Monday, December 29, 2008

Love is the Emotional, Feeling Part of Our Humanity

"Love encompasses a multitude of emotions and feelings. These lesser emotions are offshoots of the primary emotion and have lesser capacity to function as an overall concept. Some of them are gladness, happiness, joy, enchantment, ecstasy, beatitude, and many, many others. All are essentially expressions of love.
Love can cause a rush of blood through your body that suddenly makes you feel like you are enveloped in the cocoon of a warm fuzzy. It is peaceful, sweet, loving and joyful. It is indeed health. It is the shining white light of spiritual protection.
Love dilates your blood vessels and carries vital oxygen to each and every cell in your body. It helps you grow in body, mind and spirit.
Love broadens your concept of humanity. It makes friends out of enemies. It opens your heart and allows your spirit to bloom as a rose will bloom in the spring. It makes work play. It gives the mind freedom to soar. Love is life. It is spirit, it is hope. It truly is the nectar of the Gods.
It is the appreciation of and joining of love that controls the evolution of the soul. Love's reality is the spirit of the body and mind. Without love we have no spirit, no hope, no joy for the living. We have severe damage to one of our integrated parts.
The spirit - the infinite energy- the God part of us, is also the happy, joyful loving part of us. It is the emotional, feeling part of our humanity."

(The Joy of Health, 240) The Joy of Health was my first book, published in 1989.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Looking for a Priceless Gift?

Consider Kathy Oddenino's Books -

The mixing of the multiple patterns that I describe in Healing Ourself explains to us the multiple patterns of our dual soul growth over aeons of physical time. I have explained the patterns of this journey into our Spirit Consciousness in The Journey Home. The cycles of evolution that we live in our relationships are described in Sharing. I wrote about our internal pattern of dual soul depression as we begin these evolutionary changes in Depression, and what it means as a dual soul to understand our sensory response to the mind and the emotional self from the dual soul levels that we live during this period of our evolution. In Bridges of Consciousness, I address the lessons of our external image of God versus our internal image of a Spirit God that is consistently guiding our every thought as the internal design of our Spirit Consciousness.

Several of my books cover the nutritional patterns that support us in maintaining our cellular health, especially The Joy of Health and Healing Ourself, which define our chemical creation and evolution through different levels of our dual soul patterns in each lifetime and our eternal connection to Nature, Earth and the Universe as a Spirit Consciousness. Love, Truth & Perception introduces the reader to the integration of our Ethical Values into our everyday life and shows us how we weave our Ethical Values into our physical reality as we change and grow.

In my 8th book, Spirit Consciousness: Our Intelligent Design, I explain why we are all "healers" by design and how to understand and activate our healing potential.

We are made to support our health and abundance, as we did before we believed that technology and its "science" were gifts of God and the ultimate in our self-discoveries! As more and more of us are sick, and our institutions crumble, we find the greatest hope in Knowing Ourselves and the love that internal wisdom inspires. Spiritual Philosophy is a gift that will change your mind forever.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shifting the Mind into Love

Thank you, those of you who attended my last seminar of 2008!

Learning how to live our loving emotions is a major change for us as human beings, and it is vital to our energy concept of self. We must accept total responsibility for who we are and how we see the rest of our human interaction with other people. We have been taught to focus on ourselves and our "God" externally, which is not the perfect combination of using energy in matter. Our internal understanding of ourselves as energy beings is much greater than our external understanding of any major part of our life and living in multiple physical lives as physical beings. Once we clearly understand that we are a thinking mind and loving emotions as the energy fields that make us the Soul Consciousness that we are, we begin to have more faith in who we are and why we are living in a physical life. Once we understand that we are designed as a Dual Soul consciousness, we begin to see that as a Dual energy field, our Soul is both energy and matter, which defines our level of Spirit Consciousness. The physical representation of our Dual Soul Consciousness as energy is female loving emotions and our male, thinking mind, which live equally in both the male and female human being.

Once we can shift into our loving emotions, we begin to live our life by using the Ethical Values as the foundation of our human behavior. All we have to do is to imagine in our thinking mind what our entire world would be like if we loved ourselves and all other people from the energy of our loving emotions.

What is Love?
Love is caring.
Love is happiness.
Love is enthusiasm.
Love is excitement.
Love is Joy.
Love is bliss.
Love is passion.
Love is ecstasy.

Being a Spiritual person is worth the growth and changes that we must make, because fear is not a part of our Spiritual design. Fear is our response to ignorance as a thinking mind. Learn to live Spiritual Ethics as your lifestyle of growth and change, which will allow you to emerge into your loving emotional self as a thinking mind.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All of life is created by the interaction of relationships.

There can be multiple active participants and multiple passive participants, depending upon the nature of the event.

If there is an airplane accident and 286 people are instantly killed, you will have 286 active participants. If there are people that are killed in the crash on the ground, they are active participants. The passive participants will include all of the people that are related to those that are killed. They will experience the strongest vibration and therefore are in varying levels of active and passive participation.

The levels of vibrations will then spread out to all passive participants who felt an effect from the energy of the vent and the deaths. This will include those who read of the incident, saw it on television, listened to an account being reported on the radio, or heard the story through a friend. Others may not know of the event and will have no effect at all from the energy created.

Do you see the effect and how the energy vibrations will change from a dramatic swelling to a smooth surface?

Dramas are always opportunities to change from one level of conscious awareness to another. You change from one level of consciousness to another by an increased awareness of events and people, an openness to emotion and feeling, and by the exposure to new experiences.

As the waves rise and fall from the event, challenges to change will be created for many people. The change will be relative to the force of the vibration and the openess of the individual to the energy vibration. If you are exposed to an energy vibration and you refuse to respond to the energy because of your belief system, you will be denying the opportunity to change and grow.

When resistance and denial occurs, you will create the opportunity to be involved in more expansive events unti you capture your attention. Have you ever heard someone relate a sequence of dramatic events that occurred within his life in a string effect? This person is trying to get his attention to raise his level of consciousness.

Spirits will choose to enter into the physical realm with the express purpose of creating change. Change must be created in numerous ways for the intention to be fully understood within the physical world. In your physical perspective the spirit activity may be viewed as dramatic or traumatic. It is only the intensity of the vibrations that you are feeling that will create the desired effect. Seizing the attention of the physical world creates drama that is not understood in your world. The physical reason for the drama will not be understood by the consciousness of man. On a spirit level you will understand.

In life the physical body is finite. It has a beginning and it has an end. When you are born you are moving towards physical death. When you die, it will be your free choice. Your choice will be designed into your relationship to your life. In the physical perspective death will not be accepted as choice until you are open to the spirit understanding within.

Your choice of lessons can be viewed in how you treat your body, the activities that you choose to be involved in, and your concept of life and living. You will always BE, live, speak, and act relative to your belief system which is your consciousness level within the physical world. If you are gentle and loving; if you eat the right foods; if you take as much stress off your body as possible; if you avoid addictions; and seek peace and calm, you are being nice to the physical you. How you treat yourself will be relative to how you treat other people. You are the outside image of the inside energy of you. The energy within creates the energy without. (Sharing, pp. 88-89)

My next seminar, on November 9th, is on Shifting the Mind into Love. This will be my last seminar of 2008!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shifting the Mind into Love

It is time for my last seminar of the year! (The next time we get together for a seminar, our country will have a new president!) This seminar is on Shifting the Mind into Love.

Living our love is an opportunity to see the beauty and magic that lives in every human being. Imagine what our world would be like if we loved ourselves and all other people from the energy of our loving emotions. Once we recognize that our loving emotions far surpass our fear emotions, we will find the strength within us to shift from fear to love as our eternal emotions, which we will use to interact with other people. This is vital to our growth because it shows us that we have shifted from our external Dual Soul thinking mind to our internal Dual Soul loving emotions. For our Dual Soul this is a dramatic shift in our energy that controls our daily behaviors in our relationships. This negotiates our Dual Soul change from the external focus of "sex" (matter) to the internal focus of love (energy). Learning how to live our loving emotions is a major change for us as human beings, and it is vital to changing our concept of self and to understanding the trinity of our brain and the Dual Soul that we are living.

