Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Value of Spiritual Conversations

Anytime that we are seeking to change how we think, the most exciting experience that we can have is to discuss our thinking. We have a fantastic thinking mind, which we have limited by closing our thinking mind to “taboo subjects.” What is a taboo subject? It all depends upon the company that we are keeping and the openness to unusual thinking. If we have intense religious beliefs, we will probably resist any mention of multiple lives, Spirit Energy, earthly after lives, Dual Soul, and Spirit Consciousness. These are concepts that we use freely when we are involved in Spiritual Conversations, because they define our internal Spirit Consciousness as a thinking and loving energy and how we live our Spirit Consciousness on a moment by moment basis as human beings becomes an essential part of our thinking mind and our human relationships.

Most of our conversations of the last two thousand years have been about God, being saved, heaven, hell, punishment and our one-life belief. In our Spiritual Conversations we talk about love, truth, equality, integrity, strength courage, patience, understanding, support, unity, commitment, integration, faith, trust, humility, honor, value, respect, organization, form, structure, discipline, knowledge, passion, free will, free choice, free intention, compassion, cooperation, and communication which are the Ethical Values that each of us must live if we want to live as Spiritual Beings. Once we understand the truth of our Ethical Values, it becomes easier and easier to live them in our daily lives.

When we are capable as a human species of living the Ethical Values, we will never fight another war on any level such as personal, state, country, or nation. We will not allow people to kill each other because we will revere life and protect life. When we protect life as sacred, we give ourselves opportunities to grow and change to more intelligent and loving human beings who have an opportunity to create from the internal wisdom of our human Soul. Knowing the beauty and purity of our Dual Soul gives us unlimited faith in our human design and its intention of growth and change. If we do not know the truth of ourselves, we wander in the darkness of our thinking mind and we are closed to any conversations that will reveal the truth of who we are to ourselves. We are afraid of truth, because we live in fear. When we live in love, truth becomes our friend and our constant focus as a thinking mind. At this moment in time, we will have no fear or judgement because we will have accepted the truth of ourselves.

For our normal conversations to be truthful, we must accept that we are energy beings that are living eternal lives on Earth. We must learn and grow from our Earth Experience to expand the Spirit Consciousness that is designed to expand and grow as our thinking mind, loving emotions, and infinite Spirit Senses. We can do this, and we can love our change and growth as we begin to feel very good and very confident about ourselves. Join us and be part of this inspiring group of free thinkers!

Enjoy ongoing conversations about what it means to live an Ethical life ...
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“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” Joseph Campbell Suggested Reading: Richard Restak: BrainScapes, John Dowling: Creating Mind

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Is Eternal Life?

Many people believe in Eternal Life, which is a good thing since we as human beings are always living and learning through the focus of our eternal life. What does Eternal Life mean to us as human beings? For many people Eternal Life means that we are going to be saved by some higher power to live eternally in some place, somewhere, even if we have focused on different places at different times. Discovering the truth of eternal life is easy at this point in time because Science has already discovered the DNA. When we look open-mindedly at the DNA it becomes very apparent that we have been living this thing called life for many lifetimes. No one can look at the DNA and understand it correctly when we think that we live only one physical life. All scientists should be required to learn Spiritual Philosophy from the teachings of Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, and other well-known ancient philosophers whose focus was on understanding the “invisible” to explain the “visible.” We are each "originals," created from the same basic pattern of physical life and energy. We may purchase our own "DNA image" as artwork to hang on our walls, and use our finger print for unique identification, so why not begin to appreciate that we are infinitely animated as energy beings?

I have been teaching Spiritual Philosophy for twenty-five years, but I also spent twenty plus years of my life working with and researching the HLA and DNA as part of a kidney transplant research team. Our DNA shows us many things, such as our dependency on Nature to replace the chemicals that we need to stay healthy, our heritage, our physical and chemical life patterns and, of course, the more open the mind of the researcher, the more relationships we can uncover between us, life, and our DNA. Anyone that looks at the DNA with myopic vision will not discover all that is revealed to us about our eternal journey through physical lives. When we believe that we live only one life, we cannot see the truth of us that is revealed in the chemical structure of our DNA. Just try to imagine what could be learned if science studied the DNA from the perspective of eternal life!

Man is addicted to the results of Science without stopping to realize that science is only as good as the mind and beliefs of the scientists. Anything that closes the mind of a scientist, like our one-life belief, plays a significant role in the evolution of mankind. Once we can accept ourselves as eternal beings that die only to be reborn again as eternal energy beings, we will begin to put all of the pieces of the puzzle of life together in a different way. Ancient philosophers taught us more than present day scientists are teaching us because the ancient philosophers did not all believe that we live only one physical life. Instead there was and is a belief among true philosophers that we live eternal lives as energy beings, but we create new matter and live one physical life at a time as a means of growth and change, as a thinking mind. Once we can see ourselves as eternal energy beings, the thinking mind, the loving emotions, the Spirit Senses, and the DNA each take on a new meaning and interpretation, which can and will in time scientifically reveal more clearly that we live countless physical lifetimes in our search to grow and change as human beings.

