Thursday, May 24, 2007

What Do I Get Out of being a Student of Kathy's?

This week one of my students sent me this post:

I watched the video on your web site where it says, "What do I get out of being a student of Kathy's"?

Life! I get life out of it.
Love and friendship.
Education - that has use in our daily living and thinking.

We all have our own personal thoughts. Some as simple as why does that bird outside act that way, or more intricate, like - how do we deal with drama and stress in our lives without freaking out and wishing we have used our "20/20 hindsight." Well, this kind of information (Kathy's classes and talk therapy) empowers you to the point of being able to use your mind as things unfold and with practice you begin to know how to act or what words to use to help a situation work out positively. This is a permanent step. You mind will happily evolve to this higher state of thinking and living.

I used to be very angry and violence was not foreign to my life. I was very distracted by the visions in my head and I would place them into this lifetime.

Being surrounded by religion and a one-life belief left me stranded and alone to deal with what I saw in my head. I knew it was real but who could I talk to about this? Kids teased me, so as a straight-A student and top athlete I left school at 8th grade - nothing made sense. Every action people took around me seemed anti-human. I spent years waiting for the alien ship to come back and get me.

And yet I had other differences: sitting in a room full of people I could "feel" them - I could sense their emotions; with no undersatnding of what was going on.

Recently a young man gunned down many innocent classmates and professors - why - he said other people brought this on by the way they treated him. I understand the pain other people caused him and the desperation he was feeling. I am grateful that I never got to that point, but there is no doubt in my mind that his confusion and frustration came from visions of past lives and our societal way of shutting down our mind in every way that is important.

The funny part of this is that if you ask anybody on the sidewalk today they will agree that we are on the wrong path as "Spiritual Beings," and yet there is no action taken, other than drugs and higher debt, to fix this problem, or make us think we are successful in life.

So, Kathy saved my life and now I will continue to bring only positive into my life, step aside as the negative goes past, and all those things that used to make me crazy, well, some of them are still here - but they're just regular stuff now. I'm not saying my Mama don't try to make me crazy still - cuz she does - It just doesn't work anymore. And when I get upset, it's normal upset. I feel it, think about it, make a decision of how to deal with it, or not, and then continue on.

Every day is more fulfilling than the last. Now I'm not fixing the past-
I live today - using all of my lessons of the past as tools to guide me.

And I look forward to the future with the eyes and heart of a child with no fear - only excitement of the unknown. The best part is that now I can let people love me, and even better, I can love them back without fear!


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