Monday, March 23, 2009

Spiritual Philosophy as a Way of Life

Spiritual Philosophy helps the thinking mind to emerge from the depths of fear into an open-minded understanding of itself and its chemical design of energy as the most important source of life upon Earth.

When we resist change and growth in our thinking mind and our physical behavior, we are denying our change and growth at all levels, which keeps us "stuck" in old fearful behaviors as we fight for our survival. This is why we can never learn too much Spiritual Philosophy, which teaches us our patterns as an Intelligent Design of Spirit Consciousness, and how we live in the physical path of our progressive growth. The more we understand ourselves, the more we understand other people, and Spiritual Philosophy becomes the way of life that allows us to accomplish our goals with other people as we open our Trinity of Consciousness to recognize our place within the Universal System. Accepting personal responsibility for our own internal change of thinking in unison with our loving emotions helps us to quiet our fearful mind and become aware of our cellular communication as a message from our Spirit Consciousness. (Spirit Consciousness, 107-108)

When we are living in fear, we cannot be living in our love of life through our loving emotions. It is our fear that creates the negative, angry, abusive, and ignorant behaviors that we live. When we learn Spiritual Philosophy, we are learning about ourselves as an Intelligent Design of chemical energy and matter.

It is the internal power of love that is healing. Our thinking mind is on an eternal search to expand love when we are enthusiastic about life and living.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How can I help myself? How can I grow?

As human beings, we are in the throes of change. It is time to ask, How can I help myself? How can I grow? Where is the knowledge that shows us the levels that we live as a human being that is transitioning from our fear to our love? How do we see our brain and how are we choosing to use it?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Conscious Evolution

The difference between us and any other life form is our loving emotions. Other life forms have a higher sensory response to life than we do. They have less mental acuity. They don't have the power to think, discriminate and act. Animals will use a form of thinking, but they may not be able to discriminate between right and wrong in relationship to other life forms. As humans, we have a very defined way of evaluating that is different from other life forms. Our need to evaluate comes from our thinking mind. Our need to evaluate our life as a thinking mind is essential to our growth as human beings. When we live lifetime after lifetime through the energies of our fear beliefs, we interfere with our growth and change as a dual soul energy.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Understanding Energy

As human beings we are energy first and matter second. We need both fields that make us human beings and keep us as part of Earth. At the time of death, we lose our energy fields in our physical body and our matter returns to Earth and our energy is set free to recreate itself in a new physical life. The energy of us continues to live and it creates new physical matter according to its own internal wishes, which allows our energy to return to Earth as a new human being. When we look carefully at the design of us, it is easy to see that we have created our own internal energy universe that gives us life, and our matter becomes our physical focus. I work with the human nervous system to heal all forms of disease and conditions. Our nervous system is our internal energy design that motivates and uses our physical matter as our human body to give us physical life. When we work with the nervous system, we have the ability to heal practically all diseases, if the patient is willing to cooperate with their eating, drinking, and breathing. We are easy to understand when we can open our thinking mind to accept that we are both energy and matter, which makes us personally responsible for maintaining health in all parts of our human design.