This change is is desperately needed in our world today, and we are each responsible for creating positive or negative energy in the world. Once we stabilize our internal love, we begin to recognize the value of our relationships as human beings, which keeps us from fighting wars on any level. Visit my web site for more info. on the seminar.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Human Energy within the Universal System

We have not grown and changed recently as human beings, because our thinking mind is bogged down in physical drivel that is inappropriate for human beings at this time in their evolution. Most illnesses are self-induced, and others are induced by the medical community itself because it does not understand the energy of the human species, therefore many of the behaviors of medicine are counter-productive to human health. The challenge of the medical community is that they simply do not realize that human beings are created as energy beings first and matter second. Without this knowledge medicine does more harm than good, especially in the treatment of systemic diseases. The machines that are used to treat humans have a disastrous effect on the human energy fields and create multiple deaths in the process of “healing.” Each individual Soul will have to live what they do not know, therefore what we are doing to other people will become a major Dual Soul lesson for us to learn as it is done to us.

Our human energy is unique within the Universal System because of its trinity design. We are energy (as chemicals), water (chemicals), and matter (chemicals) as human beings. We are male, female, and Spirit Consciousness. In most lives we are dominant in either our male or female focus of consciousness and physical matter, despite having both male, female, and Spirit energies to work with as we grow and change. We can spend countless physical lives before we realize that we are eternal energy beings living in finite matter. Our finite matter can be reborn in any form that we choose as a human being. We must always honor the orb of energy that we have evolved into or we will return to the very basic orb of energy that is still choosing between animal and mammal. To make it simple, the energy of our thinking mind makes the difference. Do we think lofty thoughts that fly or do we think thoughts that follow us into our burial ground, to be understood in our next lifetime? The secret of our physical life is always in our thoughts and how we use them to enhance our Spirit Consciousness energy.

When our thinking mind dwells on competition, we are really competing with ourselves. A competitive mind will never allow anyone else to be right, because if another person were right a competitive mind would judge itself as wrong. Our ego is a separate energy orb that our thinking mind must deal with and conquer. When we live with our ego energy until death, we will bring our ego energy back with us into our next life, because our thinking mind sees our ego energy as the sacred image of self. Once we understand how we return to new life with our ego energy, it helps us to understand life after death as a reality. Sometimes the continuation of our life force energy is harder for us to grasp as part of our reality than our acceptance of death, which makes it imperative that we know our continuing energy as the energy of our Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness. Our Dual Soul is the energy of our thinking mind and loving emotions, and the Dual Soul is an integrated part of our Eternal Spirit Consciousness Energy during both life and death, which shows us the internal and eternal power of our Spirit Senses.

It is our Spirit Senses that guide our Dual Soul thinking mind and loving emotions, from one life into another life. As a Dual Soul we always have things to learn during each physical lifetime and it is our Dual Soul that grows through the everyday use of our thinking mind and loving emotions. Each subject that we must learn can take us hundreds of lifetimes of living the experience before we “get” the energy of the lesson as a Dual Soul. All of us are familiar with how we begin to learn as an infant and continue to learn as we grow into adulthood or until death parts us from life. It is always the energy of our Spirit Consciousness as our orb of continuous life that pulls all of our learning together in each lifetime to deposit it into the energy orb of our Spiritual design, which makes all of our knowledge available to us in our future lives.

Have you ever wondered how someone knows something as a small child that you have not yet understood in your life? This should answer your question. The energy of us is at all times accumulative from one life to another life, and this especially escalates when we begin to accept that we live more than one physical lifetime and that we take our “energy” memory with us. If we believe that we live only one lifetime, we will not accept the memory of our internal Spirit Consciousness in relationship to any and all memories. We will simply deny that any memory exists within our thinking mind. But the memory of our thinking mind and loving emotions will be able to make itself known in our responses to life’s experiences and our memory of the physical body. Many infants will show a wonderful memory response to their parents, grandparents, and other members of the family.

When we do not realize that we live more than one lifetime, we can certainly drop many of our memories that we could use to understand our physical reality. Drawing on past-life memory is a joyous event, and it helps us to realize that we are more than what we may have been taught that we are. Knowing that we have past lives also helps us to recall information as students when we are very young. The faster we learn to remember who we are, the more exciting our life becomes and the more that we can accomplish because we are not restricting ourselves with ancient belief systems, therefore we are not competing with ourselves but we are accepting of ourselves as an eternal energy of Spirit Consciousness. As we learn to actively use our energy orb of eternal light as we grow and change to live multiple lifetimes, we become an asset to ourselves and we no longer compete with our light of eternal memory as our energy orb.

Only people who do not understand energy and do not understand us as an energy first and matter second, can live in doubt of our capabilities of growth as an energy being. We have different levels of energy that make us human. We have the energy of the mind, memory, emotions, and senses that travel with us as we move from one physical life to the next physical life. This is our conditioned memory from each and every life that we live. Our senses also cover the conditioned memory of our past physical lives as well as our thinking mind and loving emotions. Once we understand that this is the energy of our accumulative memory that goes with us from one life to the next life, we begin to see that life is always competing with death as an eternal form of competition.

Life itself is in a competition with death because as a living energy, we choose to remember the energy of us even if we deny the matter of us, which allows us not to take qualities with us into our next life that we have not admired within our own personality and thought process in this lifetime. This transference of qualities that may not be supportive of who we are creates an opportunity for us to use death as our escape from life. Therefore when we absorb an energy orb of light that is not to our liking, we can call upon all of our stored and suppressed internal energy to change that energy as we move into a new lifetime, which keeps us from remembering the same energy in the next lifetime.

This is the source of what is called “conversion” by many religions, because it gives us the adaptability of change during our physical life, which we can then consciously use rather than attempting to compete with ourselves through living the same energy lifetime after lifetime as we refuse to change. As human energy we need all of the help that we can get in understanding ourselves and how we change, therefore religion has served a very valuable purpose for our Dual Soul that knows it must learn how to accept itself if it wants to continue with evolution as change. It is imperative for us, as human beings, to accept change while we are alive and well rather than accepting change as a deathbed maneuver, because when we accept change consciously as living and breathing human beings, we can live the joy of the change in our physical lives which allows us to appreciate the change and the outcome of the change.

We live our competition with life because of change being essential to our life. Making changes gracefully as we live helps us to learn the importance of energy. When we refuse to change, we are refusing to use the energy of change. When we welcome change, we are gratefully using the energy of change. When we are living our competition as a physical lesson, we will resist change as long as we can. Our energy has a way of playing our energy forward when we live change and playing it backwards when we deny change. Therefore we create the reaction of our own internal energy by the way that we approach life. Are we willing to change and grow, or do we resist all change and growth? It is good when we try to grow and change because the Spirit of us knows that we are trying to learn.

When we resist growth and change the Spirit Consciousness of us sees us as resisting all forward movement, which inspires our Dual Soul to create drama and trauma in our physical life to capture our attention, which will hopefully initiate change. Our Spirit Consciousness, as the energy orb of our human body, wants us to always learn, grow, and shine like a star in the sky. When change does not occur, the drama and trauma that is the result of abusing our own Spirit Consciousness as an energy orb falls to lower and lower frequencies because of our lack of support from our intellect. Each dramatic change in the energy orb of our Spirit Consciousness creates a yo-yo effect in our thinking mind as we slide back and forth in what we think we want and who we think we are. Every laborious effect that we launch against our own thinking mind, dims the energy orb of our Spirit Consciousness dramatically in our attempt to capture attention as competition.

