Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mental Illness and Hidden Memories

When we become conscious of how we literally grow and change from the influence of our internal chemical memories, it becomes easier to understand that we have chemical hidden memories of each and every one of our past lives that are supporting us in this lifetime with the lessons that we must learn.  When we remain unaware of these hidden memories, they can be triggered within our thinking mind and we can simply lose track of the reality of who we are today.  Mental hospitals are full of individuals that are remembering very ancient and primitive hidden memories from other lifetimes that they cannot and will not be able to relate to other human beings in their physical reality of today.  When we begin to understand our hidden memories and the focus of our thinking mind on either the past hidden memories or the present, we will be able to help these individuals to reclaim their lifetimes today and progress in their own evolution of the thinking mind. 

Many times a thinking mind that is not taught to or allowed the freedom to truly think out of the box of our fear beliefs is the mind that reflects back into its own history and begins to live from these hidden memories today.  Our thinking mind is following a pattern of evolution that is constantly attempting to move the mind into different levels of thinking, emotions, and sensing that will allow the thinking mind to become a Trinity of Spirit Consciousness to know itself.  If we focus on simply believing ancient beliefs rather than our growth and change, we can prevent our own evolution and devolve in our next lifetime as a reflection of our devolution in this lifetime.

The hidden memories that are becoming known to our thinking mind today will seem to us to be the reality of our physical existence in this lifetime.  The hidden memories that many people are experiencing today are so real and intense that they will not be able to tell the difference between their physical reality and their hidden memory reality.  A hidden memory is designed and functions the same identical way as our conscious thoughts do. The only difference is that our thinking mind is exploring the neurons that are stored within our brain as our hidden memories rather than sticking to the “point of thinking” that we are using today.  This is a common experience when we are attempting to integrate our thinking mind with our loving emotions. Our thinking mind focuses on approximately 10-30 percent of its developed neurons, which allows us to feel secure in our present-day lesson.  When we are attempting to integrate our thinking mind with our loving emotions, we cannot help but open ourselves to the energy of our past life neurons, as our hidden memories, along the way. 

Once we recognize what we are doing in our neuronal communication, we can write the communication down and know that it is a hidden memory rather than a current event.  Hidden memories are the story of our past and our future thinking, which is something that we must live through to realize that we absolutely do experience more than one physical life in our eternal life.  It is our ancient religious beliefs that are challenged to stay current with the growth of our thinking mind, because when we believe that we live only one life, we cannot explain within our own thinking mind to ourselves where the very different memory is coming from.  When we cannot recognize a source of our hidden memories, we can unconsciously harm ourselves and other people without any realization of what or why we are thinking and doing what we are doing.
When we believe that we live only one physical lifetime, we cannot understand the instant flashbacks in memory that our thinking mind will experience in its own growth and change.  Therefore, before we can heal our thinking mind of its fear of hidden memories, we must consciously accept that we are eternal Spiritual beings that have lived endless lifetimes in our billions of years on Earth.  As Spiritual beings we are energy and as physical beings we are matter.  To be Spiritual beings we must learn how to use the matter of our physical design through our Spiritual energy design and function.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Self-Disclosure and Our Hidden Memories

Why are we fearful of self-disclosure?  Why are we afraid to analyze the environment of our thinking mind, and realize why we are leading ourselves into fear rather than love? Could it be because we are judging ourselves, which allows us to reflect our internal judgment externally towards other people, while we remain fearful of looking at ourselves and defining the fears that we continue to live?  Our beliefs and behaviors always become the environment that we create within our physical life and that we actively live every moment of our physical lives. In effect, we fear our hidden memories because we believe that we live only one physical life, and we cannot bear to face our own internal self-judgment and fears of not being perfect in the reflection of our physical image of who we are into the environment that we live within.

It is hard for us to accept that our hidden memories are always being made known to us internally and that these same hidden memories can be responsible for the life choices that we make and live.  As we think and speculate about who we are in this physical world of Earth, we are aware of only a very small fraction of the energy that makes us human and that we live day by day in our physical lives.  Our internal image of ourselves only focuses on the ego concepts of who we think we are, and not on the external image of our relationship to and with our fellow human beings.  Yet every day that we live and interact with other people, we are reflecting a composite picture of the truth of who we are, despite the fact that our ego will at the same time be furiously painting another picture of ourselves within our thinking mind that will allow us to feel superior or inferior to our family, friends, and acquaintances.  

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Our Journey Into Love

Many people think they are living the truth while they are lying, cheating, and stealing. We don’t see learning to live truth as a lesson. And we don’t see the other aspects – lying, cheating, and stealing – as lessons. These are patterns of acting out rebellion within the soul. Some people don’t seem to know there is such a concept as truth. Truth for our soul is a truth we have to learn and live through our physical experience.

There are all levels of truth. But truth lives within us, not totally external to us. How do we choose what we want to learn? We of course choose it with soul influence, but we also choose it with the influence of our heart, the emotional self. It behooves each and every one of us to learn about and to live our emotional self.

As human beings we are designed with three distinct parts: our mental and emotional self, physical self, and sensory self. These three parts of us reflect into the world the particular thoughts, behaviors, and actions of who we are. No one can escape the patterns they create and reflect to the world without their own intention being used.

Our life is designed through love. If we do not understand the love within, how can we reflect the love within externally to us? If everyone lived their love, we would erase most of the problems we create and encounter as human beings on Earth.

The emotional self is in reality the foundation of us as human beings.  We have a tendency to think that we are physical and nothing else, but of course that is not true. We are first of all energy, and part of our energy is our emotional soul. If we do not understand this pattern, we will abuse it and attempt to destroy it within our mind. It is as though we were using a cleaning system on the mind to take away the good and reinforce the bad.  If we want to be human we must first be human in our understanding and conduct (Ethical Values). If we do not understand ourselves as a soul, a spirit, and a physical being, obviously we are denying and not using vital parts of our design.

Learning to live within our entire design helps us to be more human, more conscious, and it helps us to design our life in a happy and healthy way. We must understand ourself if we want to learn and live the journey into love.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

New Growth and Lasting Change

Life is a river. At times the water is muddy and turbulent. At times the water is crystal clear and smooth as glass. But in each experience there is the consistency of movement and change. As in the river, the change in the life of man is internal and at times hidden from the eyes of man.

In change there is always the creation of new growth. The change that occurs within man creates a lasting change. As in the river, the structure of the flow in life has changed and it will never return to its original form.

When man views a river, he will see only the surface water. The water that is flowing below the surface can be very strong and purposeful as it rushes along seeking, but knowing not what it seeks. The river has a pattern to follow and it will follow this pattern without fail, until the water becomes greater than the pattern can accommodate.

Once the river is full to overflowing it will change and develop a new direction, a new path of existence. So, too, will the mind of man.

For man the pattern structure of the flow of energy is determined by the belief system that the mind has attached itself to. This belief system will be naturally changed by the flow of life. If man allows himself to be open to the flow of life's experience, he will be full to overflowing. Without this openness, the experience will be forced to follow the pattern that is in place and growth will be restricted and confined.

With restriction, growth will give way to stasis, confinement, and suppression. Man must continue to move with the energy within, and to grow from the energy within. Change by movement of energy is the definition of life and living.