Friday, January 07, 2011

Our cellular structure must be credible to sense acutely

We can recognize our inspirations and get what we want in life if we are willing to seek the knowledge that our soul evolution requires. When we listen to the silence, we will become conscious of our internal language of inspiration. We can silence the ego trivia language by concentrating on our breathing. Spend quiet time with your internal self several times throughout the day. Breathe deeply, walk silently, think only positive thoughts, and invite your internal mature soul consciousness to communicate with you. Ask questions of your internal self and have faith in the language that you receive. Listen to the words, tone, fiber, and emotion of the spirit language. Eat and drink as close to Nature as possible to support your cellular structure. Your cellular structure must be credible before you can sense acutely from your three levels of senses and become conscious of the language of your spirit.

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