Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My 8th Book!

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Spirit Consciousness:
Our Intelligent Design

I am very excited about completing this book, and I hope millions will read it. People who are drawn to my teachings are living at a level of their Dual Soul growth where their mind is open to change, which is always our personal responsibility. Looking internally to answer our questions about life, Earth, and the Universe helps us to understand the beauty of energy and matter as our eternal Spiritual Design. Read with an open mind to truly understand the pattern of yourself and your eternal growth.

Your feedback is always welcome!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Clearer Lens of Perception

We are born with hidden memories in our motor neurons.
Do we know ourselves as a compilation of human lives?
100 billion neurons in our head, 50 trillion cells in our body?
That is quite a corporation, country, world, family, isn’t it?
We are energy and matter.
What happens to our energy as we live, breathe, eat, sleep, die?
We are more than loops, light, fingernails, hair, teeth, heart, back pain, marriage, divorce, degrees.
What does “infinite potential” mean?
A genius, a great baseball player, a financier are not created in one lifetime.
Don’t we want to be aware of the endless nature of the fractal patterns of energy that we are living as human beings?
Does it sound “crazy” to think that we can see and hear another energy form of a physical life that is stored in our brain?
Why are babies being born with more and more of an understanding of life, computers, and thinking than older people were?
Do you communicate on a strictly physical basis? Why?
We are always involved in Soul level communication, because each and every friend has normally been known before.

Once we understand the beauty of our life’s creation through the ethical values that we live, we will set the ethical values in place within our lives and we will never look back and judge our choice of change.

The fractal pattern of our human design is constant change and growth, which we can watch happen, beginning in the mother’s womb and continuing until death. All humans, earth, nature, and the universe are designed with this fractal pattern of energy. Some people look at these patterns and think “chaos” instead of “fractal.” This shows us the difference in external perception and internal perception of energy fields. When we download past-life memory, either consciously or unconsciously, we are affecting the way that we live our physical reality and how we relate to other people, places, and time. When we understand that as energy beings we always have this capability, we begin to see life through a clearer lens of perception.

We have not been taught the patterns of our Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness. Our Dual Soul is our thinking mind and loving emotions being used as a dual source of our internal energy of evolution. When we learn to use our entire Dual Soul as our functional consciousness, our loving emotions will neutralize all of our fear beliefs and we will learn to live from the eternal pattern of our ethical values as our daily thinking and behaviors. We are constantly challenging our thinking mind to change and grow, so that we can advance in our loving intellectual wisdom as human beings. When we use our intellectual knowledge in fear, we are attempting to capture our thinking mind’s attention to help it understand the loving emotions of our Dual Soul that want to be recognized as partners in the quest for learning and life as a Spirit Consciousness. Our Spirit Consciousness is the energy of the trinity of our fractal patterns as the energy design of our Dual Soul thinking mind, and loving emotions, which now includes the infinite Spirit senses functioning together to create the Trinity of energy that allows us to live our physical life. We can never live the love of our Spirit Consciousness without first learning how to live our loving emotions with our conscious thinking mind as the entirety of our Dual Soul, which allows us to always think with love in every aspect of our human nature, especially in our relationships.

When we live with an interactive consciousness, we need no words or actions. An interactive consciousness is an energy consciousness that needs no physical aspect to communicate or to be understood, which makes our interactive consciousness a major player in our Soul Consciousness. In our Soul Consciousness, the thinking mind and loving emotions will have countless physical lives that have become hidden memories. These hidden memories are very important to the Soul Consciousness and act as a wealth of stored knowledge that can be consciously used to help us in any new lifetime that can use this information productively. Once we become comfortable with our hidden memories, we can use our brain like the most impressive library to add to our information today.

Remember, knowledge is power. How well do you truly know yourself?