Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Becoming One: Our Genetic Journey

From the time that we are young we search for a mother, father, or best friend. As we grow older we begin to see ourself as incomplete if we don't have a lover. The male seeks the female and the female seeks the male. The male seeks the male and the female seeks the female. What does it mean when we feel that we "need" a relationship to survive?

For our soul we are simply living the reflection of our genetic journey. It is through the physical experience that we learn, which has the power to change our genetic lessons in the next life. Our perception of genetics as being our family heritage has some validity but it is not the entire explanation. We choose our parents, which means we also choose the genetics that we need to work through our soul lessons. Our lessons are karmic for the soul, which means they are not completely learned. In becoming one with the genes that support us in our physical life, our soul continues with its genetic journey. Our genetic journey reflects into our physical journey.

We attract intimate relationships into our lives by the magnetism of our physical genetic structure. It is the interplay of relationships that continues to support our genetic structure throughout a lifetime as we become one in our mind and emotional consciousness. Our physical genetics, as part of our physical experience, is not separate from our dual soul mind and emotions or our spirit consciousness. We are one energy at all times.

We judge our self-worth by our ability to become one with another person. Our sense of unity in intimate relationships can cast an illusion of happiness over our life when deep down inside we are crying tears of loneliness. Our behavior reflects our level of growth. As our level of growth changes, our genes can jump from one chromosome to another and take on a different role within our genetic system, thus changing the pattern of our life and our behavior.

Understanding the mirror image that we cast into our relationships will help us understand why we attract the type of people into our lives who create chaos instead of unity. The shadow of our image is a magnetic energy that draws others to us in a physical unity that may not reflect the part of our mind and emotions that we truly want to attract. But our karmic soul lessons are using the magnetism of our genes that will fulfill the purpose of our soul lesson. In becoming one with another person we are being given the opportunity to help other souls with the same karmic lesson. It is the unity of like physical genes that reflects the soul connections that we live.

The major issue with our magnetic attraction is that we have been taught to attract others through the sexual attractiveness of our physical body instead of a like mind and emotion. When we focus only upon the sexual attraction we never reach mental and emotional unity, because the attraction is a fleeting sense that has no stability. Yet marriages that produce children always have a genetic purpose for our soul. When we find ourselves in frequent relationships that repeat old dramas, we become conscious of our need to look at ourself. The genes of our mind and emotions are embedded in our beliefs and fears.

Looking at ourself and our sexuality is probably the most challenging mental and emotional task that we will ever face. Old beliefs will jump to the surface of our mind, bringing up guilt, sin, fear, and perhaps even a sense of revulsion. These old beliefs have the power to send us into an emotional  shutdown that paralyzes our thinking. But we must remember that sex has had an "under the sheets" mentality until the last few decades and the genetics of our mind and emotions is holding on tightly to old beliefs. There are still many cultures that physical practice this mentality and are unable to open their minds and hearts to becoming one.

How can we possibly unite our minds when we are still struggling to unite our bodies in harmony and rhythm? Our physical reality is the reflection of our mind and emotions. In observing the separateness of the male and female, religions, sciences, our physical body by the medical profession, the belief in the separateness of our physical being, the belief in the separateness of our soul mind and emotions, and spirit consciousness, we begin to wonder how we will ever become one again. As science embarks upon genetic alterations of humans, animals, and plants we an be separated permanently from the genetic roots of our spirit consciousness and chaos will prevail. In effect, science uses microscopic approach in an attempt to dissect the details of humanity, instead of accepting the macroscopic realization that we are all one.