Monday, February 14, 2011

The Spiritual Review Imperative - What Healing Truly Means

It is important to understand what healing truly means. We have been taught that healing our physical body keeps us alive when we are sick. Healing is better defined as the healing of a dual soul lesson. We can fix a physical body or confused mind and stay very unhealthy as a dual soul. When the dual soul understands some image of itself that it was ignorant of existing as part of its physical reality and heals the dual soul lesson, we have the potential of expanding our spirit consciousness. Death itself can be a true healing for the dual soul, especially if the dual soul awakens to itself in the death process by learning the lessons of the entire lifetime.

Death is always a form of evolution for the dual soul and spirit consciousness, because the dual soul is putting motion and change a major physical transformation, which gives the dual soul a review imperative before it can design a new physical life. Once the dual soul and spirit are in the invisible state of pure consciousness, the spirit will have an intimate influence on the dual soul. Our freedom of consciousness is the spiritual review imperative: once we leave the visible physical matter and become invisible as a spirit consciousness, we have no limitations. Our dual soul will deny and resist motion and change while it is living in physical matter and addicted to our religious fear beliefs. Once the spirit consciousness is free, during the three days of its review imperative, it can go anywhere and visit anyone. This is our moment in time when we fully recognize ourselves as a dual soul and spirit consciousness that is captured in fear beliefs as physical beings.

The dual soul review does not begin after death occurs, but it begins at the time that the dual soul chooses death as the next step in its journey. Death creates the true review imperative that lasts for three physical days. Learning the Ethical Values of personal responsibility, integrity, commitment, communication, compassion, cooperation, truth, equality, love, are all major healing lessons for our dual soul. All knowledge that explains the truth, love, and equality of our dual soul heals the ignorance of our dual soul that has kept us captured for so many billions of years in our box of superstitions, myths, and religious fear beliefs. When our dual male and female soul feels the influence of our opening thinking mind, loving emotions, and spirit senses functioning as a true spirit consciousness, which is its original source, it will become passionate about its continued growth as its motion and change as a shifting consciousness, which is the ultimate sense of healing for our dual soul male mind and female emotions.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

ODD = an Obsessive Distaste for Discipline

When we have problems with the organization and discipline of our daily life, we are suffering from ODD. ODD is an Obsessive Distaste for Discipline, which is the basis of the "I-know-it-all" belief. Organization and discipline are an essential part of the pattern of our dual soul, which are reflected into the pattern of our physical life. When we have an obsessive distaste for discipline, we will become our own worst energy and create absolute chaos in our physical world as we refuse to learn and change. As we stop honoring ourself, we will have an obsession distaste for the discipline of behaving in a manner that is conducive to our physical health and our emotional and mental happiness. We will be judgmental of other people, eat too much, and participate in destructive physical behaviors and addictions that abuse our primary, secondary, and our enteric nervous systems. We will also have an obsessive distaste for the discipline of our own creation, for all levels of authority, and for living in a happy and healthy way, which will allow us to be totally focused on control or on disease and the lack of personal responsibility for our own health and happiness. We will act out our dependencies, victimization, resistance, and feel internally that someone else has to accept the responsibility for saving us. Our denial and resistance to any change will be extreme, as we hear what we want to hear and do what we want to do to support our "I-know-it-all" belief.

Obsessive distaste for discipline is not just an externally focused lesson. It is also an internally focused lesson for our male thinking mind that is affecting every aspect of our society today, especially in the male-dominated fields of government, science, money, law, corporations, religion, education and every aspect of our male-dominated society. The physical behaviors that we live are the science of life for our dual soul that gives us an opportunity to learn from living our fear of discipline, organization, form, and structure. We also have an obsessive distaste for our loving emotions, which many men still think only women possess, hence the male belief is unequal to the male. Our loving emotions are the basic foundation of our motivational energy for our physical activities. Physical activities become the physical experiences that are the "science of life" for our dual soul. Of course, the discipline of our equal design cannot be understood by the male mind when it perceives and interprets the physical female as unequal to the physical male, not only in the emotional sense of being weak but in the female's ability to use the thinking mind because that too is judged as "weak." As we reflect our inequality into our judgement of others, we show ourselves the obsessive distaste for the internal discipline of our internal dual soul and spirit consciousness that we are living physical beings.