Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Pure Energy of Life

Spiritual Philosophy teaches us the patterns of human thought, life, and evolution from our earliest beginnings, which accumulate within our conscious mind as an image of our change and growth. Therefore, Spiritual Philosophy teaches us to grow into Knowing Ourselves, which is an accumulation of information that shows us why we are who we are today, which includes our thinking mind, physical health, emotional happiness, and our longevity potential as a physical body that is the home of a Spiritual energy Being.  The value of Spiritual Philosophy at this point in time is that we now have additional information within our thinking mind that will allow us to heal ourselves of all diseases and learn how to survive for hundreds of years in one physical lifetime. Our stored information allows us to begin to open our thinking mind to our hidden memories as we expand them during each lifetime.  We have the information but we are not using the information primarily because of our religious beliefs that have taught us faith and trust in an external God, rather than in the information that we have learned during the physical lives that we have lived. We are made in the image of God as energy and Earth as matter.  Our knowledge of who we are must be changed, because as we accept that we have an eternal and internal chemical design that gives us the energy that we use in our lives as human beings, we can better appreciate the quality of our thinking, eating, drinking, and breathing as providing ourselves with the pure energy of life.  

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Our truth is found in our learning

     In each lifetime, we learn as a means of continuing with our evolution as growth and change. We are now at the point of our learning where we are attempting to understand the relationship that we have with ourselves as a means of Knowing Thyself. Facing the truth of who we are and how we are evolving is a major challenge to our thinking mind, yet it is essential that we Know Thyself, which requires us to have the strength to look at who we are and to define what we need to do in our present life to understand ourselves as an evolving Dual Soul energy at a new level. As dependent beings, we always think that someone else can grow and change for us, which is simply not our truth. Our truth is found in our learning how to understand ourselves as eternal energy beings, which is the truth of our internal Spirit Consciousness.