Our internal Spirit Consciousness, as the energy orb of light that defines who we are as Spiritual human beings, has multiple levels of consciousness energy to learn how to use. This helps us to see how our thinking affects our behaviors which dims the shine of our Spirit Consciousness and moves us backwards into the challenges of the physical. Every physical temper tantrum of our thinking mind disrupts the energy orb of our Spirit Consciousness and pulls us backwards into our fear. When we are living through these resistive energies and denying change, we are attempting to capture our attention to force ourselves to complete the lessons that we are attempting to learn, which can and will change the energy of how we are viewing ourselves and our lives. We can be happy, or we can be sad. Our choice of how we live our life and our relationships is “our life” which we consciously choose to live and which always reflects the level of energy that we have grown into at this time in our evolution as an energy of Spirit Consciousness. It is important that we allow our Spirit Consciousness to shine with the energy orb of our Spirit, instead of forcing ourselves under a rock, which prevents us and other people from seeing the purity of the energy orb of light from our Spirit Consciousness that is guiding us through our physical experiences of life.

It is rather amusing when people have a belief that they are simply their physical persona and they continue to live through their fear beliefs as they challenge every other person around them. The constant process of challenging everyone around us, simply shows us that we do not understand the energy of our Spirit Consciousness and the power of our Spirit Consciousness energy. We literally wrap our human body in the energy orb of the level of Spirit Consciousness that we are living. Spirit Consciousness is our internal and eternal light, that creates the energy orb that we live within. We have the power to change our energy levels by learning about ourselves, changing how we relate to other people, and allowing our Spirit Consciousness to expand in its energy, which allows our entire energy field to grow and expand in the intensity of our internal love. If we are not living our love, we will not reflect the same internal light externally to other people, because we are not using the intensity of light within our thinking mind and physical body. It is our internal light of love from our internal Spirit Consciousness that allows other people to love us with their internal light of love. Once we understand the energy of love as the basis of our Spirit Consciousness, we are able to see the energy that we emit and that other people emit as their orb of light. This light manifestation is not understood by the average person because we see ourselves as physical matter. But the light core of us is always the energy of our Spirit Consciousness, which shines like a star within our personality. As we use the light energy of our Spirit Consciousness, we become a “star” on Earth. Our stardom is not a physical condition, but it is the energy condition of our Spirit Consciousness that we are either hiding from or freely using in our daily physical life.

From the very beginning of our human life on Earth, we have been an energy of Spirit Consciousness which shines as an orb of light. This is one reason that human beings have always been fascinated by the stars in the sky. Our internal orb of light creates us on Earth as stars of Spirit Consciousness. When we are living through our fear, uncertainty, and make-believe as human beings, our orb of light from our Spirit Consciousness is not seen because it is cloaked in the black robe of fear that we are hiding within. When it is our intention to shine as a Spirit Consciousness, we must learn the truth of who we are and then we must live the truth of who we are. If we live from fear, the orb of light that is our Spirit Consciousness cannot be seen because the properties of fear are darkness which masks the purity of our light. As more people grow and change and learn the capability of adjusting their vision, we will see more orbs of light in the lightness of day and in the darkness of night.

In learning the truth of Spirit Consciousness, we learn the truth of our own creation as energy beings of eternal light. We were first created as an eternal light energy of Spirit Consciousness that created the design of our human body from Earth and Nature to give us a design of self that we could use in our growth and change. We have never to this day understood ourselves as energy beings, but now we must change and begin to recognize that it is our energy essence that is expanding. As energy beings, we never die but we consistently change our physical form when we destroy our previous creation. In understanding ourselves as energy beings living in matter, we can create a harmony between our energy and our physical body to prevent illness and early death. The eternal energy of us is our Spirit Consciousness, which lives as an energy orb that we recognize as the energy of light.

(copyright 2008, Kathy Oddenino - excerpt from seminar handout)

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Law of Action and Reaction

Perception is based on the intellect, the ego, the belief system, the understanding, the awareness level and the soul memory. Each of our realities is a web of trilocular design, overlapping and merging to create the next design.

The development of the soul memory in your physical world changes your perception of all actions. These memories primarily have to do with past lessons learned. Soul memory will prevent the absorption of your belief system and is another indication of an old soul on Earth. Old souls do not need the support of societal beliefs. They are more comfortable standing alone. They do not view the world as a place of competition with their immediate contemporaries, but rather as a classroom for the development of their own soul. They certainly participate in life to learn lessons, but they do so on a dynamically different vibratory level. The vibratory level is determined by the intention for involvement.

What we already understand influences our reaction to each and every happening. That is true on a physical level just as it is true on a soul memory level and a spirit memory level. Lessons learned do not have to be relearned in the spirit world. It is only on Earth that man creates illusion which requires relearning, to allow true learning. In the spirit world there is only truth, love and perfection. There is no illusion in the spirit world.

All lessons learned become instant spirit memory. But in the physical sense learned is the key word in this statement. Many lessons that man considers to be learned are just a momentary awareness that in itself becomes lost with new participation in life. It is for this reason that man is seen to continue making the same mistakes over and over in a lifetime. If he fails to truly learn, he will bring that lesson back with him in the next incarnation. A lesson that continues to return with each incarnation is identified in your world as KARMA.

Spirit memory is reflected in the function of the intuitive mind. This is in no way connected to the function of the intellect. Intellect and ego require scientific support. Intuition requires faith and trust in the Godself. Intellect and ego usually find faith and trust untrustworthy. Intellect usually designates people functioning from faith and trust, with a variety of names which mankind is familiar with. Those souls are still at a primary level of searching. They have many lessons to learn on Earth.

When a soul incarnates to the Earth plane, it comes to Earth with a spiritual prospectus. It has total awareness at that moment of all the lessons that it wants to learn. A plan has been formulated with other souls that outlines the various paths that can be chosen for this to be accomplished.

The other souls that have agreed to help with this learning process are identified. You choose your parents, your siblings, some of your other relatives, the people you will meet in life, those you will marry. At that moment you know what your course is, in a loose format. but along with this knowing, you are given the free will of choice.

As you become involved in life, and the Law of Action and Reaction, actions occur in relationship to the design. The reactions then are determined, not by the spiritual prospectus, but by the belief system that you have absorbed as a physical being.

Only lessons are predetermined. How you eventually learn them, depends on your perception, the soul memories, your awareness, and your actions and reacitons to the influences in this physical existence. There is no right or wrong. Life simply IS.

Leaders are not afraid to choose by personal choice, rather than group influence. But if you learn to depend on the group influence, it will help mold the reality you create as life.

It takes soul involvement to have the courage to be different in your world. It takes faith, trust and personal strength. It takes an intuitive knowing that you can do anything you want to do, if you truly want to do it. Start developing the traits that Become You.

Joy of Health, 64-66

The Light of Our Spirit Consciousness

The light of our Spirit Consciousness is the truth of who we are, and if we suppress the light of our Spirit Consciousness, we reduce our energy fields strictly to the outline of our physical concepts of self. This helps us to identify our "competition" as a means of restricting our own internal energy fields, which certainly dims our "orbs of light" as they shine into the Universal System, which includes Earth. Because we create our own personal "orbs of light" through the level of energy that we are living, it behooves us to know that the more expansive our internal energy levels of our thinking mind and loving emotions are, the more we love ourselves and all other people. Internally we are not designed to compete because we are designed through the loving energy orbs of our Spirit Consciousness, which we can and do reflect into the world around us as light energies when we reach this stage of our evolution.

