Thursday, November 17, 2011

Abuse Vs. Love

Our divine nature is the female energy of soul and spirit. We expand our divine nature by merging and balancing the male intellect, ego, and physical body with the female soul of wisdom and ingenuity and the spirit power of love, truth, and perfection. Becoming consciously aware of both our female and male power creates our true balance of  power. Each power is inherent within us, but the power of our female soul and spirit is not consciously recognized until the veil is removed from our merging intellect.

When we are equally balanced within our minds with our intellect, soul mind, and spirit consciousness, our physical behavior will reflect equality and balance within all facets of our individual life, our society, and our world.

Focusing upon the image of our female nature as the supreme power, or our physical nature as the supreme power, becomes an ego exercise in intellectual spiritualism. Our soul and spirit never seeks supremacy; it will always seek balance and equality. Equally balancing our inner and higher nature with our physical nature creates androgyny of mind in thoughts, words, and actions.

The mirror image of the physical reflects the separatist vision of the intellectual mind, not the integrated focus of the mind. Sexual reflection expands the physical nature that is reflected. It does not reflect or expand the soul and spirit nature that is beyond the physical level of reflection in soul evolution, although this is the illusion that is perceived. Our soul and spirit is asexual in nature. Only our physical nature is sexual.

Heterosexuality that is attached to judgement and fear is connected through karmic energy to the most primitive level of soul evolution, which can capture the soul at a lower level of soul growth than homosexuality. This attachment supports a variety of primitive behaviors, such as child abuse, cult practices, sexual aberrations, rape, mutilation, infanticide, eugenics, and zoophilia.

Sexual mates are chosen by a physical system of beliefs that determine sexual response. This can range from the arranged marriage to the instant physical attraction. In this level heterosexuality is responding from a belief and behavioral system knows as physical need, either societal or biological.

This primitive level of physical perception will act out judgement against all levels of the sexual response that do not conform to its beliefs. In the primitive belief of the intellect and ego, fear separates behavior that is different from its one specific belief to another expanded category of beliefs that is seen as unacceptable and wrong. When primitive beliefs are structured from superstition or religion, judgement will be delivered as sinful or guilty and acted out in behavior of anger, violence, and rage, which promotes rebellion in those with changing sexual feelings.

The only true power within us is the balance of power which is found by merging and equally living from our trilocular nature. We are physical body and mind, we are soul mind, and we are divine spirit.  Our physical nature is seen through our personality and behavior characteristics. What we think, speak, and do then becomes our physical nature.

If we are being guided in our thoughts, words, and actions by the female power of our soul and spirit, we will live through as understanding of our inner and higher power. Our actions will at all times reflect our love, truth, compassion, responsibility, freedom, equality, and humility. In honoring our personal female power in love, truth, and equality, we are free to honor and respect others on an equal basis.

(an excerpt from Love, Truth & Perception)