Thursday, December 06, 2007

Time really does fly, doesn’t it?

I feel like we just started 2007 and now 2008 is looming right in front of us. “Time flies” is an old saying I have heard since my early childhood,and the older that I get, the more meaningful it is to me and my life. I love life! I am definitely a “senior citizen” (if we measure by numbers, which I prefer not to do). My take on life is it is like a hula hoop - the faster you make it go, the more fun you will have and the more cycles you can create in your life. I have done this, and sometimes my cycles really begin to rotate and swing until I am literally flooded with the excitement of my physical life. As most of you probably know, I am an R.N. by my original education. Of course as we age our education seems to grow with us and move us into more and more exciting avenues of thinking and physical behaviors.

The most exciting part of our education is probably not going to occur in a standard classroom. Mine most certainly has not. I have always loved my nursing education and the older I get the more I love it. I went to nursing school in the days of the Korean War. To this day I remember helping sneak a classmate into the dormitory after a night out with her boyfriend. This was of course highly disrespectful to the Daughters of Charity that ran the Nursing Program, but the general theory of the day was, “All is fair in love and war.” I no longer believe that to be true. I am tired of war and I am tired of people who support and create war by living in an external vacuum of fear beliefs.

As a Spiritual Philosopher, I teach the Ethical Values of our Spirit Consciousness. When we live the Ethical Values of our Spirit Consciousness, we cannot believe in the horrors of war as having any true value in our society. With love we build families, societies, nations, commerce, education and intercommunication. When we live in fear, we fight, steal, kill, cheat, and we have no love for our neighbor or ourselves. Killing becomes a game. Killing is not a game,it is the most atrocious behavior of untruth that we can ever live as human beings. When we are forced to kill, we are being controlled, and no human being should suffer through that degree of control.

War may be accepted as essential in some people’s minds, but if we learn Spiritual Philosophy we do not accept war as essential, because we accept the Ethical Values of our Spiritual design as essential energy to learn and to live. What we do accept as essential is communication that is based on love, truth, and equality. Communication can handle all disputes when it is practiced with equality, truth, and love. Communication requires more than one person. Talking and making decisions as one person is a dictatorship. Many marriages suffer from control by one dominant person in the marriage. Control is usually the cause of domestic wars, which may or may not be recognized by both parties. Once we can understand that control is tantamount to war, we begin to understand why families find themselves embroiled in their own wars.

When all people learn to live the Ethical Values of our Spirit Consciousness, which is present as the basic pattern of our energetic life in all human beings, we learn to feel, speak, act, and respond to each other with love, truth, and equality. The basic needs of any human being dictate the “true wants” in their life as acknowledgment, acceptance,and love. These three essential elements to life do not include control. They do include a recognition of other people as equal to ourselves. We are all born and we all die. It is only when we look at the patterns of living that we see the disparity come into play.

Our neuronal and cellular past life memories are part of our energy design as a Spirit Consciousness. All memory from our endless past lives is stored in the energy pattern of our brain and body that we bring back with us into our new physical life. We do not usually remember our past lives because as infants we are taught that we live only one life, and to remember a past life would make us “wrong” very early in our physical life. Not many souls have the confidence to break with the physical patterns of beliefs that we also bring back with us in our new life, which means we must make a choice of the memories that are important to us in this lifetime. Because past life memory has not been acceptable in most aspects of our physical reality, many people come back into another life with their hidden memories tucked away in the neurons of their brain and the cells of their human physical body and they literally worship the concept of living only one physical life. This creates the most dramatic conflict in our human mind and body that we could ever wish for.

Understanding the truth about ourselves boosts our internal growth through the subconscious memory that we are ignoring. It is always important to realize that when we learn about ourselves it is to assist ourselves in our own interpersonal growth, and it is not about impressing other people. Internal growth and change itself is the way that we impress ourselves and other people. It is only when we grow and change that we can apply our internal knowledge into our physical life to facilitate growth and change in the internal and external image of energy and matter in human form. We are always responsible for “who we are” and no one else can ever be held responsible for our personal thinking and behavior. Because we see our-selves as physical people, we will unconsciously grow physically when it is our intention to grow internally as a Spirit Consciousness. Focusing on the thinking mind to remove it from its habitual beliefs and behaviors helps us to begin to shift the thinking mind internally on its growth and change.

Thinking is the beginning step of the application of knowledge for our mind. We have many physical lifetimes of knowledge stored within the neurons of our brain and the cells of our physical body that we can access and use to help ourselves learn the Ethical Values in this lifetime. Learning how to apply the Ethical Values to the present day life that we are living, helps us design new patterns of thinking about the knowledge that we already have that we can apply to our present life situations. When we think of knowledge, we immediately think of the direct application of how we learned the knowledge, and we do not open up the freeway thought patterns to see the endless applications that we can use for any piece of true knowledge.

All knowledge should be Universally applicable. Once we begin to understand that all true knowledge is based in the Ethical Values of our Spirit Consciousness, we begin to understand the Universal aspect of all learning and we apply our knowledge and use our knowledge in the quadrant design of the Rubik’s Cube. Removing the one focal point in the application of knowledge, very quickly allows us to see the connections that exist in all things within the Universal System. Once we can understand that our application of knowledge is the key to our growth and change, we will quickly and willingly seek growth and change as the next knowledge cycle to put our energy into an evolved motion of learning about ourselves.

I have always heard that time flies as you get older,and maybe that is why my time seems to be going so rapidly. I think about all of the Spiritual Philosophy and Neural Depolarization that I want to teach and then I remember the challenge that many people have in learning and changing, and there we are at the “Never the twain shall meet”concept. Neural Depolarization and Spiritual Philosophy are a challenge for many people to learn because they have been taught to focus their mind externally instead of internally, which keeps them from grasping the logic of Spiritual Philosophy and Neural Depolarization. We cannot solve our internal problems by focusing externally. Expanding our thinking mind is the best way to solve all problems as individuals,communities, states, and countries.

Our biggest challenge in the application of knowledge is that we do not understand ourselves as both energy and matter. When we think we are matter with a mind, instead of energy as a mind, we do not understand how rapidly we can associate and understand our life if we support our energy in its freedom of thought. Spiritual Philosophy teaches us how to use the true energy of our growth and change as a human species. Neural Depolarization teaches us about the energy within us that allows us to be physically healthy, happy, and functional human beings that can live without disease and pain. When we see ourselves as simply physical beings, we do not understand the energy of disease and the lessons it is attempting to teach us. How can we learn to heal our internal diseases if we think something outside of ourselves is making us sick? This goes back to the old adage, “Garbage in, Garbage out.”

When we use the application of knowledge towards ourselves, we can begin to relate many things to our state of health and state of thinking as a mind. Air, food, and water relate dramatically to our health, which Hippocrates was teaching around 400 B.C. Today’s physicians do not have the same insight as Hippocrates had, therefore our health issues are approached from an external concept of medication and surgery, rather than the whole body approach of health. I urge each of you to think “health” first and do all that you can to live a healthy and happy life, because your health is the best insurance policy that you can have. Depression, anger, fear, unhappiness,and other negative emotions also affect your health and your happiness levels. Find a confidant that you can discuss your life with and receive positive and productive guidance from. Many of our negative feelings can be secondary to an internal chemical imbalance that can be corrected with the proper foods, water, and air.

I will continue with the Hidden Memory series through 2008. This year I covered the Hidden Memories that are stored in the neurons of our brain, which will be published as a book sometime later in 2008. This year I will cover the Hidden Memories that are stored in the cellular structure of our physical body and how these memories affect each life that we live including our present physical life. Bruce Lipton (PhD)’s book, Biology of Belief (2005), which supports what I am teaching in my Hidden Memory classes. For me, Bruce Lipton has supported what I teach as absolute truth. Not many other scientists have looked at our cells and their memory so intensely. It is time for us to realize that we have been returning to physical life as a means of learning for hundreds of thousands of years as eternal energy beings. When we begin to understand our design as energy and matter, we will be able to remember those past lives that directly relate to this physical life first, because these memories have a role in our growth and change today. 2008 classes on Cellular Memory are a prerequisite for anyone that wants to study Neural Depolarization in 2009.

