Thursday, June 20, 2013

We All Have Access to Love

Love is the emotion of Spirit Energy, and because of this reality we all have access to love when we live consciously with our internal Spirit Energy. Many individuals have not been taught that they are created from the energy of our Spirit Consciousness into truly Spiritual Beings. Therefore all humans are designed with a Spirit Consciousness which in itself makes us a Spiritual Being. When we are capable of using our Spirit Consciousness, we will begin to automatically begin to change.

When we hold on to our ancient beliefs that we have carried with us from past lives, we will not change. We will be totally bound to the energy that we perceive from our fears and our ancient memories. Love is a much better energy of progression in life than fear is. Fear holds us unrelentingly to our challenges of life and we will find ourselves living each item of fear as though it is our last breath of life. When we gasp for air, we are really gasping for life, which is our need to be different and more lovable. We have many diseases in which we gasp for air and that is truly our gasp for life. If we understand our ancient beliefs we can use them to help us live a better life of learning and peace.

Learning to live a life of joy and excitement is our challenge. Why would we ever want to live the agony of fear and pain? Jealousy is a dramatic challenge for our thinking mind and our Soul as we mature and grow as a human being. These feelings of fear present us with a life that is our dramatic challenge to learn, grow, and change within. Usually we do not acknowledge our own inner challenges, which means we cannot change what we cannot accept within our thinking mind as needing to be changed to allow ourselves the happiness that we deserve.