Competition is now being lived by most people in some aspect of our lives, which contributes to the restriction of our own internal energy, even when we do not recognize that we are living competition. When we retrict our own energy fields, we will not be conscious of the energy fields of another person. Competition is now considered normal and fun by most people, which helps us to understand the proverbial concept of why oil and water do not mix, and why certain personalities are repelling to us. For instance, competition in a small office, a small group of people, or small community can be very distracting and have no truly good qualities to be shared. Distorted energy allows us to see that our competition is not just physical, it also includes the mental and emotional aspects of our behavior, which changes the entire energy of any and all of our relationships.

excerpt from my upcoming class handout - Sept. 28, this Sunday!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Truth of Cancer

Cancer is at this time a devastating, heartbreaking surprise for most people, which can and does totally change our lives and the lives of our family members. It seems to simply appear without any warning, which turns us from a healthy human being into a ravaged and sick human being. Because cancer can and does strike without warning and has no respect for age, gender, or our own personal intentions, we must begin to look at cancer differently and to realize and acknowledge within our own mind that medicine does not know how to prevent or to heal cancer. Therefore when we find ourselves living with cancer, we can very easily be walking down the path of death. But there is a way to prevent and to heal cancer, and the sooner we start taking care of ourselves, the more important our thinking and behaviors are going to be in healing our human body.

We are chemical beings. Never forget this reality. Where do we get the chemicals that we must replace as our body uses them up in its normal function? Breathing, drinking, and eating are the normal ways that we replace the chemicals within our body that we use up simply by living our life. Therefore it behooves us to breathe clean air, drink pure water, and eat organically grown foods. Cancer is started within our internal cells when we do not replace the precise chemicals that our body needs to stay healthy. If we eat foods that are contaminated with chemicals that are not part of our chemical design, then we in turn contaminate the cells within our physical body through the foods we eat, what we drink, and the air that we breathe. Our physical body must have the chemicals of nature to function properly and in a healthy way. It is our personal responsibility to eat, drink, and breathe as a means of preserving our human cellular chemical design, which means that the quality of air, water, and foods that we eat determines our level of cellular health.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Energy is Real

Have you ever thought about yourself as a slinky?

We are designed to learn and to grow as a thinking mind, loving emotions, Spirit Senses, and as as physical/energy composite of energy memories. Our energy memories are learned and defined through our thinking mind, loving emotions, and infinite Spirit Senses as a human being. As we live as physical beings, we learn the Ethical Values of what it means to live as a physical being through the energies of our thinking mind, loving emotions, and infinite Spirit Senses, which acts out the lessons for the Dual Soul and leaves us with a composite picture of the level that we have reached as physical beings and how we are living our intention to become Spiritual Beings. When we have not yet reached the level of understanding of ourselves as energy beings, we will see life and death as simply physical events. Once we realize that life is about learning and changing, we will be able to look at our lives and clearly understand what we have learned and what more we have to learn as an energy field.

Our Ethical Values are the internal patterns of our Spirit Consciousness energy, which we are striving to learn how to live.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Philosopher Sighting - Memories linger!

Our friend Mary Ann Roesler took this picture at a book signing at Borders in Annapolis years ago

Ethical Values: Levels of Thinking and Behaving

Ethical Values are always our challenge to learn and live. We can write them down on a piece of paper, but the secret of our Ethical Values is learning how to live them internally each and every moment of our daily lives. The first three Ethical Values are Love, Truth and Equality. We must always learn to live each Ethical Value as the structure of our physical lives. When we start with Love and we attempt to learn love, how do we live it. In our mind, love is synonymous with sex, therefore we seek various sexual pursuits. As we look externally for "love," we are living many emotions of fear, but love probably never truly comes into the picture in our mind. We can ask ourselves "why" we would not be living love and we can try to understand that we cannot live fear and love at the same time.

Loving ourselves is the "key" to loving someone else. How can we live love towards another person when we do not live love towards ourselves? We can't, and we won't, because when we are not loving ourselves, we cannot understand how to show love to anyone that is external to us. Our emotions are always reflective energies. If we are angry with ourselves, we will feel anger towards every person that we come in contact within our daily life. When we are living in fear, we reflect fear. When we live in love, we reflect love. It is important for us to understand that we wear our emotions "on our sleeve" for everyone to see. If we are walking around cloaked in fear, everyone can feel our fear. If we are walking around cloaked in love, everyone can feel our love. If we are living our lives through a web of lies, everyone can feel our lies. If we are living our lives through the depths of truth, everyone feels truth within us. The level of energy that we are living has a dramatic effect upon our physical lives, the friends that we collect, and the excitement of our thinking mind.

Never forget that we are energy. Love and fear are energies. When we are engulfed in any form of fear emotion, we are wearing the entirety of our emotions as our "Emperor's new clothes, " which is what this "fable" is communicating to us. All of our Ethical Values are levels of love energy that we must learn how to live. If we cannot live our Ethical Values, we must make a conscious choice to study and learn how to live our Ethical Values , because this is our pattern of growth and change as energy beings. Learning to live our Ethical Values protects us as energy beings as we live our physical lives, gives us more happiness and joy, focuses our energy into greater areas of learning and growing, and it conditions our thinking mind in truth, which we must learn before we can live successful lives where we learn the Ethical Values by living them as our everyday behavior. These are the Dual Soul levels of growth and change into higher energy forms.

When love is the Ethical Value that we are living, we must love everyone, even when we choose not to be around those whose energy is abusive to us. Choosing to remove ourselves from the energy levels of another person is a protective issue. Therefore when we learn to live our Ethical Values, we learn to love self in an all-encompassing manner, which makes it unhealthy for us to be surrounded by energy that is living at a lower level and therefore dramatically abusive to us. Energy is always the internal design that allows us to choose our own level of energy within our personal family, friends, and acquaintances. We should and we must avoid energy within other people that is toxic to us. We always find ourselves feeling this energy, and if our own energy levels are at a low ebb, we can take on this negative energy and do harm to ourselves. When we are collecting friends, it is important to look at the equality of the energy levels that we want to associate with in our free time.

As we study the Ethical Values, we find our patterns of learning and change. Our first three Ethical values (beginning from the bottom of the list of 33) are compassion, cooperation, and communication. Our compassion for other people and their lives can lead us into relationships that may not be living at the level of consciousness that we are living and that we want to live. Learning to rectify our compassion with other Ethical Values is a primary lesson for our Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness. Our compassion may threaten our own energy fields, which we must learn is inappropriate for us if we want to keep our own internal Spiritual balance. Once we begin to see that our compassion must also be lived with Free Will, Free Choice, and Free Intention, we begin to understand that we have freedom of choice within our own thinking mind to fulfill our free intention, by choosing to do exactly what we must do for our own integrity. It always requires strength and courage to be our own person and not allow other people to control us.

This is showing us some of the patterns of how we live our Ethical Values. The number of patterns that we will encounter in our lives that are there to help us learn our Ethical Values is endless. In contradiction to our Ethical Values, we will present ourselves with many negative lessons that we must learn as we live and interact with other people. This shows us that both our negative and positive energies are at work within our physical lives and it is our intention as a Dual Soul to reach the point where we are focused more on the positive than the negative. When we are consciously learning the Ethical Values of our Spirit Consciousness, we must honor each and every Ethical Value that we have learned by living it as part of our daily lifestyle. If we cannot live our Ethical Values, it is because we have not yet learned our Ethical Values. This helps us see that we can think that we "know it all" without having truly reached the level where we truthfully "know it all." Once we do know it all we are reaching the end of our physical patterns with simply our external energy designs and therefore we must expand our energy principle internally or we will no longer be capable of coming back into a physical lifetime.

This helps us to understand that our levels of internal energy have a distinct purpose that we must be conscious of existing and learn to understand at a greater level than we have ever before understood our internal energy.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Have the Strength and Courage to Accept

As each human being has the strength and courage to accept the soul and spirit through the veil of beliefs, change will be seen in all aspects of society and the world. We will love our freedom of choice in exercising our personal responsibility, and our physical experience of love, healthy, and happiness will be the effect of using our power of creation in total love, truth, and freedom of equality.