I want to wish each of you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year in 2008. My intense wish to the world in 2008 is that all of the Nations that live on Earth can learn to live in peace and tranquility. Communication is a Spiritual Concept of togetherness and peace. War is fighting our fellow man as a physical concept of fear. The time has come for us all to evolve as a human species and build Earth into the wonderful place that it is meant to be instead of destroying Earth. At this time, we have very little understanding of the effects of war on Earth itself, but we will experience each effect as we are already unknowingly doing. As we awaken to the dramas that we are creating, we will hopefully learn before it is too late to change and grow as human beings in the way that we think.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Local Authors' Book Signing - Pittsboro this Sunday

Local Authors' Book Signing – Dec. 2. Kathy Oddenino will join other local authors this Sunday at Unity Books and Stuff in Pittsboro.

Sunday December 2 is the First Sunday in Pittsboro and the First Local Authors' Book Signing at Unity Books and Stuff, at 80 Hillsboro Street. (Look for the purple shutters.) The authors will be here between Noon and 3:00 to sign their books for you. Some of the authors will also be reading from their books. You won't want to miss this very special event, so please come to support your favorite author!! And stay for the parade, which begins at 3:00.
(AND we will celebrate Sagittarians with Birthday Cake!)

Unity Books and Stuff

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Notes from My Life

from Healing Ourself: Growing Beyond the True Cause of Disease, my fifth book.

My entire life has been lived with an intimate involvement in medicine and nursing both personally and professionally.

At the naive age of seventeen I began my nursing career when I entered St. Vincent's Hospital School of Nursing in Indianapolis. St. V's is a wonderful and progressive organization owned by the Daughters of Charity. It offered the usual diploma school program which was the beginning fo the normal nursing education at the time (1949). Despite the views of many towards diploma schools, I have always been thankful that I chose St. V's and I have valued the comprehensive and wonderful nursing education that I worked hard to achieve. It was the perfect background for me to expand and grow as an individual and as a nurse as I began to find myself.

Our education was remarkable and tough because it was academic and experiential. We attended classes daily for several hours,studied, and worked long hours with very little free time to go home, to play,or to socialize. We were required to sign a paper promsing that we would not marry during our course of study and dating was made such a challenge that it wasn't high on my list of activities at school. The intensity of our schedule kept me feeling alone in a crowd as every moment of my life was planned for me.

Since we rotated hospital duty on the evening and night shifts during the week and worked all shifts during the weekends, we never got to know most of our classmates very well with the exception of the few that were on the same rotation schedule. We were organized well by the Sisters, getting up at 5 am, going to Mass, eating, working from 7-9 am on the wards to serve breakfast and give baths, going to class all day, back to the wards in the afternoon, evening, and night. Our days would vary somewhat from year to year and assignment to assignment, but some things never changed, such as Mass, work, class, and study. Only the hours of work were shifted around to accommodate the hospital staffing.

The year after I graduated St. V's changed their program dramatically because the rest of the world was changing and the days of student labor, inequality, and control were on their way out of nursing, or so it seemed. I value my learning experience in nursing school to this day because if there were any holes in the independent work ethic that I learned growing up on a midwestern farm, they were certainly patched over very nicely in nursing school. There were many days when my inspiration and motivation to successfully complete the program was all that allowed my creativity to surface and see me through another day, another month, and another year until I graduated. But determination and persistence were character traits that I had learned early in life and in school they served me well.

My earlier years of childhood taught me that we get out of our life exactly what we are willing to put into our life. My life began with disease and I lived with disease for half of my life, but I have always been determined not to let any disease or limitations interfere with or control my life. Now I am healthier than I Have ever been and I live each day through the absolute joy that I find in my journey of life. I have no destinations or hills to climb. I live my life one day at a time, staying focused in the present and creaeting form that simple, indefinable moment in time.

It was a miracle that I was accepted into a nursing program that required perfect health, but early in my life I learned to control my body with my mind and my years in nursing school simply challenged my ability to use my healing power for my personal survival. Each day of my life has reinforced my understanding of the internal healing power of my mind, and in understanding my mind power overy my body I also understand that every human being has the same power.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Up and Over!

My friend Sawyer shows you how!

Excerpts from my handout, November 11 Seminar:

Our consciousness energy is stored as hidden memories of thought, behavior, events, and dreams, to spur us to our next level of growth. We can live with a memory from birth until death and have no understanding of of how the memory got in our mind, what it means, or how to release it from our thinking mind. Many times, we will know the memory is there but we will not step outside of the box that says "we live only one lifetime." As we grow and change more and more through our multiple lifetimes, we will come to a lifetime where we will want to know, and feel a desperate urgency to know what that memory means to us as a human being. This will be our lifetime to want to learn, to understand, and to change into the information that we remember, so that we can create a totally new definition of "who we are" within our thinking mind. When we deny cooperating with our thinking mind, we can make ourselves sick to death, or we can grow and change at will to become who we want to be in this lifetime.

Once we clearly understand ourselves as energy and matter, we will realize that everything that we have ever done and will do is to be recorded in the energy of our human body. We have our physical identity, but we also have an energy identity which is made up of the neurons and the cellular structure of our physical body. Each and every cell has memory and it retains the memory of our past lives, which we could use to heal ourselves if we accepted ourselves as energy and matter and which we can use to make ourselves sick if we are attempting to create change in our physical lives.

Friday, November 02, 2007

My last 2007 Seminar

My last 2007 seminar is scheduled for the Comfort Suites in Cary. Join us for a day of learning you won't find anywhere else! (I will also give a "preview" of what is to come on the Spiritual Philosophy horizon in 2008.)

Spiritual Philosophy Seminar - Hidden Memories Series- Our Soul Relationships with Other Worlds, Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds, & Internal Communication from Earth & the Universe - Sunday, November 11, 9am-5pm

There are no accidents in the Universal system. Energy knows itself, and what it has to do to help us grow and change. Energy does not hesitate to create! Understand your experience as your art of living. Be the change you want to see!

During the many lifetimes that we are focusing our thinking mind externally, we cannot become aware that we have lived countless physical lives that are internally imprinted and stored eternally within the Neurons of our brain as our Hidden Memories. As we store our multiple life memories in the Neurons of our brain, we are also storing physical memories in the cellular structure of our human body. As we come back into our multiple physical lifetimes, we unconsciously use these hidden memories from both our Neurons and our Cellular Structure. Memories are sorted and stored by the Hippocampus in our brain. Once we recognize our capability of endless memory design, we begin to understand the beauty of our entire Nervous System that is constantly diligent in creating us as a human library. Our Nervous System functions with our Hidden Memories to keep us from forgetting or ignoring who we have been in the past, and how our past always relates to our present. We can store memories in any cell within our brain and body, which includes our internal organs, which is why we sometimes come back into our new life with disease. When we change how we think about ourselves and our lives, we can use our Hidden Memories to grow and change as a human being and as a human species. When we deny change, we are refusing to follow our Spiritual energy in the patterns of health and happiness, which helps us to see that we still have lessons to learn. Our lessons cover the entire spectrum of our thinking mind, loving emotions, infinite Spirit Senses and our physical body, where we are constantly living with our hidden memories to remind us of our next lesson as our next pattern of growth and change.

Seminar Location:
Comfort Suites Cary( NC039) 350 Ashville Avenue , Cary, NC, US, 27518 Phone: (919) 852-4318
Use the link for directions, or call the hotel directly.
Comfort Suites Cary
Cost: $125, or first-time participants, $100. Includes take-home handout. Meals will be on your own. A number of restaurants are nearby, some in "walking distance." Lucky 32 is a restaurant we recommend, and it is across the street from Comfort Suites. Call us or visit my web site for more information!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Whole-istic Harvest Festival at Chatham Mills October 20

The first annual Whole-istic Harvest Festival at Chatham Mills this past Saturday was a full day! Cross-ventilation in the Mill was wonderful, and it was a beautiful day in Pittsboro. Thank you, Judyne and Mike, and other helping hands, for a great day. You all did a great job getting this together. And thank you to everyone who came to visit us and learn about Neural Depolarization. I love to talk with people!

Chatham Marketplace has these beautiful pumpkins gathered out front.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Understanding Love

The soul” is a familiar phrase to most of us, yet it is not easy to find a clear definition. What is the soul? When we understand our Intelligent Design, as a spirit consciousness, we will know that our soul is dual, as our male thinking mind and female loving emotions. We will know the energy of us as a dual soul in relationship to our physical lives as human beings, and how to “map” the journey of us as energy and matter (evolving consciousness).

