Monday, August 31, 2009

Welcome to Spiritual Philosophy!

Why Do We Have a Sick and Befuddled Society?

We are designed as human beings to live from the guidance of our Sensory Energy. Our sensory energy is an integrated design that is found within our physical energy and which is motivated through our Spirit Consciousness. Our Spirit Sensory Energy is a Dual Design in the same manner as our human design. We were given our Spirit Sensory Energy to help us understand ourselves as male and female human beings. It was imperative that we learn to understand ourselves, everyone around us, Earth, nature, and the challenges of our physical lives if it was our intention to grow, change, and evolve as a human species. As human beings, we are still struggling to understand ourselves in relationship to each other, Earth, and the Universal System. It is our Sensory Energy that explains all of our human life to us. Once we begin to understand the essence of our human life, we begin to understand ourselves, which is really the secret of life.

Now we have a sick and befuddled society that is struggling to understand itself and how to live a healthy and productive life. Despite our challenges, we continue to be ignorant of what is making us sick to death. It truly is not a deep and mysterious challenge that we face. As we learn to know thyself, we begin to understand that we are one with the Universe, Earth, and Nature. We are energy and we are matter. We have made a scientific effort to destroy the validity of these three supporting features of our physical life, which has presented us with our present-day challenges through Nature, Earth, and the Universe. We are always challenged to see ourselves as the culprits in destroying our own health and happiness.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First IMS Online Course!

Invest in yourself first! How well do you truly Know Yourself?
Understand your relationships as you never have before! Strengthen your drive to integrate your spirit, mind, and body in all aspects of your life with loving, real-world guidance. You will be challenged in this course to gain a greater appreciation of all your relationships as experiences of self-discovery. Discovering ourself is our path of learning, and learning is the way our soul evolves.

Course begins Sept. 14! Enrollment is limited for this pilot course, so sign up today - Visit my IMS Online School for course information.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Next Seminar - How & Why We Have Spirit Sensory Energy

For thousands of years, humans have lived and learned, seeking to Know Themselves and their purpose on Earth. How many of us continue to ask ourselves who we are as human beings, why we live and die as we do, what is freedom, what is love, what does it mean to be healthy and happy? These are indeed eternal questions. They are not eternal mysteries, except to the mind that does not continue to gain knowledge and use that knowledge to become an Ethical Energy being living in physical form, as a human being. Do we become "better people" each day? What does it mean to become a "better person"? How do we know? Are our minds truly open to knowing ourselves as energy beings?

We have a tendency to see ourselves as simply physical beings that live only one physical life and then we die. We need to realize that we are growing and streamlining ourselves as energy beings as we learn and change in each and every one of our physical lives. If we do not learn, we do not change! If we do not understand the importance of our internal growth and change, our thinking mind and emotional self will continue to be strictly focused in the physical reality that we accept as who we are. Our physical lives are at all times a learning experience for our Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness, but when we begin to see every aspect of our human experiences as an energy learning experience for the "internal energy design of us," we take our learning out of the physical concepts and shift it to the energy concept of who we are as evolving human beings.

We are much more unique as cellular beings than we have accepted and learned about. We are Spirit Consciousness Energy that lives eternally, whether we are living in physical matter or we are living in total Spirit Consciousness Energy. At this point in our evolution we cannot consciously learn without the support of our physical matter and our consciousness intention. We use our physical senses as part of our Spirit Consciousness Energy to stimulate our thinking mind and its consciousness levels, to allow ourselves to grow and change through our energy stimulation. We automatically respond to the physical reality of life at the precise level of Consciousness Energy that we are living. This is why we must always focus on growth and change as the energy of our physical lives. Without growth and change within our physical reality, we will not grow and change enough to create a higher level of consciousness in our next life.