Shifting our sense of personal responsibility to ourself rather than science is of extreme importance to us. Believing everything that is put out by science as fact is creating a decreasing level of health for mankind. Medical science is aware of only a relative level of truth perceived from the base of knowledge, physical circumstances, and beliefs of the researcher. Knowledge is incomplete for man at this time as he seeks to expand his awareness of the physical body and mind. Physical circumstances are constantly changing and the beliefs of the researcher are tied to his/her physical nature, beliefs, and intellect, and are captive of the ego.

When science reveals trends that it does not undestand or believe, it ignores those trends. What science does not undestand is more important than what it thinks it understands. Our physical nature is closely connected to Earth as nature and we will always react to the interference of science with unnatural elements. Scientists have lost the memory of the eternal connection that exists with nature and have ignored that connection out of the ignorance of the male, physical nature. Ignoring the necessary support of nature that is totally responsible for our cellular restoraiton and rejuvenation is a way of bringing about death and diseae as we destory our physical and mental health.

Worshipping science and medicine as our savior is the physical need of our ego not to accept personal responsibility for ourself. Creating an illusion within our mind that we are free to abuse our body because medicine ahs the capability to fix it is equal to signing our own death certificate. Creating gods from scientists and physicians puts us in their control, to live from their beliefs, in the same way that religion controls us. Science and medicinen contorl us by our fear of death, religion controls us by our fear of death and jugement after death. Nature is more capable of balancing our physical body and mind than medicine but we must accept personal responbility for our relationship with nature - medicine cannot do it for us.

When we can understand that death is a conscious choice of our soul as a new beginning, we will no longer fear death or judgement. Releasing our fear of death and judgement releases our need for an external God to maintain life at all costs and to redeem us from our sins. This gives us the freedom and personal responsibility to use medicine as it serves us, to use relgions as it serves us, and to be comfortable and loving with our personal power and our freedom of choice. Removing ourself from the control of negative beliefs is healing ourself in both our body and our mind.

Accepting that our evolution as a soul requires that we rend the veil and awaken to our enlightened soul will help us choose a path for growth. Personal responsibility is our inspiration for soul growth. We may feel that we do not understand our soul and the growth that we need to pursue, but we can trigger ourself by beginning to live the lief that we want. If it is our choice to accept personal responsibility, we must consciously choose to accept it within our daily life experience thorugh our beliefs, behavior, and lifestyle.

If it is our choice to be healthy, we must feed our body with the proper air, water, and food as we release the confusion of disease from our mind. If it is our choice to be in a loving relationship, we must consciously be love in our behavior with our partner. If it is our choice to grow, we must look at our beliefs and behavior without fear and consciously release those that do not serve us anymore.

By consciously changing our behavior, we change our thoughts and our words, and we choose the cause that will create the ffect of change that we want within our lives. Our willingness to initate change begins the shift in our conscious responsibility from simply our physical needs of money, possessions, relationships, career, and our ego presence, into the unity of change that includes our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, attitudes, and feelings.

Healing Ourself, 121-122

Monday, August 11, 2008

Let's Look at Lying

My next event is a 3-day Conference/Retreat (August 29-31)on Ethical Values of Thinking and Behaving. As I am writing the handout for the participants who register for the event, I am exploring deep levels of our energy form and how we create ourselves as energy in each life.

One primary pattern of living our hidden memories is lying.

Our hidden memory of our personal and internal behaviors, thinking, and feelings helps us to see that we can create love or we can live the carnage of our fears with pathological thinking, negative behaviors, and our intense lying, especially to family members. Lying is the most consciously destructive behavior towards our human cellular body and towards the entire 33 Ethical Values that are patterned within us. When we live our lives from within a web of lies we can and will destroy our own internal cellular structure. Any negative behavior, especially lying, which is conscious thought within our thinking mind, is always used as a method of deception towards other people. Lying is an energy form that can and will "eat" the healthy human cells and leave the body in a state of decay. Therefore when we live the practice of lying, our human body will bear the brunt of the carnage and we will have to live what we have created. Truth is the design of our Spiritual pattern.

Some people live through lies, because they are attempting to protect themselves from criticism, which motivates them to attempt to speak what they think others want to hear. This avoidance of truth is not seen by these individuals as lying. Instead, it is viewed through these fearful minds as the kindness of telling people what they want to hear. This is a perfect way to understand how we create our perception of life, other people, and especially family by our attempt to reflect to others our own level of conscious awareness, which can be based in lies or truth. Many times we can find ourselves doing, thinking, and feeling from our ancient hidden memories of dramatic lies that we have not visited in many, many lifetimes, which will prevent us from realizing that we are living our hidden memories and losing track of the present-day reality of who we are, where we came from, and why we are here.

"If our intellect, soul, and spirit could work cooperatively together as one mind energy it would not become necessary for any information to be misdirected. Our soul and spirit always communicates within our cells to remind the intellect and ego of its divine presence. When the communication from our cells is not accepted by our ego, disease becomes the way of communication. The organ or system that is chosen as a method of communication with the intellect and ego will represnt the physical symbol of our lesson." Healing Ourself, p. 26.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Live from our Spirit Mind Intention of Doing No Harm

Accepting responsibility for our actions always challenges us because we reflect our beliefs to others, assuming that their beliefs are consistent with our thoughts and beliefs. The ego is full of its notion of supremacy adn it refuses to be distracted by opinions that would not serve its self-centered focus of self-gratification. Our physical nature has not learned humility or patience, and therefore it consistently sees everyone elsein the reflection of its own image, which includes our ego image of God.

Blame and judgement become the symbols of our reflected ego image, which we use to protect our ego from responsibility and from any intellectual assessment of the credibility of our beliefs. Misdirecting our loving energy into a consistent pattern of destructive thoughts, words, and behavior allows the ego to use our past experience as proof of the unfair reality of life. Our ego attempts to con our intellect into its way of thinking to avoid any further investigation into the cause of the repetitious experiences that we are living.

Our repetitious patterns of misdirected mind energy then become the basis of our religious, governmental, and judicial laws, our education, medicine, science, and our businesses, which passes our misdirected mind energy into the societal and world arena to continue our diseasesed thoughts on a global scale.

We are the cause of our diseased personal lives as we reflec tour negative beliefs externally into our physical behavior and relationships. We are the cause of our mental and physical disease when we reflect our negative beliefs internal to ourself. The reflection of our negative beliefs, either internally or externally, determines the level of responsibility that we are subconsciously accepting and living as our reality of life.

Reflecting our convoluted energy inward toward our body and mind is a higher level of personal responsibility than reflecting our negative beliefs outward to affect other people. It is because we refuse to accept responsibility for ourself that self-gratification, greed, crime, and a multitude of other diseased behaviors prevail within the world today.

We must live from our spirit mind intention of doing no harm, despite the dramas that will unfold with this pure mind intention. Lessons are learned through the dramas of our physical experience and will constantly occur to challenge our level of understanding and coping with physical reality.

My next seminar, July 27th, is on Disease Versus Eternal Health. If you want to learn more, join us!

There is more on my book, Healing Ourself: Growing Beyond the True Cause of Disease, on my web site.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Stopping the Carnage

One of the joys of life is being able to look back and analyze the carnage of the human species and find a way to decrease it or stop it. When I graduated from Nursing School in 1951 tuberculosis and polio were the two primary incurable diseases. I chose to accept a nursing position at the old Gallenger Hospital in Washington, D.C. where I could be involved in the research that was being done to cure tuberculosis. There were several very interesting research projects going on at the time and I loved being involved with these studies. It was only about eight months after I started working in tuberculosis that we discovered the medical cure for TB that is still being used today.