Through the years I have been teaching, my students have found lists helpful – lists are easy to refer to as we open our mind and are learning to repattern our thinking and behavior as we change our self-image from the energy fields of fear into living as loving people. Loving ourself is the key to knowing ourself as a spiritual being, living the ethical values.These are a few of the lists I have used at times to help students think about what love means to us.

Descending soul of physical nature has lived in fear

Ascending soul of divine nature will live in love

Loving self requires:

1- transition to loving emotions
2- consciousness of everything that you say and do and its cause and effect in your relationships
3- consciously using free choice
4- Being happy, independent and free within your heart
5- Appreciation for the miracle of life
6- Appreciating your physical body
7- Food, air, water, and sexual love

Intimate Relationships

1- consciously loving in your actions, words, behavior
2- communication
3- respect, value and honor your mate’s personal goals
4- live as a team
5- openness and truth are essential
6- touching without expectation of sex
7- consciousness of goals of mate – a meeting of the soul mind.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

To Know Ourselves

October 5-7 Conference
The Ethical Values

To know ourselves as Spiritual beings we must live the Ethical Values of our Spirit Consciousness at all times. We cannot say one thing and do another. We cannot “think” that we are Spiritual when we are not acting Spiritual, because pretending creates an absolute imbalance in our thinking mind that moves our thinking mind further away from being and living our Spiritual energy. Life gives us an opportunity to live our Spiritual energy at all times, under all types of circumstances, and to live our internal energy as a vivacious, caring, and sharing energy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Critical Nursing Shortage is Predictable

An AOL headline article on Sept. 4: Low pay for a grueling job keeps many Americans out of the field – and that spells trouble as baby boomers age.

Articles appear every day about the critical shortage in nurses to fill nursing positions. A recent article I read reported that “an estimated 8.5 percent of the nursing positions in the U.S. are unfilled – and some expect that number to triple by 2020 as 80 million baby boomers retire and expand the ranks of those needing care. Hospital administration and nurses’ advocates have declared a staffing crisis as the nursing shortage hits its 10th year, the longest stretch in 50 years.”

Let’s look at this shortage in relationship to how we define and project our “needs” and what it means to have satisfactory outcomes in medical practice. I graduated from nursing school in 1951 and worked as a nurse for 40 years, in administration, immunology and transplant research, and bedside care. Since 1984 I have been writing books and teaching Spiritual Philosophy along with seeing clients individually, both for spiritual and nutritional counseling, and with Neural Depolarization, my trademarked energy therapy which works with the nervous system. I understand the energy design of our human body as matter, and I could no longer work in the medical world because the medical world has grown increasingly invested in “disease care,” and not health care. Since I was two years old, growing up on the farm in Salem, Illinois, I have known I wanted to be a nurse. My parents wondered how I even knew the word! From then until now I have worked as a health advocate, and I have seen big changes in the focus of “healing” to the focus of money marketing, drugs, and the monolith of pharmaceutical companies at the head of the “health care industry.” Why are so many of us sick? The diseases continue to compound themselves as we heap new industrial chemicals into our food, air, and water, and we continue to claim ignorance. We create new technologies to identify diseases faster, and add greater power to the scans and energy with which we target diseases in our efforts to “kill” them. Never mind the effects these targeted efforts have on the rest of the body, or on the whole of us as energy beings. There is ample evidence to show us how we are degrading and destroying our chemical balance and therefore our human life, through the food, air, and water we are consistently poisoning if we want to see it and accept responsibility in changing this scenario. We are responsible for our own health, and as we learn we can share this information from our experience with others so that they might be able to choose alternatives as well. We have become indoctrinated into the mindset that medicine is the only way to treat disease. This is not true.

We have to be a health detective by understanding the design of the body. All diagnoses should be the result of detective work.

Why have we forgotten our roots? I am old enough to remember a time without electricity, when everything we ate was eaten fresh from an abundant garden, or kept alive in the root cellar for later consumption. A time when our entertainment was by kerosene lamp, when Daddy would put my sister and I on his knee and we would listen to the radio. We had big dances in the barn loft, as many in our family played instruments and loved to dance. Some people certainly had pain, as I did, beginning early with rheumatic fever. In a time before so many drugs were created, we depended upon nature more. I do believe medicine has served great purposes for us – for infectious diseases and more. Many drugs were once based on the chemicals of nature! Then we became too smart for our own good. We thought we could do better - we could perfect nature. Arrogance and the ignorance inherent in it has been the demise of human populations and Earth before. This mind energy is how we create and perpetuate war.

We are designed as self-healing organisms. Our knowledge ought to help us use our creative and healing energies more efficiently and effectively. Evidence shows us this is not what we are doing. Why not? We must understand ourselves as energy and matter and we will understand the Universe. All diseases can be healed when we understand ourselves as energy and matter. We will know our Intelligent Design whose foundation is air, food, and water, and we will support ourselves, Earth, and each other in this focus of healing and enjoying the many gifts life offers us. It takes courage to be a thinker who goes beyond the status quo. We do not need to throw away all and reinvent the wheel, but we must look at ourselves internally, as the powerful self-healing creations we are, before we will rid ourselves of the urge to war and the trials of disease. Healing is an art whose memory must be revived and expanded, and nurses are a primary force in this change. The focus of medicine has failed nurses. The mission of nurses is take care of the sick by teaching them the healing energy of love. Now we have the knowledge of science to support this mission of “eternal life” and our ability to get healthy and stay healthy so we can enjoy life for hundreds of years.

I would like nothing better than to offer nurses, and physicians, fed up with the medical world as we know it, a way to learn the art of holistic healing again. This is why I am writing books and teaching Neural Depolarization as part of Spiritual Philosophy. Millions of people are sick and in pain and are tired of the treadmill of high costs, medicine with its lengthy list of side effects, and learning only to “cope with” pain or have debilitating treatment in hopes of killing a disease. Many have come to see me who are at the end of their rope, with death sentences after having exhausted what they thought were all roads to getting healthy. Have no fear. There are answers beyond our institutions. Clients who truly want to heal have healed “terminal” diseases, “incurable” diseases of all kinds, as well as minor and chronic conditions that are increasingly common in our world. We are all in this together, and we are each responsible for our own changes and choices. We must support each other as we choose change for health.

Nursing Shortage Fact Sheet

Monday, September 17, 2007

Our Relationship with Universal Energy

"The further the spiritual evolution of mankind advances, the more certain it seems to me that the path to genuine religiosity does not lie through the fear of life, and the fear of death, and blind faith, but through striving after rational knowledge."

"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us _universe_, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."
Einstein quotes

In several of my books I have written about Universal energy and our human relationship to Univeral energy. As Earth changes continue to expand - and all we have to do is watch the news of calamities happening around the world if we are not actively experiencing one of the calamities at the moment - we are faced with how to respond to sustain our life on Earth. Many face this now as calamities happen because of the energy we are creating as humans, within the Earth, and within the Universal system.

We continue to talk about the effects of energy changes without understanding that we are energy and that energy never dies, it only changes form. In my second book, Bridges of Consciousness, I wrote about how energy affects man as he lives, what those energies are, and how they are created. The subconscious and unconscious energies, if not acnowledged, can create an imbalance within the body, mind, and spirit of man that affect our quality of life. We can see this happening if we open ourselves to the fact that we are energy and matter.

The true leaders of our world will be the idea people who will absorb the energy that works, and walk away from the rest. Within the circle of leaders will be souls who want to reach out to the energy of the Universe and use it in a way that can help humankind. As I talk about "Hidden Memories" in my next two events, I will also explain more about our relationship as human beings to the Universal system of energy.

Choose to be a leader, not a follower! Learn to think on your feet, not depend upon someone else for the answers. Our world needs leaders who can think with love.

Here is some of what I cover in Bridges of Consciousness.

4 primary bridges of consciousness

God – Creation
Christ – Unconditional love
Earth – physical manifestation and man’s relationship to Earth
Universe – Energy consciousness of Universe that is accessible to man

When man accepts responsibility for self, he becomes aware of the power of creation of the love of God within.
This awareness of God within creates a love of God, self, and all of mankind – this love mirrors the love, truth and perfection of God just as Christ mirrored to man through his actions, the love, truth, and perfection of God.
Man’s physical survival depends upon the Earth from which he restores his body and mind. This restoration occurs from the energy of the Earth which man uses as food, water, air, and sun. On Earth, energies are integrated into air, water, and soil of Earth.
Universal energy consciousness is an inherent understanding of the Universe and man’s relationship to the Universe. In the Universe the energies are not physical but must be understood and used by man’s mind and spirit.

