Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Life and Living

Life is created by the sperm of the male fertilizing the ovum of the female, which begins the growth of the fetus in the womb. Nine months later this fetus will be grown to the size of maturity where it can live outside of the womb, take its own nourishment, and begin its physical growth into a physical human being. The life process is not always perfect but it is being guided totally by the nervous system as both physical design cells, energy cells, and growth cells of the human design. Essentially we are energy beings. Our new life as a physical body is created by the energy design within the mother's ovum and the father's sperm. These new cells are designed to grow into different parts of the human design until that design is complete and can live on their own energy fields.

Energy is the secret of life and all acts of living. Matter would always be "only matter" until it is inspired by the Ethical Values to join the concept of life and living as energy beings. As any life begins to and continues to evolve in our consciousness, we expand our thinking and being into a higher form of energy, which we reflect externally into a form of life. A form of life can and will develop from our open-minded thinking and doing. It may be that we change our own internal and external behaviors to coincide with the energy form that we have been thinking about.  We always change ourselves and our life through our thinking and defining process, which expands the internal energy of us. We have the capability to create what we want in our life, therefore we should never allow another person to "think us down." When we think another person down, we are using our own thinking process to interfere with another person's creative process. If we are going to use our thinking mind to interfere with the person's chosen direction in life, we must only use that level of interference if it has the power to improve and expand the energy of the other person.

By using the sperm and the ovum, we create new life through the dual energy of the mother and father. This new life as cells joining together, begin the immediate process of growth and birth, into a new infant which enters into our life as a new baby. All of the life patterns are included in the male and female energy cells that are joining together to create new life. That new life is us, it is our children and our grandchildren. We are energy beings, and energy never dies. Once we can see the evolution of life in another infant being on Earth, we can more fully appreciate our own eternal life as our growth and change. Never forget that memory is never lost in our evolution from one life to another, which makes it very important that we face life with happiness and joy as we live our ancient energy in a new form. Einstein determined that energy never dies, but it does change form!

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safa said...

So beautiful words of wisdom, perfectly matched with what I feel deep inside, though not able to put into words.
With your eloquent writings, one gets one step closer to the fathomless path to knowing oneself, and one's Lord!

Thanks the ciberwinds for blowing me over to this soothing oasis...

Happay new year, in advance with much love and friendship.