The majority of my clients today have cancer and the hospitals are full of cancer. Cancer has reached the epidemic stage in our lives today and nobody seems to know the reason why. Now Multiple Sclerosis is also an epidemic disease and considered fatal. But to me the reasons for cancer and MS are absolutely clear. We are being exposed to many toxic chemicals in every aspect of our lives. Chemicals that are harmful to us are found in everything that we eat, breathe, drink, and use in our daily lifestyles. The medical approach to cancer is "cut it out" or attempt to "kill it with drugs" that might kill the patient before the cancer does. Only a small percentage of doctors use the preventative approach. But the preventative approach is the only approach that will truly both prevent and heal fatal diseases. We are creating cancer and MS in our body primarily because we do not understand the causes of terminal diseases. We must educate ourselves in our own health and happiness.

Our human body is designed to live and function from amino acids which creates our primary cellular design. These amino acids create the cellular patterns of our human body. Amino acids are found in the foods of Nature. Artificially prepared foods generally have no amino acids that are still living and able to function within our human body. As we expose ourselves to chemicals that do not support our internal design, we can create cancer and other terminal diseases. Air deodorants of all types, especially those that are used in homes and cars, can and do cause cancer. The secret to health is eating pure foods that are grown in healthy soils, drinking pure water that is not bottled in plastic bottles which can leach the chemicals in the plastic when they sit in the sun, and breathing contaminated air. We seldom stop and consider what we are doing to our own personal body that can lead us down the path to disease.

We must learn to think for ourselves and to understand that we are chemical beings. We are designed to live from Nature by using pure drinking water, pure foods grown in pure soil, and pure air. Nature when it is unpolluted, provides us with the precise chemicals that we need as air, water, and foods. As human beings, we have destroyed the purity of Nature, our homes, our foods, the air that we breathe, and the water that we drink. We can learn to protect our health, but we cannot learn how to protect our health from most medical professionals who are educated about drugs. Protecting our health is not taking a shopping bag full of medicine every day. We are designed to live from the purity of Nature, and when we eat organic foods, drink pure water, and breathe fresh air, we live a healthier lifestyle that can help prevent many diseases.

Many resources are available to help us educate ourselves and raise our level of thinking about how to support our Intelligent Design rather than destroy ourselves. We must learn to focus on what IS working and why, rather than what ISN'T working and using only our "attack and destroy" thinking as "treatment" which offers very little hope.

Some resources (other than my books) are:

Dr. Russell Blaylock's books - and videos on YouTube Dr. Russell Blaylock is a neurosurgeon who also has a nutritional practice, and has tirelessly researched and taught about the dangers of neurotoxins, the symptoms of which we exhibit in epidemic numbers

Dr. Devra Davis , epidemiologist whose latest book is The Secret History of the War on Cancer
She is the Director of the world’s first Center for Environmental Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public Health. The Secret History of the War on Cancer was a top pick by Newsweek and is being used at major schools of public health, including Harvard, Emory, and Tulane University. The multidisciplinary Center for Environmental Oncology includes experts in medicine, basic research, engineering and public policy, who will develop cutting-edge studies to identify the causes of cancer and propose policies to reduce the risks of the disease.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Disease Versus Eternal Health

What do we do when we are suddenly told that we have a fatal illness? How can we prevent disease along the journey of our life?

We must find the answers to these questions within ourselves and not allow disease to gain an upper hand in our physical life. It is important for each of us to realize that we are at all times the energy of our Spirit Consciousness, that maintains our health and gives us the room that we need to change and grow as a physical being, once we understand the realtionship that we have to our Spirit Consciousness energy. It is our Spirit Consciousness energy that makes us human and that gives us the time that we need to grow into an understanding of ourselves and our human chemical design. When we do not accept that we are essentially energy beings, we see ourselves simply as physical beings that are born to die, which allows us to ignore the beauty of us as eternal beings that are learning and growing with each physical life that we live.

We have been challenged for many years to understand our relationship with disease which can help us grasp the reality of Eternal Health. When we do not understand what makes us sick, we are challenged to understand how to heal ourselves. Healing is the design of our eternal health, which we do not understand because we refuse to accept the fact that we are eternal as human beings living in our energy fields. We see ourselves as simply physical beings that are prone to illness and death. We seldom stop and ask ourselves why we are sick. Now is the time to open our thinking minds to our eternal life design as human beings and to learn the fine art of being healthy and happy.

We seldom stop and look at our thinking and behaviors to understand how we personally contribute to our illnesses. We usually do not take into consideration what causes diseases and why we create diseases and death. Once we can accept our role in our own health, we begin to create in a totally different energy. We are energy and our energy is the true basis of our health. If we are angry, eating junk foods, have a negative personality, or if we simply have a genetic predisposition to disease, we may suddenly find ourselves sick and dying. What do we do when we are suddenly told that we have a fatal illness? How can we prevent disease along the journey of our life? We must find the answers to these questions within ourselves and not allow disease to gain an upper hand in our life.

Many times disease is sending us a message that we are living some form of dis-ease that is contributing to our disease. Once we can look at ourselves and find an answer to what health means, we can begin our journey back into health and happiness. As human beings we are designed to experience eternal health, which allows us to live very long lives before we die. When we find ourselves with disease, we must look at our life until we discover the very aspect of our behaviors that is contributing to our disease.

My next seminar on Disease Versus Eternal Health is Sunday, July 27 - 9am -5pm at the Rigmor House in Chapel Hill. Join us to see if you can create a life for yourself that will allow you to live a very long lifetime of peace, joy, and health.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Q and A about "Hidden Memories" with Kathy Oddenino at Unity Books & Stuff in Pittsboro

How Do You Live Your Hidden Memories Every Day?
Date: Sunday, July 6
Time: 2-4pm
Where: Unity Books & Stuff 919-545-0619 - downtown Pittsboro


How Do You Live Your Hidden Memories Every Day?

Date: Sunday, July 6
Time: 2-4pm
Where: Unity Books & Stuff919-545-0619 - downtown Pittsboro


Philosophy & You: Our Ethical Values as the Principles of Energy and Matter

Every thought, word, and action we live shows us who we are as energy beings. Our interactions with others show us the infinite energy fields we experience when we open our mind to thinking with love. We will create a more peaceful, healthy, happy life and world when we “know thyself.”
Dialogue with author and teacher Kathy Oddenino about your “past lives,” dreams, questions!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Eternal Relationships: Infinity in Action

Thank you for coming to my Sunday seminar, everyone! Please read your handout, and send me any questions or thoughts you have about what you read. Here are some of the focuses covered in the handout:

Our Eternal Relationships are based primarily on the energy emotions of either love or fear. If we die during a relationship that is full of fear, we will maintain our fear of that energy being, even in future lives, until the fear is put to rest within the thinking mind through love. If we die during a relationship that is based on love, we will maintain our intense love of that energy being, and we will seek to live another life with that energy being that can be a life of love. The love that we feel for a specific energy has the power to attract us to that energy being lifetime after lifetime. This does not imply that the relationship is good for both people. As human beings, we define love in many different ways and many of our beliefs about love are really beliefs about energy addictions, control, abuse, and our own internal fears. It takes us many, many lifetimes before we have an opportunity to live as long-lived individuals that can understand ourselves as loving energy beings.We must always understand that our energy is the introduction that we present to other people. Our energy is not always apparent to us until we are willing to look and to listen to ourselves. Our sexual energy always reflects into the world around us, and most of us at this point in our lives reflect our sexual energy without any understanding that we are using our sexual energy to get other people's attention. Once we know ourselves as we are seeking to do by learning about the energy of our hidden memories, we will be able to create a new and wonderfully loving energy as our introductory energy. changing the energy that we use in our daily lives is how we learn to live our healing energy. Energy never sees itself as simply a single life, because our energy is the essence of who we are as eternal beings.