Bridges of Consciousness
What on Earth is Going On? - A Video interview with Kathy

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Think Peace!

Our long-time friend Sylvia Vanderpool sent me this request, and I would like to pass this on to you. We must focus our minds on peace every day if we want to create this energy within us and our world. Our children will help us do that. Thank you, Sylvia, for your newsletter response, too. Drop Sylvia a note, send a happy thought, visit the site, say hello. Think Peace!

from Sylvia:
I just rec'd the summer newsletter. There is an article on the last page on Change: Our Special Challenge I would like to have this available for the public at our International Day of Peace vigil Friday Sept 21 in Warren Co. I had in mind asking you to send a statement that could be read until I saw this. Last year I observed the 'peace day' at my center. This year, as a member of the Warren Co. Ministerial Assoc, they agreed to be involved. We will be at our county recreation complex which has a nice walking trail. I will set up at 11am for walkers and kids to plant pinwheels of peace and our 'program' will be 4:30 - 6:30pm. FYI see International Day of Peace and Pinwheels for Peace and
Warrenton,NC 27589

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Spirit Consciousness: Our Intelligent Design

This is my eighth book and with this book I have moved from the explanations of the seven primary levels of our Dual Soul(my first seven books)into the description and function of our Spirit Consciousness as our intelligent energy design. We are so much more than we think we are. It never ceases to amaze me that we think we are intelligent beings, but we do not recognize ourselves as eternal energy that returns endlessly into physical matter in our attempt to understand ourselves. Science has the ability to prove this for us, if the scientists themselves can get beyond their external belief system. We have consistently focused our thinking mind externally. The most important issue in understanding ourselves is to understand that internally we are energy (chemical) and matter. Energy never dies but it does change its form of matter as we destroy our internal chemical patterns. Once we understand that we are energy and matter, we begin to understand that life is a constant for us as energy beings. Energy moves with the speed of light. Once we die as physical bodies, we come back into a new energy life in three physical days and it takes us nine months to create our new physical body. As human beings we can prove this, once we begin to think internally instead of externally. It has taken us a long time as energy beings to open our thinking mind to the internal chemical patterns of our own energy. Once we understand our chemical design as the source of our energy design, we will stay healthy, live longer, be happier, and remember more of our past life experiences that are stored as energy within the neurons of our brain and the cells of our physical body.

Our challenge is to know that we are eternal as energy beings and finite as physical beings. Once we understand that "energy and matter" is the story of our Intelligent Design as Spiritual Beings, we begin to look at ourselves internally instead of externally as we do now. Medicine does not work today to truly heal us as energy beings because medicine sees us as finite physical beings and does not understand our internal chemical design. When we remove ourselves from the pure chemicals of Nature and Earth, we begin to destroy our internal energy fields as human beings. When we change the chemicals of Nature and Earth that make us chemical beings and healthy beings, we become diseased because we have just contaminated our internal chemical design with man made chemicals.

"God" or our eternal Spirit Consciousness had a brilliant and Divine Idea when man was created in the image of energy and matter, put on Earth, which had the power to replace our internal chemicals through the air, foods, and water of Nature, and left us to our own decisive thinking mind to help us grow and change. This helps us to see that our externally focused thinking mind has led us down the primrose path to disease. As we continue to focus on an external God instead of recognizing ourselves as an internal and eternal "image of God" as energy and matter, we essentially destroy ourselves through our own internal and external wars of change and growth. Our behaviors and thought processes were not structured by an external God, they are structured by us and the level of our thinking mind that we are using at the present time, and have used in our past lives. We are on our own now as a Spirit Consciousness and we must learn about ourselves. The Human Species is the "Divine Idea" of our eternal Spirit Consciousness as our internal energy design that is living in physical matter. Why are we abusing ourselves? Read my newest book, Spirit Consciousness: Our Intelligent Design and learn how to be healthy and happy in your long lived life as both energy and matter.

Order your own copy here!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Change: Our Special Challenge

As human beings, we have accepted our ancient beliefs and superstitions as “Gospel Truth,” and we have literally never looked back at how all of this came to be a very important part of our lifestyle. The truth of where we learned our ancient beliefs and our addictions to these ancient beliefs was written about in The Golden Bough by James Fraser (1824) and the many wonderful books, lectures, and articles by Joseph Campbell which spanned 30 or 40 years. Many of our ancient beliefs were also documented in the Old Testament and New Testament. Now we have enough information to look back at ourselves in other lifetimes and clearly see how we have created the myths and superstitions that we are still continuing to live. None of our beliefs and myths have been right or wrong. They simply reflected into our lives the precise level of growth and change that our thinking mind had and has reached.

We have taken our ancient beliefs and made them into our lifestyle, which we continue to live as war, hate, crime, and our inhuman behaviors. We do not need to chastise ourselves for what we have done in the past, but we do need to look at who we are now and change our thinking and behaviors into love, truth,And equality. As humans that are continuing to fight war rather than living in harmony, we can easily see the importance of each of us changing the way that we think and behave. Change is our challenge. We cannot create peace on Earth and good will towards all people without change. Change is and always has been the personal responsibility of each and every human that lives on Earth. This means that each of us is at all times personally responsible for at least changing who we are and how we relate to other people.

We have lived on Earth for billions of years. Now we are destroying Earth because of our greed, ignorance, and selfishness, which is showing us that our thinking mind is not thinking at the level of growth that it needs to think. We, human beings, are totally responsible for what we are creating. As Spirit Consciousness beings, we know that we can change and grow out of our fear and destruction into our love and expansion. For us to be fighting wars at this time in our evolution is a “crime” of our ancient mind and its fear of change. We must change and we must learn the value of love. Love is not sex. Love is an emotion that is part of the design of us as a Spirit Consciousness. If we understood ourselves as a Spirit Consciousness, we would live our love as one thinking mind throughout the Universal System. We have the power to change and we must change now before we destroy Earth, which will leave us as Universal wanderers without a home. We can change!!!

Joseph Campbell Foundation

Sunday, August 12, 2007

What I Learned at the July 3-Day Hidden Memories Conference

Kathy, I just loved this class…….

I am so glad that I have been a student of your teachings long enough to have learned that “life is choice” and I am absolutely thrilled for having learned that well enough to have chosen to attend your fabulously inspiring 3-day conference on “Hidden Memories, Understanding Our Personal Internal Energy.” Thank you, for teaching it! It was a wonderful growth experience for me. I feel this blog topic is the perfect place to communicate my ongoing change and growth since day one of this conference.

In class, as you were explaining the pattern of how we stack fear, upon fear, upon fear until we become fearful of the fear, my mind immediately responded to this pattern and awakened a hidden memory from my infancy, during this lifetime. It was a perfect example of energy reflecting energy, because I felt the vibration internally as my mind was processing all the external sensory responses of sound, sight, motion, and emotion. Then it just clicked, my mind opened to this memory of this external energy pattern. What my senses responded to was the reflection of my own internal energy pattern that I was living. The unity of this energy created instant understanding. As I sat in class my mind was sending a flood of culminating thoughts and pictures which flowed from my mind, through my fingers onto my paper. My healing began from that moment in class, as I recorded my thoughts and emotions. I felt lighter, freer, happier and very excited to be learning and growing!

I consumed the entire handout in just a couple of days and read all of my classroom notes. Keeping my mind focused upon this loving energy of openness I felt my fears just leaving my mind as I transferred them onto my paper. With each new awareness, I felt more motivated and committed to continue seeking the relationship between my childhood and past life experiences where I developed these fear concepts and behaviors. I saw how I was controlled by fear, became addicted to its negative energy. Now I understand the supportive role it has played in my learning to ‘consciously’ grow into accepting personal responsibility for my life and release my dependency upon someone else to save me. All those illusions just faded away!

My lessons learned: I could not access my memory if I did not think I was worthy of receiving communication from my spirit consciousness. So how I think about myself with love or fear either supports me or repels. If I think, that God is going to save me, or I am not worthy of accessing my own memory because I doubt that I have lived many thousands of lives and all that’s in my mind is this present life, than how could I have that data available, how could I retrieve it from my memory that I don’t believe I have… I could not, and would not.

