Wednesday, August 03, 2011

In the Beginning: Our Angels Within

In the beginning we had no physical matter to ground us to the planet Earth because Earth itself did not exist. But we existed as spiritual energy, which in itself was part of the whole of the energy of Creation. We remain forever a part of the whole of Creation and we remain forever energy. Our physical matter is an assumed state for our spirit and it is a constantly changing state that we choose to enter and to leave in our spiritual quest for energy expansion. It is our energy expansion that supports change within the Universal system of energy, which is known as God. God, Yahweh, Buddha, Allah, The One, and others are only physical names that are used as a label or identifier within a culture or sect.

Names allow the culture or sect to speak to the same energy force if the intention and image forms a trinity of energy with the identifying name. Names are important because it not only directs the energy of the mind but it selects out the energy of the mind. When the mind energy is not being sent within a positive energy field of equality it does not affect the Creative energy but stays within the cosmic shield of the individual mind. 

When we began our path of human evolution as spirit beings we had already lived within the spiritual hierarchies and gathered within our own energy fields the positive, ethical energy of our spirit. When we chose to come to Earth it was our intention to learn to use our spiritual values equally in our physical experience as energy as we do in our spirit experience as energy. Our sojourn into the physical is essential to our growth because we are a trinity of spirit, soul, and physical energy, which must be developed equally within our spirit values.

Therefore, the primary soul lesson of our multiple physical experiences is equality and our primary physical lesson is the unconditional love of self that we learn through our soul lesson of equality. The lesson for our spirit is the balancing of our positive, ethical energy in total equality throughout the trinity of our spirit, soul, and physical energy. When our spirit is balanced in total equality as a trinity of energy we again merge with the Creative energy to expand the Creator or God.

As we pass through the multiple experiences of our physical lives we are attempting to grow as a soul into the understanding of our spiritual values of equality to balance our soul and our physical being with our spirit energy. As physical beings we have been living in the shadow of our mind, which blocks out the light from our spirit. As we have been growing within the embryonic part of our soul mind, which we have named our intellect, we have been learning to expand our awareness of what we don’t want in our spirit energy. The vision of our life from our intellect is equivalent to driving a car on a dark and rainy night. With our compromised visibility the images along our path appear to have a different form and character than they do in the brilliant sunlight.

Traveling through the spiritual hierarchies as new spirits we learned our Ethical Values of spirit in the same identical manner that we are now learning our Ethical Values as physical beings. Our first Ethical Value of spirit energy is unconditional love. We encountered this value during the time we were in spirit form as “seeds” of the creator living on the planet Mercury and we became “students” of the Archangels. It was important for us to gather together and experience the Ethical Values of our spirit before we became human. Without the experience of unconditional love within our spirit we would have been captured within other spiritual kingdoms during our evolution.

The Archangels that inhabited Mercury at that time were earlier seeds of the Creator that were created with understanding of their Ethical Values and were equal and balanced in their energy. As more generations of an expanded Creator were sent into spirit energy there was more to be learned before the physical part of us could be equally balanced with the spirit energy within us.

It was the spirit energy of these early Archangels that came to Earth as the “Christ” energy to provide guidance for humans on their path of evolution. Each of us have the Christ or Creator energy within us but it is this spirit energy of the Creator within ourself that we are learning to recognize and to use equally in our daily living. As we learn to balance our energies equally we will be evolving or expanding into the spirit energy of the Creator. As we become Christ like we will reach the equality of our physical, soul, and spirit energy that we are seeking as beings of integrated trilocular energy. It is our goal as evolving spirits to live within our Christ Consciousness as physical beings and become a repetition of the Christ Consciousness upon Earth.

Our goal of evolving into the constantly expanding “God” energy motivated us as infant spirits to begin our journey through the spiritual hierarchies, living and learning each lesson of our Ethical spirit. Once we learned our lesson of unconditional love under the tutelage of the Archangels on Mercury, we moved on to the planet that is called Moon and we began our apprenticeship with the angels to learn compassion toward all beings. As spirits we had to unconditionally love ourself before we could learn compassion for other spirits in their various forms of evolution.

(I will write more on this subject in an upcoming book on Spiritual Hierarchies.)