When any scientist does his work with a one-life belief, we are not receiving “true Science” from that limited perspective. As human beings we must open our thinking mind and see ourselves as eternal energy beings that have the ability to create new physical lives to continue with our growth and change.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Creation of Our Dual Soul Energy

Do we ever really think about our creation? How was our Dual Soul Energy created? Our Dual Soul Energy design was created billions of years ago as the Earth itself was created as an energy of matter. Our Dual Soul Energy is both the thinking mind and the loving emotions, which are two complimentary energy fields that were created as energies of the human being, who was designed to live as an energy within the energy of Earth. The energy of the human and the energy of Earth are both eternal energies of the Universal System. When a human dies, the energy of the human comes back into a new energy as a thinking mind, loving emotions, Spirit Senses, and as a physical body. These four energy groups all have their own special focus of energy, but they are designed to complement each other and to work together as a dramatic form of learning as energy beings.

How we create our Dual Soul Energy can only be answered within us when we fully understand that our Dual Soul is energy and how we live from our Dual Soul energy in our everyday life. Our Dual Soul lives within us as dual energy fields which are created by our thinking mind and loving emotions, which are both energy fields that are learning how to live together and to support each other in our energy growth as we live our physical lives. If we are not really thinking for ourselves and expanding our thinking mind, then we are living from all of our past life beliefs. It can be productive in each new lifetime to review these past life beliefs which are all an integrated part of our Dual Soul Energy. When we are open to reviewing what is left in our thinking mind, learn what we must from the experience, solve any soul confusion that exists, and move on to bigger and better thoughts and emotions as a Dual Soul, we are taking care of ourselves and expanding our Dual Soul in an appropriate manner.

Monday, April 13, 2009

What's Not to Love? We Are Who We Have Designed Ourselves to Be

Our life - now and forever – is solely of our own creation. We cannot credit the influences of mother, father, spouse, lover, children or anyone else, for the person we are and the actions we take. We are who we have designed ourselves to be.

Reaching the level of awareness allows us to accept the responsibility for the creation of self. Accepting the total responsibility for the creation of self gives us the freedom of change.

If we continue to blame another person for the person that we are, we fear change, because change will require that we accept the responsibility for ourself. If we accept responsibility, we will not have the safety net of blaming someone else. Placing blame is a fear of accepting responsibility. Placing blame is merely a symptom of the deep-rooted fear of separation that is overwhelming in our society.

With the freedom of change we can look within the true self, and make the changes that will give us the peace of awareness. We can remove the stresses of our life, by changing the perception we have of the people and events which we encounter on a daily basis. The perception that we have of any and all situations in our life creates the reality of the situations in our life.

An example of this creation by perception would be the relationship that we have with the people with whom we spend eight hours of our business day. Do we see these people as negative, angry, non-talkative, defensive in their daily interaction with us? Do we find people to be unfriendly or abusive in their dealings with people?

Try to perceive the good traits in people. Try changing your perception, and focus on one positive feature. Bring out the positive qualities to the people themselves. Compliment them. Find good truths to relate to them in a loving way.

We are energy and we function not only from our own energy but from the energy of other people. If we see only the negative energy in other people, we are failing to accept the responsibility and strength of our own energy forces. Therefore, we allow the energy of others to control the energy of self. We must learn control of our own energy. We must learn not to be controlled by the energy of others.

Within every soul there are good and honest virtues. Perceive the good. Focus on the positive. This will send them your energy of love. The negative energy of another person will be cancelled out by our positive energy. We can always overcome negative energy with positive energy.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Creating beyond the ordinary

Life is also the major lesson of knowing the difference between our sexuality and our loving emotions. Sex is a physical act. Love is an emotional experience that comes from our emotional design. Some people do not know the difference yet between sex and love, therefore when we meet someone that does not know the difference between sex and love, we should understand why and support them in their growth and change. This knowledge is a major function of our personal self-knowledge, and when we are deficient in our self-knowledge, we will be challenged to understand our sexual identity, which is a functional energy of ourselves that we reflect outwardly into our relationships. As we look at the masses of individuals that are challenged by their sexual identity, we can see the enormous numbers of people who are attempting to grow and change. Most individuals do not recognize that our growth and change is mental not sexual.

