Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Spirit Consciousness: Our Intelligent Design

This is my eighth book and with this book I have moved from the explanations of the seven primary levels of our Dual Soul(my first seven books)into the description and function of our Spirit Consciousness as our intelligent energy design. We are so much more than we think we are. It never ceases to amaze me that we think we are intelligent beings, but we do not recognize ourselves as eternal energy that returns endlessly into physical matter in our attempt to understand ourselves. Science has the ability to prove this for us, if the scientists themselves can get beyond their external belief system. We have consistently focused our thinking mind externally. The most important issue in understanding ourselves is to understand that internally we are energy (chemical) and matter. Energy never dies but it does change its form of matter as we destroy our internal chemical patterns. Once we understand that we are energy and matter, we begin to understand that life is a constant for us as energy beings. Energy moves with the speed of light. Once we die as physical bodies, we come back into a new energy life in three physical days and it takes us nine months to create our new physical body. As human beings we can prove this, once we begin to think internally instead of externally. It has taken us a long time as energy beings to open our thinking mind to the internal chemical patterns of our own energy. Once we understand our chemical design as the source of our energy design, we will stay healthy, live longer, be happier, and remember more of our past life experiences that are stored as energy within the neurons of our brain and the cells of our physical body.

Our challenge is to know that we are eternal as energy beings and finite as physical beings. Once we understand that "energy and matter" is the story of our Intelligent Design as Spiritual Beings, we begin to look at ourselves internally instead of externally as we do now. Medicine does not work today to truly heal us as energy beings because medicine sees us as finite physical beings and does not understand our internal chemical design. When we remove ourselves from the pure chemicals of Nature and Earth, we begin to destroy our internal energy fields as human beings. When we change the chemicals of Nature and Earth that make us chemical beings and healthy beings, we become diseased because we have just contaminated our internal chemical design with man made chemicals.

"God" or our eternal Spirit Consciousness had a brilliant and Divine Idea when man was created in the image of energy and matter, put on Earth, which had the power to replace our internal chemicals through the air, foods, and water of Nature, and left us to our own decisive thinking mind to help us grow and change. This helps us to see that our externally focused thinking mind has led us down the primrose path to disease. As we continue to focus on an external God instead of recognizing ourselves as an internal and eternal "image of God" as energy and matter, we essentially destroy ourselves through our own internal and external wars of change and growth. Our behaviors and thought processes were not structured by an external God, they are structured by us and the level of our thinking mind that we are using at the present time, and have used in our past lives. We are on our own now as a Spirit Consciousness and we must learn about ourselves. The Human Species is the "Divine Idea" of our eternal Spirit Consciousness as our internal energy design that is living in physical matter. Why are we abusing ourselves? Read my newest book, Spirit Consciousness: Our Intelligent Design and learn how to be healthy and happy in your long lived life as both energy and matter.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Change: Our Special Challenge

As human beings, we have accepted our ancient beliefs and superstitions as “Gospel Truth,” and we have literally never looked back at how all of this came to be a very important part of our lifestyle. The truth of where we learned our ancient beliefs and our addictions to these ancient beliefs was written about in The Golden Bough by James Fraser (1824) and the many wonderful books, lectures, and articles by Joseph Campbell which spanned 30 or 40 years. Many of our ancient beliefs were also documented in the Old Testament and New Testament. Now we have enough information to look back at ourselves in other lifetimes and clearly see how we have created the myths and superstitions that we are still continuing to live. None of our beliefs and myths have been right or wrong. They simply reflected into our lives the precise level of growth and change that our thinking mind had and has reached.

We have taken our ancient beliefs and made them into our lifestyle, which we continue to live as war, hate, crime, and our inhuman behaviors. We do not need to chastise ourselves for what we have done in the past, but we do need to look at who we are now and change our thinking and behaviors into love, truth,And equality. As humans that are continuing to fight war rather than living in harmony, we can easily see the importance of each of us changing the way that we think and behave. Change is our challenge. We cannot create peace on Earth and good will towards all people without change. Change is and always has been the personal responsibility of each and every human that lives on Earth. This means that each of us is at all times personally responsible for at least changing who we are and how we relate to other people.

We have lived on Earth for billions of years. Now we are destroying Earth because of our greed, ignorance, and selfishness, which is showing us that our thinking mind is not thinking at the level of growth that it needs to think. We, human beings, are totally responsible for what we are creating. As Spirit Consciousness beings, we know that we can change and grow out of our fear and destruction into our love and expansion. For us to be fighting wars at this time in our evolution is a “crime” of our ancient mind and its fear of change. We must change and we must learn the value of love. Love is not sex. Love is an emotion that is part of the design of us as a Spirit Consciousness. If we understood ourselves as a Spirit Consciousness, we would live our love as one thinking mind throughout the Universal System. We have the power to change and we must change now before we destroy Earth, which will leave us as Universal wanderers without a home. We can change!!!

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

What I Learned at the July 3-Day Hidden Memories Conference

Kathy, I just loved this class…….

I am so glad that I have been a student of your teachings long enough to have learned that “life is choice” and I am absolutely thrilled for having learned that well enough to have chosen to attend your fabulously inspiring 3-day conference on “Hidden Memories, Understanding Our Personal Internal Energy.” Thank you, for teaching it! It was a wonderful growth experience for me. I feel this blog topic is the perfect place to communicate my ongoing change and growth since day one of this conference.

