Sunday, April 05, 2009

Consciously choosing to live in our loving emotions

We must know who we are, what we want, and how to create what we want. This has always been the purpose of Spiritual Philosophy. Once we learn Spiritual Philosophy we will realize that we are learning about the internal design of us as human beings and we will be able to see how we grow and change through the expansion of our Dual Soul thinking mind, loving emotions, and our Eternal Spirit Senses. It becomes very clear to us that we do not know ourselves very well if we think that we are living and using only five physical senses, and we do not acknowledge that our Dual Soul thinking mind and loving emotions are accumulative organs that are designed to grow and change as we live our eternal lives of seeking knowledge and the physical experiences to support our knowledge.

The normal fear emotions of our physical nature of our ego and intellectual mind view life from an external perception, which we reflect outwardly from our left brain. Our fear emotions are the precise opposite of our loving emotions that live in our right brain.

It is important for us to know the energy of our fear emotions so that it can be our intention to focus constantly on our loving emotions and not to allow ourselves to slide back into our negative energy, which allows us to become permanently stuck in the negative energy. Choosing to live in our loving emotions should always be a conscious choice. If love is not our conscious choice, we will find ourselves living in fear as an unconscious choice, which will keep our thinking mind in a constant state of externalization. Externalization gives us the overall sense of being taken advantage of by everyone that we know. As we externalize our reality, we feel rejected by everyone that we come in contact with throughout our daily life. As we feel rejected, we also feel unloved. Once we become conscious of this scenario taking place within our thinking mind, we begin to realize that we are not living our loving emotions even though we expect everyone to be living their loving emotions towards us.

Understanding how we live our fear emotions, before we can open our thinking mind to live our loving emotions, is a gigantic step forward for us. The physical nature of our ego and intellectual soul mind which sees life with an external perception is not now and never has been about loving us and lifting us forward to see the true image of who we are and where we are going. As we have been evolving, our intellectual mind has been focused on itself more intensely than on other concepts, understandings, or people. This has created a very basic self-absorption that has gotten in the way of our thinking mind’s growth and change. As we learn to live our loving emotions, we have the power to lift ourselves out of our hopelessness, to be creative, and to be beautifully constructive in designing our future lives.

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