Friday, August 14, 2009

Providing Balance in Life

Man has difficulty opening to the mind to the Universal Consciousness, because man has a fear of looking within. Looking within must begin with the ego being subjected to an intense and concentrated review. When man begins to review the ego actions of life, the ego responds with resistance. You will think such things as: 'I wasn't responsible for that.' 'It just happened.' 'I don't need to feel guilty.' 'I was only trying to help.'

Go beyond this chatter of the ego and look for the lesson. Looking within is not an exercise to destroy the ego. It is an exercise of providing balance in life. The ego is only a small part of the life of man on Earth. When the ego takes over control of man's life, dramas are created to defend the take-over.

Search for moments in your life when you can be with silence. Silence has an expansiveness and openness that is innate within itself. Silence does not fence you in as sound fences you in. When you can become comfortable with silence you will find the higher self that is you, reaching further and further into the spiritual world. You will begin a silent communication of energy which you will be able to identify by the peaceful feelings that will wash over you. At this moment the ego may create fear. Do not respond.

This silence does not remove your consciousness, it expands your consciousness. You will be aware of your physical world, but you will be developing an awareness of things within that physical world that you did not see before. You will feel a freedom, a wideness to your world. In time your thoughts will begin to come from a higher level, and you will suddenly be astounded by how profound you can be.

As you allow yourself to travel further and further into the stillness, the silence of life, you will begin to develop an awareness of light within this expansiveness. The light will increase into an understanding, a knowledge of self and your intimate relationship to the Universe. This will be the beginning of your transformation from a physical being into a balanced being. You will give nothing up. You will be adding to.

The entire world of man has been focused upon the physical self from the beginning of time. In your world today this fascination with the physical body controls much of your economy; even your medical and food industries. Man will become aware of the soul and spirit of self more rapidly, when he makes the choice to focus on the soul and spirit. (Bridges of Consciousness, 91-92)

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