I could feel my mind opening to new understanding of what’s been holding me in a self-defeating cycle of victim energy. Before this class, I didn’t know what my fear was, I could just tell I wasn’t creating the life I wanted to be living. Now compassion is replacing the self-judgement, unity where there was separation, and the love has melted the fear.

What a dynamic learning experience this ‘awakening’ has created. I’m learning to see more fractal patterns of that energy, the beliefs that support them and how they have controlled my life and my ability to give life to my dreams… to create in the energy of love instead of fear. I am just so excited and eager to continue evolving my mind into knowing itself as Spirit Consciousness. Evolution is real, just as energy is real… Thanks for teaching this series on “Hidden Memories” and for being such a brilliant and wonderfully loving teacher by example!

Kathy, I thank you from the depth of my heart for this wonderful class and your awesome new book “Spirit Consciousness our Intelligent Design!” I love your choice of timing.

Releasing it just weeks before this class was sheer perfection, for me! I’m certain that reading this book contributed significantly to raising my level of Spirit Consciousness that allowed me to learn so much from this class.

With great appreciation,
Kathy Bruegging

Monday, August 06, 2007

Leading Edge Science and the Prophets Conference

On Friday I received an email notice from the Prophets Conference about the August 10-11 Conference, "A Quest Beyond the Limits of the Ordinary," which features Rupert Sheldrake and Bruce Lipton. I recently read Bruce Lipton's Biology of Belief, and was thrilled to read his cellular biologist's explanation and discovery of what makes us cellular "spiritual beings" as energy. "A Quest Beyond the Limits of the Ordinary" is inaccurate. Our cellular structure has always been "the ordinary"! We simply haven't understood what is our "normal design."

Here is the quote included in the mailing:
"When you realize that you are creating a specific field of energy around you according to the different thoughts and emotions you are experiencing, you are on the road to taking control of the things you find in your life." Bruce Lipton

I have been writing about our chemical pattern as energy and matter for many years, including in my new (8th) book, Spirit Consciousness: Our Intelligent Design. Our thoughts and emotions are only part of our cellular energy. The other part is Nature's air, food, and water. Can any of you readers and participants at these conferences with "leading edge scientists" explain to me what it means to us to have this chemical pattern of energy? As we search for answers to inspire us and validate that we create our own reality, we are beginning to open our mind to our "hidden memories" of who we are as infinitely sensory beings. As the email I receive stated, "The path toward self-empowerment is now offered by leading edge science that is eynthesizing a grand convergence of the Body-Mind-Spirit trinity. A renaissance in cellular biology has now described the nature of the communication channels linking the mind and the body. This new science reveals how our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs control our abilities and create the experiences of our lives."

Spiritual Philosophy welcomes "new science" with the inspiration to "know thyself." We should not forget that Spiritual Philosophy has been around for thousands of years. We have ignored the truth of Spiritual Philosophy and come to depend upon science to rediscover what has been known for thousands of years by many. Just within my lifetime we have forgotten the most basic knowledge that Hippocrates (ca. 460-360 B.C.) understood very well - that the quality of our energy was dependent upon the air, food, and water that we put into our body. The cellular structure has not changed - we have lost our memory of the chemicals that our cellular structure needs to produce energy and maintain a healthy and happy life.

Seattle Dialogue with Bruce Lipton and Rupert Sheldrake

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jan Cheek Promotes Spirit Consciousness: Our Intelligent Design

I have had the privilege of working with Kathy Oddenino on my own healing journey for about three years now and she has enlightened me to my own SPIRIT CONSCIOUSNESS in the process. I refused to think that I was dying when I met her, but in all reality, I was close to death. I have been dealing with brain cancer for several years, but I have chosen to live with it and not to die with it. Kathy Oddenino has helped me learn how to do that. In her newest book, Spirit Consciousness, Kathy integrates a wealth of information from several sources of knowledge: philosophical, spiritual, intellectual, academic, and scientific. But the common denominator is that we are not human beings comprised of just cellular matter, we are ENERGY, cellular energy. Kathy has taught me how to renew the health of both the cellular matter and energy as I preserve my life, by introducing more pure air, water, and nutrients and reducing toxins. Toxins can clutter the cellular integrity at the most basic level and challenge our health. In her book, Spirit Consciousness, Kathy clearly explains how we must increase our awareness and focus of our thought processes and the integration of that with our spirit awakenings along with purifying our cellular structures to create improved sound health and wholeness. It is all intertwined and we simply must pay close attention that our energy is in harmony because we are the ones responsible for our own health and well-being. I have learned that trusting that my body and my spirit are energy and they are interconnected in critical ways is crucial, not only for my healing, but for my life of well-being and teaching others about self-care and awareness. Kathy’s new book, Spirit Consciousness, is a wonderful reading experience and an enlightening expression of her great wisdom. It has been an honor and a gift to be taught by this wise woman as I continually prepare myself for improved SPIRIT CONSCIOUSNESS.

To buy Kathy's new book, call 919-545-9937, or order online from lulu.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Know Your Choice

The choice of what we do and who we are is always ours, which means that we are in total control of our own reality, which includes our physical, mental, sensory, and emotional changes at all times in our human journey through our multiple physical lives. Because of our dependency, we have an ingrained expectation that other people (including our image of an external God) are going to "save us." This is the direct reflection of our internal image of an external God that we accept as our omnipotent savior. No one has the power to save us but us, which we do gradually as we learn and change in our internal and external relationships. As we change and grow into "knowing thyself," we begin to see the world in a different image. Once we realize that we are part of the external world as we live our internal life, we begin to understand that there is no separation between the two energy forces, and that our external world always becomes a direct reflection of our internal world. Keeping our thinking mind loving also improves our own self-reflection of our physical, mental, and emotional reality as we create it as our personal environment. We can never blame other people for who we are, because we are designed with total personal responsibility for how we think, live, and behave in our past lives. When we can accept that we create our own physical personal reality by the way that we think, behave,communicate, and relate to other people, we begin to realize that we are totally responsible for who we are.

Many individuals see themselves as victims of life and the people they share life with. This victim energy comes from inside of us and if we want to be responsible individuals, we must be truthful about who we are and how we design our physical reality of life. These patterns show us how and why we create our internal images of ourselves from the way that we think about life and living, especially in relationship to other people. When we think that we are useless, we will be useless in our lives and in other people's lives, because that will be our total reflective behavior that is coming from our thinking mind. When we think that we can do anything that we want to do, we will literally do anything and everything from the motivation of our thinking mind, which never stops thinking unless we stop our own ability to think by shutting down our mind with negative thinking.

These are the bulk of the internal images that we use to guide ourselves from one day to the next. The positive or negative of our thinking is the focus of our motivation to plunge ahead with our growth, or to feel sorry for ourselves and refuse to grow and change. A lazy mind makes a lazy body and a lazy body makes a lazy mind. This helps us to see that we are totally responsible for who we are at all times in our physical growth cycle. The excuses that we use for our own faults are simply our way of allowing our ego to control who we are. If we think we can't do something, we won't do it. If we think that we can do anything that comes into our mind, we will do it and we will do it well. Once we recognize our internal images as our inspiration of life, we will begin to realize that we can do anyting that we can think of and think through to fruition.

Automatic Writing and Our Rubik's Cube of the Brain

Automatic writing is known as writing without “free will,” which means that as we sit down to write, we do not engage our own thinking mind but someone else uses their thinking mind to move our hand. If this were true it would be alled “control,” but the untruth is that no one else is writing for us but we are using the memory of another lifetime to jot down a few choice instructions to ourselves. This helps us to understand that when we are fearful and do not understand the truth of our dual Soul thinking mind being a traveler through many lifetimes on Earth, we just normally think that someone else is writing automatically through our own hand and head, as an external thinking mind that is guiding our hand unwillingly. Automatic writing is always a lesson in personal responsibility as our Dual Soul attempts to capture the attention of our thinking mind by proving that we have past life memories as a vital part of our thinking mind. In automatic writing, we sit down and we write from our thinking mind without consciously thinking about what we are writing.

