Saturday, June 19, 2010

All Relationships are Soul Lessons

Relationships are essential to our life for these lessons and the joy they bring to our Earth experience. Living is joy and happiness. Many Souls must learn to bring this joy and happiness up from their core Soul to enjoy an incarnation. This is one of the lessons of the Dual Soul. The joy and happiness in the living is the true reason for living.

No two relationships are the same. This applies to the individual relationships each of us experience and the individual experiences of different people with us. We all live with an energy field. Our energy fields are created from all of our past lives. No two people experience the identical experiences in each lifetime. Relationships are determined basically by the perception of both individuals, and the interaction of those two Souls from their awareness of Soul memories. Soul memories and inner awareness do not at the present time on Earth usually operate form a conscious basis. The perception of a relationship may differ with the individuals involved. The relationship that is perceived with the unity of awareness is the relationship that allows for the most significant growth.

Enlightened Souls will enjoy this awareness, but it is not essential to a casual relationship. Awareness is essential to a meaningful, growth-oriented relationship. Even without awareness, we will often find ourselves with an immediate like or dislike for individuals that we meet. This emotional reaction is the immediate result of Soul memories or Soul awareness that is operating on a subconscious level. Good relationships contribute to good health and joy. They should be cherished and nourished, just as we would cherish any material possession in our world. A good relationship is far more valuable to our world than any material possession could ever be.

A Soul does not grow without the contact of other Souls. The drama of life would not be much of a drama without the interactions that relationships provide. There are many levels of relationships. There are those we never know even as friends but with whom we have casual contact. There are those we make eye contact with for a brief moment without words or interactions. There are business contacts. There are those whom we call friends that we spend our play time with. There are those we are attracted to as lovers. There are family members. There are those whom we see as kindred Souls that we will marry.

Souls can sometimes recognize each other on a Soul level and want to be near or apart on a conscious level. This happens in all of life, whether or not the consciousness is there. Those with whom we are playing dramas are Souls that we are aware of loving, and with whom we have chosen to play this particular drama. There is always agreement in relationships on a Soul level. So when we feel inclined to blame the other person for a happening, don't. Always look internally to see what lesson we have designed for ourselves.

The close relationships of family are a good example of our planned experience. Nothing happens by accident. The lessons that we have chosen to learn can be learned best through the relationships that we have planned for our Earth experience. We do not form lasting relationships with everyone that we meet, because they are not coded into our life design for this incarnation. This does not mean that the Soul is unfamiliar to us. Souls frequently incarnate together in cultures and groups as well as in families.

The Soul that we pass on the street, and make casual eye contact with, may leave us with a lasing appreciation of our own worth. This small part was also coded into our drama, and many times it may be a more significant lesson than a relationship that we see as a constant struggle.The reason it is more significant is that for one instant in our space of time we felt joy, love, and appreciation. We may spend our lifetime in some relationships and not have that sense. That tiny flash of true Spiritual recognition and joy can change our entire perception and awareness level of what we are all about and what our life is all about. These Souls are frequently guides who have materialized for that moment of physical encouragement, which they know we desperately need. Accept that joy and hold it within you.  (The Joy of Health)


Diane J Standiford said...

Ever soul is precious, even the troubled and unaware ones. I cherish them all for they enrich me--I can not grow without them.

keven said...

It seems that we still are searching for answers that seem to be right there in from of us. What a pity.
It is easy for a soul to get self-centered, draining the life from other souls and not transferring life by channeling life from its creator. So many folks are so concerned today of what they get out of life that they will trample you down to get there... all in the name of enlightenment. It seems that we are so afraid of life we hide and run from our real world and create illusions. We are so afraid of death that we will spend our life savings on medications, more dr appointments and holistic healing just to live on this planet a few more years, because we are really afraid what may be out there when out heart stops beating. Our souls cling on to someone else for answers as if we are drowning in water and pulling someone else down with us. We are still missing the point. We were created for a relationship, but with whom and what? The true key is not just relationships with others... it is when you have a one on one personal ,close, intimate relationship with the one who formed you. Then you can be whole enough to share this life with those around you.