In class, as you were explaining the pattern of how we stack fear, upon fear, upon fear until we become fearful of the fear, my mind immediately responded to this pattern and awakened a hidden memory from my infancy, during this lifetime. It was a perfect example of energy reflecting energy, because I felt the vibration internally as my mind was processing all the external sensory responses of sound, sight, motion, and emotion. Then it just clicked, my mind opened to this memory of this external energy pattern. What my senses responded to was the reflection of my own internal energy pattern that I was living. The unity of this energy created instant understanding. As I sat in class my mind was sending a flood of culminating thoughts and pictures which flowed from my mind, through my fingers onto my paper. My healing began from that moment in class, as I recorded my thoughts and emotions. I felt lighter, freer, happier and very excited to be learning and growing!

I consumed the entire handout in just a couple of days and read all of my classroom notes. Keeping my mind focused upon this loving energy of openness I felt my fears just leaving my mind as I transferred them onto my paper. With each new awareness, I felt more motivated and committed to continue seeking the relationship between my childhood and past life experiences where I developed these fear concepts and behaviors. I saw how I was controlled by fear, became addicted to its negative energy. Now I understand the supportive role it has played in my learning to ‘consciously’ grow into accepting personal responsibility for my life and release my dependency upon someone else to save me. All those illusions just faded away!

My lessons learned: I could not access my memory if I did not think I was worthy of receiving communication from my spirit consciousness. So how I think about myself with love or fear either supports me or repels. If I think, that God is going to save me, or I am not worthy of accessing my own memory because I doubt that I have lived many thousands of lives and all that’s in my mind is this present life, than how could I have that data available, how could I retrieve it from my memory that I don’t believe I have… I could not, and would not.

I could feel my mind opening to new understanding of what’s been holding me in a self-defeating cycle of victim energy. Before this class, I didn’t know what my fear was, I could just tell I wasn’t creating the life I wanted to be living. Now compassion is replacing the self-judgement, unity where there was separation, and the love has melted the fear.

What a dynamic learning experience this ‘awakening’ has created. I’m learning to see more fractal patterns of that energy, the beliefs that support them and how they have controlled my life and my ability to give life to my dreams… to create in the energy of love instead of fear. I am just so excited and eager to continue evolving my mind into knowing itself as Spirit Consciousness. Evolution is real, just as energy is real… Thanks for teaching this series on “Hidden Memories” and for being such a brilliant and wonderfully loving teacher by example!

Kathy, I thank you from the depth of my heart for this wonderful class and your awesome new book “Spirit Consciousness our Intelligent Design!” I love your choice of timing.

Releasing it just weeks before this class was sheer perfection, for me! I’m certain that reading this book contributed significantly to raising my level of Spirit Consciousness that allowed me to learn so much from this class.

With great appreciation,
Kathy Bruegging

Monday, August 06, 2007

Leading Edge Science and the Prophets Conference

On Friday I received an email notice from the Prophets Conference about the August 10-11 Conference, "A Quest Beyond the Limits of the Ordinary," which features Rupert Sheldrake and Bruce Lipton. I recently read Bruce Lipton's Biology of Belief, and was thrilled to read his cellular biologist's explanation and discovery of what makes us cellular "spiritual beings" as energy. "A Quest Beyond the Limits of the Ordinary" is inaccurate. Our cellular structure has always been "the ordinary"! We simply haven't understood what is our "normal design."

Here is the quote included in the mailing:
"When you realize that you are creating a specific field of energy around you according to the different thoughts and emotions you are experiencing, you are on the road to taking control of the things you find in your life." Bruce Lipton

I have been writing about our chemical pattern as energy and matter for many years, including in my new (8th) book, Spirit Consciousness: Our Intelligent Design. Our thoughts and emotions are only part of our cellular energy. The other part is Nature's air, food, and water. Can any of you readers and participants at these conferences with "leading edge scientists" explain to me what it means to us to have this chemical pattern of energy? As we search for answers to inspire us and validate that we create our own reality, we are beginning to open our mind to our "hidden memories" of who we are as infinitely sensory beings. As the email I receive stated, "The path toward self-empowerment is now offered by leading edge science that is eynthesizing a grand convergence of the Body-Mind-Spirit trinity. A renaissance in cellular biology has now described the nature of the communication channels linking the mind and the body. This new science reveals how our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs control our abilities and create the experiences of our lives."

Spiritual Philosophy welcomes "new science" with the inspiration to "know thyself." We should not forget that Spiritual Philosophy has been around for thousands of years. We have ignored the truth of Spiritual Philosophy and come to depend upon science to rediscover what has been known for thousands of years by many. Just within my lifetime we have forgotten the most basic knowledge that Hippocrates (ca. 460-360 B.C.) understood very well - that the quality of our energy was dependent upon the air, food, and water that we put into our body. The cellular structure has not changed - we have lost our memory of the chemicals that our cellular structure needs to produce energy and maintain a healthy and happy life.

Seattle Dialogue with Bruce Lipton and Rupert Sheldrake