Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our Knowledge of Who We Are

Spiritual Philosophy teaches us the patterns of human thought, life, and evolution from our earliest beginnings, which accumulates within our conscious mind as an image of our change and growth. Therefore, Spiritual Philosophy teaches us to grow into Knowing Ourself, which is an accumulation of information that shows us why we are who we are today, which includes our thinking mind, physical health, emotional happiness, and our longevity potential as a physical body that is the home of a Spiritual Energy Being. The value of Spiritual Philosophy at this point in time is that we now have additional information within our thinking mind that will allow us to heal ourselves of all diseases and learn how to survive for hundreds of years in one physical lifetime. Our stored information allows us to begin to open our thinking mind to our hidden memories as we expand them during each lifetime.  We have the information but we are not using the information primarily because of our religious beliefs that have taught us faith and trust in an external God, rather than in the information that we have learned during the physical lives that we have lived. We are made in the image of God as energy and Earth as matter.  Our knowledge of who we are must be changed, because as we accept that we have an eternal and internal chemical design that gives us the energy that we use in our lives as human beings, we can better appreciate the quality of our thinking, eating, drinking, and breathing as providing ourselves with the pure energy of life. 

Our life-giving chemicals come from the pure air, water, and foods of Nature. Man-made chemicals are gradually killing us by destroying our natural energy fields, which results in our horrific diseases of the internal organs and our nervous system.  Once we become aware that Awe are what we think, eat, drink, and breathe as the air, foods, and water of Nature,” we become aware that our physically focused thinking mind totally controls our behavior of how we perceive our air, food, and water requirements, which we are using to give ourselves cancer and nervous system disorders.  Our thinking alone can cause us to live through an acidic balance rather than an alkaline balance.  When we live in fear, anger, hate, ignorance, and ancient belief systems, we automatically create an acid balance within our physical body. When we live the love, joy, happiness, and open-mindedness of Spiritualism, we create an alkaline balance.  Neural Depolarization also creates an alkaline balance within our physical body, which relieves our body of multiple symptoms.  When we add inferior food, water, and air to our already intense fear beliefs, we create rampant diseases as we are doing today.

The patterns of our internal images are chemical patterns, which can be healed by a replacement of these chemical patterns in our organs, cells, fluids, and neurons.  We know our own internal images, although we have not been taught how to recognize these internal images or how to honor ourselves as chemical beings. Our internal body communicates with us at all times by telling us what to eat, drink, and breathe as a part of nature. When we recondition our thinking mind to believe that we need processed foods, we begin our downhill slide into chemical chaos as we eat processed foods, take drugs, and generally destroy the internal perfection of our eternal design through diseases.  We are designed to listen and to hear our internal image as it strives to keep us alive and well. 

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

A Way of Life

We have taken to heart some parts of Spiritual Philosophy that we're attracted to, but we ignore those we are not interested in living at the present moment in time. This means that we will choose not to live our Ethical Values. Living our Ethical Values is how we live a Spiritual life. We cannot love ourself or other people from the core of our Spiritual love until we learn to love ourself, which is the beginning of being love as a human being.

We cannot live from the core of our love until we learn to live the Ethical Values as a "way of life," which creates us as a Spiritual being.