Automatic writing is read every day by people with no conscious awareness that the information simply flowed onto the paper without the conscious thought of the person who wrote the information. When we use automatic writing as a tool to open our thinking mind, we literally become our own personal teacher. This is a perfect way in which we can open our thinking mind to our past life memory and enjoy every moment of our enlightening experience of self-exploration. Once we recognize that we have memories stored in the neurons of our brain from our past lives, it becomes important for us to practice this retrieval. We can do this simply by making writing from our internal memory a part of our everyday growth. We must not be afraid of looking into our own thinking mind and reaizing what we have stored within our mind. This exercise is personal to us and we do not need to talk about, read it out loud, or shout it to the heavens, we just need to write as a method of self-ex0ploration and release of fear. Everyone has their own internal library of past life events to ponder and appreciate as a vital part of our growth process. We can see how we have learned, what we have learned, what we still must be open to learning, and we can see how all of this information becomes our Rubic Cube of the brain. Once we can put everything together that we have learned in all of our many physical lives, we begin to see the absolute wisdom of our internal design of energy in matter. It is only our external beliefs that keep us from seeing and sensing the magnitude of our own energy design.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Spirit Consciousness - Going the Extra Mile

We are so intensely involved in our belief systems today that we are affecting our health and our longevity to an intense degree. Our belief in living only one life is the most important belief for us to change if we want to change our relationship to life and be healthy for many years. This belief has come about in a very interesting way. As we have learned that we are chemical beings (hence the frequency of blood tests that your physician uses) we stopped there and didn’t research the extra mile to answer why we are chemical beings and how we can prevent disease with certain chemicals. Our pattern of life is a chemical pattern. If we understand that it is the limitation of our “understanding” that allows medicine to nearly kill the body with dreadful chemicals (such as in cancer therapy) instead of healing disease by building up the body, we will be closer to understanding the secrets of our eternal life.

Once we begin to accept that we live eternal physical lives as an eternal Spirit Consciousness, we begin to utilize our hidden memories to expand our Spirit Consciousness and our health and longevity. My new book, Spirit Consciousness: Our Intelligent Design ,will give you another image of yourself as an eternal energy that recreates the physical matter of our body to live life eternally. Once we can accept that staying healthy and aware of our human design can and will serve us as we live our eternal life, we will think differently about the cellular energy of who we are, how we restore our energy from the chemicals of nature, and what it means to be an energy being living in physical matter. Science has already proven that we are a chemical design when they finished the DNA mapping. Bruce Lipton proves the concept of our eternal cells in his book Biology of Belief. What does the word “eternal” mean to you?

It is time for us to change the image that we have of ourselves and consciously choose to live for thousands of years in each lifetime and consciously design our next lifetime which will help us retain conscious memory of who we are and what are plans are in life. We can remember the truth of who we are and what we have learned once we can actively use our hidden memories, which I am teaching during my classes in 2007. In all of our wisdom we still cannot match the longevity of the human species that is recorded in the Old Testament. Are we changing our chemical design and function to the degree that we are destroying our internal human chemical pattern? We can be technically proven to be who we really are by science if science can change its focus from the external to the internal. When we understand ourselves as an eternal human being that is living as energy and matter, we will make dramatic changes in our thought patterns and begin to take that next step into healing ourselves eternally as chemical beings.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My 8th Book!

Joypub at Lulu

Spirit Consciousness:
Our Intelligent Design

I am very excited about completing this book, and I hope millions will read it. People who are drawn to my teachings are living at a level of their Dual Soul growth where their mind is open to change, which is always our personal responsibility. Looking internally to answer our questions about life, Earth, and the Universe helps us to understand the beauty of energy and matter as our eternal Spiritual Design. Read with an open mind to truly understand the pattern of yourself and your eternal growth.

Your feedback is always welcome!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Clearer Lens of Perception

We are born with hidden memories in our motor neurons.
Do we know ourselves as a compilation of human lives?
100 billion neurons in our head, 50 trillion cells in our body?
That is quite a corporation, country, world, family, isn’t it?
We are energy and matter.
What happens to our energy as we live, breathe, eat, sleep, die?
We are more than loops, light, fingernails, hair, teeth, heart, back pain, marriage, divorce, degrees.
What does “infinite potential” mean?
A genius, a great baseball player, a financier are not created in one lifetime.
Don’t we want to be aware of the endless nature of the fractal patterns of energy that we are living as human beings?
Does it sound “crazy” to think that we can see and hear another energy form of a physical life that is stored in our brain?
Why are babies being born with more and more of an understanding of life, computers, and thinking than older people were?
Do you communicate on a strictly physical basis? Why?
We are always involved in Soul level communication, because each and every friend has normally been known before.

Once we understand the beauty of our life’s creation through the ethical values that we live, we will set the ethical values in place within our lives and we will never look back and judge our choice of change.

The fractal pattern of our human design is constant change and growth, which we can watch happen, beginning in the mother’s womb and continuing until death. All humans, earth, nature, and the universe are designed with this fractal pattern of energy. Some people look at these patterns and think “chaos” instead of “fractal.” This shows us the difference in external perception and internal perception of energy fields. When we download past-life memory, either consciously or unconsciously, we are affecting the way that we live our physical reality and how we relate to other people, places, and time. When we understand that as energy beings we always have this capability, we begin to see life through a clearer lens of perception.

We have not been taught the patterns of our Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness. Our Dual Soul is our thinking mind and loving emotions being used as a dual source of our internal energy of evolution. When we learn to use our entire Dual Soul as our functional consciousness, our loving emotions will neutralize all of our fear beliefs and we will learn to live from the eternal pattern of our ethical values as our daily thinking and behaviors. We are constantly challenging our thinking mind to change and grow, so that we can advance in our loving intellectual wisdom as human beings. When we use our intellectual knowledge in fear, we are attempting to capture our thinking mind’s attention to help it understand the loving emotions of our Dual Soul that want to be recognized as partners in the quest for learning and life as a Spirit Consciousness. Our Spirit Consciousness is the energy of the trinity of our fractal patterns as the energy design of our Dual Soul thinking mind, and loving emotions, which now includes the infinite Spirit senses functioning together to create the Trinity of energy that allows us to live our physical life. We can never live the love of our Spirit Consciousness without first learning how to live our loving emotions with our conscious thinking mind as the entirety of our Dual Soul, which allows us to always think with love in every aspect of our human nature, especially in our relationships.

When we live with an interactive consciousness, we need no words or actions. An interactive consciousness is an energy consciousness that needs no physical aspect to communicate or to be understood, which makes our interactive consciousness a major player in our Soul Consciousness. In our Soul Consciousness, the thinking mind and loving emotions will have countless physical lives that have become hidden memories. These hidden memories are very important to the Soul Consciousness and act as a wealth of stored knowledge that can be consciously used to help us in any new lifetime that can use this information productively. Once we become comfortable with our hidden memories, we can use our brain like the most impressive library to add to our information today.

Remember, knowledge is power. How well do you truly know yourself?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

What Do I Get Out of being a Student of Kathy's?

This week one of my students sent me this post:

I watched the video on your web site where it says, "What do I get out of being a student of Kathy's"?

Life! I get life out of it.
Love and friendship.
Education - that has use in our daily living and thinking.

We all have our own personal thoughts. Some as simple as why does that bird outside act that way, or more intricate, like - how do we deal with drama and stress in our lives without freaking out and wishing we have used our "20/20 hindsight." Well, this kind of information (Kathy's classes and talk therapy) empowers you to the point of being able to use your mind as things unfold and with practice you begin to know how to act or what words to use to help a situation work out positively. This is a permanent step. You mind will happily evolve to this higher state of thinking and living.

I used to be very angry and violence was not foreign to my life. I was very distracted by the visions in my head and I would place them into this lifetime.

Being surrounded by religion and a one-life belief left me stranded and alone to deal with what I saw in my head. I knew it was real but who could I talk to about this? Kids teased me, so as a straight-A student and top athlete I left school at 8th grade - nothing made sense. Every action people took around me seemed anti-human. I spent years waiting for the alien ship to come back and get me.

And yet I had other differences: sitting in a room full of people I could "feel" them - I could sense their emotions; with no undersatnding of what was going on.

Recently a young man gunned down many innocent classmates and professors - why - he said other people brought this on by the way they treated him. I understand the pain other people caused him and the desperation he was feeling. I am grateful that I never got to that point, but there is no doubt in my mind that his confusion and frustration came from visions of past lives and our societal way of shutting down our mind in every way that is important.

