Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Freedom of Choosing our Own Journey

Knowing our precise journey in life is not as important as realizing that we have the freedom of choosing our journey. We have no obligation to follow someone else's soul journey.  In fact, we can never truly follow the journey of another soul because the experience  of the soul always creates a uniqueness to the individual journey of the soul. We must make the best possible choice we can make in following the journey of positive consciousness energy in every moment of every day. If we wait to figure out how someone else has chosen to handle a similar situation, we have missed an opportunity of choice and of growth. (The Journey Home, p. 230)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Changing our Consciousness

As I sat down to write today the subject matter that popped into my thinking mind was how we think. Sometimes I have to cap my thoughts because I have so much information that pours in all at once that I can be overwhelmed and challenged to get all of my thoughts on paper. Our thoughts are meant to be encouraging us to think about who we are, where we have been, where we want to go, how can we get there from here, and most of all we must always remember to think of ourselves and other people with the purity of love. We are born as a Dual Soul for the purpose of learning. If we do not consciously attempt to learn every day of our life, we should. Nothing is better for the human brain than to think new thoughts and seed more new thoughts.

Our one life belief is always a challenge for our brain. If we truly believe that we live only one life, there would be no purpose to life. Each life that we live is precisely given to us as an energy form as a means of learning. We should never think that some mistake was made when we were born in human form. The creator is smarter than we are and does not make mistakes. We have many lessons to learn in each life. Sometimes as I teach that our life is ours to learn, grow, and change ourselves, every day of our human life, I hear people answer me as though life "was done to them" not "created by them." If any mistakes were made, the "mistake" was the intention of our own Spirit Consciousness that is attempting to teach us something that we may not want to learn as a Dual Soul.

We are always born "perfect" for the lessons that we need to learn as a Dual Soul Consciousness. When we think that something is wrong with who we are, we must think further into our own conscious awareness to obliterate the thought of imperfection and focus our thinking mind on the internal love that fills the vessel of our heart. We are always born perfect for the lessons that we need to learn as a Dual Soul Consciousness. Seeing the perfection of who we are gives us the impetus to learn, grow, and change as a human being that is living their changing circumstances of life. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that "this too will pass" and love what and who we are now at this precise moment of life. All circumstances can be changed as we learn and grow within ourselves. We are always ahead of the game when we appreciate who we are, what we can learn, and we keep our mind and heart open to learning. Changing how we think helps us to see the true perfection of what we are leanring and growing within ourselves as human beings.

Very few people understand that we are an expanding Spirit Consciousness that is always focused on learning the perfect lesson for the Dual Soul Consciousness, which is always our Joy of Health. In 1989 I wrote a book which I titled Joy of Health, and now it is out in its 2nd Edition. Health to me as an R.N. is essential if we want to live Joy in our lives. Health comes first from how we think, which controls what we eat, drink, and breathe. When we are chemically healthy inside of our human body, we are happier, and more satisfied with life than we will ever be as sick, unhappy, and dissatisfied human beings.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Why Do I Teach Spiritual Philosophy?

Sometimes people ask me why I teach Spiritual Philosophy? I don’t think that most of us ever feel passionate about anything because of only one concept that is in our thinking mind, but I have always felt passionate about living Spiritual Philosophy. My Mother was very religious and followed the Baptist beliefs, my father was not religious, but he had an inner peace that I found fascinating and when we were alone he would tell me stories about his life in France after being wounded. As a soldier that could not be sent back to the United States in his condition with slow ships, he lived at the hospital for longer than most people did.. He was an avid reader and he taught me to read before I started school.

As a child I was born sick and remained frequently sick until I was about 17 years old. There were no antibiotics when I was young and living with rheumatic fever. In my attempt to heal myself, I pushed my self with the daily labors of farm chores and when I lived this self-imposed work ethic, I found that the more I worked the healthier I felt and the healthier I actually became. As a child I spent many Sundays with my father, talking for hours because going to Church was not my favorite thing. He told me about what he had learned in France about Spiritual Philosophy, which totally intrigued me. I never heard him tell these stories to anyone else in our family or friends.

When I chose a Nursing School to attend, I chose a Catholic school because in my reading I had learned that Catholic Schools focus on good educations. That was enough for me because I wanted a "good education." As I listened to the Mass and the School Chaplain, I began to realize that Catholic Religion had always been a good support system for higher education. I became good friends with the Priest and spent many hours talking with him, which was my first introduction to Georgetown University and its teachings in Washington, DC. As my life continued and I was nearing graduation I made arrangements to move to Washington, DC to accept a research position in tuberculosis at DC General Hospital.

