Saturday, June 19, 2010

All Relationships are Soul Lessons

Relationships are essential to our life for these lessons and the joy they bring to our Earth experience. Living is joy and happiness. Many Souls must learn to bring this joy and happiness up from their core Soul to enjoy an incarnation. This is one of the lessons of the Dual Soul. The joy and happiness in the living is the true reason for living.

No two relationships are the same. This applies to the individual relationships each of us experience and the individual experiences of different people with us. We all live with an energy field. Our energy fields are created from all of our past lives. No two people experience the identical experiences in each lifetime. Relationships are determined basically by the perception of both individuals, and the interaction of those two Souls from their awareness of Soul memories. Soul memories and inner awareness do not at the present time on Earth usually operate form a conscious basis. The perception of a relationship may differ with the individuals involved. The relationship that is perceived with the unity of awareness is the relationship that allows for the most significant growth.

Enlightened Souls will enjoy this awareness, but it is not essential to a casual relationship. Awareness is essential to a meaningful, growth-oriented relationship. Even without awareness, we will often find ourselves with an immediate like or dislike for individuals that we meet. This emotional reaction is the immediate result of Soul memories or Soul awareness that is operating on a subconscious level. Good relationships contribute to good health and joy. They should be cherished and nourished, just as we would cherish any material possession in our world. A good relationship is far more valuable to our world than any material possession could ever be.

A Soul does not grow without the contact of other Souls. The drama of life would not be much of a drama without the interactions that relationships provide. There are many levels of relationships. There are those we never know even as friends but with whom we have casual contact. There are those we make eye contact with for a brief moment without words or interactions. There are business contacts. There are those whom we call friends that we spend our play time with. There are those we are attracted to as lovers. There are family members. There are those whom we see as kindred Souls that we will marry.

Souls can sometimes recognize each other on a Soul level and want to be near or apart on a conscious level. This happens in all of life, whether or not the consciousness is there. Those with whom we are playing dramas are Souls that we are aware of loving, and with whom we have chosen to play this particular drama. There is always agreement in relationships on a Soul level. So when we feel inclined to blame the other person for a happening, don't. Always look internally to see what lesson we have designed for ourselves.

The close relationships of family are a good example of our planned experience. Nothing happens by accident. The lessons that we have chosen to learn can be learned best through the relationships that we have planned for our Earth experience. We do not form lasting relationships with everyone that we meet, because they are not coded into our life design for this incarnation. This does not mean that the Soul is unfamiliar to us. Souls frequently incarnate together in cultures and groups as well as in families.

The Soul that we pass on the street, and make casual eye contact with, may leave us with a lasing appreciation of our own worth. This small part was also coded into our drama, and many times it may be a more significant lesson than a relationship that we see as a constant struggle.The reason it is more significant is that for one instant in our space of time we felt joy, love, and appreciation. We may spend our lifetime in some relationships and not have that sense. That tiny flash of true Spiritual recognition and joy can change our entire perception and awareness level of what we are all about and what our life is all about. These Souls are frequently guides who have materialized for that moment of physical encouragement, which they know we desperately need. Accept that joy and hold it within you.  (The Joy of Health)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What are the roots of common disease?

When I was living in Annapolis, MD, I saw many clients that had cancer.  I still see many clients that have cancer as I live in North Carolina.  Why do some people get cancer and other people escape the ravages of cancer?  How can we help ourselves and each other to “save ourselves” by living a healthier life? Our ability to get cancer is dramatically enhanced by the foods that we eat, the liquids that we drink, and the air that we breathe.  Therefore it is not just the foods that we must change, but we must change what we drink, how we think,  how we live, and the “toxins” that we spray and use in our homes. 

Some people truly believe that “we are protected by the government, big business, and the medical community.”  This is not true.  Doctors die of cancer in the same way that other people die of cancer and so do the people that manufacture drugs.  Business people, farmers, all human beings, die every day from cancer.  The cancer frequency makes us look at ourselves and ask “why?”  Why are we creating cancer?  Why are we dying from cancer?  The answer to these questions is “the chemicals that we are putting on our soil, that we are ingesting, breathing, and rubbing on our skin” are the very real ways that we get cancer.