The funny part of this is that if you ask anybody on the sidewalk today they will agree that we are on the wrong path as "Spiritual Beings," and yet there is no action taken, other than drugs and higher debt, to fix this problem, or make us think we are successful in life.

So, Kathy saved my life and now I will continue to bring only positive into my life, step aside as the negative goes past, and all those things that used to make me crazy, well, some of them are still here - but they're just regular stuff now. I'm not saying my Mama don't try to make me crazy still - cuz she does - It just doesn't work anymore. And when I get upset, it's normal upset. I feel it, think about it, make a decision of how to deal with it, or not, and then continue on.

Every day is more fulfilling than the last. Now I'm not fixing the past-
I live today - using all of my lessons of the past as tools to guide me.

And I look forward to the future with the eyes and heart of a child with no fear - only excitement of the unknown. The best part is that now I can let people love me, and even better, I can love them back without fear!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Higher Education?

Recently I was remembering my early education at religious schools and thinking about the value of my learning there. My experience at St. Vincent's Nursing school in Indianapolis, which was a sister school of Catholic University in Washington, D.C., was 3 years of rigorous work and study which was both exhausting and exhilerating. The nuns were committed to teaching us and gave us an environment which required total focus on learning. If we didn't learn, we were out. Our class halved in number from enrollment day to the following year.

Over the years I attended other universities for different reasons, and I have thought a great deal about learning and learning environments. As a child, I went to school in a one-room schoolhouse. Our lively young teacher assigned us different garden or farm items to bring from home for lunch, and she cooked up stews or soups while we studied. In the winter our wet coats and boots and more were set over the woodstove to dry. The smells of simmering vegetables added to our appetite.

As I think about my educational experiences, and my mind winds around to the reality that medical students are not taught nutrition and the "Hippocratic oath," the "Hippocratic way," I shudder. What has happened to our appreciation of knowledge as a basis of knowing ourselves as human beings?

I want to share a message sent to me from one of my students:

I have been a searcher seeking truth in knowing "thyself" my whole life. My search began in earnest after the death of my parents at the age of twelve. Were my parents in heaven? Could they see me? Why did God have to take both parents? What was the purpose of life? The questions came fast and furious but discovering the answers has been my journey from the eternal focus of God being in heaven to knowing I am a spiritual being learning how to be a human being in the flesh.

I just attended a seminar called "Landscapes of Flesh: Thoughts toward Alternative Metaphors for the Body and its Goods" presented by Joel James Shuman, Ph.D. This seminar is presented by Theology and Medicine at Duke University. Joel is a graduate of Duke Divinity School. I was fascinated how the focus of the seminar was geared towards the belief of only one physical life. Even though Joel described his experiences growing up on a farm in West Virginia with passion toward his family and nature, he never mentioned the importance of nature upon his landscape of flesh.

I appreciate the knowledge that I continue to learn through studying spiritual philosophy in understanding the landscape of my flesh and the "Goods of body" as my dual soul and spirit senses embedded within my physical flesh as matter and energy. I know medicine will not create my health; however, the elements provided through air, food, and water will maintain my health.

Higher education through universities such as Duke is not providing the truth of our human design in the flesh. As a human being, I am responsible for the domain of my physical flesh by providing the chemicals found in nature, earth, and the universe. I am separate as an individual person, but I am one with nature (food), earth (water), and the universe (air).

As a spirit consciousness living within physical flesh, I am dual as a male thinking mind, female loving emotions, and spirit senses energizing my physical flesh. Does Duke’s School of Divinity and Medicine, as a place of higher learning, teach their students spirit consciousness? In attending the seminar, I heard the belief in only one life, and only when one died and rose to heaven did one become spiritual.

The knowledge of understanding our human landscape through studying spiritual philosophy far surpasses the education gathered through higher education at some very prestigious universities in this country. I challenge every fellow human being to search for what it means to be a spiritual being learning to be a human being living in flesh on planet Earth.

I want to share two quotes that speak truth. Kathy Oddenino, R.N., in Sharing: Self Discovery in Relationships, writes: "The God energy within you is the spirit of you." Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., cell biologist, writes in his book, The Biology of Belief," Each of us is a spirit in material form."

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Importance of Learning

Once we can understand energy and matter as our human pattern, we begin to understand why we have psychic experiences as human beings. Energy never dies but it does change forms as we change from one life to another physical life. We change form as energy when we focus on being either male or female, and we also change the form of the life we live by the focus of ourthinking mind which determines how we live, what we learn, and what we accomplish from one life to the next life. This is the way in which our multiple lives flesh out the information that we store within the neurons of our brain. It is not unusual to find people who return into new lives with musical ability, a scientific predilection, building expertise, some left-over knowledge from engineering, teaching, philosophy, mathematics, poetry, writing, dancing, singing, or any number of other past life memories. As eternal energy beings, we have changed our physical forms countless times as we have lived the expanding energy of our Dual Soul mind through the experience of our physical lives. When we have psychic memories, we are tapping into the memories that we have lived in other physical lives that are stored as hidden memories in our brain.

This is why it so very important for us to recognize that we are both finite physical matter and eternal energy. As eternal energy, we have to change the physical matter of us more frequently because we do not recognize us as eternal beings that have the capability to live long and rewarding lives if we live in harmony with Nature, Earth, and the Universe. Our ignorance allows us to destroy our human minds and physical bodies with foreign chemicals, which requires that we literally go back to the drawing board to create a new human physical body for ourselves in which we can store and use the energy of our Spirit Consciousness as a thinking mind, loving emotions, and Spirit senses. As long as we live our human existence with a belief that we are simply a physical human being that lives only one lifetime, we cannot understand the Spiritual design, function, and intention of us as physical human beings living as energy and matter.

Science has uncovered the story of our internal organs, hormonal glands, HLA and our DNA as internal chemical designs but we still do not recognize how this shows us the pattern of our eternal life and how this information unravels the mystery of our health and happiness. We cannot make this leap into understanding our human design until we recognize the precise internal function of our human life which gives us our eternal life as we uncover this internal chemical knowledge. Once we can understand our eternal life design, we will actively use our hidden memories to propel us forward as a thinking mind, which is only part of our Dual Soul and our Trinity of Spirit Consciousness. When our thinking mind focuses externally, we cannot fully recognize our internal chemical design of energy and matter. Once we fully understand our chemical design as human beings, we will heal all illnesses in our human design, on Earth, and in Nature to support us in living in total health and happiness for thousands of years in each physical lifetime.
Many people have asked me about "past lives," and want to understand what magnetizes them to different people, places, and things. My teaching theme this year is "Hidden Memories." I will teach you how to use your mind with love to access and use your "hidden memories" so you know you are not "crazy" (and are not so quick to think others are "crazy"), but are more productive and comfortable than ever before. My focus is on healing and helping people heal themselves - the mind, emotions, senses, and physical body.
My next seminar is May 20, in Chapel Hill. This time I will focus on Psychic Experiences, Soul Guides, and Near-Death Experiences. I wish everyone in the world could see the world and the human design as I see them. These seminars are a way for me to help bring back the tradition of philosophers guiding others into "knowing themselves" early in life. We are all designed to be thinkers, to appreciate life and those we love and share life with. When we understand that we are energy and matter, we appreciate the truth that we share life with all humans, all life forms on Earth and in the Universe. Join us, and get to know your family better! (919-545-9937 to register)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hidden Memories and Mind Control

Our internal hidden memories live in the neurons of our brain. The more that we expand our thinking mind the more we connect with our hidden memories. When we have a belief in living only one physical life, we cannot comprehend the concept of how our hidden memories can and do dictate our physical behaviors through the control of our thinking mind. Our thinking mind can become conscious of the stored hidden memories in our brain, accept them as our present reality, and allow our thinking mind to be controlled by these internal hidden memories. I am teaching about Hidden Memories in all of my classes this year and my next book will be written on this very important subject that is not understood by any level of science because our thinking mind continues to be externalized and un-accepting of our hidden memories as a real influence of our thinking and physical behaviors.

