Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Is Eternal Life?

Many people believe in Eternal Life, which is a good thing since we as human beings are always living and learning through the focus of our eternal life. What does Eternal Life mean to us as human beings? For many people Eternal Life means that we are going to be saved by some higher power to live eternally in some place, somewhere, even if we have focused on different places at different times. Discovering the truth of eternal life is easy at this point in time because Science has already discovered the DNA. When we look open-mindedly at the DNA it becomes very apparent that we have been living this thing called life for many lifetimes. No one can look at the DNA and understand it correctly when we think that we live only one physical life. All scientists should be required to learn Spiritual Philosophy from the teachings of Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, and other well-known ancient philosophers whose focus was on understanding the “invisible” to explain the “visible.” We are each "originals," created from the same basic pattern of physical life and energy. We may purchase our own "DNA image" as artwork to hang on our walls, and use our finger print for unique identification, so why not begin to appreciate that we are infinitely animated as energy beings?

I have been teaching Spiritual Philosophy for twenty-five years, but I also spent twenty plus years of my life working with and researching the HLA and DNA as part of a kidney transplant research team. Our DNA shows us many things, such as our dependency on Nature to replace the chemicals that we need to stay healthy, our heritage, our physical and chemical life patterns and, of course, the more open the mind of the researcher, the more relationships we can uncover between us, life, and our DNA. Anyone that looks at the DNA with myopic vision will not discover all that is revealed to us about our eternal journey through physical lives. When we believe that we live only one life, we cannot see the truth of us that is revealed in the chemical structure of our DNA. Just try to imagine what could be learned if science studied the DNA from the perspective of eternal life!

Man is addicted to the results of Science without stopping to realize that science is only as good as the mind and beliefs of the scientists. Anything that closes the mind of a scientist, like our one-life belief, plays a significant role in the evolution of mankind. Once we can accept ourselves as eternal beings that die only to be reborn again as eternal energy beings, we will begin to put all of the pieces of the puzzle of life together in a different way. Ancient philosophers taught us more than present day scientists are teaching us because the ancient philosophers did not all believe that we live only one physical life. Instead there was and is a belief among true philosophers that we live eternal lives as energy beings, but we create new matter and live one physical life at a time as a means of growth and change, as a thinking mind. Once we can see ourselves as eternal energy beings, the thinking mind, the loving emotions, the Spirit Senses, and the DNA each take on a new meaning and interpretation, which can and will in time scientifically reveal more clearly that we live countless physical lifetimes in our search to grow and change as human beings.

When any scientist does his work with a one-life belief, we are not receiving “true Science” from that limited perspective. As human beings we must open our thinking mind and see ourselves as eternal energy beings that have the ability to create new physical lives to continue with our growth and change.

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