We all know people that we immediately understand do not meet our operational level of energy, and we know that we must adjust our own internal energy fields if we want to be capable of communicating with that person on their individual level of energy. Once we are living at higher levels of energy, we understand how to use our physical energy without losing any of our Internal Spiritual Energy, therefore we can communicate with anyone by using our "sliding scale" of energy fields. Athletes refer to their capabilities as their "physical energy" without realizing that physical energy is not an "original" energy fields. Our physical energy is a by-product of our thinking mind and physical body, and both of these energies have built-in energy sources. As humans we are not "original" energy fields, but we are created energy fields that are very methodically returning into new physical life and intentionally moving through different energy fields to help us grow and change internally.

Socrates spoke of this sliding scale when he discussed with others through his questions and answers, asking that others "take me with you" so that I might follow your thought and then reply. This art of dialogue is the opposite of war, and leads to wisdom as minds listen and respond. Today we seem uncomfortably content with simple answers which do not lead us to wisdom. Simplicity leads to wisdom when minds are open to Knowing themselves, and exploring the energies which make up our design, the history of us as interactive, interdependent energy beings.

Join us, enjoy the art of dialogue, give your mind the gift of guidance of spirit love and its infinite senses! Next seminar - August 30! How and Why We Have Spirit Sensory Energy.
(The picture above is the Pittsboro Community House, new home of our current Spiritual Philosophy events. Imagine yourself there, see if you don't smile!)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Providing Balance in Life

Man has difficulty opening to the mind to the Universal Consciousness, because man has a fear of looking within. Looking within must begin with the ego being subjected to an intense and concentrated review. When man begins to review the ego actions of life, the ego responds with resistance. You will think such things as: 'I wasn't responsible for that.' 'It just happened.' 'I don't need to feel guilty.' 'I was only trying to help.'

Go beyond this chatter of the ego and look for the lesson. Looking within is not an exercise to destroy the ego. It is an exercise of providing balance in life. The ego is only a small part of the life of man on Earth. When the ego takes over control of man's life, dramas are created to defend the take-over.

Search for moments in your life when you can be with silence. Silence has an expansiveness and openness that is innate within itself. Silence does not fence you in as sound fences you in. When you can become comfortable with silence you will find the higher self that is you, reaching further and further into the spiritual world. You will begin a silent communication of energy which you will be able to identify by the peaceful feelings that will wash over you. At this moment the ego may create fear. Do not respond.

This silence does not remove your consciousness, it expands your consciousness. You will be aware of your physical world, but you will be developing an awareness of things within that physical world that you did not see before. You will feel a freedom, a wideness to your world. In time your thoughts will begin to come from a higher level, and you will suddenly be astounded by how profound you can be.

As you allow yourself to travel further and further into the stillness, the silence of life, you will begin to develop an awareness of light within this expansiveness. The light will increase into an understanding, a knowledge of self and your intimate relationship to the Universe. This will be the beginning of your transformation from a physical being into a balanced being. You will give nothing up. You will be adding to.

The entire world of man has been focused upon the physical self from the beginning of time. In your world today this fascination with the physical body controls much of your economy; even your medical and food industries. Man will become aware of the soul and spirit of self more rapidly, when he makes the choice to focus on the soul and spirit. (Bridges of Consciousness, 91-92)

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Once we understand our mind, the rest is simple!

"The man who has no fear has an open mind. He is willing to go with the flow of life. He is willing to be exposed to new ideas, new thoughts, and new concepts. The man who understands love knows that he is in control and that he has conscious choice in his world. He has no fear of change because he understands the enfinity of his spirit self. He accepts that he is eternal and cannot be harmed.

A man who has no fear looks at himself, not in judgement, but in relationship to his exposure and his lessons. He views himself as he views other people, with unconditional love. If he makes what the world might identify as a 'mistake,' he sees it as a lesson because he created the opportunity to learn from the opposite of what he wanted. He has now created the opportunity to change and to grow within himself. Always, he continues to love himself and his neighbor because his perception of his world is new, with motivating and creative challenges."

Bridges of Consciousness, 46. (my second book)