How and Why Our Memory "Happens" in Relationship to the Physical Triggers We Are Willing to Live

How We Personalize the Truth of Our Internal Energy Design.

Notice the Changes in the Way You Use Your Internal Personality
Do we truly appreciate the value of change in our lives?

Our Internal and Eternal Personality Traits - Pretense or Pleasure?

Our internal relationships are primary to our growth and change. We must Honor, Obey, and Cherish our Eternal Relationships with Ourselves as We live and Die.

Sex is Sex. Love is Love. Sex is a physical act. Love is an emotion. Each sex act has a life span, yet its memory may live forever. Love is eternal. Sexual love is seen as our physical power. Spiritual power is our internal energy. When we perceive ourselves as physical beings, our energy is sexual. When we know ourselves as energy beings, our energy is loving.

As we consciously choose to live our Ethical Values as the design of our physical life, we begin to change the energy of who we are, how Ethically we treat ourselves, and how we relate to other people. This is a gigantic step forward in loving ourselves, which is the only design that we can use to love other people. Love is an emotion that reflects the truth of our Spirit Consciousness into our body and into our life as the loving energy of us.

If we can create children and all of our "fun" devices, why can't we understand the principles of energy well enough to understand ourselves?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lust or Logic?

This Sunday, May 25, is my next seminar on Sex and Love as Energy Fields of the Dual Soul. The seminar will be at the Rigmor House in Chapel Hill. If you're looking for a new way to spend a "Memorable" Day, join us! Call 919-545-9937. Here are a few excerpts from my handout for the class.

Our thinking mind becomes to us like a fabulous book of memory, where we can go to examine new thoughts and ideas. Each of us stores our memory in our cellular nervous system, from our brain to our toes, even when we have no memory of what we have stored.

We must ask ourselves, Why is our soul searching so desperately for love? Sex and love are both energy fields of our Dual Soul. Sex is a physical act that is designed to produce children, adn love is an emotion that is essential in raising children. This helps us to understand the true connection between sex and love that motivates us into marriage and childbirth. Knowing that our design is focused on loving ourselves and loving other people, which can include the act of sex, becomes a very valid piece of information for our thinking mind as we create our everyday behaviors. When we understand sex and love, we are expanding the energy of our Dual Soul and beginning to understand ourselves.

When we are being untrue to our Soul growth, what are our internal cells telling us?
Why do we feel the pain of our behaviors?
What do we mean by "stored cellular memory"?
Why are growth and change not synonymous?
Why do we have sexual relationships?
Why we do we create new life through our sexual relationships?
What happens if we create new life without the truth of love being present in our sexual relationships?
Why we do we allow ourselves to be driven by the "sexual lust" of our thinking mind rather than the logic of our thinking mind?
Who do I want to be?

The healthier we are, the better our sexual experiences are in life. When we convolute our thinking mind, contaminate our physical body, and consecrate our loving emtions, we are not allowing ourselves to grow and change as required by our human design. When we create distortion within our thinking mind, we will distort our image of our own sexuality, which will lead us astray sexually as we attempt to expand our sexual conquests to restore our self-image. This behavior is inappropriate and leads us further into the subterfuge of our thinking mind. This helps us to realize that the most appropriate behavior is always a truthful and open behavior of sharing our thoughts openly and truthfully with those we love. Unhealthy thoughts will lead us into unhealthy sexual behaviors, and when we do not want to stop our behaviors and the more we are told that we should stop them, the less we hear as we follow our own goals of living. This helps us to see that many times we allow ourselves to be driven by the "sexual lust" of our thinking mind rather than the logic of our thinking mind. When we live in "lust" we counteract our thinking mind and we will find ourselves dreating dramas in our lives, especially in relationship to money and time.

Truth is not a major issue when anyone begins speaking about sex. This is why both men and women spend time in "outside" relationships without revealing the situation to their spouses. Another level of conquest is found in lying successfully to a spouse or partner, which adds to the experiences. Lying to a spouse is tantamount to lying to ourselves, therefore if we have already established the pattern of lying to ourselves, we will lie to our spouse with a sense of accomplishment. The journey of an unhealthy mind through the mind fields of infidelity becomes a game of daring that is hard to create in any other way, therefore our mind will think it is unbelievably daring to live in such an untruthful manner and will take pride in its accomplishment of lying.

Our sexuality is more of an energy than a physical experience. Our sexual energy is designed in each lifetime by our beliefs. We create our sexual experiences from the level of our thinking mind. When we are living our image of love from an external perception of life, we look for physical love in everyone, everywhere, and we have no rules to guide us. Until we know ourselves as energy beings, we cannot understand the secrets of our physical body. Sex is a physical act that is used to propagate the human race. Our Spiritual instincts are our Ethical Values. Our image of sex and love are the primary energies that lead us astray as human beings. We can never hide the truth of our own energy fields because we are wearing them like a shroud. When we can open our minds to the concept of ourselves as energy beings, we begin to see sex and love as two different energy fields that are very important in our physical energy as well as our world of energy. Always remember that as energy beings we live an unlimited life. AS physical beings we live with many obstructive forces that keep us from creating in the way that we want to create. Knowing who we are is important to our growth and change.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Bring Mom for Tea!

Treat your Mom to a very special event on Saturday May 10th, 2:00 - 4:00. (It's Free!) We are honoring all Mothers at a Mother's Day Tea with Special Guest, Kathy Oddenino, local Author of 8 books. Bring Mom to Unity Books and Stuff for Tea and Goodies between 2 and 4, for a Relaxing and Sweet event in her honor. There will be a free drawing for a festive basket for a lucky Mom to take home. Call for more information:

Unity Books and Stuff
80 Hillsboro St.
Look for the Purple Shutters in Historic Downtown Pittsboro.

With everyone so busy, and so many activities we have to focus on, it's nice to just sit and talk. I would love to see you!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What is our Spirit Consciousness?

As human beings we are created as energy and matter. Our energy gives life to our matter. Where does our energy come from? Our energy comes from the chemical pattern that is our Spirit design which is part of us as our Spirit Consciousness. Our Spirit Consciousness energy is also part of our human design and it is the part that teaches us how to live, how to grow and change, and how to be Spiritual Beings living in physical matter. The chemicals that make up our human design from our Spirit Consciousness are “smart chemicals” that know themselves and their intention. Without our Spirit Consciousness energy as “smart chemicals,” we would not be living beings.

We have a human responsibility to our Spirit Consciousness energy that encourages us as humans to constantly seek new levels of growth and change. This keeps our energy growing and changing as it moves us closer and closer to truly understanding ourselves as both energy and matter. Without the internal chemical energy of us, we would not be living beings. If the chemical energy of us could not create us as physical matter, we would not have the internal design for our eternal growth and change. But we do have and we live in both energy and matter as human beings, which means that we are designed for constant growth and change as a thinking mind and physical body. We must remember this simple chemical philosophy of us before we can open our thinking mind to growth and change. When we believe that we live only one physical life, we lose the ancient memory that is hidden within our cells and we focus on external physical beliefs to help us remember the truth of our internal self.

Our Spirit Consciousness is the energy of us as human beings. Our Spirit Consciousness is unique to us as human beings, but as human beings we must consciously learn about the design of us before we can understand ourselves as energy beings living in matter. Spiritual Philosophy has taught us about our human design for thousands of years. But in the last two thousand years, we have gradually pulled away from the study of ourselves as an eternal Spirit Consciousness Energy and we have focused upon ourselves as primarily physical beings that live one physical life and that are dependent upon “Jesus” to be saved. Jesus is a metaphor for our internal Spirit Energy of Consciousness that is the eternal energy of how we save ourselves. It is because of this human design that we must learn about ourselves and begin to take personal responsibility for who we are and how we live. Once we can fully accept within our thinking mind that no one is responsible for saving us but us, we begin to look at our thinking mind expansion as having a real purpose in our growth and change.

