The force of the rock will create waves that swell up and die down only to swell again with more force as they create their own energy.

You will choose dramas in life according to how many people you want to affect. You will get your own attention by the weight of the drama. The expansiveness of the drama that you choose will create your relationship to your life. Dramas are always collective choices. The energy of the individuals will be as both passive and active participants. If you are the one who is dropping the rock you are the active participant. If you are struck by the rock as the water is, you are an active participant. If you are the one that is affected by the waves you are a passive participant.

You have chosen to be a participant because by your involvement, you have the opportunity to change your consciousness level in life by the precipitating energy of the active participants. All of life is created by the interaction of relationships. Therefore, there can be multiple active participants and multiple passive participants, depending upon the nature of the event.

If there is an airplane accident and 86 people are instantly killed, you will have 86 active participants. If there are people that are killed in the crash on the ground, they too are active participants. The passive participants will include all of the people that are related to those that are killed. They will experience the strongest vibration and, therefore, are in varying levels of active and passive participation. The levels of vibrations will then spread out to all passive participants who felt an effect from the energy of the event and the deaths. This will include those who read of the incident, saw it on television, listened to an account being reported on the radio, or heard the story through a friend. Others may not know of the event and will have no effect at all from the energy. Do you see the effect and how the energy vibrations will change from a dramatic swelling to a smooth surface? Dramas are always opportunities to change from one level of conscious awareness to another. You change from one level of consciousness to another by an increased awareness of events and people, an openness to emotion and feeling, and by the exposure to new experiences.

(To learn more about the profound and beautiful lessons we learn through all relationships - read Sharing: Self Discovery in Relationships.)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Emotional Lessons Confronted in Family Relationships

It is a belief in our world that the male should be strong and therefore not show emotion. This is a belief that family relationships challenge. If the male fails to show emotion, he denies his soul and spirit energy. If the female fails to show emotion, she denies her soul and spirit energy.

Family relationships offer the male an opportunity to be in touch with the soul and spirit energy of emotion. If the male denies the family relationship, he is denying the challenge of emotion. He is creating resistance to his soul and spirit energy within. This is also true of the female, but the male is used as an example because of the belief system in our culture that creates a learned resistance.

Some people who fear emotion will also fear family relationships, friends, and all other interaction with people. These people become the criminals in our world because they act without emotion. They live without emotion. They deny the soul and spirit energy within and they react only as physical beings. They do not love themselves and therefore they have no love for other people. These are lessons that are confronted within family relationships. If the denial remains as the controlling force within the physical life, the physical life will be focused upon fear of interaction secondary to the fear of emotion. These people will easily indulge in physical crimes against the physical body.

The total absence of feelings and emotions of the heart allow physical atrocities as lessons.In the spirit sense this is a choice of both participants, although this is a challenge for us to understand. If we observe the murders in our world, we will find many of them occur between family members or friends. The spirit energy of unconditional love agrees to the lesson which will trigger the emotion within. The event may even be chosen as a Karmic lesson for both participants. Understanding the lesson will balance the emotion within for all passive participants. This safety net of unconditional love is much stronger than our imagination is capable of understanding.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Our Body That Is Our Joy

Internally we know that our physical self is fragile. It is this realization that allows us to be compulsively concerned with our physical health. The ego is at all times conscious that if we become aware of who we are, change will have an effect upon our belief in our physical reality. The ego knows that it is as finite as our physical body and it fears for itself and the body in which it lives. It is from our intellectual view of reality that our beliefs are created from the primitive perceptions within our developing soul mind.

Our body that is our joy has been created by the slowing down of soul and spirit energy to magnetize physical matter. Each time that we choose to become physical, we design a physical body that will support us in our life design of lessons. We learned the pattern for our physical development during the first dimension of our creation, when we very methodically and with total freedom of choice chose the perfect elements for our human form.

We are an electromagnetic energy of Spirit consciousness. When we began to slow down and magnetize matter, we polarized our self into our personal pattern of evolution. We designed our physical pattern to integrate our mind and body with nature, allowing us to stay in a total harmony and rhythm with the evolution of Earth and the Universe.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Personal Creation

There is no mystery to our lives. We have always been the same soul and spirit that we are today. The only difference is the focus of our mind and emotions. As human beings, we are created as a dual soul of male and female consciousness. In our male consciousness we have not been aware that we have a female consciousness and a Spirit consciousness that are guiding us every moment of our lives. As we change to our female focus, we become conscious of the actualization of our dual soul consciousness. What has been concealed from us is revealed to us as we integrate with our female consciousness. In our female consciousness we can access our Spirit consciousness. We can never access our Spirit consciousness while we live in our limited male consciousness of the intellect and ego because of our limiting and concealing beliefs.

As we remove our concealing beliefs that we have created from our ancient and primitive superstitions, symbols, myths, and rituals, we reveal the beauty and power of our Trinity of consciousness. Expanding our consciousness by removing our beliefs is just the beginning of our consciousness expansion. As we live our love we create a different life on earth. We begin to nurture ourselves, each other, our planet Earth, nature, and we will also begin to nurture our relationship with the universe. As we understand ourselves, we will understand the universe.

As we open to the realization of ourselves and our connection with the universe, we will define the universe from the fractal pattern of our consciousness and physical design. We are a precise fractal pattern of the universe. As we begin to understand our cellular structure the pattern of our life will reveal the secrets of the universe. As we understand ourselves and open to the knowledge of the universe, we will put to rest all of the illusions that our immature male consciousness has created as its illusions of reality.

Our interpretation of the physical experiences of our life have all been formed from our limited intellect and ego. Our beliefs have mutated our experiences and given us a concealed or veiled impression of ourself and our reality. We have created everything on Earth from the thoughts that live within our mind and that are limited by our beliefs and fears. Once we have a thought our next step is to create the thought as our physical reality. Therefore each and every thing that we use today as the fruits of our technology began as a thought in someone's mind. When we create from our beliefs and our fears, we create illusion or we conceal our behavior and our creation. This is the story of our criminal minds. Each day we live with the creations of technology that had its foundation in the thought of some clever and advanced soul mind.

All things on Earth began with thought, even the creation of new life. In our male consciousness, new life was triggered by a physical desire for sex. In our female consciousness, our love created the new life into human form and then nursed the child into an expansion of the mind, emotions, and body. Therefore, we have constantly lived with the precise pattern of creation. There is no mystery left to the creation of human life. What we continue to conceal with our religious beliefs is the soul's constant return to its eternal life in physical form. Our belief in only one life limits our perception of reality as our personal creation.