My decision to go into Medical Research and into Nursing Administration was the best decision of my life, and that dual exposure has constantly guided me in my thinking and into fantastic research programs and nursing positions throughout my nursing career. I have spent many years of my life studying and living Nursing Supervision, which always gave me the opportunity to research each hospital and how it functioned. My focus on research has taught me more about myself than I could ever have learned any where else. Every job that I have had has added to the internal knowledge of myself as a human being as well as the internal workings of hospitals and health care. My intense relationship to hospitals prompted me to write my first book, The Joy of Health in 1989, which we have just reissued.

I have not as yet seen the perfect hospital because we are continuing to look at disease as "our need to be saved," instead of accepting illness as a challenge to save ourselves as we eat, drink, and breathe.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

What is a Philosopher?

As I listen to the news and to people talk about their life, I constantly realize the knowledge people have been missing by not being taught Philosophy from their early life.  In my introduction to The Journey Home, my eighth book, I wrote about what it means to be a philosopher:

I am a metaphysical philosopher who lives and breathes with an understanding of who we are, why we are here, ad how everything in life relates to everything on earth and within the universe. A philosopher is literally a lover of wisdom. From a soul and spirit perspective, our purpose as humans is to seek the wisdom and love of our Divine Nature, which means that each of us is a natural philosopher. Metaphysics is the first division of philosophy because it was our first concept of philosophy as we devoted our search within the invisible world to help us remember the soul and spirit within ourselves. Our original search was to understand the invisible soul and spirit within us as the fractal pattern from which we created the design of our physical body. Internally we knew that we had created ourselves from an invisible trinity of consciousness energy. As we spent time on earth the consciousness of our soul and spirit began to fade, which inspired us to seek the knowledge to understand why.

A philosopher seeks the wisdom to understand creation as one unit of consciousness that works together in harmony such as man, nature, earth, and the universe. The metaphysical philosopher seeks the wisdom of the "one" creation of the invisible soul and spirit integrated into the visible matter of our body, nature, earth, and the universe. When we study the scientific disciplines with the perception of "one universal creation" versus "one physical life," our conclusions are different. We can see the duality of opposites, the fractal pattern of life, evolution, harmony, beauty, truth, equality, and we can see the love, balance, and integrity with which we were created.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I have been living and growing in my Spirituality since I was a small child. I had rheumatic fever from about six months until much later in life. I was born with memory of who I was, where I wanted to go, and where I had already been in my life.  For instance as soon as I could talk I told my parents that I was going to be a nurse. I was questioned about my choice because I was very ill with rheumatic fever and my parents were skeptical that I would ever be well enough to become a nurse. I was born on a farm with horses, cows, pigs, chickens and the normal work that had to be done to keep the farm productive and growing. As I grew, I worked because there was always work to be done. I milked many cows, morning and evening, and did numerous other chores. I look at life today and I do not see children working as we worked or playing as we played, which is of course the perfect changes that we see in our march of time. But we had a loving and productive childhood as we played, read books, swam in the creek, jumped off the cliffs into the creeks using the sturdy grapevines that scared my mother, and we consciously and intensely explored our life and our surroundings.

To me my life was the perfect learning experience.  I knew that it was my intention to go to school and become an R.N., which I did. As I went into nursing school, I was very happy that I had learned to milk cows, because I had the strongest hands and arms in the class.  When you have 2-300 + pound patients, it always helps if you have some muscle and some hand and arm strength.  I truly appreciated my working childhood when I saw fellow students that could not lift, turn, or support the weight of patients. My strength is an asset to me even today as I work with clients.

Today I use a technique that I have named Neural Depolarization on my clients. NDP is a fantastic procedure that I use to heal many conditions and many diseases including cancer, that no one else can heal. It is simple and easy on my clients, but it also leaves them feeling very different and improved in a short length of time. NDP is an energy therapy and I use it on all diseases and conditions with great success. The reason that I know how beautifully NDP works is because I healed my own body of rheumatic fever using NDP when I was a child. I wanted to go to nursing school as a child and I knew that I could not get in nursing school if I was sick. Therefore I knew that I had to heal myself because my parents had taken me to many Doctors and no one could even begin to stop my pain. None of this exposure to pain stopped me in my intentions, therefore I knew as a child that I had to heal myself if I wanted to accomplish my true goals in life. The medications that we have today can heal Rheumatic Fever but Penicillin came out after I was in Nursing School for three years.

Today I use NDP very successfully to heal many conditions that are considered to be impossible to heal.  When I see patients return to their normal "energy" patterns and begin to live happy and healthy lives, I love NDP even more, and I always wish that someone had known NDP when I was a child and in severe pain.  NDP not only stops pain but I have healed multiple "incurable" diseases in the past 30 years, giving people a new lease on life.  NDP is an energy therapy, which means that it is perfect for energy diseases.  I love healing children that are facing life with a mental or emotional handicap if someone can't help them.  It is my intention to teach one more class of NDP students before I retire, and that class will begin soon. Stay tuned for the exact time and place which I will put on my web site.