Wednesday, October 28, 2015

All positive change is good.

All positive change is good. All negative focuses, as our fear of change, are not good for our Spiritual growth and the physical life that we are living. We always reflect our precise level of dual soul growth into our thinking mind and physical behavior, which includes the manner of our speaking, the words that we choose to use, and the people that we choose to communicate with regarding ourselves and our relationships in life. This will  then reflect how we are using our thinking mind lovingly with the Ethical Values. The way that we think, speak, and interact within our relationships shows us the precise pattern of how our thinking mind is being used, with or without the loving emotions. It is always a challenge to remember that no two people  are on the same precise stage of learning. Because of this, our love and tolerance of other people are essential, even when we wish life was different.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Why is Spiritual Philosophy so important at this time?

Why is Spiritual Philosophy so important at this time?

1)      Because we are destroying Earth, our home.

2)      We are destroying our human design.

3)      Science is proving our design of Spirit Consciousness.

4)      We are living through our depression of life rather than the happiness of living and learning.  What is depression? Our resistance to changing the way that we think and live.