The massacre at Virginia Tech is a perfect example of a young man who is living from his hidden memories and therefore unable to interact gracefully with his present moment in life. It is very sad that he killed so many people and himself in his internal torment. This massacre could have been avoided in the same way that all of our other school shootings could have been avoided if the adults of our world could only comprehend that our brain is full of past life memories and when we are not grounded in the present reality that we are living it is because of these past life memories that are distracting our thinking mind. Past life memories are not mental illness, and they always happen as we evolve as a Spirit Consciousness into each new physical lifetime. Until we can understand and work with this internal reality as human beings, we will simply experience more and more violence among the children in our society. Giving drugs to children with past life memory simply confuses the thinking mind even more and allows more anger, hate, and violence to occur.

When children return into new physical lives with past life memory from a hidden memory node, and we as adults do not understand what is happening within the child’s mind then we are unable to help the child understand what is happening, which leads the child into acting out the past life memories that have become the focus of their reality. Being conscious of past life memories does not mean that we are psychotic or mentally deranged, it means that we are evolving as a thinking mind into an understanding of who we are as human beings. When we live our physical lives with a "one life" belief, we are not prepared to cope with past life memory, because we cannot compute that we have past life memories if we believe that we live only one physical life. This is why our present day reality becomes "schizophrenic" to our thinking mind when we try to balance what we are experiencing internally with our external learned beliefs.

I have been talking about hidden memories for years as I teach and write Spiritual Philosophy. Every time that our society experiences another school shooting or some other obvious hidden memory experience, I always wish that I could have had some counseling with these individuals. The massacre at Virginia Tech has really touched my heart because two of my six children are graduates of Virginia Tech and I have many friends among their friends who have graduated from Virginia Tech. The Samaha’s lived close to our family in Arlington, VA and their children were friends of my children. Virginia Tech is a wonderful school that my children loved and they loved the growing experience that nurtured them at Virginia Tech. So we must ask ourselves, "what happened?"

The true answer to most killings and crime are our "hidden memories." Our one life belief does not give our thinking mind permission to acknowledge that we are living eternal life through multiple physical experiences as we grow into our Spirit Consciousness. Our religious attachment to our belief in only one life, does not give us the tools to understand our past-life memories and behaviors that exceed the "normal behavior" that is dictated within our thinking mind. If we understood that we are energy and matter as a human design and we know that energy never dies but it does change form, we could change our one-life belief to a concept of eternal life through the energy of us living in endless physical bodies, with the energy of our entire brain storing the energy of our past physical lives in the neurons of our brain. Our thinking mind is one of three parts of our Spirit Consciousness energy that eternally stores our hidden memories.

It is obvious that our system of understanding the thinking mind failed Virginia Tech and Cho Seung-Hui because it appears that no one reached this young man’s thinking mind. The sadness that I feel for this young man’s family is just as deep as the sadness that I feel for Cho himself and the other "victims" of his loneliness and confusion. I am a person that has lived with past-life memories consciously from the time that I was two years old. My father understood this phenomena because he too lived with past-life memories and the consciousness of energy. He never talked about this to many people but because he knew that I had the same ability, he did talk to me with explanations of how to live with the "gift" of intuitive consciousness. I experienced his intuition at the age of six, when I was five minutes late for school and received the only spanking that he ever gave me.

When we can not understand ourselves as eternal beings, we cannot understand how we can return to life with hidden memories controlling our thinking mind. Cho was controlled by his hidden memories especially when he began his "killing spree." It is very sad that we live in a society that simply does not know how to deal with an advanced thinking Soul Mind that can use its hidden memories. Once an individual recognizes and accepts that we have lived more than one physical life, we can also accept that our brain is storing the memories of every life that we have ever lived. Our hidden memories are stored in the neurons of our brain. What is called "mental illness" is really us living from our hidden memories and having no one to help us through this maze of energy that is being picked up by our thinking mind. I work with people who have hidden memories and I teach classes on our hidden memories, how we store them, how we access them, what they mean to us, and how we can live long and happy lives as an evolving thinking mind that is open to our hidden memories as an advancement of our creativity.

It is very important to us and our society that we begin to break through the shell of our ancient beliefs so that we will be available to understand and use our hidden memories. We can help others learn to understand this absolutely normal stage of our human growth potential when we release our fear of change and growth as a Spirit Consciousness. A few words of explanation to this very intelligent young man could have prevented all of this horrible massacre that has occurred and that is so terribly devastating to so many families. There is an old saying that "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." and when we accept this concept, we can begin living in a healing state by knowing that we are eternal beings living our hidden memories as part of our physical lives and our creativity. Loving our hidden memories as part of us will allow us to share them openly in our communication and to learn from them without the anger to kill. Since war has always been a part of our thinking mind and human behavior, each and every one of us has the hidden memory of being a killer, which we will not activate when we have an understanding of ourselves and our hidden memories. Our entire world must change its fear and its ancient belief system before we can help ourselves and other people navigate through the rough waters of our hidden memories. Knowledge is the answer to growth and change within our thinking mind.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hidden Memories - Continued

It is always important for us to learn how to retrieve the information that is stored in our Dual Soul thinking mind. When we fail to use our past life memories, we will find ourselves living the identical experiences over and over again in our various physical lives, and we will continue to dance to the music of our ego as it tries to justify the loss of our conscious memory that we are experiencing. Past life memory can come to us spontaneously as thoughts, or it can come to us over a period of time as we see our physical life unfold in front of our eyes. We grow and change in our physical lives, one lifetime after the other, which creates the accumulative memories that are coming into our thinking mind as we expand as a Dual Soul conscious thinking mind. When we fail to see ourselves as eternal human beings, we will find ourselves living the same experiences over and over again because we have not seen our internl patterns of growth and where each lesson fits into the overall picture of our eternal lives. We will find ourselves living the identical experiences over and over again in our physical lives, until we basically make ourselves sick through the repetition of the same identical energy fields that keep us from moving forward and growing as a Dual Soul thinking mind into our loving emotions. but we will continue to dance to the music of our external ego thinking mind as it tries to justify the loss of conscious memory that we are experiencing from our past lives as a Dual Soul.

Opening our eyes to the design and function of our thinking mind, loving emotions, and Spirit senses as our Spirit Consciousness is the beginning of understanding ourselves, our memories, and our future potential as a Human Consciousness that is living in its Spiritual Consciousness as energy in matter. Our dreams are frequently fleshed our with images, sounds, voices, behaviors, and emotions that we accept as figments of our imagination. We are simply afraid to let our thinking mind open to its eternal reality and to show us snatches of our past life experiences, because do not believe that we live more than one physical lifetime. Each life becomes a continuation of our eternal life design of constant growth and change in our physical reality. Sometimes when we are deep in thought, we will hear a vacuum in our head that sounds like a pressurized door shutting itself. When we hear this unusual noise, we must remember that our thinking mind has an investment in limiting our conscious memory solely to the physical reality of our daily world.

We main this memory intention because of our one-life belief. When we deny the truth of our physical experiences that we are creating for ourselves, we do so as a means of keeping our intellectual mind closed which will prove that we are always right within our fearful, externalized thinking mind. some nights when we are asleep, we may awaken to our own voice talking to us, maybe even whispering to us. If we are living in our fearful mind, we will hear a voice of doubt cajoling us with a negative thinking. If we are living in our loving mind, we will hear a voice encouraging us to move forward with our positive thinking to create exactly what we want within our physical lives. If we are forcing the positive concepts, our negative concepts may slam the door in our ear, and as we hear the bang of the internal door we might sit up striaght in our bed thinking that someone just entered our house and slammed the physical door behind them.

The sound of the door becomes a "dream" sound that can be very real to our senses, because our dreams are always formulated by our Dual Soul from our internal senses to get our attention. This is how our dreams always become 3-D in our thinking mind, because our senses always respond to our dream state to make our dreams look, sound, and move as in real life. This helps us to see ourselves in an image tha tour internal mind can deal with as a real event, even when the event was not a physical event but a dream event. Using all of our senses in our dream state helps us to remember our dreams and reenact them in a manner that will make sense to our thinking mind. Many of our hidden memories are returnable to our thinking mind because of the sound effects and vision that accompany the memory. In effect our Dual Soul memory acts as video camera recording every movement and sound that occurs, even in our sleep. Nothing is ever lost on our Dual Soul, therefore when we are ready as a human to open our thinking mind to its Dual Soul memories, we will begin to see them, hear them, smell them, and touch them in multiple ways, and through it all we will find ourselves dancing to our ego in our attempt to stop our memory flow.