Saturday, April 12, 2014

Events may appear to you to be accidents, but they are not.

Events may appear to you to be accidents, but they are not. They are part of a design that you have chosen. The vibrations of the energy will be relative to your choice as we energetically flow out into the Universe.

If you want to affect people who are far removed from you, you are going to choose within your life a drama that will seize your attention and the attention of other people. You can compare a life event to taking a pebble and dropping it into the water. If you drop a small pebble into a still pond you will produce vibrations and these vibrations will move peacefully and gently out into the water. If you take a big rock and you drop it into the pond you can see those vibrations change. The force of the rock will create waves that swell up and die down only to swell again with more force as they create their own energy.

You will choose dramas in life according to how many people you want to affect. You will get your own attention by the weight of the drama. The expansiveness of the drama that you choose will create your relationship to your life. Dramas are always collective choices. The energy of the individuals will be as both passive and active participants. If you are the one who is dropping the rock you are the active participant. If you are struck by the rock as the water is, you are an active participant. If you are the one that is affected by the waves you are a passive participant.

You have chosen to be a participant because by your involvement, you have the opportunity to change your consciousness level in life by the precipitating energy of the active participants. All of life is created by the interaction of relationships. Therefore, there can be multiple active participants and multiple passive participants, depending upon the nature of the event.

If there is an airplane accident and 86 people are instantly killed, you will have 86 active participants. If there are people that are killed in the crash on the ground, they too are active participants. The passive participants will include all of the people that are related to those that are killed. They will experience the strongest vibration and, therefore, are in varying levels of active and passive participation. The levels of vibrations will then spread out to all passive participants who felt an effect from the energy of the event and the deaths. This will include those who read of the incident, saw it on television, listened to an account being reported on the radio, or heard the story through a friend. Others may not know of the event and will have no effect at all from the energy. Do you see the effect and how the energy vibrations will change from a dramatic swelling to a smooth surface? Dramas are always opportunities to change from one level of conscious awareness to another. You change from one level of consciousness to another by an increased awareness of events and people, an openness to emotion and feeling, and by the exposure to new experiences.

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