Newspaper headlines read, "A Decade Later, Gene Map Yields Few New Cures: Despite Early Promise, Diseases' Roots Prove Hard to Find." What are the roots of common disease?  What is the common denominator in everyone’s life?  We all eat, drink, and breathe, therefore each of us live with the “risk” of disease and especially cancer, no matter how hard we may try to prevent cancer by restricting the chemicals in our foods and in our physical lives.  There is a secret to keeping ourselves healthy and happy.  Learning to stay young and healthy, which is what I teach, should be our goal.  My first book, The Joy of Health, was written in 1989 and it is now going through its second printing.  The Joy of Health is the first of my eight books total and it is the focus of my classes this year, which I offer here in Pittsboro (NC), at the Community House.  We must all learn what it means to live the “Joy of Health,” and to stay happy and healthy in our own physical lives by the way that we think, breathe, eat, and drink.  We are increasingly toxic to our own human energy, body, and brain.  It is time that we begin to understand our own personal energy and the energy of other people.

The WHO predicts 21 million annual cases of cancer by 2030.  Cancer is a dreadful disease, but it can be prevented, and often healed completely once we intimately understand what is causing our cancer and heal those specific aspects of our life that are supporting cancer. My intention is to work intensely with people to really understand how to live the Ethical Values as the behaviors of our thinking mind, which actively creates the joy of health and prevents disease. Getting the Ethical Values to feel like our normal behavior is how we shift our conscious focus in life from a physical focus of survival as a one-life being to eternal life as an energy being.   Our behavior, speech, and lifestyle always reflect the level of energy that we are living, therefore we must change the way that we think, the emotions that we live, the senses that we live on a daily basis, and our own physical belief systems.  The more intensely that we can understand energy, the easier it is to consciously work with our energy fields to help protect our physical life.  Just because we have not been taught about energy, does not mean that we cannot learn “energy” and help ourselves strengthen our consciousness reality to get more out of our physical life and our relationships.

Changing our lifestyle and our thinking into a healthy program of healing can add many years to anyone’s life, but we have a personal responsibility to be consistent with our changes and growth.  We have to do the work to reap the benefits.  Once we understand our health, we can live the fun and excitement of our physical life, as we bask in our health, joy, and optimism.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Difference Between our Actual and Potential Brain Development

The most important internal physical approach to expanding our intellectual knowledge is an adequate and healthy blood supply to our brain provided by our oxygen, water, and nutrition, to insure the credibility of the chemicals that are internally operating the electromagnetic energy of our brain as well as our entire body. These same chemicals affect the sensory stimulation that we use to trigger our seven physical senses on all three dimensions of our consciousness, which expands our aware consciousness of the everyday life that we are living.

Our soul has designed relationships into our life to act as the fiber of our physical experience. Without relationships we would not trigger our aware consciousness into its different levels of expansion nearly as efficiently. We also use our environment of family and friends to trigger our growth. As we act out the behavior of our precise level of consciousness, we receive feedback from our family and friends by their acceptance of our behaviors or their challenge of us because of our behavior.

It is always important not to reward bad behavior or the ego consciousness of the soul thinks it has reached its destination of perfection and will try to control the behavior of everyone else in its life to match its own perception of perfection. Positive feedback for negative behavior has been common in the journey of untruth, and fear from the beginning of our soul descent. Every facet of our physical lives in our immature soul journey has supported the inappropriate behavior of religion, family, science, medicine, politicians, education, and society.

Our brain is known to have one hundred trillion brain cells with only five to ten percent considered to be developed and used. Those brain cells that we have developed have only a limited number of messenger cells acting as neurotransmitters that connect them. The difference between our actual and potential brain development is immense. Because we focus our consciousness in a linear direction we don't grasp the reality that our consciousness must function in a clockwise motion, forming a complete cycle. Our immature soul mind functions counterclockwise as chaos, with a linear focus to the ego. It is the scientific intention to identify the precise point for each function of our body within our brain. This is impossible because that creates limitations upon our brain and ignores our mind and emotional consciousness. The only factor that limits our consciousness is our beliefs. Every brain cell has the absolute potential of every cell.

Our brain is like an endless beach of sand where we sit fearfully aware and intensely focused upon a single grain of sand as our reality. In focusing upon the single grain we worry about our survival. If we knew the drama that we have lived as a soul we would laugh, and laugh, and laugh at ourselves. Our fear limits us and it is one of the most ridiculous concepts that we have created because it denies the joyfulness, beauty, magnificence, and wisdom of our soul.

The Joy of Health is our Journey Home.