Thursday, August 06, 2009


Once we understand our mind, the rest is simple!

"The man who has no fear has an open mind. He is willing to go with the flow of life. He is willing to be exposed to new ideas, new thoughts, and new concepts. The man who understands love knows that he is in control and that he has conscious choice in his world. He has no fear of change because he understands the enfinity of his spirit self. He accepts that he is eternal and cannot be harmed.

A man who has no fear looks at himself, not in judgement, but in relationship to his exposure and his lessons. He views himself as he views other people, with unconditional love. If he makes what the world might identify as a 'mistake,' he sees it as a lesson because he created the opportunity to learn from the opposite of what he wanted. He has now created the opportunity to change and to grow within himself. Always, he continues to love himself and his neighbor because his perception of his world is new, with motivating and creative challenges."

Bridges of Consciousness, 46. (my second book)

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