Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Male and Female Personalities in Bloom

 Once we begin to look at the truth of ourselves as Spirit Consciousness beings, we become very aware that none of us live with an isolated male or female personality or character traits. We are all living from the level of our Dual Soul consciousness that we have reached in the multiple lives that we have lived as both males and females in our Dual Soul journey of learning, growing, and changing. This means that we are a mixture of what we have learned as we have lived as males and females, which is designed to expand us into a homogeneous human being. As we look at our world today, versus even 100 years ago, we can see our growth and change by the way that we think, live, and behave, as we live our physical lives. We are not yet focused on our love, truth, and equality as physical human beings, but each life that we live brings us closer to our goal of loving ourselves and other people.

Learning the ways of our Dual Soul can be enlightening, funny, unbelievable, fascinating, and at times rather embarrassing, when we realize how naive we can be, but nevertheless, we must learn our lessons by living them, therefore our beliefs always structure our behaviors, which helps us to live our lessons at countless levels as we live our journey through our physical lives. We don’t remember our past lives because our mind must reach a certain level of openness before we can look at how we have lived and accept our living as our learning opportunity without going into emotional shock. This is why it is essential that we expand our thinking mind enormously before we attempt to look at our past life behaviors. We always live with the emotional level that we create for our mind to accept in its growth cycle. Once we can put all of our wondrous pieces of the puzzle of life together, we truly begin to see the patterns of our greatness and we appreciate ourselves even more because when we reach this level of growth, we will be living our love, truth, and equality as the first three Ethical Values of our Spirit Consciousness and we will live and speak without fear. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Why I Write

I am frequently asked the question, "Why do you write?"  This is not a casual question for me. I had rheumatic fever when I was a child, which left my parents with the challenge to occupy my head and my hands more than it did to occupy a child who could go outside to run and play. My parents used up my time by teaching me to read, write, spell and to be happy doing that, so all of my life I have loved to write, read, think, and relate to people which still consumes a good part of my life today.

Spelling and learning were the games that we played during those years when I was sick with rheumatic fever. Penicillin had not been discovered yet, when I was living with rheumatic fever, so I had the full experience of pain and disease, which I coped with by reading books and studying Nature. I remain eternally interested in those same activities today.

When we spend large amounts of time reading, writing, and spelling, we learn the very basics of an education. Since I learned these activities early and with delight, reading, writing, spelling, and thinking were my favorite activities which remains true today. I am never overwhelmed when I think about writing my next book since I have written twelve books already in my active life as an R.N., mother, wife, and teacher. I have always chosen to work as an R.N. while doing everything else that I was interested in, in life. I have written books, raised six children, and worked as an R.N. for many years of my life. To me, I was living the "good life" as I stayed active and happy.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Gaining Knowledge is our Personal Responsibility

If we are ignorant of ourself and life, we must expand into the knowledge of who we want to be and our limits are reflected into our ignorance or unawareness of who we are, what we believe, how we feel, and how our behavior of life is acted out. No one can give us knowledge unless we choose to search for knowledge. Exposure to knowledge will fall on deaf ears if our mind is closed. Knowledge will be absorbed like a sponge if our mind is open. Knowledge is how we expand our consciousness. Knowledge supports our dual soul evolution into the expansion of consciousness, and gaining knowledge is our personal responsibility.. It is within the dual soul level of knowledge that we transition from our immature soul journey to our mature soul journey. To deny knowledge is to deny our dual soul evolution.