Monday, April 13, 2009

What's Not to Love? We Are Who We Have Designed Ourselves to Be

Our life - now and forever – is solely of our own creation. We cannot credit the influences of mother, father, spouse, lover, children or anyone else, for the person we are and the actions we take. We are who we have designed ourselves to be.

Reaching the level of awareness allows us to accept the responsibility for the creation of self. Accepting the total responsibility for the creation of self gives us the freedom of change.

If we continue to blame another person for the person that we are, we fear change, because change will require that we accept the responsibility for ourself. If we accept responsibility, we will not have the safety net of blaming someone else. Placing blame is a fear of accepting responsibility. Placing blame is merely a symptom of the deep-rooted fear of separation that is overwhelming in our society.

With the freedom of change we can look within the true self, and make the changes that will give us the peace of awareness. We can remove the stresses of our life, by changing the perception we have of the people and events which we encounter on a daily basis. The perception that we have of any and all situations in our life creates the reality of the situations in our life.

An example of this creation by perception would be the relationship that we have with the people with whom we spend eight hours of our business day. Do we see these people as negative, angry, non-talkative, defensive in their daily interaction with us? Do we find people to be unfriendly or abusive in their dealings with people?

Try to perceive the good traits in people. Try changing your perception, and focus on one positive feature. Bring out the positive qualities to the people themselves. Compliment them. Find good truths to relate to them in a loving way.

We are energy and we function not only from our own energy but from the energy of other people. If we see only the negative energy in other people, we are failing to accept the responsibility and strength of our own energy forces. Therefore, we allow the energy of others to control the energy of self. We must learn control of our own energy. We must learn not to be controlled by the energy of others.

Within every soul there are good and honest virtues. Perceive the good. Focus on the positive. This will send them your energy of love. The negative energy of another person will be cancelled out by our positive energy. We can always overcome negative energy with positive energy.

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