Why are we making ourselves sick to death? We are attempting to capture our attention to awaken us to the reality of our own chemical self-abuse. When we are consistently making ourselves sick, we must understand why this is happening to us and how we can take back our power of healing and health. As human beings, we are designed as both energy and matter. The energy of us is our eternal Spirit Consciousness energy. The matter of us is our physical body. We are designed as chemical matter which relies on the purity of the Earth, Nature, and the Air to keep us healthy and happy as human beings. When we pollute our Earth, Nature, and Air, we pollute the three things that we use to restore and maintain our chemical health. When we pollute the cells of our human body, we pollute our Spirit Consciousness as the energy of our cellular design as a human body. When we destroy the energy of our Spirit Consciousness that lives in the cellular design of our physical body, we literally destroy ourselves and our chemical energy fields. When we begin to heal, we begin to think differently and we restore our health and happiness as our Spiritual levels of human life.

We must each look within ourselves and make the decision to change, or we won’t change. No one else can change for us. As we begin to change how we think, we begin to change how we act as physical beings. For many years we have been on a landslide towards the bottom of our awareness levels. Now we must change if we want to be happy, joyful, and excited about our human life. Change is no longer our option, because it has become a necessity if we want to live a healthy and happy life. Physical change is our external journey of internal change and growth. We can never separate the two. As we learn the truth of our Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness, we begin to see how important change is and when we recognize the energies that we are working with to change, we become excited about who we are and our goal of change as a human being who wants to understand the energy of us.

As a human being, we are energy and we are matter. When we think that we are simply matter as human beings and we do not recognize our own internal energy, we do not know and live from the truth of who we are. Spiritual Philosophy teaches us who we are as Spiritual Beings living as energy and matter in a physical world. I have been teaching Spiritual Philosophy (in the Pythagorean Concepts) since 1984. We must go back to this level of learning so that we can understand where we have gone astray in our teaching concepts and correct them, one by one. We are Spiritual Human Beings as energy living in matter. Many of our teachings have been totally wrong, but we have learned them anyway and we have lived them. Now is the time for change, so that we can change the energy of ourselves from sick to well, of our country from sick to well, and of our society from sick to well. Come join us for a Sunday class or a three-day weekend conference.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Power of Spiritual Knowledge, Pythagorean style

Bust of Pythagoras of Samos,Capitoline Museums, Rome

One thing Popes do is study Spiritual Philosophy! Pope Benedict's visit reminded me how people seldom understand the teachings of Spiritual Philosophy. Spiritual Philosophy has been forgotten by the masses. Spiritual Philosophy is necessary for everyone to learn before we can begin our internal journey of growth and change as a human species. Spiritual Philosophy teaches us about the dual patterns of us and why we must live these dual patterns as a Dual Soul to truly shift into and understand the energy of our Spirit Consciousness. Knowing that we are a Trinity of Consciousness as a Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness that is living within our physical body to guide us through our physical lives, helps us to thoroughly understand ourselves and our potential for Spiritual growth.

Our Spirit Consciousness is the energy that gives us life as a physical being. Our Spirit Consciousness guides us in our life through its three focuses of the structure of our brain. We have a thinking mind and loving emotions that are the design of the Dual Soul that is part of our Spirit Consciousness. The other part of our Spirit Consciousness is our infinite senses that make up our Cerebellum, which is a distinctly Spiritual part of us that allows us to use the energy of our Spirit Senses in a physical manner. This helps us to see that when we believe that we have only five physical senses, we do not understand our human design in the way that we should, therefore we know very little about our brain in general.

We are energy, which has its source in our brain, and we are matter, which has its source in our physically designed body. Our matter cannot live without the energy that is generated within our brain and that flows into our body through our Nervous System. Our nervous system is a system of neural tubes that contain strings of chemicals that flow constantly through our body and come from the foods that we eat. The chemicals that we eat and drink become the chemicals that flow through our nervous system to create the energy that gives us life and health, as well as disease. When we eat the wrong foods and drink chemically contaminated water, we do not supply our human body with the chemicals that it needs to stay healthy and happy. Without the right foods and water, our human body cannot function in health and happiness.

An understanding of the Spiritual Design of our human body and its need to live from the foods and water of Nature and Earth has been known for many centuries. These were the teachings of Hippocrates in 400 BC. Therefore the information on how to stay healthy and live for hundreds of years is available to us. That does not mean that we cannot get some form of infectious disease and need medicine, but it does help us to understand that we can improve our health through the purity of our air, foods, and water, all through knowledge and follow-through in our daily lifestyle.

I have been teaching Spiritual Philosophy in the Pythagorean style since 1984 because every human needs this information to help them see the truth of our human design and how to take care of themselves. To me, Pythagorean style means that Pythagoras thought of every living thing as spirit energy. He defined everything in proportion to itself, then to Nature, and the Universe. Everything is divisional, and also part of a Whole. We are fabulous human beings with a flawless physical design, and it is pitiful that we have not been taught the truth of who we are so that we can do our best to avoid disease and death. Our Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness has been designed to help us “Know Thyself” and to avoid the pitfalls of our physical reality. We can learn to live from this knowledge and help ourselves to stay happy and healthy as human beings. We cannot understand ourselves when we look at ourselves as simply physical beings. We are first and foremost “energy” beings living in matter, which helps us to understand that when we expand our energy of thinking, we increase the health of our matter. Join us at our monthly classes and become a believer in the power of Spiritual knowledge.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Male and Female Competition: Personality in Bloom

views from the Rigmor House

Our need for covert relationships is nothing ecept our own lack of "self-confidence" which we are attempting to hide from ourselves. We are struggling to learn the lessons of life, even when we are denying our need to change and grow within our own thinking mind. Our fears come from many roots of life and it is important for us to understand what we gain from living our fears.

Male and female competition is the impetus for growth and change within the human species. As we interact with each other and especially the opposite sex, we begin to grow and change as our memories are triggered, and the overall picture of our human journey falls into place. As each person grows, they challenge other people to grow and change to keep up with them as their sense of competition is triggered. Throughout history our journey of competition has waxed and waned as we have attempted to understand each other through the roles of our interactive male and female relationships. Competition has been a major issue between the male and female form the very beginning of life on Earth,and jealousy has from the beginning played an enormous role in the male and female interchange as an energy polarization. We are designed to learn the opposite before we can learn the truth about our internal design of Ethical Values. As we have lived our competition, fear, and jealousy, we have been attempting to learn the value of living our communication, compassion, and cooperation.

The design of our competition is coming from the fear and jealousy roles of the male and female within our societal structure. As the roles begin to merge, we feel less competition towards the opposite sex and we feel more love. We have never fully understood the competition that we have each lived in our attempt to change and grow, but once all of us as human beings can understand that we have been competing against ourselves with our thinking mind focused on competition and our emotions focused upon fear and jealousy, we will see the effect of competition internally and externally, which will give us the internal freedom to stop our competition and live our equality as our true Spiritual design. We are made to balance each other in every aspect of our human design. Once we can accept that the male and female are equal as a Spirit Consciousness, the focus on our sexual difference will fade from our thinking mind, and we will accept the male and female equality as the asset that it is in living the truth of ourselves in our interaction.

Competition in today's world is acted out through extra-marital affairs (even in marriages that are seemingly perfect), business arrangements, open agreements between individuals, businesses, governments, and with anyone else that we relate to on a consistent basis. We use competition to learn more about ourselves and our hidden issues that are really the lessons that we are attempting to learn as part of our human growth potential in this physical life. The most common competition is always found in our liaisons with the opposite sex or same sex, when we are already intimately involved in a committed "lover" relationship with another person. As we focus on our internal and external competition, we live our fear of discovery and our jealousy of other people who have lived similar situations without being caught and disclosed for public view.

as excerpt from my April seminar handout