Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Memories are not a Mental Illness!

Our spirit consciousness contains multiple forms of memory that are coded into the chemicals that give us the ability to think, speak, have loving emotions, have fear emotions, live our sensory response, and have multiple cellular responses. These memories are frequently concealed by our fear response. The lack of awareness of who we are interferes with our memory access, and when we access memory without the knowledge of our spirit consciousness we misinterpret the memory that we hear and we judge it in relationship to our fear beliefs. The fear beliefs that we have been taught keep our intellectual mind focused on the external concepts of who we think we are, which controls our perception and interpretation of the physical experiences of life. This is our path when we become the element of disease in any aspect of our whole being.

Our religious belief that we live only one physical life keeps us from understanding our internal memories as they begin to surface within our conscious mind, loving emotions, senses, and physical cellular structure. Our past life memories are embedded within our spirit and dual soul consciousness as an integrated function of our nervous system. Memories are not a mental illness, they are the opening of our dual soul and spirit into a higher level of internal consciousness. When medicine does not understand us as an eternal dual soul and spirit consciousness, our consciousness memories are diagnosed as mental illness. This has become our "bomb" of ignorance exploding on the human population. Before we can successfully heal ourselves in any way, we must first understand our dual soul internal chemical organization, design, form, and structure of our thinking mind and the freedom that we have designed into our loving emotions, the absolute sensory being that is the eternal gift of our spirit consciousness, and how the dual soul and spirit consciousness functions within multiple physical bodies to give us eternal life. In effect, life is the primary lesson of our dual soul and spirit consciousness that is in the act of evolving itself through the physical experiences of life.

The way that we perceive, conceive, and interpret creates the physical experiences that we live as the "science of life" for our dual soul growth. Through living the physical experiences of each physical life, we expand our dual soul and our dual soul expands our spirit consciousness through the eternal "science of life" that we consistently live as physical beings. When we study our own history, we can see how we have changed our concepts of life and when we change our concepts of what life is, we change the way that we perceive and interpret our physical experience. When we changed our concept of eternal life to the concept that we live only one external life, we felt very vulnerable to death. Our vulnerability to the external belief of death and only one life pulled us relentlessly into our need to be saved as a fear belief.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Our cellular structure must be credible to sense acutely

We can recognize our inspirations and get what we want in life if we are willing to seek the knowledge that our soul evolution requires. When we listen to the silence, we will become conscious of our internal language of inspiration. We can silence the ego trivia language by concentrating on our breathing. Spend quiet time with your internal self several times throughout the day. Breathe deeply, walk silently, think only positive thoughts, and invite your internal mature soul consciousness to communicate with you. Ask questions of your internal self and have faith in the language that you receive. Listen to the words, tone, fiber, and emotion of the spirit language. Eat and drink as close to Nature as possible to support your cellular structure. Your cellular structure must be credible before you can sense acutely from your three levels of senses and become conscious of the language of your spirit.