Monday, December 28, 2015

Discovering Self: The Poetry of Life -My new book is now available!

 I am happy to say my new book (my 12th!) is finished! For me, this is a great way to finish the year and to begin the new year with "a new ream of paper."

     Love is the most vital lesson we are created to learn as human beings. Seeking to learn is a behavior of love, which begins with discovering self. I learn every day that I live. Learning helps us to accept more of the challenges in our life with a smile. I marvel when I listen to people who have not been taught, or have not yet learned, that life is for learning, and that learning is a joy to our soul and spirit. I have spent my life engaged in the gift of learning what it means to be human, and there is no end in sight. There is always more for us to learn, and sharing the truth of what we learn begins with us. We can only teach or share knowledge that we have learned and lived.

     We live in order to learn to love. The trinity of love--living, learning, and loving--is the dance of our internal self (our mind, emotions, and senses). The image of love is the image of discovering self, which makes it the first image we are designed to seek as human beings. Discovering love makes us happy to be alive, which inspires learning. We have to discover self as we discover love before we can understand self and life. Discovering Self: The Poetry of Life is my way of sharing an image of my own exploration and understanding of life and its poetry. I love poetry that shows us the challenge of our own existence. The introduction to our own growth and self-discovery is understanding poetry. Poetry guides us through the physical drama of living to expand into the beauty of life. The poetry of life is the truth of healing for our soul, which is the joy of our spirit.

Love is the truth of us. Learning is an expansion of self.

     I hope that we each discover new depths of our true self as we open our minds and hearts to learning to love more truthfully, more beautifully, in 2016. I hope you will read my new book, and remember I welcome readers' feedback! To purchase Discovering Self, click the Lulu link below.
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 Happy holidays and let's make 2016 a great year to be on Earth.