Our life is always about our own personal growth and change, therefore no one else can grow and change for us. We are totally responsible for our own internal and external growth and change. Once we can accept personal responsibility for who we are, we will open our eyes to the beauty of our internal patterns of growth and change, which are eternally our absolute personal responsibility. When our thinking is clear and concise about what our life is about, our behavior will be clear and concise as we focus on the personal growth of our internal energies as our thinking mind, loving emotions, and Spirit Senses. At the present time, most people are living in a “void” - they have stopped thinking and they are focused on believing. This focus on our beliefs takes our thinking mind back into ancient beliefs rather than allowing our thinking mind to move into the new and different realities of our own internal growth. Once we understand that it is our thinking mind that is stuck, we can consciously change the way that we think. Any physical challenge that the average person faces in life will pull the mind back into the belief system, which acts as a detriment to growth and change.

Once we allow our thinking mind to backslide, we become buried in fear and anxiety which keeps us from moving forward into our loving emotions. We cannot live in fear and anxiety at the same time that we are living our loving emotions. These are opposite and incompatible energy fields. If we are living in any form of fear, including our fear of survival, then we cannot live in our loving emotions. Once we can experience the energy of true love, we will never backslide into the energy of fear, even when our physical world is not living up to our expectations. Recognizing the truth of how we feel and what we want to create is a major step forward in our physical reality. If we are totally comfortable with the “status quo” we will never create beyond the ordinary. When the “ordinary” itself challenges us, we begin to function at a higher level of opportunity, in every facet of our human design as in our thinking mind. loving emotions, Spirit Senses, and our physical world. It is through our thinking mind that we literally “think” ourselves out of our mediocracy, without taking advantage of another single person.

Anytime that we take advantage of another person, we are showing ourselves our own twisted thinking mind, because we are not living our love, truth, and equality in our life, therefore the behavior that we reflect into another person’s life will not be the energy of our love, truth, and equality. We can overcome our fears about our life only through the acknowledgment of our fears to ourself. Fear is a toxic energy that keeps us from living our love, truth, and equality as the first three Ethical Values. If we cannot live the first three Ethical Values, we most certainly cannot live any of our other Ethical Values. Our Ethical Values must be learned first by learning our love, truth, and equality as the first three Ethical Values, which begins to clear our thinking mind of all of the fears that we have accumulated and allows our growth and change to escalate as we begin to open to our internal energy of Spirit Consciousness. As long as we harbor any fears of any form in our thinking mind, we will not be able to grow into our Spirit Consciousness. When we are living in fear, we will automatically take advantage of other people without recognizing what our behaviors are truly saying to us, because our thinking mind will be totally self-focused and how we are affecting other people will not be part of our conscious reality.

Our relationships give us an opportunity to live our loving emotions

Our belief that we live only one physical life is a very restrictive and “dumbing down” belief. This “one life belief” is a major insult to us and our eternal life patterns. When our brain is being controlled by our ancient beliefs, we do not leave any room for our thinking mind and loving emotions to grow and change because we do not see ourselves as living an “eternal life” which gives us unlimited opportunities to grow and change as human beings.

When our thinking mind cannot grasp what we are attempting to learn as we evolve from one lifetime to another lifetime in our pursuit of equality, we will continue to think that we live one life as either a male or female, and we will miss the obvious truth that we live as both males and females as a pattern of our eternal evolution. As we do unto others, we are also doing unto ourselves as the patterns of our behaviors become the collective patterns of our eternal memory.

When a man or a woman lives a life where they are angry at the opposite sex, we can easily see the story of what we have created as a human being through our eternal life experiences. We create our eternal challenges of life as a means of learning about our eternal life saga. Being who we are is our eternal life challenge, especially if we believe that we live only one life as one sexual focus. When we believe that we live only one life, we are rejecting our loving emotions as part of our physical life focus. Since our physical focus represents our male energy and our female focus represents our loving emotions, it helps us to see that each of us as male and female have the same design although the emphasis on the sexual role is different. The male has an intellectual focus and the female is known for her loving emotions. These roles are interchangeable and they are no longer truly related to the male or female because of our growth and change into a whole being that has the capability of using all parts of our hidden memory.

As we remember, we begin to relate to all of the physical lives that we have lived through our memory of each life. Once we “see” ourselves in the various roles, we are capable of remembering what we have learned as we have lived through this eternal experience of life. We change our sexual orientation in different lifetimes to help us learn the differences and the similarities as we live both our male and female experiences. The changes that we make in our sexual focus definitely help us to appreciate every role that we are living. If we did not live as children, how would we be as an adult? Childhood is our learning experience in the same manner that each life is a learning experience and our sexual orientation is a major part of the lesson. Each and every aspect of our human condition is teaching us the truth of how to be human and how to interact with other people as a learning experience. Our relationships give us an opportunity to live our loving emotions.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Consciously choosing to live in our loving emotions

We must know who we are, what we want, and how to create what we want. This has always been the purpose of Spiritual Philosophy. Once we learn Spiritual Philosophy we will realize that we are learning about the internal design of us as human beings and we will be able to see how we grow and change through the expansion of our Dual Soul thinking mind, loving emotions, and our Eternal Spirit Senses. It becomes very clear to us that we do not know ourselves very well if we think that we are living and using only five physical senses, and we do not acknowledge that our Dual Soul thinking mind and loving emotions are accumulative organs that are designed to grow and change as we live our eternal lives of seeking knowledge and the physical experiences to support our knowledge.

