Friday, August 21, 2015

Our Relationship to Energy

     If we don’t understand our own personal thoughts and behaviors, we will not understand the source of energy that controls us and our life.

     We are energy and we live in a world of energy; therefore, our relationship to energy provides the construct of our physical thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

     As new Souls we live in a lower level of energy. As old Souls our energy becomes more conscious to our mind and emotions.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Know Thyself- The Secret of True Learning

Why did Hippocrates understand health better than we do? Why do we fear the truth of our human design as energy and matter? Our Spirit Consciousness is the true energy of us as our Intelligent Design of the thinking mind, loving emotions, and infinite Spirit senses, which allows us to remember our chemical energy design that creates matter as our physical body. We do not accept the harm we are doing to ourselves as chemical beings because we have not learned the secret of growth and change.

The secret of true learning is that we are simply teaching ourselves the plan, design, function, and relationship of who we are humans to each other, Nature Earth, and the Universe as energy and matter. Chemical contamination is the story of human disease and destruction. The choice for change is ours.