The normal fear emotions of our physical nature of our ego and intellectual mind view life from an external perception, which we reflect outwardly from our left brain. Our fear emotions are the precise opposite of our loving emotions that live in our right brain.

It is important for us to know the energy of our fear emotions so that it can be our intention to focus constantly on our loving emotions and not to allow ourselves to slide back into our negative energy, which allows us to become permanently stuck in the negative energy. Choosing to live in our loving emotions should always be a conscious choice. If love is not our conscious choice, we will find ourselves living in fear as an unconscious choice, which will keep our thinking mind in a constant state of externalization. Externalization gives us the overall sense of being taken advantage of by everyone that we know. As we externalize our reality, we feel rejected by everyone that we come in contact with throughout our daily life. As we feel rejected, we also feel unloved. Once we become conscious of this scenario taking place within our thinking mind, we begin to realize that we are not living our loving emotions even though we expect everyone to be living their loving emotions towards us.

Understanding how we live our fear emotions, before we can open our thinking mind to live our loving emotions, is a gigantic step forward for us. The physical nature of our ego and intellectual soul mind which sees life with an external perception is not now and never has been about loving us and lifting us forward to see the true image of who we are and where we are going. As we have been evolving, our intellectual mind has been focused on itself more intensely than on other concepts, understandings, or people. This has created a very basic self-absorption that has gotten in the way of our thinking mind’s growth and change. As we learn to live our loving emotions, we have the power to lift ourselves out of our hopelessness, to be creative, and to be beautifully constructive in designing our future lives.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Personality, Attitude, and Honesty

Energy is very real, and once we recognize negative energy, we can identify many stressful situations from which we can protect ourselves. If we are part of a business, we must be certain that the person who is running the business is a loving, giving and honest person, because if they are not a loving and honest person there is a major chance that the business will fail. Personality, attitude, and honesty are major players in any business. Truth becomes a major issue in everything that we say, do, create, and share. When we meet anyone that is living through their dishonesty, the relationship can only fail in time. Dishonest people are always focused on copying another person's energy. When we copy another person, we are not living our own internal love of self.

Our loving emotions are a pattern of supporting loving energy that helps us to change and grow as human beings. This energy has always been taught in Christianity as well as other religions by the belief that we must, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This belief has been the "bedrock" belief in many religions. It is also a bedrock belief in Spirituality, and it was the closeness of the relationships of the ancient philosophers that allowed them to grow and change together and to continue with their Spiritual teachings throughout their lifetimes. Anyone that was not living the Ethical Values as they learned their Spiritual teachings did not remain as a student of Spiritual Philosophy, because they became uncomfortable after a time and then they discontinued their relationship with other Philosophers.

If we do not treat other people on an equal level with ourselves, we have not yet learned how to live as a Spiritual person. This means that we must not act in any negative way towards another person, if our behavior would not be acceptable for us to live equally. This is the very foundation of our loving emotions as a Spiritual person. When we learn to live our loving emotions, we are always equal towards each and every relationship within our human experience of life. Those individuals that are living love, truth, and equality will stay joined together in their search, but those people who are not living love, truth and equality simply fall away from the group. This shows us how the loving energy of our emotions work internally within us to maintain our relationships. Anyone that is not living their loving emotions will not be capable of maintaining the energy of any loving relationship in their life.

When we express our love towards another person through our physical behaviors, the other person might consider our behaviors unloving if we do not meet their emotional goals. When we live our loving behaviors, we do not support people in any behaviors that do not support them in their own loving emotional growth and change. This pattern of living our loving emotions can be very misunderstood by individuals that see themselves through "rose-colored glasses" rather than the truth of who they really are and the level of energy they are truthfully living. If we want to become loving beings, we must learn how to live love, truth, and equality towards all people. When we live our love, truth, and equality towards a person that is not living their love, truth, and equality we will find that person judging us by their own level of fearful energy rather than looking at us through their loving emotions. Judgement is not a loving emotion and therefore it will break down the loving emotional energy within a group if it is focused upon.

We must look at ourselves to determine where we are in our personal path of evolution, which is always unique to our own growth and change as an energy field of Spirit Consciousness.

We will continue exploring the energy of our emotions in relationships at our three-day event (April 10-12).